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  • Title: The Wild Inside
  • Author: Christine Carbo R.C. Bray
  • ISBN: 9781504619967
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Audio CD

  • The Wild Inside By Christine Carbo R.C. Bray A haunting crime novel set in Glacier National Park, where one man finds himself on a collision course with the dark heart of the wild and the even darker heart of human nature.It was a clear, starry night in Glacier National Park Fourteen year old Ted Systead and his father were camping peacefully beneath the rugged peaks and sweeping sky when the unimaginable happened A haunting crime novel set in Glacier National Park, where one man finds himself on a collision course with the dark heart of the wild and the even darker heart of human nature.It was a clear, starry night in Glacier National Park Fourteen year old Ted Systead and his father were camping peacefully beneath the rugged peaks and sweeping sky when the unimaginable happened Ted s father was mauled by a grizzly bear and dragged to his death.Now, twenty years later, as special agent for the Department of the Interior, Ted is called back to investigate a crime that echoes the horror of that night Only this time, the victim was tied to a tree before the animal s attack Ted teams up with one of the park officers a man named Monty, whose pleasant exterior masks an all too vivid knowledge of the area Residents of the nearby community are less than forthcoming Suspicious of outsiders and intimately connected to the wilderness that surrounds them, they confront their fellow man and nature with equal measures of reverence and brutality As the days pass with no clear answers, not only is human life at stake, so too is that of a majestic creature who carries with it valuable evidence Ted s search for truth takes him far into the wilderness, on the trail of a killer, and eventually to a shocking and unexpectedly personal conclusion.Rich in atmosphere and evocative, lush descriptions, The Wild Inside is a gripping debut novel about the wondrously perilous intersection between man and nature.
    Christine Carbo R.C. Bray
    Christine Carbo is the author of The Wild Inside, Mortal Fall, The Weight of Night, and A Sharp Solitude all from Atria Books Simon and Schuster and a recipient of the Womens National Book Association Pinckley Prize, the Silver Falchion Award and the High Plains Book Award After earning a pilot s license, pursuing various adventures in Norway, and working a brief stint as a flight attendant, she got an MA in English and linguistics and taught college level courses She still teaches, in a vastly different realm, as the owner of a Pilates studio A Florida native, she and her family live in Whitefish, Montana Find out at ChristineCarbo.

    The Wild Inside By Christine Carbo R.C. Bray


    James Thane
    The Wild Inside is an excellent debut novel with a unique and very sympathetic protagonist.As a fourteen year old boy in the Fall of 1987, Ted Systead went camping with his father in Glacier National Park in northwestern Montana While the two of them slept that night, a large grizzly bear attacked their tent, dragged Systead s father away and mauled him to death Fortunately, the bear did not return to attack Ted, but the boy, though physically safe, was very badly traumatized by the episode.Twen [...]

    I love the writing for this atmospheric mystery set in Glacier Natl Park The pace seems realistic in that things don t happen quickly and require painstaking detective work, false leads, interviewing and follow up So, it s not a thriller page turner, but I was lulled in by the characters,especially the introspective detective, and enchanted by the lonely,empty feel of the wilderness of Montana in the off season.

    Li'l Owl
    Wow A brilliant debut novel I don t ordinarily use the description for a book in writing my reviews but this is such an original story line and setting that I can t describe it any better than the books given introduction So I ll start with that A haunting crime novel set in Glacier National Park about a man who finds himself at odds with the dark heart of the wild and the even darker heart of human nature.It was a clear night in Glacier National Park Fourteen year old Ted Systead and his father [...]

    This book seemed to check all the boxes for me nature, wildlife, national parks, and mysteries There aren t enough books in that genre for me.I ll let others summarize the plotline It held my interest because of its multi layered dynamics Everyone had a heavy backstory It makes one think of the immense weight we carry within from the impact of earlier life situations We never quite broker the opportunity to set it all down.Christine Carbo has really done her research from all aspects I did find [...]

    Is anyone else suspicious about the number of reviews that include the phrase debut novel in the first sentence I m very surprised by the high number of good reviews for this book It is not well written The dialogue and characters are incredibly cliche and for a book about murder and bear maulings, it really drags The book has a strong premise an investigator returns to the national park where his father was mauled and killed by a grizzly bear to solve a similar murder but it just completely fal [...]

