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  • Title: Always Time to Die
  • Author: Elizabeth Lowell
  • ISBN: 9780060504199
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Paperback

  • Always Time to Die By Elizabeth Lowell Former U.S Senator Quintrell is dead.His son, New Mexico s governor, is preparing hisrun for the highest political office in the land.And dark family secrets are about to explode with the devastating force of a Southwestern earthquake.An eccentric Quintrell aunt has invited genealogist Carolina Carly May to their Taos compound to compile a record of the illustrious famiFormer U.S Senator Quintrell is dead.His son, New Mexico s governor, is preparing hisrun for the highest political office in the land.And dark family secrets are about to explode with the devastating force of a Southwestern earthquake.An eccentric Quintrell aunt has invited genealogist Carolina Carly May to their Taos compound to compile a record of the illustrious family But digging into the past is raising troubling questions about a would be president s private life and the grisly street crime that left his drug addicted sister dead As a dark world of twisted passions and depravity slowly opens up before Carly, there is no one whom she dares trust perhaps least of all Dan Duran, a dangerous, haunted enigma who s tied to the Quintrells history But she will need an ally to survive the terrible mysteries a father carried to the grave because following the bloodlines of the powerful can be a bloody business And some dead secrets can kill.
    Elizabeth Lowell
    Individually and with co author husband Evan, Ann Maxwell has written over 60 novels and one work of non fiction There are 30 million copies of these books in print, as well as reprints in 30 foreign languages Her novels range from science fiction to historical fiction, from romance to mystery After working in contemporary and historical romance, she became an innovator in the genre of romantic suspense.In 1982, Ann began publishing as Elizabeth Lowell Under that name she has received numerous professional awards in the romance field, including a Lifetime Achievement award from the Romance Writers of America 1994.Since July of 1992, she has had over 30 novels on the New York Times bestseller list In 1998 she began writing suspense with a passionate twist, capturing a new audience and generation of readers Her new romance novel Perfect Touch will be available in July of 2015.To get a full list of titles as well as read excerpts from her novels, visit elizabethlowell.

    Always Time to Die By Elizabeth Lowell


    Note I originally read this book back in 2006, and read it again in 2011 My opinion of the book hasn t changed in the interval, though it s worth noting that I did enjoy it well enough to come back and read it again.I can generally rely upon Elizabeth Lowell to give me a fluffily suspenseful but enjoyable read She s formulaic, sure, but it s a formula I happen to like beautiful, spunky woman plus broody and sexy man plus people trying to kill them, generally for reasons involving fabulously expe [...]

    Alexis-Morgan Roark
    I kept vacillating between hating and liking this book It must have been the narrator The genealogy stuff got to be a little too much Then the whole incest thing just went waaaaaay beyond creepy, disgusting, and too much as well.

    Disclaimer I m not generally a romantic suspense or romantic anything reader I grabbed this off a housemate because I was out of books of my own, so maybe this book was only meh to me because I wasn t familiar with whatever genre conventions I d let myself in for But meh it was.The suspense plot is a good one, but the way it s paced, it never seems as urgent as I d expect There are many isolated incidents of people threatening the heroine, Carly There are some isolated incidents of people dying [...]

    I was shocked by this book It sounded good, then I started reading and was struck by a desire to skip a lot of pages There is a ton of geneology and family history described in the chapters because the main character is hired to write about just that So at first it s boring, then it just gets disgusting If you want to read about some filandering, pig headed chold molesters and bigamists be my guest I put the book down I couldn t believe one of my choice authors had chosen to write such a sickeni [...]

    Book 53 of 2009Wow, it seems like it took me all of May to read this book It was a decent book Lots of buried family secrets and intrigue I became interested in this book after listening to Blue Smoke and Murder which was the fourth in a line of St Kilda Consulting series this was supposed to be the first Although St Kilda was mentioned especially in the last 1 4 of the book , it left me confused about the whole St Kilda series timeline There s no description of how this organization started An [...]

