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  • Title: Reforming a Rake
  • Author: Suzanne Enoch
  • ISBN: 9780380809165
  • Page: 372
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

  • Reforming a Rake By Suzanne Enoch Lessons In LoveA governess must never be alone with a man Her reputation mustn t have even a hint of scandal She must never reveal personal emotions No matter how strong the provocation by her employer A governess never questions her employer s commands Even when he s tempting her to forsake respectability for desire She must never, ever, fall in love with someone abLessons In LoveA governess must never be alone with a man Her reputation mustn t have even a hint of scandal She must never reveal personal emotions No matter how strong the provocation by her employer A governess never questions her employer s commands Even when he s tempting her to forsake respectability for desire She must never, ever, fall in love with someone above her station Especially a rake no matter how devastating his kisses may be.Alexandra Gallant is a governess extraordinaire and if it weren t for that unfortunate incident at her last position, she wouldn t now be forced into the employ of Lucien Balfour, the most notorious rake in London Though the sinfully attractive earl hired her to teach his young cousin, his seductive whispers and toe curling kisses suggest he has something far less respectable in mindd that will never happen For although Lucien seems determined to teach her about pleasure, she has a few lessons to teach him about love
    Suzanne Enoch
    Suzanne was born in Southern California sometime in the latter half of the 20th century In the way that some people are born knowing they want to be astronauts or cellists, Suzanne always knew she wanted to be a writer Early dreams of becoming a zoologist and writing true stories about her adventures in Africa were crushed, however, after she viewed a television special about the world s most poisonous snakes she did NOT want to write about how she d been bitten and lost a limb to a cobra Thankfully at the same time the movie Star Wars premiered, and she realized that she could make up adventures and write about them, and not be eaten by deadly predators while doing research.She dabbled in romantic fantasy writing for a year or two after graduating with a degree in English from the University of California, Irvine, until her affection for traditional Regency romances led her to write one for fun After several encouraging rejections from publishers, she snared the interest of the world s best and most patient literary agent, who advised her to revise the manuscript This ultimately led to the publication of her first book, The Black Duke s Prize, from Avon Books in the Spring of 1995 A second Regency, Angel s Devil, followed that Fall.When Avon folded its traditional Regency line, Suzanne was encouraged to try her hand at historical romance As she remained keenly interested in England s Regency period, she decided to attempt another manuscript set in that time Lady Rogue hit the shelves in March of 1997 She wrote a total of 29 books for Avon, including two anthologies and a five part contemporary series which received a pair of starred reviews from Publishers Weekly One of those books, Twice the Temptation, was named one of the five best romances of the year by PW in 2007.In 2002 her well known love of all things Star Wars led to an invitation to appear on the E channel in the television special Star Wars The Force Is Back , where she discussed the romance in the movie series and ended up with air time than George Lucas.In 2010 Suzanne left Avon Books for St Martin s Press, where she continues to pen historical romance novels Her 31st book, Taming an Impossible Rogue, is set to arrive in March 2012.Suzanne is known for her humorous characters, sexy bad boys, and whip sharp, witty dialogue She currently resides in Placentia, California with several hundred guppies and various other tropical fish, and handful of very loud, spinach loving finches And her collection of action figures and statues from Star Wars , Lord of the Rings , X Men , and Pirates of the Caribbean Everybody needs some inspiration, after all.facebook SuzanneEnoch

    Reforming a Rake By Suzanne Enoch


    2.5 starsShe blinked and swiped her disheveled hair out of her face and saw her abductor Lucien she shrieked What in God s name are you I m kidnapping you, he said calmly And your little dog, too For 40% of this story the hero was unnecessarily rude, the saying honesty without tact, is cruelty needs to be written on a chalkboard 100 times by him There was also an icky feeling to how he pursued and came at the heroine, you know, his employed, at his mercy, governess He mellows toward the end and [...]

    Oh dear Lord the stupidity in this novel is astounding I can t even believe that Suzanne Enoch penned this monstrosity This is definitely one of the most frustrating books I have ever had the misfortune to read and I can t believe that a favourite author of mine wrote it What s wrong about it, you ask Ha What s right about it would be a better question The heroine, Alexandra, was supposed to be this prim and proper and intelligent governess when in reality she s so fucking stupid it boggles the [...]

    4 estrellas.Una historia sencilla con unos di logos chispeantes e ir nicos, sobre todo por parte del protagonista, y una ambientaci n bastante acertada, que han hecho que disfrutase ley ndole y no pudiera parar.Lucien es el t pico libertino que cualquier novela de este g nero se precie es despreocupado, ego sta con una reputaci n desde luego nada despreciable y con un humor cido que hace que muchos tengan miedo de l Debido a la muerte de sus parientes, es obligado a hacerse cargo de una t a y un [...]

