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  • Title: Knocking Boots
  • Author: Willow Winters Vivian Wood
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 242
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Knocking Boots By Willow Winters Vivian Wood It started as a bet now I don t want to stop I was engaged once, and I learned my lesson That ll never happen again Women come and go, but my bar is all I give a damn about F ck commitment All I need is one night It s just for fun, and then it s over Until she walked into my bar My sweetheart Gorgeous from head to toe, she s a woman who knows exactly what she wa It started as a bet now I don t want to stop I was engaged once, and I learned my lesson That ll never happen again Women come and go, but my bar is all I give a damn about F ck commitment All I need is one night It s just for fun, and then it s over Until she walked into my bar My sweetheart Gorgeous from head to toe, she s a woman who knows exactly what she wants The whole nine yards, complete with a picket fence not a southern bartender with commitment issues Maybe it was the challenge that drew me to her maybe it was something else It was harmless flirting at first Then it turned into a drunken deal She s supposed to play my girlfriend until my sister s wedding, just to get my family off my back Every day we get closer to the wedding, it s harder and harder to deny what I m feeling But she never wanted me to begin with It was just a stupid bet She never told me what she wanted in return I know what she s desperate for though, a baby A family to call her own I m not ready to settle down, but damn I want to hold on to her for just a little longer But I can t let just a little longer turn into forever Knocking Boots is a full length standalone romance with an HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger.
    Willow Winters Vivian Wood
    Willow Winters is so happy to be a USA Today, Wall Street Journal and 1 Contemporary Bestselling Romance Author She likes her action hot and her bad boys hotter She certainly doesn t hold back on either one in her writing Want a text alert when Willow has a new release Text Willow to 797979 Or if you prefer by email, Sign up for her Naughty List to get all the newest bad boy releases, sales, great giveaways and a FREE Bad Boy Billionaire Romance eepurl b2izzfFollow her on tiny mg4tdyFollow her on Bookbub bit 2wwbbubFollow her on Twitter bit 2wwtwitterFollow her on Instagram bit 2wwaIGLike her Fb page tiny cj4tdyJoin her Fb group facebook groups WilloAnd check out her website willowwinterswrites Willow started writing after having her little girl, Evie, December 2015 All during her pregnancy with Evie she continued to read and she only wanted to read romance She was reading a book a day sometimes two.In January 2016 Willow was staying up late with Evie and just thinking of all these stories They came to her constantly so she finally sat down and just started writing She always wanted to do it so she figured, why not Today Willow cannot be happier for making that decision Reading Order of the Sins and Secrets Series of Duets Imperfect Mason and Jule s story book 1 Unforgiven Mason and Jule s story book 2 Damaged Ethan and Kat s story book 1 Scarred Ethan and Kat s story book 2 Reading Order for the Highest Bidder Series, cowritten with Lauren Landish BoughtSold Owned GivenReading order for the Valetti Crime Family Series Dirty DomHis HostageRough TouchCuffed KissBad Boy Standalone Novels Broken A Dark RomanceShared A Dark MFM Menage Romance cowritten with Bella Love Wins and Lauren Landish Forsaken A Dark Mafia Romance cowritten with B B Hamel On the Sweeter Side Knocking Boots cowritten with Vivian Wood Promise Me A Second Chance Romance cowritten with Vivian Wood Bad Boys cowritten with Lauren Landish Inked A Bad Boy Next Door RomanceTempted A Bad Boy Next Door RomanceMr CEOHappy reading and best wishes, Willow xx

    Knocking Boots By Willow Winters Vivian Wood


    ❤️ Paulette
    Title Knocking BootsAuthor Willow Winters Vivian Wood Grace is a busy single woman that has a lot on her plate She is always busy with work and on her free time she likes to go the bar called Mack were she lets off steam But that s not the only reason why she goes there she like to flirt with the bartender owner Charlie She thinks his hot and sweet but she knows how reputation just like everyone else in the town Charlie is the owner of a bar he dedicates his life to it escaping his past Only his [...]

    Cliche And for me to write all the wrongs here would be a cliche Just one thing though the running away after listening something that wasn t to be said and not hearing the explanation, and not looking at texts or listening to voice messages Sounds familia, anyone There are , just not worthy my time writing

    Free on today 8 16 2017

    April Symes
    This is one of my favorite books by one of my favorite authors Willow Winters Vivian Wood This is one emotional and hot read plus it has a hot bartender bar owner hero.Charlie and Grace s story took me thru an emotional ringer but what a way to go Grace a hardworking graphics designer but she is really of an artist in her spare time in secret She meets this hot guy named Charlie They had immediate chemistry Charlie was this awesome guy and you could tell he was not wanting to rush into anything [...]

