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  • Title: Waiting for the Rain
  • Author: Sheila Gordon
  • ISBN: 9780440226987
  • Page: 161
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

  • Waiting for the Rain By Sheila Gordon This novel shows the bonds of friendship under the strain of apartheid as two lifelong friends, Tengo and Frikkie, come of age amidst the tragedy of South Africa.
    Sheila Gordon
    Sheila Gordon Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Waiting for the Rain book, this is one of the most wanted Sheila Gordon author readers around the world.

    Waiting for the Rain By Sheila Gordon


    I first read this book when I was in the fifth grade, and I ve never forgotten it It tells the story of two boys in apartheid era South Africa, Tengo and Frikkie The two boys are the best of friends Tengo is the black son of the boss boy on a large, prosperous farm, while Frikkie is the nephew of the farm owner, who comes to visit every summer Since the boys were little, they ve been inseparable, but as they enter young adulthood, apartheid s rules and expectations take hold This hits Tengo espe [...]

    What interests me most about Waiting for the Rain is not the plot serviceable, but predictable or the characters again serviceable, but leaning towards cardboard but the original publication date 1987, several years before apartheid fell Gordon was raised in South Africa but, at the time of publication, had lived elsewhere for quite some time She was in a better position than many to write about apartheid e.g in a better position than someone who had never seen its effects firsthand , but given [...]

    Was a really great book but took a long time to actually get interesting The last two chapters were sooo intense but in my opinion the ending kind of sucked It was a good read though, I enjoyed it.

    I saw this book used as an academic novel in a 7th grade English class, but thought it could very well also be used in a Social Studies class It gets into the troubled history of South Africa without the complicated prose of Alan Paton s Cry, The Beloved Country, making it much accessible to this age group.

    Everyone in my English class hated this book, but I loved it

    Pre Mandella South Africa Interesting contrasts.

    Malik Adams
    Try being a friend to a man that will own you your mother ,brother,sister an father.How do you become a friend if you are owned your not a friend you are a objective just imagine There were two friends on white named Frikkie one black named Tengo , Tengo stays on the a farm in south africa An when the white boy grows up he is going to inherit the farm an that means he is gonna own his own friend in the long run An as young men the black boy is going to start to feel the tenison between blacks an [...]

    Alex Jameian
    Alex JameianThis book is a touching story Who would have thought that two completely different races would have such a powerful friendship that is unbreakable The cover is what caught my eye because it shows that niether one of them discriminate against eachother.I actually had a much similar relationship The sacrifices is what gets me the most of the two that they both fight, and even change just to stay close This is an unforgettable story The story takes place at Frikkie s Uncle Farmhouse in [...]

    I loved this book when I read it in 7th grade It is very moving About the apartheid in South Africa.This is what I wrote for my project about the book We could pick anything from this giant list of projects and I chose to analyze the title I know that it is very simplistic but remember that it was 7th grade but I thought that it was good at the time and my teacher liked it so I thought that I would share with you all.Waiting For The RainBy Samantha Rhodes There are many ways that the title of a [...]

    Mrs. G"s Reading Literature
    The theme of the book if you did something wrong to someone don t just stop talking to them cause then they wouldn t want to be your friend any then you have to wait for them to forgive you.The genre of the book is Fiction and I would have expected it that it could be real or it could happen The things that make the book Fictional is that the characters aren t real and that it couldn t happen at all And the plot line isn t real, but on the other hand you never know if it could actually happen.Th [...]

    Malik Adams
    This book waiting for the rain is about two friends one named Frikkie he s white and Tengo and he is black An when the white boy grows up he is going to own his friend that black.An as young men the black boy is going to start to feel the tenison between blacks and the whites they both wonder if they can hold on to there friendship Tengo a slave lives on a farm in south africaing with his family that are servents slaves for Frikkies uncle thath the africans called Oomas koos.An frikkie stayed in [...]

    Xavier Hill
    Just Imagine You having to be friends with someone that owns you or better yet that owns your whole family That isn t such a good feeling It doesn t help for the simple fact that you grew up with this person As far as you can see the only thing different from you two are the color of your skin.That s what it s like for the two characters in this book Frikkie and Tengo They grew up together, but as they get older, they notice society s ways with slavery Tengo is the black boy who family stays on [...]

