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  • Title: Losing Gemma
  • Author: Katy Gardner
  • ISBN: 9780141005461
  • Page: 201
  • Format: Paperback

  • Losing Gemma By Katy Gardner This is the story of Gemma and me how I lost her, I suppose I don t usually tell it to anyone but myself I save it for the darkest moments.Losing Gemma, Katy s Gardners debut novel about adventure, losing your best friend, and self discovery, has been translated into twelve languages and compared to Alex Garland s breakthrough novel, The Beach, among many others This tThis is the story of Gemma and me how I lost her, I suppose I don t usually tell it to anyone but myself I save it for the darkest moments.Losing Gemma, Katy s Gardners debut novel about adventure, losing your best friend, and self discovery, has been translated into twelve languages and compared to Alex Garland s breakthrough novel, The Beach, among many others This time, the backpacking heroes are girls What makes Losing Gemma truly unforgettable, is the read itself it s an impossibly suspenseful novel that s as gripping as it is psychologically rich Two young women have gone looking for adventure, backpacking through India but only one returns The other one believes it s all her fault And the mystery behind what really happened during their fateful visit to a secluded shrine compels the reader forward to a page turning conclusion that s shocking, strange, and haunting.
    Katy Gardner
    Katy Gardner is a British author, best known for her novel Losing Gemma, which was turned into a two part mini series for ITV1 in 2006 As well as writing, she also teaches Social Anthropology at Sussex University.

    Losing Gemma By Katy Gardner


    Very fascinating and surrealisticly chilling story, especially for all those who went backpacking and met with weird circumstances Kept turning the pages, really wanted to know how this story would end Great read.

    This novel tells the story of two young British women who go to India to backpack around the country Friends since childhood, they have grown apart over the years and the main character, Esther, is hoping the trip will help reconnect them On their journey, her friend Gemma befriends an odd woman named Coral who is part of an obscure religious sect Suspense builds slowly and deliberately as Esther finds herself in the role of third wheel and the gap between the two lifelong friends widens into a [...]

    Another book with what I thought was a lousy title that turned out to be a pretty meaningful title The mystery of what was happening to the two main characters kept me turning pages, wondering if traveling through India could be remotely like this story and how much research the author must have done to get it all right I enjoyed the twists and turns and that the book made me think but not too hard I did not like the narrator Ugh, she was awful and just as deluded about herself as the hippie chi [...]

    This was a good read and had me turning pages late into the night The only hesitation I have on giving it 5 is that SPOILER when Gemma was taken by the cult religious group there were inconsistencies that bothered me They described the cult leader as a white man wearing buddhist monk robes and then they say that he has an Ashram and inside this Ashram were statues of Ganesha and Shivawrong religion That is Hinduism It bothered me and was a bit distracting but overall a great story about India an [...]

    Melissa Dally
    Mostly an intriguing read, even if the main character was not terribly likable I know there are lots of folks out there not me tho, LOL who would identify with the things she is going through One thing that needed edited out was the amount of times this happened Gemma THIS HEAT IS TERRIBLEEsther ZOMG, Gemma complaining about the heat is SO ANNOYING.Yes, Gemma doesn t like being overheated and Esther doesn t want to hear Gemma complain, but do we really need to replay this THAT many times

    Is it bad that I noticed a typo on the very first page The last line on the page says It wall all my fault instead of it was all my fault Overall the book was pretty good I love travelling and have lost some close friends through falling outs or just drifting apart, so I could relate to this book in a lot of ways I enjoyed the book for the most part, although I found it a bit haunting I hated the ending.

    I struggled to enjoy this book for three reasons 1 the main character is utterly unlikable 2 overly convenient plot points3 I m not sure the author has a legitimate understanding of how best friends function

    This was a random book I picked up at the library The story held my interest somewhat and at some points you think it is going to get really good and then towards the end of the book you figure out the ending and it was sort of disappointing.

