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  • Title: A Boy in Winter
  • Author: Rachel Seiffert
  • ISBN: 9780307908834
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Hardcover

  • A Boy in Winter By Rachel Seiffert From the award winning author of the Booker Prize short listed The Dark Room a startling portrait of the Nazis arrival in Ukraine as they move to implement the final solution.Otto Pohl, an engineer overseeing construction of a German road in Ukraine, awakens to the unexpected sight of SS men herding hundreds of Jews into an old brick factory Inside the factory, EphrFrom the award winning author of the Booker Prize short listed The Dark Room a startling portrait of the Nazis arrival in Ukraine as they move to implement the final solution.Otto Pohl, an engineer overseeing construction of a German road in Ukraine, awakens to the unexpected sight of SS men herding hundreds of Jews into an old brick factory Inside the factory, Ephraim anxiously scans the growing crowd, looking for his two sons As anxious questions swirl around him Where are they taking us How long will we be gone he can t quell the suspicion that it would be just like his oldest son to hole up somewhere instead of lining up for the Germans, and just like his youngest to follow .Yasia, a farmer s daughter who has come into town to sell produce, sees two young boys slinking through the shadows of the deserted streets and decides to offer them shelter As these lives become and intertwined Rachel Seiffert s prose rich with a rare compassion, courage, and emotional depth, an unflinching story is told of survival, of conflicting senses of duty, of the oppressive power of fear and the possibility of courage in the face of terror.
    Rachel Seiffert
    Rachel Seiffert is one of Virago s most critically acclaimed contemporary novelists Her first book, The Dark Room, 2001 was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize, and made into the feature film Lore In 2003, she was named one of Granta s Best of Young British Novelists, and in 2011 she received the EM Forster Award from the American Academy of Arts and Letters Field Study, her collection of short stories published in 2004, received an award from PEN International Her second novel, Afterwards 2007 and third novel The Walk Home 2014 , were both longlisted for the Orange Baileys Prize Her books have been published in eighteen languages.Seiffert s subject is ordinary lives in extraordinary times Her characters have included the 12 year old daughter of an SS officer in 1945, a Polish seasonal worker on a German asparagus farm after the fall of the iron curtain, and most recently a young Ukrainian man faced with the choice between resistance and collaboration during the Nazi occupation.Rachel Seiffert has taught creative writing at Goldsmiths College and Glasgow University, and delivered seminars at the Humboldt University Berlin, Manchester University, and the Faber Academy in London, amongst others she is a returning tutor at the Arvon Foundation Her particular interest is teaching writing in schools, delivering workshops for the East Side Side Educational Trust in Hackney, Wellington College in Berkshire, and a number of state secondaries in south east London She is currently Writer in Residence at Haseltine School in SE26.

    A Boy in Winter By Rachel Seiffert


    Angela M
    I held my breath at one point a little than halfway through this short but extremely powerful story I was stunned, perhaps expecting it, but not ready for it Who could be, really Certainly not the crowd of Jews rounded up by the Nazis in this small town in Ukraine in 1941 as the German occupation begins Everything that happens before this slowly leads up to it and everything after it is burdened by it A few days in the lives of a few people, experiencing fear and confusion, the desire to surviv [...]

    Diane S ☔
    The Ukraine, 1941, the Germans arrive to round up the Jews, and five different characters will be caught up in the horror and terror of these days A young girl from the countryside trying to locate her boyfriend, two Jewish boys who run away rather than reporting to the warehouse as the Germans ordered, a engineer hired to build the roads and the young man, escaping from the defeated Russian army, who makes a very bad decision.This is a sparingly written novel, a novel that needs to be taken as [...]

    3.5 StarsBeautifully written, vivid prose that is effective in its storytelling as it is in its depiction of war and its ugliness A boy in winter is a novel set in the Ukraine in 1941 after the retreat of the Soviet Army and the arrival of the German Soldiers who are greeted by the peasants with food in the hope that life under German occupation may be tolerable than that endured under Soviet collectivisation A short but powerful story, dark and yet hopeful a story where human kindness can be m [...]

    Lewis Weinstein
    This is a powerful story told in superb fashion Seiffert manages to bring forward many aspects of German brutality against Jews and others in the Ukraine shortly after the invasion of Russia Her choice of characters to present the story is outstanding, her prose is spare yet descriptive not a word wasted , and the plot is compelling Seiffert brilliantly trusts the reader to add the parts she does not tell, which enhances the reading experience mightily.There is also the intriguing way she uses t [...]

