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  • Title: A Shadow on the Sun
  • Author: Sera Trevor
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  • Page: 203
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • A Shadow on the Sun By Sera Trevor Light cannot always illuminate sometimes the truth lies in DarknessPrince Theryn and his loyal knight, Sir Atrum, are both bound by duty Theryn serves the kingdom of Glinden, and Atrum serves his prince Although they harbor a secret love, a relationship between a prince and his servant is forbidden Things change when the king promises Theryn s hand in an arranged maLight cannot always illuminate sometimes the truth lies in DarknessPrince Theryn and his loyal knight, Sir Atrum, are both bound by duty Theryn serves the kingdom of Glinden, and Atrum serves his prince Although they harbor a secret love, a relationship between a prince and his servant is forbidden Things change when the king promises Theryn s hand in an arranged marriage to the volatile Prince Lyar of the Soltaran Empire, who needs Theryn s Light magic for some sinister religious rite Theryn and Atrum s struggle to discover Lyar s scheme brings them together at last, but there is at stake than their happiness Atrum discovers Dark magic of his own, but neither his love nor his power may be enough to save Theryn from Lyar s dangerously seductive pull And if Atrum loses Theryn, the world as they know it may be lost as well.An epic fantasy tale of sword and sorcery, with a gay romance twist This book was originally published with the MM Romance Group s Don t Read in the Closet event This edition contains the bonus short story Endless Light, which is told from Prince Lyar s perspective.
    Sera Trevor
    Sera Trevor is terminally curious and views the 35 book limit at her local library as a dare She s a little bit interested in just about everything, which is probably why she can t pin herself to one subgenre Her books are populated with dragons, vampire movie stars, shadow people, and internet trolls Not in the same book, obviously, although that would be interesting Her works have been nominated for several M M Romance Reader s Choice Awards, including Best Contemporary, Best Fantasy, and Best Debut, for which she won third prize in 2015 for her novella Consorting With Dragons.She lives in California with her husband, two kids, and a cat the size of three cats.

    A Shadow on the Sun By Sera Trevor


    ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~
    I love this prompt a prince, his servant, unrequited love This story was promising at the beginning Atrum was going to save Theryn from an arranged marriage to a man who was fire to Theryn s light.I wanted the passion, the rescue, the coming together.But the story got mired in politics and power, shadows and religion, Life and Darkness Whatever the fuck that means.I have enough of the fanatics in real life, thanks.Many of the scenes were fade to black There was little steam.As the story progress [...]

    Kaje Harper
    An enjoyable freebie high fantasy with characters I appreciated, from the romantic MCs to the secondary characters and a few bonus points for positive and interesting female secondary characters In fact Lyar, the enigmatic antagonist, was perhaps my favorite, carrying as he did the blend of loss and anger, caring and oblivious callousness, cunning and difficult dynamics with his older advisors The magic is interesting and has some unique features The world building was well done At times it slow [...]

    Sera Trevor
    Attention this is your author speaking Just wanted to direct anyone interested to a couple of extras on my website related to the book I ve got a very rough map of Erara, and a Pinboard featuring my vision of the characters, etc for the visually inclined Hope you all enjoyed the book ETA I ve also added a poll on favorite characters, because 1 I m curious, and 2 I just figured out how to do polls Let me know what you think

    ☙ percy ❧
    ALRIGHT WHY THE FUCK IS THIS SO LOW RATED ON I AM HONEST TO SOLTAR GOD OFFENDEDok right this was literally one of the best high fantasies i ve ever read, and it proves that you don t need ten 1000 page books to tell a good high fantasy the mythology and the world building was really good and unique, and the characters especially the antagonist were SO well developed honestly, i was expecting lyor to be some boring Evil Prince Who Is Evil but actually he wasn t and he was really complex anyways E [...]

    AHA YES.I get to be the first 5 star YAY.I ll write an actual review later xD

    Gillian Kevern
    This was everything I wanted it to be I had such high hopes, the moment I saw Penumbra s prompt for this, and everything Sera shared was so promising, that I was worried that the finished product would not live up to my expectations It went beyond them The moment I started reading, I knew I had nothing to worry about on that front A Shadow on the Sun is equally fantasy and romance, the plot is as strong as the evolving relationship between the main couple Theryn, Atrum and Lyar sucked me in tota [...]

    Wow Very much impressed Vast improvement from Sera s story last year This is a great fantasy story that I would recommend to others who enjoy reading this genre It has an interesting plot that a couple of times borders on a little too complicated, but in the end it wraps up nicely The pace is nice although my impatient self found slow in a couple of places But in all, I found this a very solid story.

    close to 4.5 starsNovel length fantasy storySummary view spoiler Theryn and Atrum are prince and personal body guard, they have also been friends since childhood and are in love with each other but status prevents them from acting upon that love When Theryn s parents agree to his marriage to Lyar, the crown prince of the neighbouring empire neither Theryn or Atrum are pleased, nor do they trust Lyar Theryn is magically gifted, with the ability to create light and illusions, and Lyar has similar [...]