    4.5 stars and only because it could ve used a bit length development in the steam department otherwise it s another 5 star read from Enoch.It starts out with the hero who has been saddled with a whiney cousin and domineering pain in the butt aunt who he wants to have nothing to do with so he hires a governess companion for the ladies to get them out of his hair Turns out he s quite attracted to the governess and he tells her at the job interview in some very clear terms And so, our story begins [...]

    Boo What a paint by numbers Regency.Nothing stood out in this book Standard plot, and a two dimensional hero and heroine that I faintly disliked Alexandra is a ruined governess that finds work with the hero Lucien, a peer Her job is to marry of a poor relation cousin that has just come to live with him I had a couple problems.1 Lucien started in with the sexual innuendo within minutes of meeting Alexandra As her employer, when she s desperate for a job, this just seems he s abusing power The ton [...]

    Suzanne Enoch always delivers with saucy heroines and alpha heroes who get entangled in love when they really don t want to be.After the dud hero and awesome heroine in The Bad Penny we have a game changer the elusive and seldom seen charming hero who falls in over his head Okay, so he wants to and tries to seduce our virginal governess heroine, but, hey, she can hold her own She s already killed off one unwanted suitor by shoving him down the stairs It was defense PLOT Lucien hire Alexandra to [...]

    The Suzanne Enoch With This Ring series is not quite as popular as some of her others, but I love Enoch novels so I wanted to give it a try The first installment, Reforming a Rake, is only recommended if you re willing to put up with some silly drama in order to still get scraps of funny dialogue I m running out of Enoch novels so I was willing and because of my mindset going in, I didn t mind when the plot veered into the absurd and my first impression of the hero was that he was a perv.Anyway, [...]

    First the positive comments I liked the hero in that he had humor and sex appeal The secondary storyline and the characters cousin and aunt was plausible and humorous There was a cute little dog in the book, and being a dog lover, I liked that.Now the negative I didn t like the quickie sex I rather enjoy two or three pages of a sex scene, and this book just didn t steam I was saying to myself, Is that all Also, the heroine was stubborn to the point of really irritating me Maybe it was my mood be [...]

    I think I was being naive when I rated this book 3 stars before Downgrading it now that I have matured lol Really stupid heroine, relationship built on sex, horny hero Meh

    Alexandra Gallent is NOTORIOUS so she gets hired by the EQUALLY SCANDALOUS Lucian Balfour, Earl of Kilcairn Abbey, to improve his cousin In the tradition of romances everywhere, they bone and get punished by losing their goddamned minds 1 EXAMPLE A Alexandra goes from being a take charge no nonsense governess to a weepy, soppy mess of a woman with no spine and less intelligence 2 EXAMPLE B Lucien, wanting to keep Alexandra around, decides KIDNAPPING HER AND HOLDING HER AS A CONSENTING SEX HOSTAG [...]

    I ve read some bad reviews on this book saying that Alexandra does some really stupid things Fortunately, it isn t that bad and I rather enjoyed this story.The main characters, Alexandra and Lucien, are quite likeable However Alexandra is too independent for her own good, but it s reasonable regarding the fact that she had to care for herself for too long Still, she makes a very nice couple with Lucien, a rake she reforms It s sweet that he is so crazy in love with her In fact it is one of the s [...]

    Suad Shamma
    So given the fact that I had just read Julia Quinn s The Secrets of Sir Richard Kenworthy and enjoyed it, I thought I d give another historical romance that s been sitting on my shelves for years literally, YEARS a chance I was obviously in the mood, so I needed to ride this wave until it s over who knows the next time I ll be in this kind of mood again It was uncomfortable reading this book given the very old fashioned, provocative cover My husband wouldn t stop making fun of me, calling it por [...]

    Hard to like this one The heroine, who insists and insists she s independent , is really a doe eyed victim of circumstance, sponging off a friend s parents because she can t find work, and tiresomely unable to form a coherent thought or think anything through The hero is an unabashed rake who morphs into a pattern card of respectability An unlikely couple, that only becomes unlikely as the book too long by half progresses to a ridiculous, bizarre finish, with all the attendant lack of understan [...]

    Enoch can write some great scenes Unfortunately, in this book, there were just some really great sentences It never really took off for me

    Fira Rosli
    The only thing or person if you want me to be precise that I absolutely adored in this book is Lucien He was conceited, arrogant, rakish, charming, bloody handsome and hot But what attracted me the most was his dry wit GOD HOW I LOVE HIS HUMOR and him The comments he made, OH HIS WITTING REMARKS, of his Aunt Fiona and Cousin Rose were LAUGH OUT LOUD ROLLING ON FLOOR AND LAUGHING HARDER Alright, so I may have exaggerated it a wee bit much but I couldn t help it As for the heroine, Alexandra, I w [...]

