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  • Title: Great Irish Tales of Horror: A Treasury of Fear
  • Author: Peter Haining
  • ISBN: 9780760703793
  • Page: 195
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Great Irish Tales of Horror: A Treasury of Fear By Peter Haining From legends retold around the peat fire to modern stories of psychological terror, the Irish have always had a fascination with fear Drawn from 200 years of short story writing, this book includes 24 powerful Irish tales with than enough material to set pulses racing satanic figures, ghosts, and hapless victims fleeing from their inescapable dooms Writers includesFrom legends retold around the peat fire to modern stories of psychological terror, the Irish have always had a fascination with fear Drawn from 200 years of short story writing, this book includes 24 powerful Irish tales with than enough material to set pulses racing satanic figures, ghosts, and hapless victims fleeing from their inescapable dooms Writers includes such giants of classic horror fiction as Bram Stoker, Sax Rohmer, and Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu masters like George Bernard Shaw, John Millington Synge, and Dorothy Macardle and such modern exponents of the genre as Brian Cleeve, Jack Higgins, and Neil Jordan.
    Peter Haining
    Peter Alexander Haining April 2, 1940 November 19, 2007 was a British journalist, author and anthologist who lived and worked in Suffolk Born in Enfield, Middlesex, he began his career as a reporter in Essex and then moved to London where he worked on a trade magazine before joining the publishing house of New English Library.Haining achieved the position of Editorial Director before becoming a full time writer in the early Seventies He edited a large number of anthologies, predominantly of horror and fantasy short stories, wrote non fiction books on a variety of topics from the Channel Tunnel to Sweeney Todd and also used the pen names Ric Alexander and Richard Peyton on a number of crime story anthologies In the Seventies he wrote three novels, including The Hero 1973 , which was optioned for filming.In two controversial books, Haining argued that Sweeney Todd was a real historical figure who committed his crimes around 1800, was tried in December 1801, and was hanged in January 1802 However, other researchers who have tried to verify his citations find nothing in these sources to back Haining s claims A check of the website Old Bailey at for Associated Records 1674 1834 for an alleged trial in December 1801 and hanging of Sweeney Todd for January 1802 show no reference in fact the only murder trial for this period is that of a Governor Lt Col Joseph Wall who was hanged 28 January 1802 for killing a Benjamin Armstrong 10 July 1782 in Goree Africa and the discharge of a Humphrey White in January 1802 Strong reservations have also been expressed regarding the reliability of another of Haining s influential non fiction works, The Legend and Bizarre Crimes of Spring Heeled Jack He wrote several reference books on Doctor Who, including the 20th anniversary special Doctor Who A Celebration Two Decades Through Time and Space 1983 , and also wrote the definitive study of Sherlock Holmes on the screen, The Television Sherlock Holmes 1991 and several other television tie ins featuring famous literary characters, including Maigret, Poirot and James Bond Peter Haining s most recent project was a series of World War Two stories based on extensive research and personal interviews The Jail That Went To Sea 2003 , The Mystery of Rommel s Gold 2004 , Where The Eagle Landed 2004 , The Chianti Raiders 2005 and The Banzai Hunters 2007.He won the British Fantasy Awards Karl Edward Wagner Award in 2001.

    Great Irish Tales of Horror: A Treasury of Fear By Peter Haining


    Peter Haining was an indefatigable editor of both scary weird and mystery fiction, though this is actually the only one of his collections I ve read so far Given that his scope here includes both naturalistic horror and the supernatural, I d say his editorial judgment in this anthology is, for the most part, pretty good A couple of the stories are whimsical and dryly humorous than horrific, but I don t consider that a defect The Child Who Loved a Grave is not O Brien s best or most compelling w [...]

    Rabbit Paint me like one of your 19th century gothic heroines!
    I like it spooky I tried to find the actual quote from the movie in gif form, but then I realized that is not exactly GR friendly Return of the Living Dead is amazeballs highly recommended, etc lazy review

    If I rated this collection of stories solely on my emotional reaction to them, I would give it one star If the title were Anthology of Creepy Irish Tales or the like, I would give it three stars.The problem was that the word Horror especially in combination with Great created an expectation which the stories fell far short of, leaving me quite disappointed The inside of the dust jacket says, twenty four of the most powerful examples of horror ever conceived Well, some of the tales I found mundan [...]

    Jillian Marie
    There are some tales that are interesting, and some that bored me a lot It s not a an actual horror set of stories They re kinda like stories you d tell at a campfire.

