UNLIMITED KINDLE ☆ On Mexican Time: A New Life In San Miguel - by Tony Cohan #2020

  • Title: On Mexican Time: A New Life In San Miguel
  • Author: Tony Cohan
  • ISBN: 9780747553656
  • Page: 126
  • Format: Hardcover

  • On Mexican Time: A New Life In San Miguel By Tony Cohan When Tony Cohan and his wife visited central Mexico in 1985, they fell under the spell of an irresistible place Recounting his awakening to needs he didn t know he had, Cohan tells how they returned to California, sold their house, and cast off for a new life in San Miguel de Allende.
    Tony Cohan
    Tony Cohan grew up in Manhattan and Los Angeles, where at the age of fourteen he made his debut as a jazz musician After attending Stanford and the University of California he spent two years in Europe and North Africa, performing with jazz artists Dexter Gordon, Bud Powell and blind Catalan pianist Tete Monteliu Returning to San Francisco, he worked briefly at the University of California Press before moving to Kyoto, Japan for two years to teach and write Back in California, he wrote an unpublished first novel and a published erotic novel and worked as a studio musician with Lowell George, Ry Cooder, and others During the 1970s he designed media campaigns for musical artists including Van Morrison, Pink Floyd, and Prince In 1975 he founded the long running independent press Acrobat Books, publishing nonfiction books in the arts His 1981 novel Canary Doubleday was a New York Times Notable Book of the Year, his 1984 novel Opium Simon and Schuster a Literary Guild selection His bestselling travel narrative On Mexican Time Random House, 2001 was followed by an autobiographical memoir, Native State Random House, 2003 , a Los Angeles Times Notable Book of the Year, and a second travel narrative, Mexican Days Random House, 2007 His collaborations as lyricist with pianist and composer Chick Corea include the jazz classic High Wire His essays, stories, articles, songs and reviews have appeared in a variety of media worldwide His most recent novel is Valpara so.

    On Mexican Time: A New Life In San Miguel By Tony Cohan


    Lisa (Harmonybites)
    This is one of those expatriot memoirs where an American or Brit pulls up stakes to live la bella vita or the simpler life in some warm clime Think Frances Mayes Under the Tuscan Sun or Peter Mayle s A Year in Provence, usually told oh so lyrically, eruditely, with lots of literary allusions and mentions of mouth watering cuisine I ve been reading through a recommendation list of such travel writing this was the last and I suppose my reaction to this one might be put down to having become rather [...]

    I love this book because I have lived in Mexico Tony Cohan does a wonderful job verbalizing the transformation one goes through when embracing Mexican culture He understands the subtlties of colors, smells, flavor, sabor Living in Mexcio is a much larger undertaking than many would understand The idea of Mexico in the United States is a place you go to party, but don t drink the water A place riddled with drugs and traffickers and the home of all the illegal aliens that we fear so much.Cohan com [...]

    I was alternately impressed by and annoyed with this book.Here s why I was impressed Author is obviously a talented writer in terms of his florid descriptions of the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of small town Mexico I liked how they described the perfect bougianville sp color and all the amazing descriptions of the food see chapter on mango mousse The references to learning a language and living in particular tenses the parallel between the improvement of the author s Spanish and how deepl [...]

    Paula Yerke
    So what is it like to chuck it all and go live in a country with a language and culture foreign to you This book gives you an idea It is romantic, crazy, funny and beautifully written A love song to Mexico.

    This definitely ranks as one of the best travel writing memoirs I ve ever read Cohan describes how he and his wife left LA for life in San Miguel de Allende and all they experienced there between 1985 and 1999 Published in 2001, and finally read by me in 2017, this is not only an account of another country, but also of another time I was captivated by his descriptions of the place and daily life, with all of its travails, but also by the fact that it happened pre iPhone and internet They had to [...]

