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  • Title: Mr Norris Changes Trains
  • Author: Christopher Isherwood
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  • Mr Norris Changes Trains By Christopher Isherwood Alternate cover for 0099771411 9780099771418On a train to Berlin in late 1930, William Bradshaw locks eyes with Arthur Norris, an irresistibly comical fellow Englishman wearing a rather obvious wig and nervous about producing his passport at the frontier So begins a friendship conducted in the seedier quarters of the city, where Norris runs a dubious import export businesAlternate cover for 0099771411 9780099771418On a train to Berlin in late 1930, William Bradshaw locks eyes with Arthur Norris, an irresistibly comical fellow Englishman wearing a rather obvious wig and nervous about producing his passport at the frontier So begins a friendship conducted in the seedier quarters of the city, where Norris runs a dubious import export business and lives in excited fear of his bullying secretary, his creditors, and his dominatrix girlfriend, Anni As the worldwide economic Depression strangles the masses and the Communists make a desperate stand against Fascism and war, Norris sells himself as political orator, spy, and double agent He also sells his friends Like its companion novel, Goodbye to Berlin, Mr Norris Changes Trains offers unforgettable characters struggling in the vortex as the Nazis rise to power.
    Christopher Isherwood
    Christopher Isherwood was a novelist, playwright, screen writer, autobiographer, and diarist He was also homosexual and made this a theme of some of his writing He was born near Manchester in the north of England in 1904, became a U.S citizen in 1946, and died at home in Santa Monica, California in January 1986.Isherwood was the grandson and heir of a country squire, and his boyhood was privileged With a school friend, Wystan Auden, he wrote three plays The Dog Beneath the Skin 1932 , The Ascent of F6 1936 , and On the Frontier 1938 Isherwood tells the story in his first autobiography, Lions and Shadows.In 1925, Isherwood was asked to leave Cambridge University after writing joke answers on his second year exams He briefly attended medical school, and progressed with his first two novels, All the Conspirators 1928 and The Memorial 1932 In 1930, he moved to Berlin where he taught English, dabbled in communism, and enthusiastically explored his homosexuality His experiences there, provided the material for Mr Norris Changes Trains 1935 and Goodbye to Berlin 1938 , still his most famous book.In Berlin in 1932, he also began an important relationship with a young German, Heinz Neddermeyer, with whom he fled the Nazis in 1933 Neddermeyer was refused entry to England on his second visit in 1934, and the pair moved restlessly about Europe until they were finally separated when Neddermeyer was arrested by the Gestapo in May 1937.In 1938, Isherwood sailed with Auden to China to write Journey to a War 1939 , about the Sino Japanese conflict They returned to England and Isherwood went on to Hollywood to look for movie writing work He also became a disciple of the Ramakrishna monk, Swami Prabhavananda, head of the Vedanta Society of Southern California He decided not to take monastic vows, but he remained a Hindu for the rest of his life, serving, praying, and lecturing in the temple every week and writing a biography, Ramakrishna and His Disciples 1965.In 1945, Isherwood published Prater Violet, fictionalizing his first movie writing job in London in 1933 1934 In Hollywood, he spent the start of the 1950s fighting his way free of a destructive five year affair with an attractive and undisciplined American photographer, William Caskey Caskey took the photographs for Isherwood s travel book about South America, The Condor and The Cows 1947 Isherwood s sixth novel, The World in the Evening 1954 , written mostly during this period, was less successful than earlier ones.In 1953, he fell in love with Don Bachardy, an eighteen year old college student born and raised in Los Angeles They were to remain together until Isherwood s death In 1961, Isherwood and completed the final revisions to his new novel Down There on a Visit 1962 Their relationship nearly ended in 1963, and Isherwood moved out of their Santa Monica house This dark period underpins Isherwood s masterpiece A Single Man 1964.Isherwood wrote another novel, A Meeting by the River 1967 , about two brothers, but he gave up writing fiction and turned entirely to autobiography In Kathleen and Frank 1971 , he drew on the letters and diaries of his parents In Christopher and His Kind 1976 , he returned to the 1930s to tell, as a publicly avowed homosexual, the real story of his life in Berlin and his wanderings with Heinz Neddermeyer The book made him a hero of gay liberation and a national celebrity all over again but now in his true, political and personal identity His last book, My Guru and His Disciple 1980 , records with similar honesty his conversion to Hinduism and his devotion to Swami Prabhavanandaherwoodfoundation bi

