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  • Title: The Works of Plato
  • Author: Plato Irwin Edman
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  • Page: 473
  • Format: Hardcover

  • The Works of Plato By Plato Irwin Edman The philosopher of idealism, Plato remains the spokesman for all those who are perennially young in their love of wisdom and their curiosity about the mysteries of the human soul The poetic charm and the dramatic suggestiveness of his writings lend persuasion to Plato s central theme the clarification and harmonizing of life by reason Under the brilliant editorship of IThe philosopher of idealism, Plato remains the spokesman for all those who are perennially young in their love of wisdom and their curiosity about the mysteries of the human soul The poetic charm and the dramatic suggestiveness of his writings lend persuasion to Plato s central theme the clarification and harmonizing of life by reason Under the brilliant editorship of Irwin Edman, the Modern Library edition of The Philosophy of Plato , in the Jewett Translation, is the most comprehensive collection of Plato s works issued in a single volume.
    Plato Irwin Edman
    Greek Arabic Alternate Spelling Plat n, Platone Plato is a Classical Greek philosopher, mathematician, student of Socrates, writer of philosophical dialogues, and founder of the Academy in Athens, the first institution of higher learning in the Western world Along with his mentor, Socrates, and his student, Aristotle, Plato helped to lay the foundations of Western philosophy and science.Plato is one of the most important Western philosophers, exerting influence on virtually every figure in philosophy after him His dialogue The Republic is known as the first comprehensive work on political philosophy Plato also contributed foundationally to ethics, metaphysics, and epistemology His student, Aristotle, is also an extremely influential philosopher and the tutor of Alexander the Great of Macedonia.

    The Works of Plato By Plato Irwin Edman


    Ahmad Sharabiani
    Complete Works, PlatoPlato was a philosopher in Classical Greece and the founder of the Academy in Athens, the first institution of higher learning in the Western world He is widely considered the most pivotal figure in the development of philosophy, especially the Western tradition Unlike nearly all of his philosophical contemporaries, Plato s entire work is believed to have survived intact for over 2,400 years Others believe that the oldest extant manuscript dates to circa AD 895, 1100 years a [...]

    I was gifted my copy of this book by my Philosophy professor back in college He was a character he d ride a bike to work, could discuss theories for hours and he would go to used bookstores to pick up the great journals for less than a dollar and give them the students based on the type of beliefs they exhibited in class If you were a Utilitarian he gave you a book by Bentham or Mill, if you expressed a Libertarian outlook, he d present you with Thoreau or Nietzsche When he handed me my book I t [...]

    Dylan Mcarthur
    The dialogues of Plato have helped renew my faith in life and humanity In college I learned that 1 there is no truth, 2 every assertion is merely someone s perspective and 3 all meaningful inquiry involves a deconstruction of someone else s thoughts i.e someone deluded enough not to know that there isn t any truth and that all is perspective Plato believed in reason, in the reality of goodness i.e the better choice , and in the value of the struggle to understand ourselves and the world He is al [...]

    In Greek literature, there are many authors whose substantive ideas and technical literary skills are breathtaking Purely in terms of influence by which I mean the degree to which a particular author has reconfigured the intellectual landscape for future generations it is undisputed that the two greatest writers in the Greek literary tradition are Homer and Plato Plato took philosophy to an entirely new level, and few if any philosophers who wrote subsequently have matched the extraordinary arti [...]

    Well, I m notfinished , you can t be finished with Plato, but I gotta move on I ll be coming back to this volume sooner or later.

    Many reviewers have noted how this book is the Bible of Plato They are correct I recommend this book for anyone who plans to study Plato in depth Containing all the extant works of Plato, this book will not disappoint those who want to experience all of Plato s thought Most pages have footnotes explaining unclear references to historical places, or other important concepts The introduction is superb, providing details to approaching the writings of Plato It is a helpful guide for those who are u [...]

    It s practically a Bible.

    NB I did NOT read this kindle book, but did read the Compete Works of Plato translated by Jowett, however, it was so long it was printed in than one volume, this is the one I chose to use in fact, I read than 31 books, but not many .This rating is an average rating There are several works that are 4 and 5 star works make no mistake, Plato was extremely bright But there is also a lot of drivel, and much of this is written like arguments with one of those people who just LOVE to argue and think [...]

    Other than the Bible, I m not sure there s a collection of writings that have influenced Western civilization than Plato s.Given it s cumbersome size, I had recently read many of the dialogues here in other translations in volumes of manageable size I read all the dialogues in this collection that I had not yet read elsewhere.

    Farewell, study your philosophy, and try to interest the other young men in it Letter XIIIese are the studies Whether they are difficult, whether they are easy, this is the way we must proceed Epinomis 992aIf we live truly the life of philosophy Letter VI__________I m not going to presume to review Plato s works I m not qualified to do that I ve read them, not studied them.What I have decided to do is talk a little about the volume itself, and give my opinion on which works I think are must read [...]

    Michelle Young
    made me think too much philosophy just spurs on questions.

    Ok, been throwing myself in at the deep end with this one.I know, Plato Socrates are best known by quotation.Still, my absolute lack in knowledge of philosophy had me hesitant, since I tend to read cover to cover and everything in between.But hey, a gift, nice hard cover, inviting typeface, sound introduction and my weak spot for big books, sorry to iPad I will surely re read much of this tome.In the first place because of its unrivalled value as a dictate of humanity.Also, because I can finally [...]

    Richard Newton
    This is a brilliant edition of Plato s collected works, which is excellent value for money Of course, you can probably buy them all very cheaply in an eBook format now but the hard copy is easier to use if you are studying and therefore need to make cross references regularly There are many many gems here, and you do not have to love everything about Plato to get huge value from this book.The only drawback is the sheer size of the book which is simply a result of Plato s prodigious output and if [...]

