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  • Title: How to Live: A Search for Wisdom from Old People (While They Are Still on This Earth)
  • Author: HenryAlford
  • ISBN: 9780446196031
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Hardcover

  • How to Live: A Search for Wisdom from Old People (While They Are Still on This Earth) By HenryAlford In this witty guide for seekers of all ages, author Henry Alford seeks instant enlightenment through conversations with those who have lived long and lived well Armed with recent medical evidence that supports the cliche that older people are, indeed, wiser, Alford sets off to interview people over 70 some famous Phyllis Diller, Harold Bloom, Edward Albee , some accomplIn this witty guide for seekers of all ages, author Henry Alford seeks instant enlightenment through conversations with those who have lived long and lived well.Armed with recent medical evidence that supports the cliche that older people are, indeed, wiser, Alford sets off to interview people over 70 some famous Phyllis Diller, Harold Bloom, Edward Albee , some accomplished the world s most quoted author, a woman who walked across the country at age 89 in support of campaign finance reform , some unusual a pastor who thinks napping is a form of prayer, a retired aerospace engineer who eats food out of the garbage Early on in the process, Alford interviews his 79 year old mother and step father, and inadvertently changes the course of their 36 year long union.Part family memoir, part Studs Terkel, How To Live considers some unusual sources deathbed confessions, late in life journals to deliver a highly optimistic look at our dying days By showing that life after 70 is the fulfillment of, not the end to, life s questions and trials, How to Live delivers that most unexpected punch it makes you actually want to get older.
    Henry Alford is an American humorist and journalist who has contributed to Vanity Fair and The New York Times for over a decade He has also written for The New Yorker.enpedia wiki Henry_ALibrarian Note There is than one author in the database with this name.

    How to Live: A Search for Wisdom from Old People (While They Are Still on This Earth) By HenryAlford


    I ll be quite frank and say that although I m madly in love with Henry Alford and am a Henry Alford completist that is, I make a point to read pretty much everything he writes , I wasn t expecting to like this one all that much Generally, I don t care much for books about One Man s Search for Wisdom they tend toward the maudlin and self satisfied.But I loved this one without reservation, and although I m refraining from a five star rating solely because I try to save that rating for life changin [...]

    A accurate title for this book would be Growing Old Gracefully , as it s obvious that the question Alford is really interested in is How should we come to terms with our own mortality He decides the best way to find out is to ask a bunch of elderly people, then try to distil key life lessons from the resulting conversations Framing this process as a search for wisdom doesn t help particularly, and occasionally causes him to get sidetracked into some fairly unproductive academic discussions It s [...]

    Matthew Gatheringwater
    Reviews comparing the author to David Sedaris should have been a tip off to me that this is a book about the elderly, but not for the elderly I tried a few selections with my geriatric clients, but they found the style of narration and hipster references off putting and confusing When do we get to the part about Phyllis Diller Is he gay now Why do I need to know that Why is talking about his mother Is his mother famous I wondered briefly if this is a book that will appeal to people Alford s age [...]

    John Hood
    miamisunpost archives 2009Bound Miami SunPost Jan 15, 2009Wisdom of the AgedHenry Alford Finds Some Old Folks Do Know More Than YouBy John Hood Once upon a time, you couldn t shake a cane on South Beach without hitting some old folk in the spotted noggin Then came the younguns or at least the youngly behaved and all those old folks got run outta town on their walkers Aside from the odd fashion tip I used to pick up from some of the dapper gentlemen, I d mostly forgotten about that colorful arra [...]

    Alex Telander
    HOW TO LIVE A SEARCH FOR WISDOM FROM OLD PEOPLE WHILE THEY ARE STILL ON THIS EARTH BY HENRY ALFORD Henry Alford has written for Vanity Fair, The New York Times, and The New Yorker, and is the author of Municipal Bondage In his latest book, How to Live A Search for Wisdom From Old People While They Are Still on This Earth, he does just that, providing insight and viewpoints from those who will not remain for much longer on this earth to give those who still have a while to go a greater respect an [...]

    Dear When I typed How to Live into find books by title or author, your search engine suggested How I Live Now, How Starbucks Saved My Life, How the Dead Live, How the Other Half Lives, How Shall We Now Live, Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat , Pornified and 56 other books before finally hitting on the correct title Perhaps you could borrow a summer intern from Google to show you how the search function is supposed to work Anyway, this book was both funny and informative, plus there s a who [...]