    The sheer barbarity and unthinkable horror of the Holocaust begs a question how should literary writers, most of whom were not alive in those times, portray such a heinous event in literature Some use their art to transcend the Holocaust and prove that in the arc of history, art will always trump evil among these works are White Hotel, Mischling, and Zone of Interest The vast majority of works, however, exploit it to provide readers with a sense of moral outrage combined with a satisfying sense [...]

    Claire Fuller
    I really enjoyed the clear, sparse writing, and the descriptions of the landscape, especially towards the end of the book It was in the final third that it really picked up for me, even though sometimes I felt I wanted focus on particular characters The horrors of what happened in the Ukranian town were very well handled perfectly underplayed so that much was left to my imagination But early in the novel I felt like the tension was a little lacking, with a lot of time spent with not much happen [...]

    Possibly the best thing I ve read this year Clean, clear writing that was an uncomplicated pleasure to read The story itself is heartrending and compellingly good, at times unputdownable if extremely disturbing in places Highly recommend.

    Terri Jacobson
    A Boy in Winter takes place in a small Ukrainian town overrun by the Nazis early in World War II We follow the story through the eyes of Ephraim, a Jewish optician rounded up by the SS Otto Pohl, a German engineer trying to avoid knowledge of or participation in atrocities Yasia, a 17 year old young woman longing to be with her fianc who is now a policeman and Yankel and Momik, 2 lost young boys on their own.The writing is powerful, simple, almost austere Much of the story is left unsaid it s le [...]

    It s plain to me shy Seiffert was long listed for the Booker Her writing is elegant and haunting at once Some parts of this World War Two drama were horrific but Seiffert takes it down a notch so the inevitable goings on such as a round up of Ukrainian citizens by the occupying German army almost comes as a surprise There s also the irony of the Germans building a road to better get through this near wilderness and on to the next stop and the performance of atrocities and they employ, indenture [...]

    Eric Anderson
    Whenever I read a description of another new novel dealing with The Holocaust I feel a little twinge of uncertainty Despite being one of the most horrific acts of genocide in the past century it s a subject that s been covered in countless novels Is there anything new to say about this atrocity Of course there is Many novels from Audrey Magee s The Undertaking to Ben Fergusson s The Spring of Kasper Meier have proven this to me But never has a novel I ve read about this period of history felt so [...]

    This snapshot of a village in Ukraine during three days in 1941 is not a happy picture It is bone chilling cold, the occupying Nazis are brutally herding Jews into the old school house, there s not enough to eat, everyone is suspicious and afraid and hiding Two Jew boys have avoided the roundup and are now keeping to the shadows One is older, maybe a teenager, and the other is a toddler They Are.Terrified This is not a color snapshot It is desolate black and white and shades of gray The clouds, [...]

    Mary Lins
    First of all, A Boy in Winter is a strange title for this novel by Rachel Seiffert, because it s not really about a specific boy It s about a collection of characters in the Ukraine during the fall and winter of 1941 1942, as the German SS rounds up Jews in towns and villages across the country Various points of view are a 17 year old farm girl, two young Jewish boys in hiding their family having been captured , a German engineer pressed into service to build a road for the Reich, an SS Officer [...]

    In a New York Times book review by Liesl Schillinger of A Boy In Winter, I read the following about the author, Rachel Seiffert, Her abiding concern, ever since she learned as a child that her German maternal grandparents had supported Hitler s Reich her grandfather as a doctor in the Waffen SS, her grandmother as a Nazi Party member , has been to explore the motivations, contradictions and weaknesses of the bystanders, victims and perpetrators of the Holocaust How does it feel to be on the wron [...]

    I was unfamiliar with this author, but discovered as I read that she capably told her story with remarkable brevity, clarity and pathos Seiffert s small book tells of three days following the Nazi assault on an Ukranian town Most of this involves three characters Yasia, a young farm girl Ephraim, a Jewish merchant, victim of Nazi captivity and Pohl, a German engineer suffering much disillusionment with the criminal activities surrounding him Also, of importance, is the difficult, heart rending j [...]

    The writing in Rachel Seiffert s A Boy in Winter is stark than poetic The novel felt effective with regard to the way in which she followed different characters affected by the German invasion quite a thoughtful and varied mixture was used, which increased the scope of the work I did not enjoy A Boy in Winter as much as I expected to when I began, and as far as novels about the Second World War go, Seiffert s work would not feature in any lists of my favourites However, the final third of the n [...]