    Olivia Ebnet
    The book Waiting for the Rain is about two boys growing up together on a farm in South Africa and going out into the world One of the boys is named Frikkie He is the farmers nephew and always comes over the summer and holidays The other boy is named Tengo He is a native and his family works for Frikkies family He lives in a small village area on the farm The two grow up and play with eachother all the time Then Tengo starts to take intrest in learning and wants to go to the city Frikkie want to [...]

    I read this book in 7th grade over 12 years ago , and loved it I can t remember the details of the plot any longer, but I remember, at the time, feeling like race relations was being stuffed down our throats at school This book was so moving I could identify with both characters, and, by the end, I couldn t stop turning the pages The conclusion felt realistic and tragic, and I distinctly remember how sad I felt for both characters when they finally had to come face to face with the changes that [...]

    This is a fictional story of the friendship of a black and white book in apartheid South Africa and how that friendship changes due to apartheid However, much of the story closely follows the events that happened in the Soweto township in Johannesburg South Africa during the height of the anti apartheid riots 1970 s The book covers the many of the people and events that helped lead to the end of Apartheid In fact, the book so closely follows the events found in the Hector Pieterson Museum 13 yea [...]

    My son s 7th Grade recommended reading list contained this book so I decided to see what he would be learning It s a complex subject apartheid era South Africa but I thought the book presented it well, in a style that a 12 year old could understand For myself it was both comfortably familiar the landscape descriptions and horribly reminiscent the language used of much of my youth in South Africa Frikkie is a young white Afrikaner, his childhood friend Tengo, the black child of a farm servant Bes [...]

    Samantha Lazar
    This book is about two boys growing up in South Africa One boy is black and the other is white Growing up, they were friends, but as they got older, they realized what is is like to be white and what it is like to be black Children are naive when it comes to the world and its negativity Depending on where a person lives can truly affect the way a person views people from different cultures and or races This book is a great lesson to all, but especially young adults It is important for teachers a [...]

    Set in South Africa, and has some interesting insights into apartheid It s told from the perspective of Tengo, the son of black farm workers, who desires an education, works hard to attain it, then is unable to matriculate due to escalating violence closing his school As he is growing and learning about his world, he explores the history and relations between the black and white people, and finally decides to make a difference as a scholar rather than as a soldier.

    This poignant story of two boys, one white Afrikaner, one black, and how they grew up and then apart, chronicles the recent history of the apartheid in South Africa As an upper level children s book, it is a vivid picture of recent history with a familiar touch I actually listened to this on tape, as I drove to work, and the voice of the reader was captivating.

    Krista Stevens
    A good book for a older middle school 7 8 grade study of apartheid As noted by another reviewer, the book was first published in 1987 years before apartheid was abolished It will make students uncomfortable but great discussions should ensue What injustices do we blindly accept because that s the way things have always been and how could we possibly make a difference

    Melissa Alcaraz
    I really enjoyed this book I liked how the author used diction to explain Tengo and Frikkies life and how different they were from one another Tengo and Frikkie both had similarities as well as many differences, and the author portrayed that very well He did this by showing the reader both sides of the characters life.

    Ariana Feltenberger
    Overall, a powerful piece that brings attention to the significance of micro aggressions that come with racism Contains some multi lingual vocabulary that could be difficult for readers but overall a good read This work can definitely bring up some important discussions about key sociocultural issues.

    This is perhaps the best South African YA novel dealing with the complexities of apartheid and mixed race friendships Nuanced, sensitive, and multi focalised Of all other books about the student unrest in the 1970s I would recommend this one.

    This book is for young readers but is great for helping anyone understand life in South Africa One of my favorite quotes comes from this book He doesn t know and doesn t know that he doesn t know.

    Had to read this for school, the only part I liked was the ending because it was so intense other than that, meh it was ok.

    This book was ok It didn t really get exciting till about part two But before that, it was just fluf Not much excitment in the begenning But it s worth it Kind of to get to the end.

    its so cool

    Regina Durst
    I remember finding this a disturbing book, and hard to understand, but if I tried it again I might think differently of it I must have read this over 5 years ago.

    Livinq Lifεε
    this book stinks dont read it

    We had to read this book in class and it was a good book but at times it was VERY boring, and tough to get through.

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      Sheila Gordon