BEST AZW "í Desolation Gulch" || UNLIMITED (E-Book) ☆ #2020

  • Title: Desolation Gulch
  • Author: Jessica Jesinghaus
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Desolation Gulch By Jessica Jesinghaus Valerie knew fairytales weren t true at least not the happily ever after kind In her world, nothing ever worked out so neatly Her life was full of dark secrets and deep hurt Until she met Fallon Somehow he could read her hidden chapters and he knew exactly how to turn her life into a dream But Fallon isn t everything he seems he has dark secrets of his own When VValerie knew fairytales weren t true at least not the happily ever after kind In her world, nothing ever worked out so neatly Her life was full of dark secrets and deep hurt Until she met Fallon Somehow he could read her hidden chapters and he knew exactly how to turn her life into a dream But Fallon isn t everything he seems he has dark secrets of his own When Valerie finds herself in a dangerous situation and must flee, it s a daunting task With nowhere to run and no way to guarantee Fallon won t follow, Valerie finds herself stranded in a small Central Oregon town at the mercy of a handsome stranger He promises to help her, but can anyone save her from desolation
    Jessica Jesinghaus
    Born and raised in Southern Oregon, Jessica has been writing since she was ten years old She attended Willamette University with the intention of going to law school and becoming a criminal prosecutor But, as is the way with life, plans changed Since 2002 she has worked in the medical field and absolutely loves the challenges and positive impact she can have on the lives of others She loves the outdoors and considers herself blessed to call Oregon her home Following the birth of her second child, she committed herself to writing her first novel Unfortunately for her, story ideas rarely present themselves one at a time and she often has two if not three manuscripts in progress at once When she s not writing her own material, she enjoys reading a wide variety of books, many of them aloud to her husband and two children.Follow Jessica on Facebook and Instagram jessjesinghaus or her blog at jessjesinghaus.wordpress

    Desolation Gulch By Jessica Jesinghaus


    Melanie A.
    4 solid stars I didn t believe in fairy tales and the ones I did put stock in always ended badly Wow Desolation Gulch took me on quite the ride It was part paranormal, part romance, part mystery and ALL creepy The story starts off with a major bang I LOVED how the prologue hung over the first half of the story like a specter The author did a fantastic job of portraying a sweet love story between Valerie and Fallon all the while keeping me on pins and needles as I waited for the ax to drop It w [...]

    Jessica Jesinghaus
    EDITORIAL REVIEW Reviewed By Edith Wairimu for Readers Favorite As she looked up from her book, Valerie could not keep herself from staring His voice, which had led her to look up, was just the start From his well built frame, his height, his dark eyes to his dark brown hair, Valerie scrutinised the stranger with great interest She fought with herself to hide her attraction, but had little success With time, both Fallon and Valerie became inseparable, giving each other solace from their painful [...]

    Kimberlyn Day
    4.5 starsI wanted to start off this review with something like, The deeply disturbing psychological thrills gained from DESOLATION GULCH are only matched on the endearingly sweet flipside of the villain s familial coin the fear trust cycles will have readers feeling like they re a few pennies short of a dollar after a tumble in the dryer, mixed in with shoes, bricks, and mismatched socks However, I ll just be honest and say HOLY FUCK.This is like getting on Disney s Teacup ride it looks adorable [...]

    J.B. Trepagnier
    This was a solid read as far as thrillers go The action is non stop and it s a fast paced story, but perhaps I would have liked it to have slowed down a bit at the ending.Fallon s assistant, Stacy, tells Valerie she s never seen him like that with another woman and he acts like he s desperately in love with her throughout the first part of the book After he shows up at the end and we start to hear his motivations, I m not quite sure why he targeted Valerie and if all those feelings that were sho [...]

    S.K. Wee
    Suspenseful ThrillerThis is a disturbing thriller told exceptionally well I was completely engrossed in the story of Valerie and Fallon She escaped a terrible childhood after enduring years of sexual abuse from her uncle Valerie has started a new life in Las Vegas remaining isolated from any close relationships when she meets a handsome and charming man who sweeps her off her feet He seems to know exactly what she wants and needs In fact he actually seems to read her mind.Fallon seems to have hi [...]

    Dan Gillis
    Desolation Gulch is a thrilling narrative which kept me gripped through each chapter and kept me returning until the exciting conclusion Jesinghaus style is effective and interesting with clever use of internal dialogue This complemented key plot elements and built suspense through the story I also found her style sufficient to paint the pictures of the characters and settings without getting bogged down in unnecessary details In regards to the main story, I was intrigued at the actions of the [...]

    Leonide Martin
    An eerie story of mind control, evil, and courage Valerie is leading a stable yet boring life when mysterious, irresistible Fallon enters the bookstore where she works She is quickly enthralled by his charms and uncanny ability to know her needs, and dazzled by his wealth and sophistication Soon she is living in his house, letting go of her job and apartment that provided security from an unstable past The specter of childhood abuse haunts her, and he seems to share a similar wounded past His ra [...]

    T.L. Clark
    TRIGGER WARNING This book touches on the subject of child sex abuse But it is done sensitively This book is really nicely written It feels as if you re wrapped up in a blanket as you re taken through some horrific ordeals Valerie, a CSA survivor encounters a dreamy man Rich, suave, good looking, and sympathises with her He offers her a safe haven at long last too good to be true Immediately my narcissist alarm bells started rining, but I continued to read, and I m glad I did Turbulent times, tel [...]

    Ann Pratley
    From reading the very first paragraphs of this book, I felt a creepiness hanging around that told me this was going to be a different kind of story, and I wasn t disappointed The dread of suspecting what was coming, kept my attention riveted as the story unfolded The characters inspired pretty strong emotions in me and they weren t all good The description of the darkness inside one of them was well written and made it easy to grasp his dislikeability This is a story with psychological intrigue [...]

    Melody Jones
    Fabulous writer Really enjoyed this story Recommend if you like a little bit of paranormal in your romance

    Well it was a free bookNot all that bad but I won t go looking for another Never really felt any depth in the characters and it stretched believability even for a fantasy reader.

    • BEST AZW "í Desolation Gulch" || UNLIMITED (E-Book) ☆
      233 Jessica Jesinghaus
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