    Uma boa hist ria que nos transporta at ndia, escrito de forma inteligente, dado que nos envolve a cada p gina que passaCom um fim surpreendente, e que nos p e a pensar que nem tudo o que pareceRecomendo.

    This was a strange book about friendship, betrayal and India What happens when you blame yourself for a tragedy This book attempts to answer that question.

    Kellie Mackrell
    Not enjoying this at all so another for the not to be finished pile

    Holy hell this book is just jam packed with hateful characters who don t know how to act around other people Every moment is filled with a sense of dread, which makes the introduction of anything actually dreadful 100% less dreadful Most of the story was skimmed over in the worst way two characters who seem like they used to be friends have 3 great days together, but they re written around we had 3 great days in favour of getting to the real meat of the story, which seems to be that of a depress [...]

    My interest in this was originally piqued by the television programme that was on over the festive season I thought it was a reasonable premise for a story, but that it had been badly executed, and when I heard there was a book of the story I couldn t wait to read it People had said the book was better than the TV series, and they certainly were right The TV programme only bore a passing resemblance to the book, which also made reading the novel much better for me.Esther and Gemma have been frie [...]

    I can t help it, but it was really hard to believe that they always accidentally met the right people in a country of than one billion people That really disturbed me But I really liked how things weren t like they seemed to be in the end In life things always have at least two sides.

    From the back cover This is the story of Gemma and me how I lost her, I suppose I don t usually tell it to anyone but myself I save it for the darkest moments.I ll start at the place I thought was the beginning but now I know was near the end I was pretty full of myself back then I thought life was a cinch, that everything I did was charmed and charming I was twenty three I was beautiful and successfulI was going to hurl myself at the world and see what happened.Gemma never pushed herself anywhe [...]

    Esther and Gemma are two friends in their early twenties traveling around India as part of Esther s dream of authentic, gritty Third World backpacking and adventure Almost as soon as they arrive, things start to go wrong, and given that the book starts with Gemma s funeral some months after this trip, you know worse is coming.The first three quarters or so of this book, focusing on Esther and Gemma s increasingly fraught and disastrous trip around India with an ever present sinister sense of dan [...]

    Ana Beja
    dos meus livros preferidos.Esther e Gemma s o duas amigas inglesas de 23 anos, insepar veis Partilham tudo desde terna inf ncia T m personalidades completamente opostas Esther extrovertida e aventureira e Gemma t mida Ela esconde um segredo que n o ousa revelar nem pr pria amiga Esther convence Gemma a viajar para a ndia numa aventura ex tica e alucinante J na ndia conhecem Coral, uma rapariga extravagante com a qual Esther se identifica menosprezando a sua amizade com Gemma As tr s parte num co [...]

    Eve Kay
    The story is pretty weak, it s hard to rate in stars two or three The build up was kind of chick flicky in a way, it wasn t the kind of in depth and deep as I kind of expected of a novel about India I guess I was looking for in such a story but this was too superficial for me.Also, the characters are pretty silly and naive The main character was so lost sometimes, at times in the matter of a physical location but mostly mentally and in her thoughts and ideas, that eyerolling was what I mostly d [...]

    The book was quite a page turner, until the end There were several surprises I didn t anticipate, but the ultimate ending was too expected I think the foreshadowing was excellent and really created some intense feelings of what s gonna happen next I really started to dislike the character Gemma, espeically at the end I had a roomate who had a very similar outlook on life and started to dislike me only because of things I had no control over Choosing to make your own lot in life vs wallowing in t [...]

    Outi Alaja
    The language was easy to read, very well written I think I want to travel to India next There was just enough of nature description which I myself dont appreciate so much the amount that was needed to set the mood and background for the story The storyline picked up about half way thru, b4 that I didnt really understand where the story was going.BUTwhen the plot and the idea started to reveal itself in front of me, on the pages, I could hardly put the book down The last 7 8 chapters were excelle [...]