    Mr Norris Changes Trains By Christopher Isherwood


    William Bradshaw, an Englishman living in Berlin, meets on the train Mr Norris He is remarkable and I may even say sophisticated person by turns charming and crafty, narcissistic and vain, his manners and attire are elegant and impeccable and his approach to life may be summed up in his own words I only wish to have three sorts of people as my friends, those who are very rich, those who are very witty, and those who are very beautiful.No wonder that from the first moment William is fascinated by [...]

    Jeffrey Keeten
    What repels me now about Mr Norris is its heartlessness It is a heartless fairy story about a real city in which human beings were suffering the miseries of political violence and near starvation The wickedness of Berlin s night life was of the most pitiful kind the kisses and embraces, as always, had price tags attached to them, but here the prices were drastically reduced in the cut throat competition of an over crowded market As for the monsters , they were quite ordinary human beings prosaic [...]

    This is one of Isherwood s Berlin novels almost an historical novel of the last years of the Weimar Republic and was published in 1935 Isherwood was part of a group of young English writers and poets who found England repressive and sought a form of exile this is also partly a novel of exile the group included Auden and Spender as well Berlin was the choice for Isherwood, mainly because an elderly relative had warned him against it, saying it was the vilest place since Sodom Of course for gay me [...]

    Impressive and rich in the anecdotal department I wholly agree that the book lacks a true plot It is of a character study, of the flamboyant unpredictable Arthur Norris whose nature embodies the joie de vivre of the true bohemian his mishaps with the stirrings up of the Nazi party relevant as much today as EVER are part of true history, and another plus for the short novel As part of The Berlin Tales of which I am henceforth bewitched I mean, we yet have to meet Sally Bowles, ain t we , it is a [...]

    Barry Pierce
    It s nice to be back with Isherwood This novel is nice Well, it s Isherwood nice Meaning it s all great until something horrible happens and then he stamps on your heart and never looks back This is a fantastic study of male friendship in the 30s aka hella gay and of the rise of Nazism It odd seeing just how much the people in this novel don t like Hitler or the Nazis even though this was published in 1933, they don t even know what s coming I must read Isherwood and so must you If you haven t [...]

    A captivating novel about a duplicitous friendship set against the backdrop of a country in turmoil Mr Norris Changes Trains was the first book I have read by Christopher Isherwood since my teens, back in the 1970s, and I am delighted to report that Christopher Isherwood is every bit as good as I had remembered Mr Norris Changes Trains was published in 1933 and along with Goodbye to Berlin is drawn from Isherwood s experiences as an expatriate living in Berlin during the early 1930s.William Brad [...]

    He had an animal innocence, Isherwood sums up Mr Norris no, I mean Gerald Hamilton 1890 1970 , the flamboyant and flabby rogue who inspired Mr Norris The 2 met, presumably, in Berlin where Issyvoo lived fr 1929 33 This may be the coolest and finest book Isherwood wrote If he groused about it years later, it s because he was probably ashamed of his own political naivete.I don t think Gerald Hamilton had any innocence at all But his bewigged and painted self gave birth to a wonderful fictional cha [...]

    This novel begins with William Bradshaw, a young English tutor, meeting the slightly ridiculous Mr Arthur Norris on a train to Berlin Mr Norris is nervous at having to present his passport, elusive about what he does and, with his rather obvious wig and odd habits, does not seem as though he is a character to take seriously at first However, this chance meeting results in a firm friendship and, fairly soon, William is visiting his new friend frequently and becomes involved in his disreputable li [...]