    Tory Wagner
    I enjoyed this book because it combined two on my interests mysteries and genealogy The main character, Dan, belongs to an organization that specializes in remedying problems in dangerous parts of the world He is from Taos, New Mexico and is part of an extended family that can trace their roots back to Spanish explorers Recovering from an injury, he spends some time at home and meets a visitor who is writing a genealogical history of his mother s family She becomes the target of a sniper and Dan [...]

    Good characters

    Bonnie Farley
    Not a fan At all It was free and I still feel like I was robbed.

    Good book with some seriously creepy elements It s billed as a St Kilda Consulting book, but there s very little St Kilda to it The hero is on medical leave after being injured on the job The heroine has been hired to construct a family history of the local grandee, a former senator who was a total scuzzbucket He s the source of most of the creepiness, which all happened in the past, since he s dead now But people are still dying, so there s got to be secrets than the Senator s old sins And it [...]

    Nicely paced suspenseful mystery whodunnit It didn t stand out in any particular fashion, other than I noticed harsh cuss words weren t used At one point a character said nucking futs , and I found that witty Kinda sorta borders on being a romance, but there s enough going on in the plot for it to not permeate the entire novel.

    This was a very confusing book It was good, but hard to follow with all the different characters.

    The characters were just kind of flat a bit boring Hard to get involved in the storyline but ok.

    Michael W. Boleware
    If I had read this, the first of the St Kilda series, I would not have bothered to read any others in the series.

    Gwen Menz
    I actually never finished it just never got into the characters, etc

    Good story and I did enjoy it There were tiring stretches of character angst Second half and ending was most exciting as it should be.

    Synopsis Carly May has been hired by the aging matriarch of the powerful Quintrell family in New Mexico to write a family history As Carly begins to uncover skeletons in the family s closet, she becomes the target of violence from somebody who is trying to keep these secrets hidden.My Review I enjoyed this book, but my main complaint was with the complexity of the plot The family history and details were intricately laid out, and these details were critical to unraveling the mystery.

    Author Elizabeth LowellFirst published 2005Length 462 pages, 5949 locations kindle Setting Contemporary Taos, New Mexico.Sex Infrequent and somewhat hand wavy Towards the end.Hero Something secret, maybe once with the government, not really letting on But it involves computers and guns view spoiler Works for a secret agency called St Kilda Consulting hide spoiler Heroine Develops family histories.Triggers Rape, Drug taking, Murder, Incest, Prostitution including of a child implied , Suicide.Vast [...]

    I was hoping this would be a good suspenseful mystery book and the start of a good series After all the blur promises a riveting tale of dark family secrets ready to explode with the devastating force of a Southwestern earthquake and deems Lowell, one of today s top masters of suspense.The book opens with the murder of a New Mexico senator who left behind a wife in a coma, a spiteful sister in law and a son with Presidential aspirations The sister in law hires a genealogist to write her family s [...]

    When the novel opens, a heavily applied pillow is sucking the life out of the Senator, the patriarch of a powerful New Mexico family We soon learn that Andrew Josh Quintrell III was of a breed so vile and disgusting, it wasamazing that foul play hadn t befallen him decades earlier His legacy is one of sorrow and heartache The Senator s death coincides with the arrival of Carolina Carly May, a genealogical researcher She s been asked, or accurately, commanded to trace the female line of the Cast [...]

    Kris - My Novelesque Life
    3 STARS The powerful Quintrell family of New Mexico has spent decades in the public eye Now the recent death of the clan s patriarch, a former U.S senator, has placed his son, Governor Josh Quintrell, squarely in the spotlight as he prepares his run for the highest political office in the land It is not a good time to be rattling skeletons in the family s closets.Researching personal histories isn t just Carolina Carly May s profession, it s her passion When the governor s eccentric Aunt Winifre [...]

