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  • Title: Follow the Blue
  • Author: Brigid Lowry
  • ISBN: 9780823418275
  • Page: 339
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Follow the Blue By Brigid Lowry Reliable fifteen year old Bec is sick of being sensible and good This summer while her parents are away, she dyes her hair, throws her first party, and discovers the magic of boys, friendship, family, and the dazzling blue of one endless summer.
    Brigid Lowry
    Brigid Lowry was born in New Zealand into a rather strange but very creative family Here she learned a love of books, too many swear words and how to cook a decent omelette Brigid s early, rather awful poetry was made into a small book by her father, a printer and typographer, and sold to kindly relatives for two and sixpence a copy Thus her writing career was launched, but it took about twenty years for her to take it to a higher place In the meantime she tried being a hippie, a waitress, a software tutor, a librarian, a mother, a wife and a primary school teacher.At the age of thirty five Brigid returned to university and began to publish poetry and short fiction Her first young adult book was Fizz Max Me, which was published in the Dolly Fiction series As well as teaching her how to write dialogue, this book paid Brigid the grand sum of 3000 and inspired her to apply for an Arts Council Grant for funding to write a second young adult book With the grant safely in the bank, armed with nothing than a flimsy idea about a girl who wanted a nose ring, Brigid wrote Guitar Highway Rose Constructed in a quirky collage style, this book was a runaway success It was shortlisted for a number of major prizes in Australia, and won the WA Hoffman Young Readers Choice Award.Brigid s star sign is Aries, and she has a tattoo of an island, a palm tree and a planet on her left shoulder She has an MA in Creative Writing and teaches creative writing here and there Brigid is currently working on a new young adult book and has recently returned to live in her homeland, New Zealand, after living for 27 wonderful years in Australia.

    Follow the Blue By Brigid Lowry


    Rebecca McNutt
    This was a really different book, but though I love reading original stories than books that are always the same, I didn t really like this book s choppy writing style or the personality of the main character.

    This book was very exciting and funny It is about a girl who has a crush on her best friends older brother This is really the first time that she has ever liked a boy But then she meets the boy of her dreams best friend and she falls in love with him too Then it s hard on her because she is forced to choose who she likes best And ten she ends up kissing the boy of her dreams friend and it starts to cause a big problem.

    Sienna K
    Umm this book was interesting Very umm DISGUSTING I cant believe I even finished a book that rank Ewwww If it was possible, I would give this book a BELOW ZERO ifthis is how teenages act, there is no way I want to be one Yes, I m only 12 Merely picking up this book thinking Oh this cover is nice , and NOT CHECKING THE BLURB WARNING Not for young eyes

    Neenah =]]
    I jst finished reading this and well hmm.k wat to say was real slow and boring in the begining but then it slowly started to grab my attention,it got better and better eventually Personally I liked it

    Tyler Wiegmann
    Review when I feel like it

    Didn t LOVE this one like I did Guitar Highway Rose which was effing magical , but I enjoyed it.

    Originally posted here bibliotekit 201Bec lives in Perth with her mum, celebrity chef Vera, and her dad, Lewis, as well as her younger brother Josh and her little sister Bing When Lewis has a breakdown and has to spend some time in a hospital, Bec s world starts to tilt slightly When Lewis comes home, everything is meant to go back to normal Instead, the world just keeps tilting.Follow The Blue is one of those read it in a day books, simultaneously about everything and nothing Following the blue [...]

    There are few things as outdated as a hip and happening peek into the world of a teenager when seen at the distance of half a generation This particular peek was written in the late nineties, which is not long enough ago for it to have acquired the charm of nostalgia Even when 1999 is that long ago, this will remain a book that s not very well written, I m afraid, and that one rather considerable flaw will completely offset any rosy glow that readers who grew up in the last years before mobile p [...]

    Ryleigh forist
    Follow the blue is a book about a girl named Bec This book is realistic fiction because pretty much what happens to Bec could happen to anyone I personally liked this book because it puts you in the place of this teen.Bec is a fifteen year old girl whos dad had a breakdown.Her parents left leaving an old housekeeper named Mrs.D in their place To top it off Bec has two annoying siblings, named Bing and Josh Bec is well known for her sensibility, but she doesn t like that So she decides to dye her [...]

    Jonnie Comet
    What Sue Limb does with Jess in Girl, 15, Flirting for England , Brigid Lowry does with Bec this eminently decent bit of Australian bildungsroman I enjoyed it from cover to cover just wish the scenes with the cannabis weren t done so amorally this book does have an impressionable teen audience But the characterisations are spot on and the protagonist is credible and amusing I ll be reading much of Ms Lowry s work.

    Bec lives in Australia with a cooking celebrity mom and a depressed architect dad Her parents go on a trip to America for 5 weeks and Bec s life kind of falls apart However, she grows up with the help of her friends, people around her and her siblings It was a good coming of age story and I liked the difference in language since it takes place in Australia.

    This is a delightful romp of self discovery The girl seeks independence and finds that the world is full than she ever imagined I recommend this as an enjoyable book for anyone who feels ready to break out of her shell.

    I found this book to bea bit slow.I got about halfway through it, so perhaps it picks up later, but it wasn t interesting enough to keep me reading it There was someunnecessary languageandslight sexual comments.

    Meh It ambled along for quite a while, but I did like the writing I thought the protagonist was a little bit of a whiny butt, to tell you the truth Definitley not my favorite book, but it s an okay beach read.

    Betsy Jibson
    An intricate novel about a girl s experience when her dad has a bout with depression and comes out of it again Too much talk about sex and a lot of illegal activity Good descriptive passages, but not enough to warrant the rest of the novel.

    I thought this book was little slow, and I don t really think it was worth the time it took to read it Plus little too much talk about teenage sexuality I was just never sure where the story was going.

    Read this book a few times as a teenager and really liked it Tells the story of a girl who is left in charge of her younger siblings while her parents are away and decides she wants to have some fun of her own.

    11 21 06

    I loved it.It had everything you could of asked for Friends,Family,Love,Boys and so much .I think anyone would like it or even love it like I did Micaela

    Pretty good, although the ending was a little frustrating I think I liked Guitar Highway Rose better.

    Cute Definitely no tough issues here.

    i thought this book was a great example of teenage life it was just a great novel to read especially as a relaxing summer book with a splash of pretty funny humor

    I read this book what feels like an age ago, yet when I signed up yesterday it was one of those books that I had to drop a review about, I guess that says enough.

    Still reading this onebut it seems so far like a good book.

    I actually can t believe one of the characters in the book has the same full name as me Haha It s a pretty good read.

    Christina Swanson
    It was kind of slow but it started to get intresting It also had some pretty intresting tutorials I enjoyed the creativity used by the author to create the family and the characters.

    Pretty sad, but I was happy at the end

    Tara Calaby
    It s been so long since I read this that I can t really remember the details.

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      Brigid Lowry