    The smugness quotient was pretty high at certain points, but I appreciated his atmospheric descriptions of the sights and sounds of daily life in San Miguel.

    as if I needed one white male s perspective I made it as far as i did through this book because I am soon visiting this city, and have been feeling inspired to know all there is to know about my destination but perhaps I ll tell my own tales or better yet, keep my ears open and listen to the stories of the locals.

    Ramiro Austin
    Quite a few reviewers, on the website and elsewhere, have been exceedingly unkind to Mr Cohan and his book Resentful readers for the most part They envy his life in San Miguel, and how he writes about it, and can t find anything good to say about this book Arbiters of taste and excellence, they grant him a few good descriptions and then proceed to cast aspersion on his book How it is a waste of time to read it and so on There s a word in Spanish for such reviewers a word related to measly, but [...]

    Tara Ethridge
    I ll read just about anything about uprooting one s life to live out a dream in a foreign land, and this was great from that aspect San Miguel itself was a place I visited twenty years ago, and it was a life altering trip, so I was glad to delve into the details of living there Lots of great anecdotes about the people and country in here.

    Pete Dematteo
    San Miguel Allende used to be a beautiful little town and still is, to a far lesser extent, despite its huge sports utility vehicles with license plates from the United States and its now super expensive hotels and villas While the book is interesting, I have lived in Mexico City and have traveled throughout the country and learned a few things.After 2 years there, I grew incredibly bored, as I am a native New Yorker who is fascinated by hoardes of international immigrant groups If being sized u [...]

    This is one of my and my wife s favorite books of all time We love experiencing new cultures, so this book made for a fascinating read Cohan s deep appreciation for Mexican culture and his discovery of its many facets contradicting the homogenous stereotypes that Americans typically have of Mexico makes this book an even richer experience Stories of Mexico, and the people of San Miguel de Allende are woven seamlessly into Cohan s own story Reading this book makes you feel like you are going on t [...]

    I am a sucker for books about people finding a place in this world that speaks to their heart, moving there and diving into a different culture, then finding an old wreck of a house that speaks to their soul, and pouring all their love and hopes and dreams, money and sanity into restoring the old ruin This book checks off all those boxes and has me day dreaming of a slower pace of life in a quaint mexican mountain town full of color and flavor.

    This book made me want to live in Mexico I would be a furniture maker or something Probably tomar demasiado.

    A kind of lazy read memoir but I loved the images of Mexico and the descriptions of how the author and his wife felt their view on what is important changing as they melded into their new home.

    he admits that he and his wife and their independent are part of the cultural problem in these small mexican towns but he is happy to keep doing what he s doing still it sound heavenly.

    I enjoyed this book The writing is much better than your average memoir, he is a writer by trade.I have spent two winters in parts of Mexico, living with the locals and I both could relate and learn from this telling of life in SMA I think the personalities of Tony and his wife are certainly unique I disagree with the critics that this makes them hard to relate to They are authentic They have some money, their careers and their indivuality This is their story, not a how to for expats I like thei [...]

    Bruce Reiter
    How does one develop a philosophy of life How big a risk is one willing to assume to move from a comfortable environment that is killing the soul to a culture with a totally different lifestyle and language An interesting book to compare and contrast the reader s thoughts with the author Oh, What might have been

    While there was a hint of annoying American abroad in this book like you really moved to Mexico as a couple of apparently well to do artists and then complain about gentrification I really loved how it was written The stories, while from the 80s and 90s, were engaging and it was a good example of travel literature.

    Kyle Hadley
    I thought the writing was great, and the pictures painted of the food, landscapes, buildings to be vivid and beautiful Just didn t really see the point of the exercise.

    Laura Hancock
    I purchased this book because I have been intrigued by San Miguel de Allende, a colonial city in Mexico dating from the 1600s where thousands of Norteamericanos both American and Canadian artists and writers live Many of these gringos have established artists colonies and workshops in San Miguel for people like myself for small snippets of time.Cohan, an established writer, and his wife, a painter, moved to San Miguel from Los Angeles in the mid 1980s when the gringo population was only about 2 [...]