    A nice little collection of short horror storiesme classic, some off the wall Not bad for the occasional short burst of reading.

    This book includes 24 stories by authors as great as George Bernard Shaw and Bram Stoker It is an eclectic group of stories broken into three sections Lurking Shadows, Wake Not the Dead, and To Make the Flesh Creep None of these stories were what I call horror but it may just be me A young boy is tempted and his soul taken by the devil, A man loves two sisters and plays them against each other, a young woman is obsessed with her fear of spiders The list goes on and on I was waiting to be scared, [...]

    Filled with some absolutely, wonderfully, dark stories The Miraculous Revenge by George Bernard Shaw, Will by Vincent O Sullivan and some classically familiar in form to anyone who s ever heard or told a story around the campfire The Diplomatist s Story by Shane Leslie, Danse Macabre by L.A.G Strong.That said, those gems are very poorly balanced with some utter slogs and weirdly tone deaf stories that are barely horror, even in the loosest sense.Uneven, but worth it for at least some of those pi [...]

    Katy Downes
    The title is definitely a misnomer I was expecting traditional old Irish folktales which will curdle your blood they re so frightening I got a collection of weird albeit often fascinating short stories I had an easy time putting this down for long spellswhich does not speak well of a book titled Tales of Horror

    I am fascinated with fear, and horror novels and stories And out of all the books of horror I read, I find these short stories a little difficult to follow They do have some cultural value and old Irish myths mentioned, but I jut found this book a struggle to understand.

    Nancy Oakes
    The title calls it a treasury of fear, but after delving into the book, I realized that not all of these stories really should have been put in here Don t get me wrong they re very well written and each author gets a little write up prior to his or her story explaining background and what other works for which the author may have been famous.The book is actually divided into three parts Part I is Lurking Shadows Stories of Fear, and features such authors as Jack Higgins, Dorothy Mcardle and Eliz [...]

    Great Irish Tales of Horror A treasury of Fear is a book that is interesting but gets boring easily It has many great stories of horro that aren t that scary but are still entertaining to read when you re bored its actually pretty great to read certain stories during the night like at 1 am when everything is dead quiet, if you read it during the night it will bring fun times The book is divided into three parts, my favorite part was the last one which was Part III, To Make The Flesh Creep Chilli [...]

    I did enjoy this book However, they weren t very horrific overall Most likely my desensitized 21st century existence diminished the scariness of the stories, since they were written awhile back early 1900s if i m not mistaken.Couldn t read one story since it was written in the old cockney accent Also, I was pleasantly surprised to see a slightly modified version of one of my favorite horror stories which I remember reading from my childhood in Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark l I have to say is [...]

    Almost all of these stories were decently written and interesting to some degree, but the majority of them are not horror There is some weirdness, some folklore and even some humor, but very little horror To make things even frustrating, the introduction to nearly every story mentions other works by each author that sound ten times relevant than what is actually included.To be sure, this is an eclectic and even intriguing collection of Irish writers and their lesser known short stories, but th [...]

    This book was amazing Every story in this collection is a varying degree of creepy, by all different types of Irish authors Some of my favorite horror writers have short stories in this collection which I never expected, including Bram Stoker I really enjoyed every single story in this collection If you are a horror fan, even just a little, there is something in this book for you Some of the stories have gore, some are creepy, some are terrifying and some are just scary No matter what you like t [...]

    This is the second time I ve read the book and I have to say that if it wasn t for three stories The Samhain Feis , Arachnophobia , and Last Rites I would have given the book a lower score Basically, 3 stars for three awesome stories out of the entire collection Now if the book was about the three stories mentioned and that was all, then I d give it a 4 because I wouldn t have had to wade through so many stories that didn t do much for me.

    Great tales of horror, may try to check this out from the library again one day Had to return it.

    On hold, maybe indefinitely This one s a snoozer.

    Alvin Rc
    Among the stories, my favorite is The Morgan Score by Jack Higgins Haven t read all the contents though.

    A few good ones in here, and the name authors have penned most of those William Trevor, George Bernard Shaw, and Bram Stoker A lot of filler though, thus only 2 stars.


    R.K. Cowles
    3 1 2 stars

    Great tales The form of the language might throw some folks, but if you enjoy good old world tales of ghostly horror give it a shot.

    • BEST E-Book "ë Great Irish Tales of Horror: A Treasury of Fear" || READ (E-Book) ✓
      Peter Haining