UNLIMITED BOOK ✓ How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body - by David Hamilton #2020

  • Title: How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body
  • Author: David Hamilton
  • ISBN: 9781848500235
  • Page: 298
  • Format: Paperback

  • How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body By David Hamilton Illustrating the power of positive thought, David R Hamilton explains how thoughts and emotions can mould the structure of the brain and change our body at cellular level.
    David Hamilton
    David has a first class honors degree in chemistry, specializing in biological and medicinal chemistry He has the slightly geeky honour of having achieved 100% in his 3rd year university degree exam in Statistical Mechanics , which is a branch of quantum physics applied to chemistry.After completing his PhD, he worked for 4 years in the pharmaceutical industry, first developing drugs for cardiovascular disease and cancer, then a year managing leadership and change projects During this time he also served as an athletics coach and manager of Sale Harriers Manchester, one of the UK s largest athletics clubs, leading the Junior Men s team to three successive UK finals Upon leaving the pharmaceutical industry, he co founded the international relief charity Spirit Aid Foundation and served as a director for 2 years.While writing his first book 2004 2005 , he taught chemistry main plus ecology and mathematics secondary at West College Scotland formerly, James Watt College of Further and Higher Education and tutored chemistry at the University of Glasgow.He s now a bestselling author of 8 books No s 9 and 10 are due out in 2017 published by Hay House UK, and offer talks and workshops that use science to inspire fusing neuroscience, the mind body connection, kindness, and philosophical and eastern spiritual teachings He also writes a regular blog on his website as well as occasional blogs for the Huffington Post US edition and Psychologies Life Labs, and is a columnist for Soul and Spirit Magazine In 2016, David won the Kindred Spirit, Best MBS Writer Award.He has been featured in numerous publications, including ELLE, RED Magazine, Psychologies, YOU Magazine, Good Housekeeping both UK US , and several newspapers.You might wonder how he got into writing on the subjects he does In his own words, Well, during my time in the pharmaceutical industry, I was fascinated by the placebo effect how people improve through believing they are receiving a drug so I began to study mind body interactions in my spare time I decided to leave the pharmaceutical industry after 4 years because I wanted to educate about the mind body connection, help people to believe in themselves , and spread a little kindness in the world in my own way.

    How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body By David Hamilton


    This is a valuable, practical book, especially for those with health problems, obviously.The author cites statistics and scientific facts to show us, and convince us of, the power of positive thinking and of the placebo.Visualization causes real chemical and structural changes in the brain Mind changes matter Psychotherapy also results in detectable changes in the brain.Neurogenesis formation of new neurons in the brain occurs right up to the final days of our life, no matter our age Learning a [...]

    Simon Harvey
    Great read with some healing meditations you can try Offering a lot of substance to the reader this book is a must if you have ever considered the reality of meditation for healing Yes Science says it works and it s FREE Well the meditation at least You still have to get the book.

    Nada Aljarallah
    i bought this book to try get over my anxiety

    This book is completely accessible I really found the visualizations quite interesting, easy and time effective to do I will definitely be trying these.

    Danijel Brestovac
    Kako um zdravi telostr 6 sijajne stvari so dosegle le tisti, ki so si drznili verjeti, da nekaj v njih presega okoli ine Bruce Barton.Str 33 zunanje ivljenjske okoli ine so vselej odsev notranjih prepri anj James Allen.Str 34 ko nekaj verjamete, va i mo gani proizvedejo kemi ne snovi in delujejo tako, da uresni ijo tisto, kar verjamete, da se bo zgodilo Kemi ne snovi nastajajo zaradi umskega stanja.Str 40 od vas pa je odvisno, kaj verjamete Mo je v vas.Str 57 um z vizualizacijo neposredno spremi [...]

    Hilary Hicklin
    This is a fascinating book written by a scientist who used to work in the pharmaceutical industry and became so fascinated by the placebo effect that he decided to explore the relationship between the mind and the body and its role in healing He backs up his assertions with examples of studies and case histories all of which provide real food for thought.As I am now also reading Bad Pharma by Ben Goldacre which exposes the somewhat dubious practices of the pharmaceutical industry and the failure [...]

    Khuram Malik
    This is one book that i have read in very few sittings.Its a very easy read, and gets to the core of the argument very quickly which i really liked about this book.Dr Hamilton presents the idea that the placebo effect is real, and cites many real cases where it has had a real result He then goes on to show, how you can create for yourself the placebo effect on a daily basis to experience healing.I have been trying some of the techniques for myself, since they are very easy to follow, and thought [...]

    An easy to read book, although there are sections of scientific explanations, with amazing stories of self healing and also many research reports with, frankly, incredible results Made me wonder why doctors and the media aren t all prescribing going on about the power of the mind Chapters also on positive thinking, power of love, and also the benefits of meditation Despite agreeing that the mind is an amazing organ that we don t understand though, and believing to some extent the true stories in [...]

    An excellent, uplifting book that I m sure will benefit anyone with a medical condition who is curious as to how they can help themselves using the power of the mind There is a lot of science in the first few chapters, but it is interesting, relevant, and accessible The true stories and testimonies are hugely encouraging and the visualisations at the end of the book cover just about every illness disease, including some we don t generally view as cureable Like Hamilton says, you have to think so [...]

    It is based on studies and polls from different universities to prove that the mind can heal the body It shows that your body has a cure for all diseases, you only need to know how to release your natural medicine from your own body I also highly recommend all medical students to read this book before they graduate They need to know that the human body is not a place for troubleshooting They need to understand this book in order to not become butchers.

    Natalie Korda
    Lots of stories to tell you how people have used their head to heal themselves, from illness physically and mentally and injury The books focuses on the way that placebos have been used in various studies, where people have felt better by just thinking that the medications should work in a certain way The book is a bit lacking in ways to incorporate the practices into your own life, but it does provide some resources to help you investigate further.

    This booked bombards you with research in the early chapters Initially annoying but with so much evidence it leads you nicely into the science of how the mind and body are one connected unit I found the science very clear and easy to understand and well targeted to match the research Definitely recommended read.

    Tracy Pound
    A scientific look at the power of the mind and its effect on the body than some I ve read Very down to earth approach to visualisation with examples to follow and testimonials from people who ve tried the techniques Highly enjoyable.

    Your stress, mental attitude, happiness, how you view illness, all this can shape your health outcome This book shows you how to use positive thinking, meditation, and other avenues to help create a positive mental state conducive to a mind body healing connection.

    Shawn Dawson
    I like this book because the author doesn t discount conventional medicine, but suggests you try the things in this book as well There is a lot of meditative imagery used, as well as thoughts about quantum healing I say, why not give it a try.

    An eye opener How to put your meditation practice to serve the healing effectively I have read similar Buddhist books but this helped me to find my own visualization to help me to heal and feel better holistically.

    I enjoyed this read Very insightful of the power of the mind and its connection to your health.

    Carla Remy
    A very interesting and helpful book Examines the power of placebos and harnessing belief to encourage stem cells in our brain to grow in the ways we need them to.

    Lots of amazing stories about how powerful the mind can be Book is a bit lacking in ways to incorporate the ideas into your own life, but it does provide other resources to investigate.

    Cherie Kephart
    An important subject worth exploring the body mind connection It made me think deeper about my thoughts, words, and emotions and how they relate to my health.

    • UNLIMITED BOOK ✓ How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body - by David Hamilton
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