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  • Title: Aches & Pains
  • Author: Maeve Binchy Wendy Shea
  • ISBN: 9780385335102
  • Page: 418
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Aches & Pains By Maeve Binchy Wendy Shea The author of the bestselling Tara Road applies her signature warmth, wisdom, and understanding of the human experience to something new, a hilarious guide to the trials of hospitals, surgery, and convalescence.
    Maeve Binchy Wendy Shea
    Maeve Binchy was born on 28 May 1940 in Dalkey, County Dublin, Ireland, the eldest child of four Her parents were very positive and provided her with a happy childhood Although she described herself as an overweight child, her parents attitude gave her the confidence to accept herself for who she was.She studied at University College Dublin and was a teacher for a while She also loved traveling, and this was how she found her niche as a writer She liked going to different places, such as a Kibbutz in Israel, and she worked in a camp in the United States While she was away, she sent letters home to her parents They were so impressed with these chatty letters from all over the world that they decided to send them to a newspaper After these letters were published, Maeve left teaching and became a journalist Maeve married Gordon Snell, writer and editor of children s books When they were struggling financially, Light a Penny Candle was published, which made her an overnight success Many of her books, such as Echoes, are set in the past in Ireland Some of her later novels, such as Evening Class, take place in modern times Her books often deal with people who are young, fall in love, have families, and deal with relationship or family problems The main characters are people whom readers can empathise with She passed away on 30 July 2012, at the age of 72.Her cousin Dan Binchy is also a published writer, as is her nephew Chris Binchy.

    Aches & Pains By Maeve Binchy Wendy Shea


    I discovered Maeve Binchy s novels, thought they looked delightful, and gathered quite a few For years I ve heard glorious remarks about her and look forward to fitting her tales into my queue An Irish reading circle via my blog has pushed her ahead Trust me to start with anything but titles that turned authors into stars Rather than try Maeve s fiction straight away, it has been an immense treat to take a personal ride with her I have felt warmth and a good nature from the portraits in her best [...]

    Like many writers, Maeve Binchy had an unhealthy lifestyle So it s not surprising that she had health problems and in this little book she gives delightfully funny tips for dealing with them graciously No doubt, her terrific sense of humor kept her going physically and mentally.

    Carolyn Reid
    Absolutely loved this book IT was a delight to read.I couldn t put it down.I stayed up until 4 a.m reading it.Thank you MaeveBinchy.Carolyn Reid

    Mildly amusing.

    Liked her insights but not a page turner.

    Trish McLellan
    Fun and quick book to read

    Fun read, lots of laughs.

    Maeve Binchy is well known for her other books, but this I was first introduced to her writing through this one and I can honestly say I loved every minute The next time I m hospitalized if ever, and I really, really hope it s not for something serious I d like to try the suggestions on page 48 THINGS YOU CAN SAY TO ANNOY THE PERSON IN THE NEXT BED Yes, I loved it so much I remembered the page 1 Oh, was that your husband I thought it was your son 2 Very wise of you not to have too many visitors [...]

    This little book by Maeve Binchy was an ok read I got it from Bookmooch and glad I did because I wouldn t have bought it.Back Cover Blurb What do you want when you re miserabel with aches and pains a chocolates to rot your teeth b grapes with dangerous pips in them c expensive flowers that will need plenty of fuss and attention Or would you rather laugh out loud and cheer up Maeve Binchy s wonderful mixture of humour, common sense and anecdote will advise on everything from Baring Your Body, Ela [...]

    Paula Dembeck
    A humourous account written by Binchy following hip replacement surgery.It reads as an insider s guide to surviving hospitalization and later convalescence at home, providing those about to go through the experience with a sense of what to expect.Wendy Shaw, who also went through a similar experience, did the illustrations.Binchy generously donated all royalties from the sale of the book to the Arthritis Foundation.

    If only all patients could have such a humorous outlook when it comes to health problems Based in part on her own experiences of major hip surgery, Maeve Binchy brings a humorous insight into dealing with medical problems, doctors, aging, being a patient, and being sick It s a very short book and takes no than 2 hours to read, but it s worth it.

    Maeve Binchy is one of my favorite comfort reads It always seems to me that she writes about ordinary people dealing with the challenges of life.That said this a non fiction account of dealing with illness that is truthful and funny This is a comfortable, informative read with some curious illustrations and humor.

    Maeve Binchy is a stumble upon author for me, for I m always stumbling upon her books, and usually glad that I do So sad when she passed on last year, but so glad she left such fun reads for us to read This particular one is a cute little novella type of book, poking fun here and there about the aches and pains of life.

    Julie Bye
    A very quick light hearted read I read this at the right time and realised that my mum maybe isn t all that unusual in being a crap patient If you or someone you love is facing a stretch in hospital I highly recommend it, but not overly relevant for happy, healthy people.

    This is a short book which tries too hard to be humorous The author writes little hints and tricks about what to do when going into hospital I generally like Maeve Binchy as an an author, however I wouldn t say this is her best book I give it a C

    Jennifer Nowak
    A sarcastic and humorous book that could only be written by Maeve Binchy No one else could put the words and ideas together in quite the same way as she does It is a refreshing change from her novels and let s you see a whole new side of Binchy Her writing will be sadly missed

    This is a little book, written to humor and help persons who are hospitalized or otherwise restricted by medical conditions It is not a great book but would be an appropriate gift for a friend who was familiar with Binchy s work and could use some cheer.

    Linda S.
    Not much of a book, it was slightly amusing in parts I just read it because I wanted to cross it off of my to read list.

    pg.2 So being Irish and therefore of the temperament that believes nothing is impossible

    Some funny bits in this one.

    This is not a novel More about real life situations.

    Maeve Binchy looks at hospitalization and surgery with a wry sense of humor that I found delightful It appealed to me enough to order a copy sent to my sister who is about to undergo back surgery.

    Brightened my day.

    Loved it It s totally relevant to me as I m about to enter the marathon of waiting for a hip replacement in Aotearoa New Zealand I miss you Maeve Binchy Thanks for everything.

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