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  • Title: Turning in Circles
  • Author: Michelle Buckman
  • ISBN: 9780990304
  • Page: 128
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Turning in Circles By Michelle Buckman Savannah and Charleston, two sisters living in a small Southern town, have always been close They ve shared everything with one anotheruntil Dillon, the one boy in school who s bad news, sets his sights on Charleston As she s drawn down his dark, destructive path, Savannah panics, knowing this isn t a relationship destined for anything but trouble.
    Michelle Buckman
    My writing journey began in my youth Although born in New York, most of my childhood was spent in Ontario, Canada, and many long winter nights were spent reading an abundence of novels and penning tales My family moved to North Carolina while I was a teenybopper, which was a great relief for me I d had enough cold to last me a lifetime In my new home, I discovered the peace of spending afternoons walking the endless Carolina beaches With over half my life lived in the south, I have discovered the advantage of writing like a southerner from an outsider s point of view.Although I never lost my zest for writing stories and poetry, I studied computer programming in college because it seemed practical than a degree in English, but when my son was six weeks old, I quit my day job and turned computer programming into what I loved best writing, beginning with computer software manuals that I could write at home Eventually I expanded my writing into freelance writing for trade magazines, then, in my free time between non fiction assignments, birthing four daughters, potty training, and soccer games, I returned to my truelove fiction.

    Turning in Circles By Michelle Buckman


    Carol Kean
    Michelle Buckman s distinctive voice, vivid and authentic characters, and brutal honesty are very much in evidence in her seventh novel, Turning in Circles Stunning, suspenseful, and poignant, this coming of age story is set in the South, in a town so small it barely seems to have come blinking into the 21st Century There s something about the literary spirit of America s South some knack that sets writers like Michelle Buckman apart from authors whose roots are elsewhere.Taut with suspense, yet [...]

    I cried Don t tell anyone it ll ruin my street cred Dating violence, child abuse, and animal abuse are present throughout the novel How could I not Savannah and Charleston are practically twin sisters They re going to go to the same college, marry twin brothers, and live next door to each other Their future is all planned out Until Charleston gets detention and is introduced to sociopath Dillon Smith Savannah instantly knows how harmful Dillon can be, but Charleston is so enad with him that she [...]

    Kaye Hinckley
    Regrets, regrets How often do we have them and still make the same mistakes over and over, wishing we could relive a moment, to change what we said or did, and in turn change the domino effect of everything that fell afterward The above quote is from Chapter Twelve of Turning in Circles, a young adult, southern fiction novel by Michelle Buckman in which two sixteen year old almost twin sisters make very different, and crucial, decisions The pace of the novel reminds me of a spinning top, but in [...]

    Michelle Buckman
    I loved writing this book I was living in a sleepy Southern town in SC, surrounded by small farms where one could easily imagine a boy still riding a horse through town like John boy Walton I met Earl Hamner, Jr creator of The Waltons, years ago in an online writing group He became a dear friend, and I was thrilled when he endorsed Turning in Circles.I hope you enjoy reading it I d love to hear your thoughts If you enjoy, please post a review

    Turning in Circles exhibits the wonderfully languorous feel of what is, to my mind, a quintessential Southern novel Narrative visits to the town post office, the creek, the barn, and horse trails immerse the reader in a town that feels as if it hasn t quite caught up to the 21st century, dawdling in the waning days of summer.Savannah can do little than watch as her sister Charleston, so close in age they re in the same grade, drifts further from family and faith into the dangerous arms of Dillo [...]

    One word to describe my reaction after finishing this book Brilliant I decided to read this book because I saw an advanced copy of it being offered on Netgalley The publisher provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Honestly I didn t know what to expect going into this story The blurb on the cover of the book said, a suspenseful and illuminating and unforgettable story and the book definitely delivered on that but what I didn t expect was for it to pull at my heart s [...]

    If only we had known That s the refrain at the heart of Michelle Buckman s latest novel for teens Turning in Circles, a story of sisters, small town secrets and teenage rebellion The novel is a study in character contrast Savannah, busy covering for her sister who s sneaking off to meet Dillon, uncovers way too many long buried secrets as she seeks a way to protect her sister from her boyfriend You know this won t end well, but the ending is not what you expect At the same time, it s the only en [...]

    Virginia Pillars
    Once I began reading Turning In Circles, I had a hard time putting it away until I finished the book The interaction between the two sisters kept my attention as I read the frustrations experienced by Savanah as the close relationship she had with Charleston dissolved In spite of Savanah s efforts, Charleston made choice after choice that kept me interested and disappointed at the same time.Michelle Buckman s characters felt real and believable The story increased in drama the further I read I v [...]

    The imagery and use of description in this was absolutely gorgeous I was absolutely transported to the rural south to horse rides and sticky summer days and cornfields and town squares that consist of three buildings Was so impressed by how the writing nailed every tiny detail, down to the gossip and boredom and tendecy to hurry to the scene any time there s anything at all remotely exciting going on.And oh, how I felt for the two sisters in this drama Both Savannah, who can see trouble coming f [...]

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      Michelle Buckman