    Laura C
    I really loved this page turner.Good descriptions,great suspense and realistic descriptions of India.I would have given it a 4 or 5 stars if Esther and Gemma would have been likeable I just didn t care for dramaqueen Gemma, who didn t take responsibility for her life And Esther, well, she is that type of person that keeps hanging in the past, who is self absorbed and cannot stop but rolling around in her own messy drama Both very immature women Esther, even in her late twenties, hasn t moved on [...]

    N o mau A hist ria desenrola se com naturalidade, surpreende o suficiente para ser interessante e uma leitura agrad vel embora n o muito marcante N o gostei muito da forma como estava escrita, mas como uma tradu o n o poderei dizer se a falha da escritora ou da tradutora Mas apesar de tudo o principal motivo para n o gostar deste livro tanto como talvez merecia foi n o me ter sentido envolvida pelas personagens, embora me identifica se em alguns aspectos faltava alguma coisa embora n o consiga d [...]

    Wendy Chard
    This book is interesting in the themes that it deals the naivety of backpackers and culture shock also, deterioration of relationships However, the self loathing tone of the protagonist got a little tiresome, and the twist wasn t a great shock The main problem for me was the proclamation on the cover that I would love this book because I loved The Beach and for me, the two are just incomparable Sorry, Gardner

    a strange exploration of what is friendship exactly, set in the context of two lifelong friends who embark on a trip to India where it all goes horribly wrong The author is usually in the first person of one of the friends but occassionally switches gears and the story is told from the perspective of the alternate friend There is a cliche that becomes revealed towards the ending but until then, the reader is forced to endure the lifelessness that has not only plagued the main character, but the [...]

    I read it without knowing much about it, except that it involved India, and that was enough.It was a fast kind of read, the story is thrilling, it s not amazing, as a matter of fact, it s not a 4 or a 5, but it s a 4 because it was just so addicting, and hell, gotta give it propz for that The characters weren t particularly to die for, but they were okay.It s a light read with a good component of suspense Can t hate on the storytelling skills portrayed The whole traveling to the unknown is what [...]

    4.5 starsThis book put so many of my half thoughts about travelling into words The characters were unlikeable, but that only made the story feel real It felt like the kind of nightmare that could actually happen to a young, dumb, traveler.Not totally crazy about the way things wrapped up the part about transit from the airport dragged on way too long, I saw the big twist coming a little in advance, and the explanation was not completely believable view spoiler No one checked dental records hide [...]

    Nina Michele
    well first of all I like to point out the miscalculations in this book according to my own perception The 5 years after statement was not clearly define or should I say said twice giving an illusion that Esther lost Gemma for 9 and a half year though it was pretty well written.This things let readers get confused and some sort So this is just a precaution in case someone wanted to read this book Though honestly I was bit traumatized about the people s hostility there, and the climate also that i [...]

    This book tells the story of two best friend backpacking around India You are made aware from the start that something big is going to happen and so the suspense is there right away I thought this book was great It keeps a good pace throughout I managed to read most of it when I was in India ill with food poisoning , which set the scene nicely I managed to guess the ending but still a great page turner, quite thrilling If you liked The Beach you ll love this book.

    The cover of the book proclaims if you loved The Beach , you ll love Losing Gemma I expected it to be another book about vacations gone wrong The first few chapter read like the movie Brokedown Palace was that originally a book One of them dies on this journey of self discovery Five years later Esther accidentally comes back to India to find out what really happened to Gemma There are many twists and turns in the fast pace novel I didn t see the end coming.

    Years later and I still remember the discomfort that this book gave me I always feel that way at two friends drifting apart, but to see the deliberate actions on the part of Gemma and how Esther is affected by those choices it makes me feel awful So this is obviously not a happy story I did love the setting, the descriptions of the country the girls were inbut two girls backpacking alone in India it can t end well.

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