    Our voices sounded so absurd that I could have laughed out loud We were like two unimportant characters in the first act of a play, put there to make conversation until it is time for the chief actor to appear.A sweetly nostalgic look backwards at what unexpectedly becomes nostalgia the half understood, the loony, the unexplained and the senseless as they begin to morph into the storyline of what we remember And into what we end up calling human nature, once we have some perspective on the past. [...]

    Berlin in the 30s, the political unrest grows but the demimonde parties on The narrator, William Bradshaw, lives there nicely as an expat giving English classes and enjoying life This is pretty much all that we know about him, he doesn t even explicitly reveal his sexual orientation In fact, this first person narrative tells us very little about narrator and focuses entirely on the person of Mr Norris, a perfect English gentlemen, a charming scoundrel William meets Mr Norris on the train in the [...]

    An entertainment set during the growth of the Nazi party It actually works too Published before things went horribly wrong in Europe this collection of events chronicling the friendship of Mr Norris and Mr Bradshaw stands the test of time and history remarkably well.As Isherwood himself said of this novel much later in his life, it is shallow and it is filled with frivolity whilst being set during a dark time in world history, but that doesn t change the fact that it is an enjoyable read perhaps [...]

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    Mr Norris Changes Trains was written in that twilight period of the 1930s when it did not pay to admit that one was gay Consequently, there is a lot of shuffling around of characters who are made to appear moderately, if not actively heterosexual very much like Marcel Proust earlier on, whose Albertine was actually his Italian chauffeur Alfred Agostinelli.I am convinced that Christopher Isherwood would have livened up even an edition of Bradshaw a regularly published columnar railroad timetable [...]

    Christopher Isherwood wrote the fictional Mr Norris Changes Trains based on his experiences in Berlin in the early 1930s He left England to work in Berlin as an English tutor since Berlin was much liberal toward homosexuals The character William Bradshaw named after Isherwood s middle names acts as a narrator and an observer in the book.Mr Norris, based on Isherwood s friend, Gerald Hamilton, is a charming, nervous, middle aged man whose lifestyle is supported by conning people, selling secrets [...]

    When I read Goodbye to Berlin, I innocently thought that the anti semitism in it belonged to the characters Now, reading Mr Norris Changes Trains, I see that isn t so The anti semitic comments are gratuitously those of the author Still, I wondered If he were living in Germany, was it that he felt it made him safe throwing in just a few words in a few places to prove his credentials But now I see that his private words have always been littered with this abhorrent attitude, the so since he lived [...]

    I first read Mr Norris Changes Trains in 1984 God knows what I made of it then I wanted to read some Isherwood after reading Eric Larson s book about Berlin in the 1930s I wanted to see what a fictional representation of this era looked like It s a strange and slight novel The narrator presents as being gullible and na ve The Mr Norris of the title is entirely untrustworthy In a way, these three qualities echo some key elements of the times but despite this overlay, the author doesn t do much wi [...]

    Lorenzo Berardi
    When a friend of mine heard that I was reading a book titled Mr Norris Changes Trains , the first thing he said was Chuck, I suppose.Poor Christopher Isherwood Had he known about the main badass character of Walker Texas Ranger kicking his Arthur Norris out of common knowledge, I m sure he would have chosen to call him differently By the way, popular culture betrayed Isherwood twice here Just tell a female friend of yours what given name the surname Bradshaw the main narrator of this novel bring [...]

    Absolutely five stars What a gem I loved it A classic More to say later.I m keen to know who the Helen Pratt character is based on.

    MR NORRIS CHANGES TRAINS 1935 Christopher Isherwood .This was one of my Christmas gifts this past Christmas It was the Folio Society edition published by them in 1990, containing illustrations by Beryl Cook, and an introduction by Samuel Hynes In it, we get to follow the adventures of Mr Arthur Norris, as observed by Mr William Bradshaw The two men first met each other as fellow passengers in a first class compartment on a train in Germany Two different men could not be imagined Mr Norris was t [...]

