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  • Title: The Red Book
  • Author: Barbara Lehman
  • ISBN: 9780618428588
  • Page: 382
  • Format: Hardcover

  • The Red Book By Barbara Lehman This book is about a book A magical red book without any words When you turn the pages you ll experience a new kind of adventure through the power of story.Winning a Caldecott Honor for its illustrations of rare detail and surprise, The Red Book crosses oceans and continents to deliver one girl into a new world of possibility, where a friend she s never met is waiting AThis book is about a book A magical red book without any words When you turn the pages you ll experience a new kind of adventure through the power of story.Winning a Caldecott Honor for its illustrations of rare detail and surprise, The Red Book crosses oceans and continents to deliver one girl into a new world of possibility, where a friend she s never met is waiting And as with the best of books, at the conclusion of the story, the journey is not over.
    Barbara Lehman
    Illustrator and author of children s books.

    The Red Book By Barbara Lehman


    I love the striking cover of this wordless picture book, a small child running through a bright red negative space although the placement of the medal makes him appear to be fleeing from the moon Maybe this image set the bar too high, as I found the book itself disappointing The idea is fascinating if not totally original finding a book in which one sees someone else reading the same book and looking back However, I felt as if Lehman had this idea and then dashed something off without giving it [...]

    My 4 year old son is all ready for Common Core because he connected this book with Flotsam.

    This is a wordless picture book for kids of all ages A young girl finds a magical red book that reveals another world where a boy has the same book and can see her as well The girl finds a way to join her friend at the end of the book and leaves you wondering It is a delightful story with simple yet telling colorful illustrations.This book is a good choice for introducing the genre of magical fantasy to young readers It offers children an opportunity to discuss the story as they look at the deta [...]

    Jon(athan) Nakapalau
    A Twilightzonish story that has a very happy endingteaches children about exploring the world through books and imagination.

    Mary Ann
    very clever left me smiling and wondering and wondering and smiling just what will happen next

    This wordless picture book was similar toDavid Wiesner s book, Flotsam Unfortunately, I didn t feel like this book even came close to the talent that was found in Flotsam I found it to be slightly confusing to understand and the illustrations were nothing spectacular It s not that it isn t a nice book, it s just that it wasn t great.

    Aiyana Martinez
    The red book by Barbara Lehman all starts with a young boy finding a red book in the snow HE gets to school, brings it out and starts to read it He notices that he just sees pictures and each picture gets closer and closer until there is ably walking on this island The boy on the island comes across a red book in the sand and starts to ready Now as the boy in school is reading this book, the boy on the island is reading the red book he found in the sand and he s the boy at school reading it Afte [...]

    Recommended ages 4 8From BooklistPreS Gr 2 In this wordless mind trip for tots, Lehman develops a satisfying fantasy in a series of panels framed with thick white borders The effect is of peering through portals, an experience shared by the characters as they independently stumble across enchanted red books that provide them with a videophone like connection Though wordless picture books often seem to be the province of fine artists indulging in high concept braggadocio as in Istvan Banyai s 199 [...]

    In The Red Book, a little girl sees a red book in a snowpile and takes it with her to school When she opens it up and starts turning the pages, the girl finds herself looking at a boy who is looking at a book with her in it They realize at the same time that they are seeing into each other s lives The girl decides to set off in search of her new friend using helium filled balloons As she is flying away she drops her book Soon the little boy can no longer see her in his book and starts to weep, n [...]

    Xi Cai
    The red book talks about two boys who both found a red cover book in different settings, they saw each other by reading flipping through this book The first thing caught my eye is the cover of this book It is read without any image on the cover but the red color The title of the book is also in red color on the cover, readers can not easily see the title without trying to find it This is a wordless picture book, the design of the images included the circle shaped characters, pencil drawing and t [...]

    Erin Ramai
    The Red Book is appropriate for readers in preschool through grade 2 It received a Caldecott Honor Award in 2005.In this wordless picture book, a young girl from the city takes a journey to visit an island boy via a red book that they both own and acts as their window to the other s world The island boy experiences the cold weather of the city when the girl flies to his island using a large bundle of balloons As she flies toward him, she drops her copy of the book, which is discovered by another [...]

    Glynice Lee
    The Red Book, by Barbara Lehman, is a wordless picture book It is about a girl and a boy that find the same red book, but they are in complete different places They are both able to see each other through the book that they have, but have no idea that they could see exactly what they were doing throughout the day Soon as they realize that they see each other looking at each other through the book, that is when the story kicks off to an amazing story.I loved this book because it allowed me to loo [...]

    What a fantastical adventure A book about a magical book that ends up taking at least two people on an adventure Told using only wonderfully illustrated pictures, this story is sure to delight readers of all ages and skills levels A young person on his her way to school finds a mysterious red book in a snowdrift and it ends up taking them to faraway lands This book is very useful for showing the importance of pictures for developing and strengthening a story It can also spark some very interesti [...]