    Edward Butler
    I put this on my Kindle as a convenience, to have the complete Plato in some easily accessible form on it, but I m not loving the translations so far I m reading The Laws, and I don t like the ease with which the translator interposes English colloquialisms into the piece, or renders muthos as fiction , for example I ll keep using it, but maybe I d consider recommending Jowett s edition over this one Jowett s edition is old, but seems to hold the text a little sacrosanct There s just no substit [...]

    R X
    I ve read up to The Republic, which I ve already read I m not sure what s after that High Point Crito.

    Billie Pritchett
    Not every dialogue in Plato s Complete Works is thrilling, and some are in fact downright boring and difficult to get through Nevertheless, it s no exaggeration to say that Plato s dialogues are a cornerstone to Western and world historical thought I read these dialogues in the order they were presented in the book, but if I had it to do over again, I think I would have read the dialogues in the order in which Plato would have intended them to have been read More on that in a moment, but first o [...]

    Selections needed to complete my St John s list In Phaedrus, the discussion of Platonic love is completed with further discussion regarding the sensible vs the bodily love Socrates is made out as a lover of wisdom, not as wise himself His mastery of discussion are also shown in the way he wraps up his first argument so quickly, only to have Phaedrus force him to stay, at which time he works into his real thoughts In essence, he shows that arguments are of higher worth if they can stand up to con [...]

    There s a reason why Plato s stuck around for so long Socrates reminds me of Columbo sometimes He asks questions Just one thing , and he acts like he doesn t really know, but you can just hear the wheels turning as he puts things together Honestly, I don t remember what I got out of Symposium because I read it almost 6 months agobut I took notes, sooh, Diotima s Ladder was very interesting, even though I don t think I got all of it But seeing it come back in Augustine was pretty exciting.Euthyp [...]

    Jerrid Wolflick
    This is one of the finest translations of Plato s works that I have ever had the pleasure of reading Since my Attic Greek is now quite rusty, it is a chore to read Plato in the original although I did so in High School thus helping me recognize the translation quality The Foreward is a paean to the greatness and timelessness of Plato s works It also explains the reason for the order chosen by the editor The footnotes and editorial notes marginalia both help further explain the obscure Greek con [...]

    Nick Riso
    I couldn t ever really formulate a review that does Plato s dialogues the words and justice they deserve Perhaps there isn t any way But, to quote from my friend, Martin Heidegger, in his lecture VI in his series entitled What is Called Thinking A dialogue of Plato is inexhaustible not only for posterity and the changing forms of comprehension to which posterity gives rise it is inexhaustible of itself, by its nature And this is forever the mark of all creativeness which, of course, comes only t [...]

    I read the books offered on Plato that I could find at our local Goodwill store probably used student books but I didn t care I was using them for research for my own writing of paranormal romance novels For me I found the quotes astounding thought provoking and would just get lost for hours then days reading off and on in the two books I purchased I intend to use some of the quotes as chapter headings in my own stories Simply amazing when you think of how long ago these were written and how luc [...]

    Reading it whole was a bad idea, I started skipping parts when I reached Laws, but it was a very enjoyable read and exactly what I was looking for to get me going into philosophy It s very interesting to see how dependent our reasoning is on the modalities we notice around us in Plato s dialogues, Socrates thinks in terms of mixing Forms, properties of elemental parts carry over to their composite almost without change, the way he constructs the various Form structures, and so on.

    Daniel Klawitter
    Whitehead said in 1929 that all European philosophy is but footnotes to Plato This is THE authoritative volume of Plato s collected worksrvelously translated by respected scholars I had forgotten how downright funny many of Plato s dialogues actually are.

    What s to say It s Plato a philosophical classic I went through this book with a guy who got his PhD under the editor, John Cooper Princeton That made it for accessible and illuminating, especially for someone who doesn t consider himself into ancient philosophy.

    Who doesn t love Plato Seriously.I certainly hope to spend the rest of my life teaching some of these dialogues.

    I m a philosophy major Every philosopher I ve ever read is really only writing a response to this.

    This book does not identify who did the translation from Greek or all the commentary that is interspersed through Plato s various works The end of the preface just notes, Balliol College, 1871 for the first edition and 1891 for the second and third editions It took me about 8 months to read this book, with consistent daily reading every morning Not all of it was insightful and revelatory, to be expected with a book spanning over 6,600 pages, but considering it dates back to the 4th Century BCE o [...]

    PARMENIDESSummaryIn this dialogue a young Socrates discusses with Parmenides and Zeno his own conception of reality as consisting of nonphysical incorporeal Forms This discussion spring from Socrates criticism of Zeno whether all is one or many Zeno claiming the latter and in defense of Parmenides ResultsIf a Form should be itself by itself then it cannot be in us They have their being in relation to themselves p 367 But not necessarily insofar as it is in others, it would touch the others becau [...]

    If you re looking to read Plato in English then this is the book for you It is the only edition to include everything passed down under his name from antiquity the entire canon of Thrasyllus, one or two other pieces like Definitions and the epigrams from the Greek Anthology All other editions make editorial decisions about what is and is not by Plato Obviously, not everything in here is by Plato In some cases we know the names of the people who actually wrote certain works, but in the case of so [...]

    w gall
    I only read a list of selected dialogues that an online philosopher recommended The dialogues uphold a philosophy of virtue as opposed to a utilitarian philosophy , which I heartily support The dialogues can actually be a very interesting read Some of the participants confidently state views of reality that scientific discoveries have proved preposterous Also some of Socrates Plato presuppositions, which were quickly and readily supported by his hearers, are generalizations which ultimately do n [...]

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