    2OCC Reviews
    I absolutely loved the description of this book, the whole pretending to be his girlfriend plot line is one of my favorites so I was excited to see where these authors was going to take it Charlie really played hard to get I can t say that I loved it but being in his head was fun, and sweet, even though he fought his feeling so hard.Grace was so easy to connect with Most women want what she wants so I think that it makes her easier to love My heart broke for her but her sass never broke, she was [...]

    Lynn Thinking out loud
    I loved this book I haven t found one by Willow that I haven t loved.Grace had a plan Get good grades, graduate college, get a good job, find a husband, and then have kids She has stuck to that plan until she goes for a routine checkup at the Dr s She enjoys flirting with Charlie, who is a bartender He needs a date for his sisters wedding It s all fun and innocent until feelings get involved.And of course you ve got that one person who always wants to cause drama.I cried ladies Just letting you [...]

    WowI give this book 5 stars I couldn t put it down PLease keep them coming I love the storyline it was relatable.

    Nikita Parikh
    I received an ARC copy in exchange for an honest review This book makes the slogan Ride a cowboy,save a horse True.This author keeps on making me fall in love over and over again This book has a sexy cowboy and SEXY he is That swagger that confidence made me swoon so hard The synopsis of the book lured me in and the book stands true to that description Charlie and Grace created fire together I loved the plot and both the protagonist The book will leave you begging for I would definitely recomme [...]

    Grace is dealing with infertility, and it doesn t help that she doesn t have the husband or boyfriend to even help her try to get pregnant When she starts frequenting Mac s, a bar just outside of Atlanta, she catches the eye of Charlie, the owner Charlie is being pressured by his mom and sister to bring someone to his sister s wedding, and just when his mom was ready to play matchmaker, he decides to take Grace as his date, hopefully getting his family off his back Even though the relationship i [...]

    wendy Shelton(obsessedbybooks)
    What a great standalone Grace loves her life, good job, friends she wants love , marriage, white peckett fence and 2.1 kids but one trip to the Dr and that all changes so she goes to the place for good conversation and friends Charlie s bar, talking to him is easy and when he ask for favor that sounds like it could be fun, pretend to be Charlie s girlfriend but when the lines get blurred can they take a chance

    Candi Rochester
    This story had twists and turns throughout I was hooked from the start I just had to know what was in store for Charlie and Grace Did they get their HEA I recommend grabbing a copy today to find out.

    There were some good moments in this book Mostly it was back and forth and not sharing feelings.Not for me.

    Here s the thing, Knocking Boots was sweet, angsty and steamy but something was missing Something that would force me to say, Wow, this story knocked my socks off I felt content while reading it but not excited for the next pages I liked the characters but didn t love them And I could go on and on.

    Deb Diem
    Knocking Boots is my first book by Willow Winters and Vivian Wood It was a surprise to me I didn t expect to like it, but I did The Winters Wood duo have delivered a well written book The characters are a perfect fit for this story Charlie and Grace s story is full of drama, humor and sizzle I enjoyed reading Knocking Boots and would happily read from these ladies This is a complete book, not a cliff hanger.

    Cheryl O'Harney
    This was a great collaboration between two amazing author s Grace is a single woman who s looking to settle down she wants the real deal husband, kids and all that but she s not having much luck on the dating side of things and after a recent Dr s appointment she discovers some issues surrounding her fertility, she has this bar she goes to regularly where she flirts with the owner barman Charlie but that s all it s ever been just harmless flirting Charlie likes it when his sweetheart Grace comes [...]

    Dee Archer
    Wow This story is heavy on the emotions Charlie is a bar owner who has decided he will never be married, never entangle himself in a relationship He was burned once and that will never happen again Having kids, a family, doesn t even enter the realm of possibilities Grace, on the other hand, is frantic to find a man to give her the stability to have a family She has received news that she has a condition that will make it nearly impossible for her to get pregnant She is devastated Charlie s fami [...]

    Sandy Grissett
    This is a great book by Willow Winters and Vivian Wood It is about Grace who has just been told that she may not be able to have children in the near future and she starts checking the prices of having a donor She always thought she would marry and have children Then we have Charlie who owns a bad and was hurt by his high school girlfriend who he was suppose to marry and no longer wants to make a commitment Charlie is questioned by his family about a relationship and his mother wants to set him [...]

    Gwendolyn Thaggard
    Grace is single, successful graphic designer.Her life would be complete if only she had a family.Charlie is a workaholic, bar owner.He has a loving family that wants him to settle down.Grace gets news that her dream may not be possible.Her spirits are crushed.Charlie enjoys his work, it s his life.Charlie has no intentions of getting serious with anybody.Grace frequents Charlie s bar after work.The two chat and flirt a lot.Grace knows Charlie isn t looking for anything.But, she can t help ogling [...]