    If you are interested in actual wisdom and how to live and in an excellent read , read this instead How to Live A Life of Montaigne in One Question and Twenty Attempts at an Answer by Sarah Bakewell Alford or his publisher picked the right title to to cash in on all our worries about living right Unfortunately, the author doesn t come across as all that wise maybe that s why his subjects didn t come across as that much wiser than the rest of us, either.

    Part family memoir, part Studs Terkel

    William Schram
    I can never get enough wisdom From that weird story of King Solomon to recent things, wisdom is practically my bread and butter for reading That was why I picked this book up from the Library I figured it couldn t be bad since it had such a fascinating concept We can all be wrong I suppose.The main problem with this book is its scope While the author says he wants to obtain wisdom from old people, he doesn t really do it that efficiently I suppose it is rather difficult to find people willing t [...]

    Alford has created an engaging quest for wisdom that is both insightful and laugh out loud funny He interviews many older people, and cites numerous other sources in an effort to capture wisdom in it s many forms The writing style is very easy to like and it s light, conversational style lends itself really well to a weighty topic such as this This is an easy recommendation for everyone It is deep and meaningful while being accessible and humorous, a tough combination to pull off.

    Emily Race
    The shining moments in these book were when the author allowed his subjects to speak Their stories and their words were worth reading Most of the time, however, it felt as if I was reading the authors journey, his opinions and his struggle with relationships and mortality It s all well and good to struggle with relationships and mortality, but I didn t pick up the book to read about him and I wasn t particularly interested by his level of self injection into the narrative.

    How to Live by Henry Alford is subtitled A Search for Wisdom from Old People While They Are Still on This Earth Though a noble, worthy pursuit, a quest for wisdom encapsulated in book form by one particular individual is a preposterous and inherently flawed hunt A quest for wisdom is what an individual would consider life A writer s quest for wisdom for the sake of an idea or treatment or assignment or ultimately, to warrant an advance, is destined to fail as singularly biased, limited and defic [...]

    Author, Henry Alford, goes on a journey of sitting down and interviewing people up in age about what they have learned about wisdow and life and what they have to offer to younger people This style of books has been done before so the expectations are not different from what you normally would get from a book like this.Most of his interviewees are people who have established themselves, accomplished an amazing feat or simply survived a very tramatic event or live an unconventional lifestyle Most [...]

    So it took me a while to read this book My original curiosity was sparked by a review in the NY Times it started off at a slow clip much does one care about the author s mother s divorce in the first few pages But the pace picked up and there were some thought provoking one liners and I was really enjoying the book, in the middle About 3 4 through the book the pace completely changed and it was like the author lost focus I read an entire chapter about his cat, Hot Rod Now those of you who know m [...]

    Henry Barry
    This book disappointed me because it isn t what I expected it to be It is an account of the author s journey as he interviews various old people searching for wisdom Obviously this was how the author intended to do it, but to me, it feels like lazy writing This reads like a draft, with all of the data gathered but nothing crafted into a coherent narrative I think he should re write this with the themes and discoveries he found integrated in, rather than just taking us step by step through the jo [...]

    How to Live A Search for Wisdom from Old People While They Are Still On This Earth is a memoir of sorts of the author trying to find wisdom from old, famous people while his own mother makes decisions about her own life as she ages.So although I should have seen from the title that this book is a search, I thought it would be a book of chapters that went from person to person, discussing the wisdom they have found to be true in their lives Unfortunately, this book is not that I am quitting readi [...]

    I liked the authors chapters where he explores philosophical wisdom throughout cultures and history Some of the interviews anecdotes were interesting on their own but some didn t really answer any questions about how to live or wisdom.I thought the least helpful were the interview with Miles an older actress I have seen her in Crossing Delancy I enjoyed both the movie and her performance She was certainly eccentric But eccentricity does not equal wisdom.I felt the same way about Loh, the older A [...]

    First what this book is not a collection of ideas on how to be a better person, or a book of esoteric mysticalism It is a very practical book.The wisdom that Henry Alford discovers that he is seeking he is not sure at the outset what he is looking for consists of five traits that are part of wisdom reciprocity, doubt, nonattachment, discretion and acting for social good The most universal is non attachment knowing what to overlook, when not to fixate, extinguishing the will, when to just let go. [...]

    I m convinced that famous people are boring or useless Either that, or we write best about what we know The story of the author s mother and step father was what encouraged me through the truisms and anecdotes that composed the rest of the work Of course there were a few gems from other feisty old people, but throughout they did not come from those who had been rich or well known or societally successful They came from the woman displaced by Katrina, the dumpster diving father of H.A s friend, a [...]

