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  • Title: Strings of Glass
  • Author: Emily Kimelman
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  • Strings of Glass By Emily Kimelman Alternate Edition 978 1491068021STRINGS OF GLASS is the fourth novel in Emily Kimelman s Sydney Rye Series of dark murder mystery novels This series features a strong female protagonist and her rescue dog, Blue It is recommended for the 18 who enjoy some violence, don t mind dirty language, and are up for a dash of sex Not to mention an awesome, rollicking good mysterAlternate Edition 978 1491068021STRINGS OF GLASS is the fourth novel in Emily Kimelman s Sydney Rye Series of dark murder mystery novels This series features a strong female protagonist and her rescue dog, Blue It is recommended for the 18 who enjoy some violence, don t mind dirty language, and are up for a dash of sex Not to mention an awesome, rollicking good mystery Sydney Rye is hanging out in India with her boyfriend, Dan, reading paperbacks and sipping beer No violence and no reminders of her past But when she and Blue, are attacked by a pact of wild dogs, Sydney starts to feel that old itch again to do good by being bad Trouble finds Rye when she stops the attempted rape and murder of Anita, a reporter working on a story of corruption and human trafficking The atrocities Anita describes send Sydney, Blue and Dan on a quest that takes them across India after a dangerous and, up until now, untouchable, figure While Sydney struggles to accept her true nature she realizes that it is the only way to end decades of abuse and exploitation But Rye fears that she will loose herself, becoming no better than the monster she fights against.
    Emily Kimelman
    Emily Kimelman not only writes adventure, she lives it every day Embodying the true meaning of wanderlust, she s written her Sydney Rye mysteries from all over the world From the jungles of Costa Rica to the mountains of Spain, she finds inspiration for her stories in her own life.While living under communist rule in the former Soviet Union, the KGB sprinkled her with spy dust , a radioactive concoction that made her glow and left a trail they could follow She was two She was destined for amazing things after that, and she continues to find adventure to inspire characters like the badass Sydney Rye Download the first Sydney Rye Thriller, Unleashed, for FREE on all major ebook platforms and join the adventure

    Strings of Glass By Emily Kimelman


    Okay read.If you re bothered by profanity and smoking weed, this isn t the book for you Books I read in this series always deals with evil characters Rich and powerful man buying young boys and girls, human trafficking My favorite character is Blue, the dog.2.5 stars.

    Strings of Glass is my new favorite in the Sydney Rye series Emily Kimelman s writing is getting tighter, her storytelling intriguing, and her character development stronger with each story Syd is becoming than the vengeful, angry young woman formerly known as Joy I find the maturing Sydney much interesting and appealing With her financial future secure, she is questioning her future While laying low, chilling in Goa after a tough Mexican outing, Sydney is once again called to action by injus [...]

    When is peace a bad thing Sydney is hanging out in India with her computer geek boyfriend Dan and her faithful companion Blue Mulberry wants her to work for him but as he is still associated with Bobby Maxim and she has grown fond of breathing she passes When she and Blue are attacked by a pack of wild dogs Sydney is reminded of the kick of surviving a good fight So it is inevitable that she and Dan have a disagreement that sends her storming off in a huff Trouble seems to find Sydney whether sh [...]


    Strings of GlassThe author is gradually coming into her own writing style and definitely sharpening her writing as the series continues This is another good story in the series Kind of one of those just give her a break moments.

    Donna Foston
    I think I got this free on Bookbub I haven t read any of the other books in the series, and this one spends a lot of time talking about things that happened previously in the series Very annoying The opening scene when they are attacked by street dogs has nothing whatsoever to do with the rest of the book The action is fast paced, but highly improbable Definitely don t feel the need to read any others in this series.

    Kat Lebo
    Strings of Glass A Sydney Rye Novel, 4 by Emily KimelmanOnce again, Kimelman delivers a strong storyline that showcases the seedier issues of the day In this case, Sydney and Dan are residing in India, and have established a stable, if unexciting, routine The crux of the story arises when Sydney, frustrated from days of non activity brought on by Blue s injuries suffered fighting off a wild dog pack, picks a fight with Dan and storms away on his scooter She comes across a lone woman being sexual [...]

    Strings of Glass A Sydney Rye Mystery 4 Emily Kimelman 24 chapters July 10 ,2017Note Proceed with caution if violence, sex, mature themes, and F bombs ain t your thing This book is intended for readers 18 There is some very troubling themes in this particular book pertaining to pedophile and sex slaves Nothing overly graphic, but the intent is very clear.I m not going to get into nitty gritty review of this story If you have read the earlier books in this series and are still with it, you re goi [...]

    Sydney Rye doesn t seem like the type of person I would like to know But I would definitely want her on my side, or at least not be on her bad side.Granted, she s been through some stuff that could make anybody hard The better view might be that she s not as hard as she could be with what she has experienced And that shows in her handling of view spoiler the woman in the midst of being raped hide spoiler and her intense desire to rescue view spoiler the children being used as sex toys hide spoil [...]

