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  • Title: Good and Gone
  • Author: Megan Frazer Blakemore
  • ISBN: 9780062348425
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Good and Gone By Megan Frazer Blakemore When Lexi Green s older brother, Charlie, starts plotting a road trip to find Adrian Wildes, a famous musician who s been reported missing, she s beyond confused Her brother hasn t said a nice word to her or left the couch since his girlfriend dumped him months ago but he ll hop in a car to find some hipster Concerned at how quickly he seems to be rebounding, Lexi decideWhen Lexi Green s older brother, Charlie, starts plotting a road trip to find Adrian Wildes, a famous musician who s been reported missing, she s beyond confused Her brother hasn t said a nice word to her or left the couch since his girlfriend dumped him months ago but he ll hop in a car to find some hipster Concerned at how quickly he seems to be rebounding, Lexi decides to go along for the ride.Besides, Lexi could use the distraction The anger and bewilderment coursing through her after getting dumped by her pretentious boyfriend, Seth, has left her on edge As Lexi, Charlie, and their neighbor Zack hit the road, Lexi recalls bits and pieces of her short lived romance and sees, for the first time, what it truly was a one sided, coldhearted manipulation game Not only did Seth completely isolate her, but he took something from her that she didn t give him permission to The farther from home they get, the three uncover much than empty clues about a reclusive rocker s whereabouts Instead, what starts off as a car ride turns into an exploration of self as each of them faces questions they have been avoiding for too long Like the real reason Charlie has been so withdrawn lately What Seth stole from Lexi in the pool house And if shattered girls can ever put themselves back together.
    Megan Frazer Blakemore
    Megan Frazer Blake is an author for children and young adults She lives with her husband and children in Maine She has worked in both school and public libraries, and is currently pursuing a doctorate in library science at Simmons SLIS.

    Good and Gone By Megan Frazer Blakemore


    I received an advance copy of this book for free Thanks to HarperCollins and Edelweiss This was a contemporary road trip story, about three teens looking for a missing pop star.I liked Lexi in this and I felt bad for what had happened to her I liked the way she looked out for her brother though, especially when he wasn t acting like himself The storyline in this was about Lexi, her bother Charlie, and their next door neighbour Zack going off on a road trip looking for a missing pop star They tra [...]

    Sophie Elaina
    This book left me feeling so emotional Even though it took a while to really get invested in the story and these characters, I did eventually and I really enjoyed the ride.The book follows protagonist Lexi A girl who s been through some tough situations While working on how to cope with what has happened to her she realises that other members of her family aren t doing too good either Like her brother Charlie, she doesn t know why he s acting so differently but she sees that he needs help, the h [...]

    Wow What a tangle of emotions In the best way There is an unguarded truth to this story, an earnest rawness that is at times hilarious and heartbreaking It touches on so many important points unhealthy abusive relationships, mental health and depression, and when it is time to let go and when it is important to hang on with all your might When Lexi s brother Charlie suggests a road trip to locate missing pop star, Adrian Wildes, Lexi is shocked Charlie hasn t moved from the couch since he broke [...]

    Ms. Yingling
    Too young adult for my group Lots of introspection, plus some salty language early on A surprise from this author Decent road trip book with high school college problems, though.

    Lexi and her brother Charlie go on a road trip, searching for a missing rock star At first it seems like they are going in order to escape thoughts of their failed relationships As the book progresses, the reader begins to realize there s a lot than a couple of teenage breakups going on Very, very good YA fiction.

    Sam Kozbial
    Good and Gone delivered a complex story than I was expecting, and I loved every second of it This was an important road trip for the Greene siblings, because it helped them find a way back to each other and themselves Pro Sibling stories love them Lexi and Charlie s relationship was quite strained at the onset of the story, but while on the road trip, they reminisced and also confessed the secrets they were harboring and this precipitated their reconciliation Pro There was a lot of great banter [...]