    Jeanne 'Divinae'
    Theryn is the youngest son of the king He met his best friend and faithful personal guard when he was a child His name is Atrum Years pass and the king had struck a deal that he can t take back There is another kingdom, ruthless and will plow you over in an instant, who wants one thing from the Glin Theryn s kingdom him So he is stuck in an arrange marriage he has no desire to be in The rival prince isn t the nicest person I never liked him Of course it is no surprise view spoiler when we find o [...]

    I wanted to like this But it consisted of short choppy sentences And these sentences didn t tell me anything They were lacking in content They were also lacking in richness They may even have lacked unpredictability The whole book was written a bit like this review It has very little description The book was boring It reminded me of a story written by a 10 year old Except a story written by a 10 year old would have random twists Random twists would be cute They would also be fun If you are as si [...]

    This was an ambitious adventure story set in the usual magical medieval setting, which I enjoy It is hefty enough to be satisfying it took me two days to finish.A prince is sold off to an aggressive neighboring kingdom for marriage and his loyal aide who is also a childhood friend, comes along with him We have danger, suspense, conflict, and love It s very satisfying.I just read it again to prepare for Endless Light, and I found it just as captivating as before.

    The story was too long winded in some parts, and not enough on others I had to actually take long pauses to be able to continue reading And though the writer kept hinting that something mysterious and big was going to happen, the ending was just a big WTF.

    One word comes to mind for this story Epic

    Awesome and perfect Intriguing till the end Must read if you enjoy fantasy.

    Even without the romance which is light this is a great fantasy I loved the world building The suspense is great with palpable mounting tension as the story unfolds I like the fact that Lyar s motivations and character seem to shift and slowly come to life Theryn and Atrum s personalities are well developed and I related especially to Atrum I found this to be a great addition to the Love is and Open Road series and would eagerly read anything else by Trevor.

    Ironically I would ve loved this one way without the romance or with a much slow building one and the sex Awesome world Awesome characters Highly original magic system And it even left me guessing I d like to read of the world and definitely fantasy by the author.

    Loved it, loved it, LOVED It

    Tamara (緑)
    view spoiler hide spoiler

    Great story I really loved Atrum and Theryn I liked the character of Lyar and despite how crazy he was, I liked how he got his own HEA, too.

    Usagi Tsukino
    From the first pages it could ve been a 4 star rating book, but it slowed down and down and down until I just give it up and couldn t stand the book and the characters any So, did not finish.

    I really enjoyed this book You can t help but root for Atrum and Theryn from the first page to the last Lyar was indeed a monster but our heroes persevered This was a solid four stars for me but could have been five It didn t make it to the fifth because I found the religion thing way too overbearing Yes, there s a moral subtext warning about the dangers of religious fanaticism, but it was a bit much for a fantasy M M romance It was also a little weird that this was a fantasy with no connection [...]

    3.4 stars This story has many strong points relatable human characters, fluid plot, captivating writing, interesting mysterious antagonist For a free story is remarkable good It s well written, the backstory of it falls together easily Despite the happy ending it doesn t feel complete, like there s something missing It s good read but can be better Overall I really enjoyed it, author has a way with words and original idea, and even if I didn t like the main character I understood them and keep r [...]

    Somehow expected something else when I picked this up I liked the world building and Gliden I thought Lyar would be entirely different type of person Expectations aside, he was too transparent There were too many clues and hints from the very start, I found myself waiting for some big plot twist but none came Curse the consistency, and thus the ending seemed a bit underwhelming The book cover is nice the one Overall a good read, didn t hate it but it won t linger in my mind.

    KristyAnne Norton
    Fantastic read This book was really fantastic Not as predictable as I thought with twists and turns that left me turning the pages and not wanting to put it down I thoroughly enjoyed this I d honestly give it stars if I could I will definitely recommend this and I look forward to reading from this author

    Really interesting read Wow I thoroughly enjoyed this book It s a very complicated story and I found it difficult to put down I loved the characters especially Prince Theryn and Sir Atrum who are the heroes in the story If you like fantasy worlds and magic then give this book a try Recommended.

    Daniel Devereux
    I feel like there was a lot to this book that was left unsaid Things could have been elaborate, it s the set up for an interesting world but, as far as I can tell, this is it I want there to be and I want it to be a bit polished so it s not just another fantasy world.

    Very interesting world I like how the author portrayed Light and Dark I especially liked Atrum Theryn had his moments especially with his humor but I felt like his feelings weren t as solid as Atrum s.This version included Endless Light , Lyar s POV and I liked seeing it from his side.

    Just a run of the mill fantasy and it s familiar tropes Plus the obnoxious religious fanatic.It did have some good worldbuilding.

    2.5 starsThis wasn t a bad book The plot itself had promise, and I enjoyed what scant world building there was The Shade and the native people that inhabited it were interesting.Probably my biggest complaint about the book was that the pacing was somewhat choppy In the beginning, it often seemed to drag on before anything would happen, and by the end things felt rather anti climatic and rushed.The introduction of the main villain was also somewhat muddled and remained that way up to the very end [...]

    This one is probably of a 3.5 stars for me It had some good parts and some not so good parts There was a very long build to the end which then happened very quickly I thought there were other things that could have been explored to make it a bit interesting The romantic dialog was a bit sappy for me But, for a free read, I can t complain

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