    So I checked this book out from the library, but it wasn t at all what I was hoping for I expected to be inspired and told amazing stories, but it was about the averageness of everyday people Some are famous and some are from the author s life I found the title misleading.It was entertaining than inspiring Even so, there were some good quotes and insights One that I enjoyed is on page 161 The way I definite it wisdom is using your cognitive skills and your knowledge for the common good So one [...]

    How to Live a Search for Wisdom From Old People While They are Still on This Earth by Henry AlfordAlford s exploration of what constitutes wisdom and where it comes from read a little lightly than I would have expected While Alford has done his research and shares many of the gems he has gleaned from his reading, I didn t feel enlightened His experiences during his mother s divorce and his interviews with the elderly are entertaining, but they impart no wisdom in the end I would be impressed w [...]

    I wasn t sure what to expect with this book I found the first part a little light with a few too many snappy comments, but I quite enjoyed his interviews with numerous wise old folks although once I neared the end I wondered how he would end it It reflects some of my own observations on getting older I m patient and passionate about the things that I think matter and don t pay much attention to the rest of things He does seem to say you stay true to yourself and not fade gently into the night b [...]

    Dawn Allbee
    This was an interesting book and worth reading However, on the downside I personally found it difficult to read all in one go Typical if I really get pulled into a book I have difficulty setting it down This was not the case in this book, which is why it took so long to read it.The author interviews quite a few older people from family members, random people he meets to celebrities Some of the wisdom is profound and some things made me go What the Others made me laugh The book is like reading a [...]

    Mark Hiser
    How to Live is part memoir, part research, part reflection The author, Henry Alford, decides to interview several persons over the age of 70 to see what wisdom they might impart Before getting too far along, however, he begins to focus upon the question, what is wisdom The book offers the results of several interviews which are interspersed among chapters about his own parents and yet other chapters about the study of wisdom This is where I find a problem with the book Even thoughthe book is of [...]

    Alex Templeton
    I zoomed through this book to get it back to the library by its due date luckily, it was a breezy read Alford writes about his search into the meaning of wisdom, and intersperses it with interviews with various elders he encounters, as well as his own parents In one respect, I m kind of sorry I felt forced to read it so quickly, as I think there were some nuggets there I really could have spent some time thinking about One that sticks with me relationships fail because of a lack of emotional cou [...]

    Non attachment wisdom or peace By interviewing a diverse assortment of older people, Alford is surprised to identify non attachment as the most common way that his subjects define wisdom These people, may be confusing diminished psychic pain with wisdom To me, his subjects frequent advocacy of non attachment in various forms simply reads as a path to achieving personal serenity late in life, not wisdom As I understand wisdom, it is knowledge that imparts power to deal with reality as an importan [...]

    Bookmarks Magazine
    A bit David Sedaris, a bit Charles Grodin Cleveland Plain Dealer , with a little Studs Terkel and Mitch Albom Tuesdays with Morrie thrown in for good measure, Alford, when he s on, has all the critics in stitches They extol his keen wit and ability to keep a somber subject lighthearted Drawing on such a wide range of source material has its benefits and drawbacks Alford covers a lot of ground, but the result is, for some reviewers, a narrative that s a little too slack and uninspired Whether it [...]

    Tim Calhoun
    This book is frighteningly eclectic Henry is obviously extremely well read and quite brilliant I found myself referencing the dictionary on than one occasion The gist of the book is to interview a collection of seniors in search of wisdom As it goes forward he finds himself trying to even define what wisdom is It is humorous at times as he intertwines his own families issues and the problems of his elderly mothers divorce and it s effect on family and friends He interviews the famous and the ob [...]

    This book was different from what I expected Instead of being focused a lot on Alford s discussions with the old people he interviewed, he really focused on his own experience as a result of his quest for wisdom The search search for wisdom kind of felt like helping him through his mid life crisis In the course of his search for wisdom, he interviews his parents and begins a conversation that starts a chain of events that fundamentally alters their relationship He writes very frankly about the d [...]

    I started reading this because I have always had an insatiable drive to know the big WHAT IS IMPORTANT IN LIFE Undeniably, we have so many choices and not all that much time I read books like this as sort of a short cut if I read what other people think is worthwhile, maybe I can skip some of my own paths that eventually turn into dead ends Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on which way I m looking at it , a dear friend of mine dropped dead unexpectedly while I was in the middle of it She [...]

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