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  • Title: The Accidental Slave:
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  • The Accidental Slave: By Elin Peer If you like raw emotion, fast paced stories, and characters that are imperfect and real, then you are going to love this contemporary romantic drama.Aya Johansen is a young nurse working with refugees in a war zone, when she s captured by fanatical religious warriors She s determined to break free, even if it means compromising her own values and starting a relationship wIf you like raw emotion, fast paced stories, and characters that are imperfect and real, then you are going to love this contemporary romantic drama.Aya Johansen is a young nurse working with refugees in a war zone, when she s captured by fanatical religious warriors She s determined to break free, even if it means compromising her own values and starting a relationship with one of her kidnappers.Kato wants to do the right thing, but helping Aya could cost him his life and he s smart enough to know that if she ever escapes he ll never see her again That alone makes it impossible to let her go.Will Aya be able to convince him to free her before she s branded and sold as a slave And if she achieves the impossible, can she ever live a normal life again and forget about Kato The Accidental Slave is a stand alone novel and the first book in Elin Peer s Slave series Readers say it s impossible to put down and call it Gripping, dark, funny, sad, exciting, and sexy all rolled into one Pick up your FREE copy of The Accidental Slave to discover this exciting new series today
    Elin Peer
    People who know Elin say that she s the kind of person you end up telling your darkest and deepest secrets to, even though you never intended to Maybe that s where she gets her inspiration for her books One thing is for sure Elin is not afraid to provoke, shock, touch, and excite you when she writes about unwanted desire, forbidden passion, and all those damn emotions in between Elin is around forty and curious by nature She likes to explore and can tell you about riding elephants through the Asian jungle, watching the sunset in the Sahara desert from the back of a camel, sailing down the Nile in Egypt, kayaking in Alaska, and flying over Greenland in helicopters She can also testify that the most interesting people aren t always kings, queens, presidents, and celebrities, because she has met many of them in person After traveling the world and living in different countries, Elin is currently residing outside Seattle in the US with her husband, daughters, and her black Labrador, Lucky, which follows her everywhere Want to connect with Elin Great she loves to hear from her readers Find her on Facebook Author Elin Peer or simply go to her website and send an email elinpeer

    The Accidental Slave: By Elin Peer


    I love dark stories and those with themes of captivity abduction are amongst my favorites After reading the blurb for this freebie, I figured it would be right up my alley Unfortunately, this short book failed to deliver the dark, gritty story that I craved.This book tells the story of Aya, a young nurse that has volunteered to provide assistance in a country in the midst of civil war From the start, their is an ominous feel to this story You re just waiting for something bad to happen She catch [...]

    Jessica's Totally Over The Top Book Obsession
    This book was an okay read for me It was one of those I m not home to read the series I am on now so I just grabbed something off that was free The Accidental Slave could have been so much better if it would have been believable The truth is there were parts of the book that were so outlandishly unrealistic that it was hard to really connect to it That being said it didn t bore me and once I just let go of things being realistic I was entertained This book was a little dark, but when I got it I [...]

    I received a free copy from instafreebies Be aware that this review will spoil everything A beautiful cover and a captivating title, but I hated this book Aya is our main character She is a nurse helping in a country during times of war I put it in quotes because no war was actually described I was only told that the king in a 21st century setting has declared that no slaves women whom are raped are allowed, opposing the religious practices of the Masi Warriors So they got mad and war occurred B [...]

    Gave up reading at around 60% as it was boring me to death While the plot was a decent one, it was about the only decent thing here The writing is meh about as exciting as ice cubes melting No warmth here just two very confusing characters him and her I found myself skip reading trying to find anything with any substance or depth, but there was nothing Boring and predictable sluggish with zero wow factor blah characters Thank goodness it was free or I d have a refund One to avoid Would not recom [...]

    FREE on today 1 11 2018

    Title The Accidental Slave Aya s Story Part 1 Series The Slave SeriesAuthor Elin PeerGenre Dark RomanceStars 5 5 StarsReviewer AnnamariaPublished March 13, 2016Publisher Elin PeerPages 147Five Emotional Stars Aya is a young nurse who is volunteering to help women who were slaves try to get their lives back after being tortured Aya gets taken and is sold as a slave to a man who is evil She wants nothing than to go home Will Aya be able to get out of an her worst nightmare and get home and at wha [...]

    Glenna Maynard
    So different than I expected Really enjoyed this one.

    Five Amazing Stars This is the third book in the Slave Series and should be read in order to understand the story The story continues from where the 3rd book finished Aya is still battling her demons and trying to figure out her feelings Kato She is unsure if she is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome or if she truly cares for Kato Kato is trying to keep his distance from Aya but he knows that he truly cares for her Will Aya come to terms with her feelings and have her happily ever after with Kato [...]

    Samantha Hopkins
    I received this book in exchanged for an honest review This is the second series I have read by Elin Peer and I did not fully enjoy this book until I was almost half way through Aya Johansen is a nurse helping in a war torn third world country treating former sex slaves and refugees Working for a charity organization called Spread Life, Aya is determined to spend a year helping where she believes she is needed During a visit to the marketplace, Aya literally runs into a local named Kato The conn [...]

    Holly Gill
    This is the first book I have read from Elin Peer and had me hooked from the beginning This book starts with a dark read, leaves you gasping your breath, wondering what on earth will happen to Aya, will she survive after being kidnapped and branded for slavery Soon she is saved and Kato makes it his mission to save her, get her to safety Once safe they both attempted to get on with their lives, only much to their denial of falling in love.This book contains kidnapping, in a foreign country, beat [...]