    I enjoyed this book, mostly for the same reasons that I enjoyed Frances Mayes first book about moving to Tuscany there s something very appealing about the idea of pulling up stakes and moving to a country different than one s own The call of the exotic, and all that.In this case the destination is San Miguel de Allende in the Mexican altiplano 4 hours drive from Mexico City, and the time is 1985 to 1999 Cohan and his partner Masako were there on extended stays for four years, and then bought a [...]

    I truly needed a book like this, to transport me to another place during a time when I can t physically get away Though a bit dated, published in 2000 and taking place during the early 90s, I couldn t help but love this book of an ex pat writer s experiences in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico It seems to be a Mexico of the past, a sleepy town on the mile high altiplano in Mexico s state of Guanajuato Cohan and his wife travel there to visit friends, and then decide they much prefer its slow pace t [...]

    Bob Nichols
    Cohan writes about how he and his wife fell in love with Mexico, which led to their decision to move to San Miguel de Allende Most of the book is about town characters and buying and restoring an old house The writing is excellent The stories are fun The author s love and respect for Mexico and its culture is evident.Even now, after having been discovered by non Mexicans, San Miguel is a spectacular place and I was surprised that the author didn t write about the town itself The setting could e [...]

    This is a travel narrative in the vein of A year in Provence Tony is a writer and his wife Masako an artist He has grown children but tires of life in LA so I and his wife move to San Miguel de Allende on the altoplano of central Mexico They adapt to the beauty and pace of life in this old colonial town and clearly love the place as the narrative unfolds The book was written in 2000, so one is unsure how the recent narco terror has effected the place, but it seems charming as told Of course, the [...]

    Tony Cohan and his artist wife, Masako, decided to take a vacation where do they go San Miguel de Allende in central Mexico were they fall in love with the people culture and maybe each other all over again After returning to the fast paced life in Los Angeles the couple decided to sell everything and move to San Miguel They end up buying a 250 year old hacienda on the verge of fallimg down around them What happens next as 2 Americans try to change their deadline oriented life into that of a muc [...]

    Martine Walker
    Tony gives a colorful and accurate depiction of life in San Miguel in the 80 s I picked up this book since we are taking a trip to San Miguel for the first time this year This read like a journal, a personal account, I felt like I was there and could also relate to many of their concerns after living in Central America for 2 years It is also sad to hear about how much San Miguel was changing from the beginning of the book to the end Another beautiful, secluded Mexican town that was discovered by [...]

    Yet another professional American couple discover a haven in a foreign country namely the hills of mid Mexico not unlike Under the Tuscan Sun and A Year in Provence Howevereach country, experience and couple bring their own dynamics and expectations to the unravelling of the story Of course, they ultimately purchase a downtrodden, ancient property which is actually owned by the Government and proceed to restore it with the help of unreliable workers how does a mar riage survive such a frustratin [...]

    Deon Stonehouse
    Tony and his wife Masako had personal and professional ties to their life in Los Angeles But they were not feeling connected or really very happy It takes gumption to try something different Tony and Masako started first by spending time in San Miguel de Allende They were charmed by the languid pace and small town feeling of the village The next step in their adventure was purchasing a rundown house and starting on the daunting task of restoring its former glory Anyone who has been involved in a [...]

    I struggle to explain all that I find so wonderful in my visits to Mexico so what a treat to find this book that so eloquently describes my experiences One particular dialogue says it all for me If I smile, people smile wider If I say Buenos dias, they say it back, stronger In Mexico, Paul says, you put out a little, you get back a lot In human terms, at least, you could say it s a functional economy Finally understand how the nickname Pepe originates from Jose putative paternity in reference to [...]

    Having just been in San Miguel de Allende for two weeks in January 2014, I very much enjoyed reading about streets and places that I had seen Buildings do not change in the historic district of this town found in 1542 Cohan writes about the first few years that he and his Japanese wife, Masako Taskahashi, lived in San Miguel In 1985 they visited friends living there They fell in love with the slower pace of life and a way of living with less stuff They lived first in a hotel, then in a rented ap [...]

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