    Lisa Vegan
    I was left surprisingly unmoved and unimpressed.I love books, and books about books, and I ve liked some of this author s other wordless picture books.But here her illustrations aren t that special, though I did enjoy the girl and boy looking at each other, and I did love the balloons.The wordless story is sparse and very short and simple The idea of it is great David Wiesner wowed me with a similar seeming story in his book Flotsam, but this book paled in comparison, and I made the comparison I [...]

    Isabelle Jimenez
    The Red Book is a book of magic You would not expect this by just looking at the simple cover it is a red book, with a little boy on it Going through the story, you find the cover of the book is supposed to be the exact red book in the book Crazy A book about a book the one you re reading This magical book connects readers all around the world, by showing them to each other Which is an actual true magical thing books connect people Although it was a little confusing flipping through it and looki [...]

    The Red Book is a simple yet slightly mind bending wordless picturebook with uncluttered illustrations, which creatively celebrates a book s potential to connect its readers to one another and to transport them to faraway places

    Jane Holt
    This was a really good one, recommended by my friend Maura Harvard class of 1989 s 20th reunion Hits close to home with reflecting on what you ve done in those 20 years, the promise, potential and authenticity of each life, especially this group with its Harvard fueled expectations Author has a nice ability to really change voice with each character A really lovely read.

    This is a wordless book about a wordless red book that can transport you to other places A fun concept and I enjoy the homage it pays to books and imagination.

    This wordless picture book takes readers into a story within a story within a story

    Kaitlyn Hill
    Such a cool concept

    The Red Book is a wordless, Caldecott Honor Award book illustrated by Barbara Lehman about a young girl who finds a red book laying in the snow As she looks through the book, she sees a young boy on an island Meanwhile, on an island, a young boy has a similar red book and sees a young girl in the city The two books are connected to each other and eventually, the young girl takes a set of balloons to go see the boy on the island The concept of this book, while fascinating, might be a little diffi [...]

    April Choe
    A young girl is walking along the sidewalk and notices a strange, red book poking outside of the pile of snow She picks it up and decides to keep it During class, she would read it and notice a young boy on an island that picked up the same red book In the book he picked up, he could see the girl in class reading the red book therefore, they can see each other After class, the girl heads down the street and decides to buy a handful of colorful balloons from the vendor Then, she flies far away bu [...]

    This book is really intriguing and striking The fact that it doesn t have a true title with words gives an example to students that not all books are the same, and they can be totally different and creative I also feel the book does a really good job at building a community of readers and connecting them to one another It can be used in the classroom to show similarities and build a sense of togetherness in the class.

    similar to david wiesner s flotsam

    The Red Book starts off by showing a little girl walking to school, when she discovers a red book in the snow When she gets to school, she opens the book and starts to read it Soon, the girl realizes this is not just any book In the story, which is a wordless picture book, she sees a little boy who is also reading a red book The girl s jaw drops when she sees that she is in the little boy s book There is a little illustration of her sitting in her desk at school The girl leaves school in a hurry [...]

    Book title and author illustrator o The Red Booko Written and Illustrated by Barbara Lehman Two Professional Recommendations1 CCBC Cooperative Children s Book Center Choices, 2005 A playful and intriguing wordless book begins with a girl walking down a snowy street A red book protruding from a snowbank catches her eye and she picks it up At school, she opens it, and inside she sees and we see a map, an island, and a boy in progressively tighter close ups The next page of her book of ours shows t [...]

    Barbara Lehman s The Red Book tells the story of two kids who are taken on an adventure after finding little red books The story opens with a little girl finding a red book underneath a pile of snow Soon after finding the book, she opens it up to find a picture of a map As she flips through the pages, the image keeps getting zoomed in on Eventually the little girl sees an image of a little boy walking along a sea shore, finding a red book of his own Now, the story flips to focus on the little bo [...]

    Alma Olague
    The Red Book by Barbara Lehman is about a young girl who finds a red book out in the snow one day She takes it to school and looks through it and sees someone else in it who is reading the same book, but instead about her She is determined to meet the person in her copy of the book and sets out to find him She grabs some balloons and flies away to see him, but the book falls from her hands and things feel as if they are falling apart Luckily she lands somewhere that makes her happy again and the [...]

    Hannah Greene
    The Red Book by Barbara Lehman opens up a world of imagination for children and adults of all ages One day, a little girl in New York City stumbles across a red book in the snow Her curiosity throughout the day wins and eventually she opens up the book to discover what it is about She notices that their is a picture of an island inside the book She looks closer and closer and sees that there is a little boy holding the same red book in his hands He too is looking in the book He, however, can see [...]

    Michelle Ross
    Summary The Red Book by Barbara Lehman is about a red book that travels through different adventures and people At the beginning, a young girl finds a red book in a pile of snow Then, she opens the book and notices a boy on the beach with the same book This book has no words and tells the experience of meeting new people through illustrations This wordless picture book creatively connects readers to one another and transports them to different places around the world.Themes The major themes in t [...]

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