    Megan Danielle
    Absolutely loved it Can I just say I FREAKING HATE DIANE whew ok thats outta the way rrr Talk about an emotional roller coaster that will have you on edge One part no spoilers completely ripped my heart out, because of personal life experiences It just hit me in right in the heartI loved the story of Grace and Charlie Charlie a small town guy who has been REALLY hurt before and has no want to settle down ,meets Grace, who comes in to his bar almost every night because it s laid back they become [...]

    Dawn Myers
    There is nothing new about this storyline but that is okay with me, I was entertained I like Grace some reviewers didn t like her and said she was weak I on the other hand liked her and the fact she knew what she wanted and did not want to compromise on that She also would take a lot of crap from others, till she had enough and she stood up to them and I was like you go girl Charlie also knew what he didn t want and that was a commitment My real issue I had was how everybody took what they did w [...]

    Charlie and Grace are both looking for different things but find themselves drawn together He is very attracted to her but at first only wants a pretend relationship to keep his family off his back He doesn t do commitment after a painful relationship Grace wants a family and needs to make a decision soon Charlie doesn t seem like a good choice but she can t resist him.I really liked Grace She is honest and direct about what she needs and wants She has worked hard and has a sincere desire to be [...]

    A great new release from Willow Winters and Vivian Wood Charlie and Grace have danced around their attraction to each other since the beginning and would have continued to until Charlie has a situation Grace offers to help with While pretending to be dating they both find than they were expecting when they realize they don t want it to be pretend but neither have the courage to admit it until forced to admit it or loose what they have found with each other Grace s friend doesn t help the situat [...]

    Veronica LaRoche
    This was such an amazing book and an amazing collaboration Charlie and Grace are so good together, what started as a fake relationship, winded up bring so much Grace wanted nothing then to start a family and Charlie has been hurt before and doesn t want a relationship but once they meet it s like gravity pulling him together, their connection is there from the beginning I was rooting for Charlie Grace from the beginning from the easy banter they shared, to thinking of each other all the time w [...]

    Sandy Digger
    Knocking bootsThis book was a pleasant surprise, the title sounds like it s not going to be much than one of those nothing but sex books, but it actually was a real book with a real story A lot of angst but the characters are so well written that you can t help but get involved with them I loved Charlie and Grace I couldn t help wanting them to get their happy ever after A well written modern day love story that starts out with two people who genuinely like each other.

    Goth Gone Grey
    Sexy, romanticGrace wants a happily ever after with a baby with a strong emphasis on the baby Charlie wants to run his bar and not get hurt again, but he s smitten by her When he needs a last minute date for his sister s wedding, Grace agrees to go along, which snowballs quickly into a bigger deal than expected They engage in hot sex in various risqu locations, experience drama and misunderstandings, and finally settle things to resolve with a HEA A decent read to pass some time.

    mehit is two stories, not one by two different authors But I couldn t find separate names so I guess they are both called knocking boots The stories are fine I guess just kinda standard and therefore boring I got through 75%, which means I got through all the first story and midway through the second story I hate not finishing books but I have limited free time and I didn t care enough about the characters to want to continue.

    Willow Winters Vivian Wood know how to suck you in to a story I absolutely loved the description of this book, the whole pretending to be his girlfriend plot line is one of my favorites so I was excited to see where these authors was going to take it Charlie and Grace s story took me for an emotional ride but what a way to go Grace a 30 yr old graphics designer but really of an artist in her spare time has the career and the money but wants the husband and children to go with it especially once [...]

    Kimber Hellmers
    3 stars Yes, I liked it, but can t quite get to 4 stars I m a fan of both these authors, and this is a fun, easy read I just felt it dragged on a bit Both Grace and Charlie have loads of likeable qualities, and I love how honest they are with each other, and the reader Even if it is to a fault Therein lies my on real critique I felt like I read the same statements over and over again Yes, Grace wants to get married and start a family Yes, Charlie does not want those things I felt like the story [...]

    Samm Lynn
    I received a copy from the authors and I voluntarily reviewed this book.I enjoyed this book I loved Grace and liked Charlie Grace went through so much heartache in this book that she deserved a HEA but there were times that I just wanted to smack Charlie upside his head or kick him in the a for his waffling There were a couple of items in the plot that didn t make sense to me thus the 4 stars 1 Charlie s whole attitude once his past is revealed2 Who goes shopping for a wedding dress a week befor [...]

    Brandan WH
    Back and forthGrace is a beautiful buy shy woman Comfortable at work she clams up around men Especially Charlie, the owner of her favorite bar She likes the look of him but is well aware that he s not the settling kind He s said as such and she wants nothing than a family with kids Charlie lights up every time he sees Grace He s enchanted by her but keeps her at arms length He knows she s a forever girl and that isn t where his mind is He s not sure it will ever be Circumstances bring them toge [...]

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