    A special agent is sent to the area in Montana, where he grew up as a boy, to solve a murder mystery set in the woods of Glacier National Park The key players either don t remember him or are unaware of a tragedy he suffered there as a boy He must find a killer while trying to deal with his old demons, who are again rearing their ugly heads For me Christine Carbo s caliber of writing is somewhere below C J Box but way above Nevada Barr, parts of the story felt like fill Many suspects kept me gue [...]

    Nothing wrong with this book I m just not into detective type crime novels Too many books, too little time to read something that doesn t captivate you.If you like crime novels, check this one out though Complex male lead with a tragic history that is coming back to haunt him in his current case Kinda wish I liked this genre

    This is a great debut novel I will be watching this author A fleshed out review closer to release date But if you enjoy thrillers in wild natural settings, then this book is for you.

    I enjoyed this book for the dark chilling atmosphere, rich inner dialogue, and beautiful natural setting of Glacier National Park It still took me longer to finish than I d have liked, which now occurs to me as a funny similarity to the detective s slow pace in actually solving the case which was not just due to my sluggish reading of it since his slow solving pace was also observed by others in the book The only thing that could have made this book awesome was if the leading character was a wom [...]

    This was definitely a great debut novel I really couldn t believe that it was a debut The main character talked about cases in the past that he had handled and I seriously thought it was a sequel to a series The writing is awesome with a lot of emotion from Ted coming to light Especially as he was a forest ranger working in forests where there are Grizzlies This is certainly true dependent on the fact his father was killed by one I thought the story was pretty good for the most part but there we [...]

    I liked this book It is the debut novel of this author That was impressive because she didn t pull at any of my pet peeves This was an evenly paced story that moved along The MC was very personable and had a great back story He was creatively thought out The ending was tied up neatly, if that is a must for you So overall, 3 stars I will keep a look out for this author in the future.

    Ted Systead is a detective working for the Department of the Interior His agency is called into to aid the national park rangers and local police when homicide occurs in a park His current case takes him back to Glacier National Park, a place he both loves and fears As a young teenager he and his father went camping Ted was traumatized when his father is mauled to death during the night by a grizzly bear His investigation into another grizzly involved death brings his deepest fears to the surfac [...]

    Shanna K
    Please don t waste your precious time on this book I m honestly not sure how it has received so many good reviews I thought it poorly written and there were several spelling and grammar errors The characters were not well developed and everything about them was clich The author used way too many adjectives to describe every single thing, including the mundane Around chapter 8 I couldn t stand it any so I skipped several chapters ahead to find out the ending Surprisingly, I found that I hadn t mi [...]

    Moving this to DNF 8chapters in and the story is just to slow to progress What could be an exciting plot is turning out to be boring no stars assigned

    This is just the book for me, I love Glacier, have camped there several timesd met with grizzly bears during hikes scary.But Glacier is just a beautiful, wild park.

    Yeah, not bad Not as suspenseful as it purports to be, but a fairly chewy story of a guy who as a teenager had his father eaten by a grizzly right beside him, and now investigates a curious instance of murder by bear mauling while also trying to come to terms with his issues.It s not very polished and there are some issues with characterisation stock melodrama villain who almost twirls his mustache, all the guys doing some macho thing vying for position beginning with literally sizing each other [...]

    The picture of the bear on the cover sold me on this book I know, Don t judge a book by its cover But the bear looks so ominous, the way he stares right at you, maybe a little off to the side He could kill you if he wanted to exert the effort, but he looks content to find fish in the river The book didn t live up to the picture but it was pretty good Our protagonist is set to solve the murder of someone that was tied up and left in the woods only to be eaten alive by a wild grizzly bear It so ha [...]

    Women's National Book Association of New Orleans
    This is big book in every way the characters, including the imperfect main character with his childhood trauma the place the plot It is of a psychological thriller, as opposed to a murder mystery, pushing the envelope of the genre quite a bit.At the center of this novel is a nonverbal being, a bear who never does anything that the reader sees directly, yet he is the most memorable character wild, complete unto himself, amoral, neutral Yet the story of this bear is nothing without the other bear [...]