    Always Time to Die4 StarsSynopsisCarly May is a genealogist hired by Winifred Castillo to trace the history of her family But someone in the Quintrell Castillo line would rather keep old and dark secrets buried with the dead Soon Carly finds herself the target of a sinister foe who will stop at nothing to prevent her from discovering the truth The only person Carly can turn to is Dan Duran, a dangerous enigma with ties to the Quintrells and secrets of his own ReviewWell paced action and suspense [...]

    Carly May has been invited by an aunt of an old political family to do a genealogy, but someone is trying to keep hidden the secrets of the past and is willing to threaten and even kill her to get it done Her ally is Dan Duran, a slightly distant and estranged relative of the family who works for St Kilda Consulting and what that is is never really explained and is supposedly on leave recovering from an injury They have to track the genealogical evidence to find out what the secrets are and who [...]

    Carolina Carly May is a genealogist who was invited by the eccentric aunt of New Mexico s governor, Josh Quintrell, to come to their Taos ranch to compile a record of the Quintrell Castillo family She arrives following the death of the family patriarch, A J Quintrell, a former U.S senator However, digging up the past is creating trouble within the family and Carly finds herself on unsafe footing Dan Duran, a former Army Ranger and now an agent for St Kilda was born and raised in the Taos communi [...]

    Tom Tischler
    The very powerful Quintrell family of New Mexico has spent years in the public eye and now the patriarch of the familya former U.S Senator has died He has his son Josh in the Governor s chair squarely in line for the Presidency CarlyMay researches personal histories and the Governor s eccentricAunt Winifred has invited her to the Quintrell s mansion in Taos N.M to do some research But digging in the past has raised some troubling questions about the would be president slife, his late father and [...]

    Romantic suspense, leaning toward the suspense side of things The death of a New Mexico senator brings to light dark family secrets Carly is a genealogist hired by the senator s embittered sister in law to record her family s history, while Dan is a St Kilda Consulting operative recovering from a run in with a drug cartel I was surprised to see the very mixed reviews for this title I suspect it may because it doesn t read like a genre romance, and someone going into the novel with that expectat [...]

    An elderly Aunt to the current Governor of New Mexico has asked Genealogist Carly May to compile a family history for her As soon as Carly starts digging through photos and interviewing the locals about the family, a dead rat shows up on her pillow along with a threatening phone call Someone doesn t want her uncovering the secrets of the past But Dan Duran is in town on vacation and decides to help her out He won t tell Carly what his connection is to the family, but he wants to uncover secrets [...]

    Former U.S Senator Quintrell is dead His son, New Mexico s governor, is preparing his run for the highest political office in the land And dark family secrets are about to explode with the devastating force of a Southwestern earthquake An eccentric Quintrell aunt has invited genealogist Carolina Carly May to their Taos compound to compile a record of the illustrious family But digging into the past is raising troubling questions about a would be president s private life and the grisly street cr [...]

    I was mostly annoyed by the DNA testing and its reporting in the book The story was interesting enough for me if you can stomach all the incest It is a light read and maybe I missed the disclaimer on the Y DNA As far as my training in biology goes, mitochondrial DNA is passed by the mother to her offspring with no contribution from the father The DNA from the Y chromosome is only passed from fathers to sons If a woman had a Y chromosome her genetic sex would be male and she wouldn t be giving bi [...]

    I HATE giving Elizabeth Lowell a bad review I fell in love with her stories a long time ago She influenced my love of photography and weaving through her strong female characters HoweverThis is supposedly the first book in the St Kilda Consulting series and yet it never tells you anything about St Kilda I gather the hero, Dan, works for them but was injured and is on a vacation of sorts That s pretty much all you hear about St Kilda Consulting That being said, this book was awful There is so muc [...]

    I have seen Elizabeth Lowell s books for some time and decided to read one I didn t realize she was a Romance suspense writer before I started reading it While there are some love scenes, for the most part Carly and Dan engage in sexual innuendos Carly is a genealogist who has been hired to write the story of the Quinell family of New Mexico There is a LOT of going over names of past members of the family as well as other closely related families Since I listened to the audio version, it was dif [...]

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