    Lady Darcie Guenon
    Lucien Balfour, Earl of Kilcairn just inherited his aunt and cousin whom he despised and the only way of getting them out of the picture is to have his cousin married and they only way that s going to happen is with the help of Alexandra Gallant, a women who has captured Luciens attention like no one else has and he wants her and the challenge with that will only enhance his desire for her Alexandra Gallant has no idea who s house she enters until he walks in and announces that she hired and tha [...]

    I gave this 3 stars It held my attention, and I got to the end, but it really felt there was something missing for me As other reviewers have noted, it was a bit lacking in the steam department, and if you are going to base a story on animal magnetism, then there has to be of a reason that just a couple of quickies, but my main struggles with this one was that I felt it didn t really set up the characters quite right Alexandra s character and background were quite well described, but I felt tha [...]

    This was Meh at it s bestHero I loved his snarky personality right off the bat It s what drew me in to the story Game on Frills and frippery be damned And you know what, I loved him all the way through Ok, I take it back He stuck the Heroine in a room in the cellar Ohhhhhh, manly man Heroine she was strong perseverance be thy name or some such But perhaps she was a little dramatic and stubborn I mean, enough Really And honey, please, hate or don t hate Not both I mean really She went on and on w [...]

    I like her writing quite a bit, and the sparring and banter between the two main characters was nicely done But by about the 3 4 mark, I was over the heroine In the beginning she had several very valid reasons for not wanting to get involved with him Once he d turned the corner and fallen for her, he moved heaven and earth to address every concern and she still resisted It started to feel contrived and I lost my investment in them Still, it was good outside of that, with some nice supporting cha [...]

    unimpressive romance, I didn t like the characters but writing is ok 3 stars for the writing but it is nothing that I could recommend.

    I ve written a 100 pages paper on this That s where the pretty stars come from.And because I made my lit prof read it publicly on a plane D

    Pretty solid start to the series I like the attraction between the h h Nice twists and turns between the hero s family and the heroine.

    8 February 2016 0.99 on Kindle

    Ivy H
    A truly breathtaking novel I loved the hero He was so funny and so cynical His self deprecating sense of humour provided so much amusement for me He was a rake and yet he was so romantic towards the heroine after he started to fall in love with her I enjoyed the way he made fun of his tacky, greedy aunt Fiona He called her the devil and referred to his cousin Rose as the spawn of the devil Fiona and Rose had the most tacky, horrendous fashion sense and he hired the heroine Alexandra to be Rose s [...]

    Ahhh 2 2.5 stars spoilers There are so many things in this book that annoyed me I was sure I ll at least like the characters like in every other booksbut here, I really didn t like Alexandra The story interested me and I wanted to see how a sexy rake decides to marry a governess, but then, it was nothing like I expected 1 Lucien starts too soon with sexy provocations Immediately actually Not cool It s great when that happens after a man already falls for a woman, those are usually the most inter [...]

    I reviewed this novel for Romance Reader At heart website RRAH s THOUGHTS AND PONDERINGS Emma Grenville is a spinster and the headmistress of a reputable girls school in Hampshire Greydon Brakenridge, the Duke of Wycliffe, finds himself in the middle of a London Season, visiting his uncle s estate in Hampshire and offering a solution to his money woos.To that end, Emma is soon drawn into a wager with this arrogant Duke, and she is determined to teach him a lesson and prove to him and all his fri [...]

    Couldn t decide whether this was a 3 or a 4 Plot itself had a lot of loopholes and some things that took place felt forced However, reading the book itself was a very easy and enjoyable experience, and it never felt like it dragged at any part Plus Suzanne Enoch is excellent at generating sexual romantic tension Actual sex scenes tend to be rather short, but I like the many little thrills she adds here and there Hero and heroine consistently get plenty of face time Hero and heroine are appealing [...]

    Lucien you are a 10 You start out a cynical bully but you do reform and believably too.Ms Enoch wrote one of the best rakes ever He is an unrepentant, no excuses, rake He is not a nice guy even if he s your friend, he s so cynical Then he meets Alexandra He starts out his seduction of her the same as always but is turned down and away The development of his affection for her is consistent and steady which I could swallow as it was realistic.There are two antagonists The first is Lucien s Aunt Fi [...]

    If there is anything I look for in a historical, it is the verbal sparing This had heaps of it Lucien was a rake He started off as a cynic and a little horrid, but he s really all warm and fuzzy inside, after Alexandra s influence Alexandra is a good bit independent, but really, I think she just had trust issues Lucien wasn t exactly a great catch by reputation But he changed because of her, so it all worked out I loved that part when she didn t come back and he said that she was the only one he [...]

    I wanted to like this book I really did, but Alexandra made me so damned mad during the last 50 pages that I found myself angrily reading the thing, just wishing it was over She was a complete idiot, to a point that it wasn t appealing a all, but instead overly frustrating What else could Lucien have done Seriously For the first time I felt myself wishing that the hero would just say, F you to the heroine and move on with his life Because honestly, her character was so horrible that she didn t d [...]

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