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  • Title: Rumpole and the Age of Miracles
  • Author: John Mortimer
  • ISBN: 9780140131161
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Paperback

  • Rumpole and the Age of Miracles By John Mortimer The lovable, irreverent, claret swigging, Wordsworth spouting criminal lawyer returns to the fray to fight new battles against injustice in this humorous and baffling tie in to the series to air December 7 through January 11 Movie TV Tie In
    John Mortimer
    John Clifford Mortimer is a novelist, playwright and former practising barrister Among his many publications are several volumes of Rumpole stories and a trilogy of political novels, Paradise Postponed, Titmuss Regained and The Sound of Trumpets, featuring Leslie Titmuss a character as brilliant as Rumpole John Mortimer received a knighthood for his services to the arts in 1998.Series Rumpole of the BaileyRapstone Chronicles

    Rumpole and the Age of Miracles By John Mortimer


    Jason Koivu
    Ever bake or cook a lot of something than you should have just because once you got started you realized how awesome that thing is I once cooked and ate a pound of bacon by myself It was awesome and it nearly killed mebut mostly it was awesome.Rumpole and the Age of Miracles was so enjoyable I was tempted to give 5 stars to this collection of stories about a sarcastic, curmudgeonly but clever old barrister However, each story is just a little too cookie cutter similar to the others, overindulgi [...]

    She who must be obeyed

    Susan Kosel
    I like Rumpole and his wife she who must be obeyed Great humor and drama Very clever and entertaining.

    Larry Wegman
    Not the best of the curmudgeonly English barrister, but still fun.

    Rumpole s always a treat Mortimer was a bit of a cad so how did he manage to come up someone as endearing as Horace

    This is a charming collection of Rumpole stories Rumpole is at his curmudgeonly best, defending the undefendable and coming out ahead.

    Perfectly good sturdy Rumpole stories that I was sorry to learn I had already seen via tv At least the last few were new to me SWMBO s description of Rumpole as not nearly so unbearable when you lose is quite good.

    Rumpole and the Age of Miracles This was my first Rumpole book and found it to be good fun 2 to follow after this one as I have it as part of an Omnibus Good fun stories of a most unlikely hero A middle aged barrister who is a glutton and fond of drinking takes on various interesting cases varying from defamation to murder a poetry spouting, cynical, street smart defender of the innocent who will do just about anything to keep his clients out of jail Each case is different and interesting The w [...]

    Jesse Broussard
    Mortimer s light prose and wry humor make this book an absolute delight Rumpole, for those of you who don t have the fortune to know him, is a fat English barrister whose affinity for Wordsworth is surpassed only by his disdain of Wagner life is too short to listen to Wagner Whose children, mighty souls they must have been, had suffered the unspeakable horror of having the names Tristan and Isolde foisted upon them and his love of claret His wife is referred to simply as She Who Must Be Obeyed R [...]

    What can I say Classic plonk swilling, cigar smoking, cynical, yet heart of gold Rumpole in a series of legal predicaments and mysteries Always fun, never too deep and yet, with a touching regard for the frailties of humanity Just right when you want something that is gentle and funny but with a bit of underlying cynicism.

    The humor and wordplay are a delight Read the minor characters names slowly and out loud Each one of them contains a joke.

    Carol Cotter
    I registered a book at BookCrossing BookCrossing journal 13657335

    My first Rumpole I will try Delightful.

    read some time in 1993

    Les Wilson
    For me, not the best Rumpole, but still very good.

    An entertaining collection of short stories, including a very short Christmas party interlude, featuring everyone s favorite English barrister, Rumpole.

    Why, why can t we ever be able to teleport ourselves to the world of Rumpole of Old Bailey.Perhaps the time has come to lie down like Rip Van Winkle and dream of the world of Rumpole.

    Just arrived from Sweden Kindly sent by my dear friend Bettie Now should follow to.

    Theodore Kinni
    The adventures of Rumpole of the Old Bailey are always great fun to read Subtitle tells you everything you need to know Crime still paid, but only a little at a time

    Indah Threez Lestari
    851 2016Read by Benedict Cumberbatch.

    Revisiting something comfy like the Rumpole series But, hey, there are And the author died last year I m way behind.

    Michael Jecks
    A superb evocation of an eccentric barrister The tattiest, fattest hero known to English writing.

    quite amusing Take in a large enough dose the get to know remember the characters, but not too much at a time.

    • DOWNLOAD PDF ä Rumpole and the Age of Miracles - by John Mortimer
      John Mortimer