    Felicia Thorn
    Sydney maybe laying low in India but she has an itch for a fight A need to right a wrong Still trying to find a purpose to fulfill, her friend suggests maybe working for the greater good by seeking justice where the system has failed This book deals with a harsh reality that goes unspoken Heads turn the other way and mouths stay closed No one wants to get involved and those that want to don t know how But fear doesn t stop Sydney If anything, it pushes her forward Jumping in feet first, Sydney s [...]

    Ashlee Thatcher
    Overall, I really enjoyed the story There is action, adventure and Sydney doing what she does best, which is helping someone even when she doesn t always go about it using her head instead of her heart Emily crafts a kick ass female lead who is full of flaws, but her heart is in the right place My only real complaint is that the books can be really wordy, over descriptive, and can take a while to get started into the actual story But once the story gets going, it is fast paced and full of advent [...]

    Robert C. smith
    Great Action, Great Story Kimelman clearly demonstrates her gifted ability to tell a good story in this action packed, heart warming and wild tale that takes place in India Going up against a slave monger with her trusted dog Blue, an admirer and several strangers, Sydney Rye pulls off the improbable A bit twisted in the end but so is Sydney Definitely an enjoyable read

    Debbi Lund
    Loved it Emily keeps the suspense High throughout all her books It makes you definitely want to read the next in the series Never a dull moment I also like how the books are linked to each other You get to know the characters, so when a new book is introduced, you don t lose the flow You can pick up right where you left off I also love how fearless Sydney is She will take on anything I would highly recommend this series

    Blue proves he s the top dog These are rather intense stories Sydney seems to have this knack of wanting to do the right thing but somehow things get messed up While I enjoyed this story I did not find it as good as the previous book I have to keep reading the series because now another important question needs to be answered Sydney and Dan or is it Sydney and Mulberry

    Sharon Scott
    I am so glad that I got this as a boxed set After reading the first three books in this series I was hooked I have been unable to put these down If you like suspense and twists and turns, you will love these books On to 7 I can t wait

    Lois Wade
    Hard to believe she is that tough mean Don t like them smoking hash.

    Susie Dokos
    Good read, well worth your timeFirst book that I have read in this series Starts out a little slow but then moves along very well Will add this series to my reading list.

    First book by this author I have read Found it very entertaining and look forward to others of her books I would recommend giving it a try.

    Sandra Casile
    Fantastic read.Really enjoyed reading this story Am into anyone fighting sex trafficking.Really could not believe all Sydney went through to save all the little children.

    A fourth book in the amazing Sydney and her dog Blue series of mystery This story definitely had me wondering what was going to happen and couldn t read fast enough to find out.

    Barbara Pflugshaupt
    IntenseKept my interest Very different than what I usually read Leads right into the next book and makes me want to read the previous books in the series.

    Bryan Higgs
    A cheap Kindle book I came across There s a reason it was cheap I grew tired of it, and stopped reading after a while Gave up.

    Wow Another page turner in the series I m glad I got the box set because I m ready to dive into the next one.

    Alita Carpenter
    I enjoyed this book.

    Barbara Dunbar
    Strings of GlassWow Intense action and a heroine worth spending time with Her canine companion is her partner in courage and fearless salvation.

    Another daring rescue Strings of Glass takes place in India Emily switches locale so effectively How does she do it Sidney Rye is taking a romantic vacation away from all the violence in her past when she hears a woman screaming for help along a lonely stretch of beach After rescuing the woman, she hears a tale of horrific bondage which convinces her to risk all she holds dear to set right and so the adventure begins You won t want to miss this one I couldn t put it down Strings may be her best [...]

    Sydney Rye and her boyfriend Dan are enjoying a relaxing stay in India Of course, Sydney can t stay still for long She saves a woman from being beaten and raped, at the very least The woman she saved, Anita, tells Sydney and Dan about the man she is trying to take down So Sydney gets embroiled in the struggle against a pedophile with deep enough pockets for the authorities to look the other way Sydney s ready to take on the challenge, but will it cost her than she anticipates Strings of Glass i [...]

    Wow This was a great read Let me start by saying this is a book for 18 readers or those that don t mind language, violence or a dash of sex Please be forewarned instead of leaving a bad review based on those issues The Sydney Rye series just keeps getting better and better The plot was great, which I won t give away, original and full of action, adventure and some edge of your seat moments In this book we not only see the Sydney we have come to know and love but we see deeper into her emotional [...]

    Books Mom
    Ms Kimelman jumps right into the action with an attack on Sydney and Blue by a pack of feral dogs My heart was racing during the fight it was that clearly drawn And, things don t slow down much from that first moment.Sydney and Dan are chilling out and Dan is loving it Sydney is too, but she s getting itchy feet especially after the adrenaline rush she feels after the dog fight.This, of course, leads to conflict with Dan a conflict not helped by the reappearance of Mulberry into their lives And, [...]

    Sydney Rye is the hard ass trouble shooter who has faced several murderers and bad ass goons She is now relaxing in Goa, India with her boyfriend, Dan and her dog Blue, but longing for challenges and goons to beat Then she and Blue are attacked by a pack of stray dogs, and she saves a reporter Anita from attempted rape and murder Anita, working on a story of corruption and child trafficking, describes atrocities by a famous and untouchable person So Sydney and Rye come to her and the puppet ma [...]

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