    In una Berlino ancora inconsapevole di quanto nefasto sar il Nazismo, ancora immune dalla paura subdola e infettiva che, di l a breve, avrebbe coinvolto tutti, un giovane insegnante di Inglese si imbatte in Mr Arthur Norris e nella sua rete di intrighi internazionali La mancanza quasi totale di sincerit da parte del sig.Norris non vieta per al narratore e al lettore di provare per lui una simpatia bonaria del resto, dire la verit , per questo inguaribile vizioso, sarebbe scadere nella volgarit M [...]

    K.E. Coles
    Loved, loved, loved this Just my cup of tea Narrator, William Bradshaw is a witty, mildly exasperated, English teacher He meets Arthur Norris, an unfailingly polite, rather dodgy character on a train and what follows is an absolute delight to read.Will write a proper review when I get a mo

    Literary Relish
    Written in 1935 as the first of his Berlin Novels Goodbye to Berlin being the second Isherwood writes the story of his alter ego, teacher William Bradshaw who, on a train travelling from Holland into Berlin, encounters and subsequently forms an intriguing friendship with Arthur Norris a hilarious, evasive, effeminate and often rather sinister middle aged man.As the mystique surrounding his new found friend and his occupation grows, Bradshaw follows Arthur around pre war Berlin From party to rest [...]

    A down and out English gentleman with a slippery past and dubious intentions, a brutal and ubiquitous secretary who knows too much, a boxer turned Communist street brawler, a monocled baron with a queer penchant for young adult fiction, and an odd assortment of blackmailers, bankrupts, and Nazis make up the eccentric cast of Christopher Isherwood s semi autobiographical novel Mr Norris Changes Trains 1935 Through the eyes of Willie Bradshaw, a naive young Englishman living in Berlin, we watch th [...]

    Set in the early thirties in Berlin, Mr Norris changes trains is a slow paced novel, recounting the adventures of William Bradshaw, an English expatriate As the Weimar Republic stumbles to an end, the narrator portrays the seedy atmosphere of the capital Associating with radicals whether Nazis or communists , petty criminals and prostitutes, na ve Bradshaw takes part in the secrets and political schemes surrounding his new friend without truly scraping at the varnish covering Norris mysterious p [...]

    The other of Christopher Isherwood s Berlin books is a proper novel as opposed to inter connected short stories A young man becomes involves with the twice as big as life Mr Norris a charming rogue, crook and scoundrel This is a gently humorous story of the friendship between the two and the various misadventures which arise, and the easy tone means that the gradual emergence of the Nazis is even disturbing although since this was published in 1935, Isherwood didn t know how disturbing things w [...]

    Mais uma obra prima de Christopher Isherwood O seu dom nio da narrativa de um virtuoso.

    Anuja Harpale
    Was hella excited before starting the novel Life in Berlin in the early 1930 s lets see how the devil state was created was surprisingly painted as pretty quotidian The novel mostly spans the frivolous relationships of the central characters presumed to be closeted gay bi men You can sometimes see history unfolding through the tiny windows that the author provides occasionally It does a good job of illustrating how the masses couldn t have foreseen the horrors they were unleashing onto the world [...]

    Matthew Marcus
    I can see why this book would have become a bit of a modern classic set in 1930s Germany, and published a few years before everything really kicked off, its warnings about Hitler and rising instability and violence gain a prophetic air with hindsight In addition, the eponymous Mr Norris must clearly have been an instant hit with his colourful fruitiness one imagines that Withnail s Uncle Monty was basically a direct transplant from these pages.For my own money though this turned out to be a bit [...]

    While working as a private tutor in Berlin in the 1930s, the English author Christopher Isherwood wrote Mr Norris Changes Trains, a novel set in the city during the final years of the Weimar Republic Despite the troubled times of its setting, Mr Norris is a warm and engaging story which charts the somewhat peculiar friendship that develops between two men following a chance encounter on a train.The novel is narrated by William Bradshaw, a young Englishman living in Berlin As the story opens, Bra [...]

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