    Nicki White
    This book is like none I have ever read The author takes a subject, a very real and raw subject that we witness and hear about so many times in today s world and turned it into an updated fairy tale of happily ever afters You felt the characters emotions in every aspect, every turn of events and every rise and fallI had my speculations when I first read the synopsis, I though this book would be too dark, twisted and violent But it was not Although there are scenes that are graphic They were hand [...]

    Bruce Midgley
    WOW I read a lot of new authors and this one has nailed it first time Exciting, sexy, romantic, sometimes funny, all rolled into one Not full of fluff like the colour of the carpets and the style of the windows etc I have since read parts 2 and 3 and would recommend these books to anyone who likes a book they can t put down For as long as she keeps writing I will keep reading.

    Megan Starkweather
    GrippingAya is strong, courageous and willing to do anything to survive Between her and Kato they find a connection that keeps her alive while his brother owns her, until Kato buys her off of him Their connection will hopefully help them both stay alive Good, thrilling story.

    Sheryl Gooden
    Love love loved this entire serious

    George Hancocks
    The Accidental SlaveJust finished reading this book What a roller coaster ride The first section tells the story of a kidnaping by brutal religious fanatics and the action is horrific enough reminiscent of the worst excesses of ISIL But it s the aftermath of the kidnaping of Norwegian nurse Aya that really appalls.Author Elin Peer has really got a grasp on her two main characters, Kato and Aya and a deep understanding of slavery and its psychological effects on two people who start as enemies an [...]

    Henny Penny
    I liked this book, although the subject of people being sold was distasteful, the issues within the book for Aya could be compared to subjects of modern slavery sometimes people feel like they have no choice, and sometimes the cruel truth, is the only choice is how you behave to reduce the extent of abuse, rather than escaping it The book was intriguing as the author could have taken the plot in so many directions, this author chose to make it a romance, but you are never quite certain if there [...]

    Unique Very interesting story with well developed characters The story was a little dark, but definitely a page turner I completed the book in two days and found it hard to put down Aya is a beautiful strong woman who chose to see herself as a survivor instead of a victim Kato strong alfa male who stood up to family to do what was right and save Aya and himself from the nightmare in Spirima I received a free copy of this book and would recommend it to anyone looking for something unique to read [...]

    Goth Gone Grey
    Psychological romanceCaptor or savior Sinner or saint Love or hate The lines between questions are blurred in this intriguing dramatic romance Aya is smitten by Kato at first sight, as he is with her, a deeper emotion for both of them than insta love He and his cohorts kidnap her to be a slave, which leads to conflicted emotions for both of them Without adding too many spoilers, the remainder of the book is a swirl of emotions, reactions, misunderstandings, and Based on the circumstances, the t [...]

    CAROLYN Wyman
    Some of this was on the dark side but I really enjoyed it I enjoyed the way he was tormented by the choices he made yet still tried to protect her putting himself in danger I loved that Aya was a strong female character not giving up This was definetly not the typical kind of book that I read but once I started, I couldnt put it down I will definetly be reading the next in this series.

    OMG What can I say This book ahhhhh Love this book completely It had me hooked from the beginning Loved every page and word I rarely connect with characters the way I did with this book, and although the topic leads you to important discussions, where not everything is black or white, although Aya and Kato s love story grows in the worst conditions and everything is so mess up, well love won 5 stars

    I really struggled to finish this book but I made it through it I kept waiting for something to really happen It could have been significantly less pages and not missed a bit of the story I m of a bold story with stronger men kind of girl and this was definitely not that kind of book If you don t mind mellow guys that seem to be as much of a victim as anyone else, this is the story for you.

    Jenna Snap
    Wonderfully complex This story was so original with making a whole country up that you would never want to step a foot in The main characters are so torn but made for each other It s a beautiful story how they go through the bad and ugly and kept finding each other after denying their feelings for each other I want to keep reading the series.

    Sheila Walker
    All she wants to do is help to heal the sick but captured and enslaved Then she find s love in a war zone He can t believe how brave she is his Angel how can everything be wrong be so right for them all he wants to do is protect her all she wants is him highly recommended boom looking forwards to the next in the series

    Be warned this is a dark tale with things that may be disturbing to sensitive people This story stretches your emotions from one gambit to the next with a strong female character who does what is needed to survive Loved the character and while some of the book is a stretch it is still quite enjoyable in a dark way Full of action and intrigue a great read.

    Lisa Paradis
    Good solid read, story line kept my interest, but did get a bit repetitive towards the end Story is about a nurse working in a war torn country, her kidnapping and escape, and dealing with her feelings towards her kidnapper.

    Nancy Phy
    Interesting storyThe characters are wonderful and the story gives you insist into the world of the woman s life in that part of the world I recommend this book to anyone who likes a love story.

    Jeanette Kelley
    Wow You will love this book I have to give a trigger warning for physical and mental abuse.I loved this book It s raw and gritty and can make you just want to scream NO It s heartwarming and loving and you want to scream YES The characters are so vivid and you attach yourself to them and then there are some that you want just want to hurt OMG I will be reading the full series

    Winnie Razey
    Slavery.I wasn t sure at first if I would like this book but I couldn t put it down when I started to read, it is a very compelling book and although it is a very hard subject to read about overall I enjoyed the book.

    WOW What a wild ride this book takes you on This book has it all love, mystery, wild sex, friendship, and loyalty I could not quit reading it I loved it and highly recommend it

    Gwen Samson
    This book is written well and takes you through the horror of slavery and then finding love Good book in the unputtable range

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