    This is a multi layrered mystery, and it is also an elegy of grief and loss What does one do with horrific memories There are no answers here, just beautiful musings, and thoughtful, engaging prose I found it to be a page turner, and the writing and characterizations brought it several notches above a standard mystery The lead character is a very nuanced individual, and the story kept me going I would give this one 4.5 stars.

    Cindy Knoke
    Superbly written, psychologically insightful, and informed with knowledge only a long time Glacier resident could possess A bit slow going at times, but well worth the effort to reach the stunning conclusion Highly recommend.

    Set a mystery in a National Park and someone will draw comparisons to Nevada Barr s Anna Pigeon series This mystery is set in Glacier National Park but is nothing like an Anna Pigeon book The prelude give us some backstory on Ted Systead who becomes our main character as we move into the main story Ted is an investigator with the Dept of Interior who is called in to solve the murder of a man tied to a tree in a remote area of the park There are disturbing things about the murder that make Ted re [...]

    Mark Stevens
    Ted Systead has a deep reaching queasiness It s nothing new, but Ted has to come to grips with one of his worst fears dealing with grizzly bears and thinking about grizzly bears He s compelled to confront his issues because of a certain dead guy in Montana s Glacier National Park The victim has been tied to a tree And shot And chewed up by a griz.Why does Ted, a special agent for the U.S Department of the Interior, have issues with grizzlies Because it was that particular breed of bear that drag [...]

    I won this in a First Reads giveaway As far as I know, I did not receive an unedited copy so I was astounded by the amount of typos in this book Missing quotation marks, quoted narrative, Lou was once referred to as Victor, LaMatto became LaMotto towards the end of the book, could care less was used frequently instead of couldn t care less , etc I was also disgusted by the animal cruelty in this book I would never have entered the contest had I known because I m one of those weird people that ca [...]

    Christine Finlayson
    I thoroughly enjoyed this debut novel, and Christine Carbo is a gifted storyteller What initially drew me to the book was the natural setting and the mention of grizzly bears, but the author quickly won me over with her evocative writing and rich descriptions of Glacier National Park and the local community Honestly, I felt like was transported to Montana while reading I also enjoyed the book s flawed but intriguing main character, Ted Systead, Special Agent for the Department of the Interior, w [...]

    A substantial part of this crime novel involves looking for grizzly poop Not just any old bear poop, mind you, but poop from a reluctant murder witness It s what happens when you re investigating a murder in the wilderness I like bears and the wilderness from a safe distance at least so this was a treat for me It s slow going and the suspense wasn t exactly killing me, but there were some chilling moments involving grizzlies , some nice nature writing and a sympathetic main character Think I ll [...]

    Really impressive debut novel about a special agent for the Department of the Interior investigating a murder in Glacier National Park They pretty much had me at this mystery involves grizzly bears , but even if you don t share my fascination with bears and bear attacks there s a lot to savor here in the beautiful descriptions of the park and gripping plotting and character development I will definitely pick up anything else Carbo writes.

    Steven Z.
    During the Fall, 1987 fourteen year old Ted Systead is camping with his father at Oldman Lake on the lower eastern corner of Glacier National Park when the unthinkable occurs So begins Christine Carbo s first suspense novel, THE WILD SIDE as Ted s father is dragged away and killed by a grizzly bear as Ted escapes with his life We soon learn that it was a difficult recovery for Ted physically and emotionally, leaving scars in adulthood as he became a special agent for services Eighteen Eleven for [...]

    I give this book 3.8 stars Very close to a 4 but I got a bit bored It I still a good mystery and the writing is excellent This is the story of a man left in the woods and then mauled to death by a bear Several suspects with varying degrees of guilt I figured out who it was towards the end and I was fine with that On the case is Ted Systead special agent for the Department of the Interior, a good cop harboring a tragic grizzly bear mauling from his own past He is forced to team up with newbie, Mo [...]

    A man found dead, taped to a tree, ravaged by a grizzly Maybe The detective sent to investigate has is own history with a grizzly All set against the backdrop of Glacier National Park.

    Chris Conley
    I adore Montana and so my love for the state kept me going I thought the book was a tad wordier than I usually like I definitely will try the second one because I did like big parts of this one.

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