    Wendy Greenberg
    Seiffert returns to similar story strands as in Dark Room but from different perspectives I really liked the cornerstone being that the German invasion and occupation of Ukraine in 1941 can be re told in endless ways building a landscape of populations, people, places, attitudes and how individuals react in dangerous times.We see rounding up of Jews and their shooting into huge burial trenches.We see unworldly Germain conscripts being given vast amounts of booze to carry out their tasks.We see v [...]

    t took me a while to get into this novel and wasn t sure whether I would even continue to read this novel as I found it so slow going for some time I have also read quite a lot of books over the past year about the Holocaust and although this story is set on the Ukraine, I have been to Poland and heard the stories how Jews were treated, the horrors suffered under the Nazis I think one could say that this book just wasn t for me.My thanks to Netgalley and the Publishers for giving me the opportun [...]

    This is the story of a small Ukrainian town that is overrun by the German SS in 1941 It is told from the point of view of several different characters whose lives are overturned There is a Jewish family headed by Ephraim and his wife Miryam who are herded into a factory building with many other Jews from the area Their two sons Yankel and Momik are missing and Ephraim fears Yankel may have decided to escape with his younger brother There is a German engineer, Otto Pohl, who considers the war cri [...]

    Rachel Seiffert has visited World War II and European society under the Nazis before In this novel, a small Ukranian town is overtaken by the Nazis, and all Jews are to report for transport to where, they do not know The novel is told from the points of view of several different characters a teenage farm girl, a Jewish mother and father whose sons have escaped the round up, a Russian army deserter who joins up with the invaders, an engineer assigned to assist with the transport, and an SS office [...]

    This is a beautifully written but somber tale of a fictionalized incident during a very dark period in history, the Nazi occupation of Eastern Europe It is fall 1941 and Hitler has invaded Ukraine This book focuses on one small unnamed village where the SS have taken over and have started rounding up the Jews The author s attention is focused on two families, one Jewish and one not Neither knows the other and yet their lives intersect in the course of one short week in September Seiffert examine [...]

    Anna Carr
    1 star for this prejudiced disgrace of a book is too much 0.5 is appropriate, with half a star to acknowledge the author s ability to spell I think that when you pick a sensitive topic like the collaboration of Ukrainians with the nazi invaders, you just have to learn you math When you say that Ukrainians supported fascists because they ran away from Stalin and got seduced by Hitler s promises of prosperity, oh you ve got to study the crap out of archives or interviews whatever your sources are [...]

    This book is a snapshot of events that occurred in the Ukraine in 1941 The Soviets have retreated as the Germans begin their occupation and attack on Russia.This books deals with moments and different perspectives The characters we are introduced to are well crafted and we experience their individual situations and dilemmas.There is a scene in the middle of the novel that just chilled me A person had the power to save lives but his ignorance caused him to take a moral high ground that had no sub [...]

    I was warned that I wouldn t like it, but the description was compelling enough to convince me to overcome those admonitions I should have heeded those warnings because it was not an enjoyable read Had the book not been so short I would have given up on it It s not that the writing is poor it s just that the story and the plot lack real substance There s no connection with the characters and the story isn t unique to the genre to make it stand out as anything but a poor attempt to piggyback on o [...]

    This powerful and haunting novel is set in a small Ukrainian town in 1941 following the German invasion and the subsequent round up of the Jews It s a story we are all too familiar with but the taut, spare and measured prose effectively and atmospherically conveys the horror of the events that overwhelm the inhabitants while the tension is expertly controlled until the narrative reaches its unexpected climax.

    Barbara Nutting
    As I wipe away a tear a heart rending story of the Jewish extermination in the Ukraine in 1941 Wonderful characters and a good look at this horrible period as experienced through them Some parts are very hard to read I ll be the first to admit I knew nothing about the Ukraine before this book, so I googled it before I started reading This is a true, although fictionalized, happening sad as that may be.

    4 stars i felt every plodding step those taken by Yasia and the boys, trudging day after day through a winter s hell the Jews being herded, marched into a holding pen, slated for extermination.The author s keen talent, describing so clearly the inner conflicts and compromises of the main characters, brought each one s struggles alive for me 1941a small Ukrainian town the arrival of the Nazis.

    J.S. Dunn
    Solid, understated, but literary style, transports the reader to WWII Ukraine as the Germans push in and bring their horrors, a new batch than those of Stalin Short and to the point An enigmatic finale.

    3.5Ukraine, 1941, as the SS enters Stories intertwine I particularly admired how Seiffert depicted Otto s character and his inner conflicts Well written but to me, felt flat And, as a friend said, not a joyful read.

    A great read This gives a different perspective of the motives of all sides in WW2 and what happened in the Ukraine Very well written and the characters stay with you afterwards.

    I can t help thinking about the banality of true evil after reading this book Every single one of us makes choices every day that impact othersIn this time in America that is important to think about and reflect upon.

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