    Jazmen This Girl Reads A lot
    Road tripping with a purpose, Good and Bad is a journey, the reader won t soon forget Lexi s brother, Charlie, is in a slump One day he was away at school, the next, he s a permanent fixture in the house, on the couch, and in every crevice of the house dripping depression on every crevice of the house.But, Lexi is dealing with her own stuff and she has no time to coddle her older brother who she believes is only heartbroken over a recent breakup She was terrible, he should be relieved, so why is [...]

    Road trip novel that feels a little bland, too many issues going on here for anyone to clearly get resolution The FTC requires that I disclose that I received a free copy of the book from the publisher.

    Caroline Fosse
    TW RAPE, DEPRESSION, SUICIDAL THOUGHTS, EMOTIONAL ABUSEGood and Gone by Meghan Frazer Blake is the story about Lexi Green who decides to join her older brother on a road trip to find Adrian Wilders, a famous musician who s been reported missing They haven t talked much since his girlfriend dumped him, and Lexi could use the distraction This book is based around the disappearance of Adrian Wilders, and joining her brother was her own decision, yet she doesn t really ask why and continuously compl [...]

    Angel (by my bookshelf)
    I received an ARC from Edelweiss in exchange of an honest review.Good and Gone was not exactly an easy read but it was blunt and I liked it The story played with my emotions and made me realize that is probably exactly what I will think in a given situation.I was annoyed at first at Lexi s brother Charlie because she thinks he is the way he is because of his ex I did not understand why Lexi kept reminding me of her relationship with her ex However, these events led up to a satisfying explanation [...]

    John Clark
    Fifteen year old Lexi has been so busy building walls in the past few months, it takes her a while to realize her older brother, Charlie has not only not been functioning, but has maybe dropped out of college Thinking his funk is the result of being dumped by his long time girlfriend, she, because of the reasons causing her to build most of her emotional fortress, thinks he should just get over it When a popular singer, Adrien Wildes, disappears from his tour bus in Pennsylvania, Charlie becomes [...]

    This book was very raw and dove right into ideas and circumstances that are very complex and deep Overall, it was very good The characters were very multi dimensional and you could see how they developed and began to figure out themselves as the story progressed While I loved the book I did have several problems with it I felt like the synopsis took away the mystery of the book and gave too much information, taking away that mystery aspect of Lexi and Seth s past I also feel as if there could ha [...]

    I enjoyed this book However I did have some issues with it Overall I sympathized with the main character Lexi She s a likable character and as the book goes on you really understand why she is the way she is I felt that the dynamic between her and her brother was really relatable and true to lifeIGGER WARNINGS rape, depression, suicidal thoughts, verbally emotionally abusive significant otherI have not personally dealt with any of these triggers but I will say that I felt the depression plot lin [...]

    Lexi s brother hasn t gotten off the couch in months, after being dumped and dropping out college When he suddenly decides he cares deeply about the disappearance of celebrity, Adrian Wildes, Lexi has no choice but to watch over him as he drags them on a road trip of snark and discovery An great, easy read about depression, identity, and relationship patterns I wish we had gone further into Zack s life It would have been nice to read a story about three struggling teens, instead of the story of [...]

    Carla A
    I don t know why I expected from this title It had some good moments but over all pretty average Spoiler enters some interesting ground when the authors main protagonist reveals that she was raped by her boyfriend but stays with him Very complex but too many weak parts in between to sustain interesting parts like the a fore mentioned.

    A book that is packed with timely issues for all teens to be aware of and talking about It took me some time to warm up to Lexi but in the end, I understood her better Lots of different emotions throughout this book Thanks to the author for providing an ARC for my review.

    A classic YA road trip novel that tackles current issues Blake does a great job with the dialogue This felt very different than her other books I liked the edgy wit For fans of John Green and David Arnold.

    1.5 Stars

    I would have liked this book if the main characters had had as much depth as the secondary characters.

    Danielle (Life of a Literary Nerd)
    This honestly didn t hold my interest at all I didn t feel compelled to read it like I expected it s a roadtrip story, I should love it But I just couldn t latch onto the characters I also found the before after format to be lacking It wasn t clear what the even that caused the before after until later One part I really LOVED was how the Once Upon a Time quote built from chapter to chapter It was fantastical and beautiful.

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      374 Megan Frazer Blakemore
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