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  • Title: The Night Has Claws
  • Author: Kat Kruger
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  • Page: 187
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • The Night Has Claws By Kat Kruger The author deftly keeps all the furballs in the air Incorporating elements of myth and religion, history and modern science, Kruger s action packed thriller is a smart examination of teenaged alienation and rebellion, with fully fleshed out characters and just enough kitsch to appeal to a wide variety of readers Quill Quire When his DNA unlocked a cure for were The author deftly keeps all the furballs in the air Incorporating elements of myth and religion, history and modern science, Kruger s action packed thriller is a smart examination of teenaged alienation and rebellion, with fully fleshed out characters and just enough kitsch to appeal to a wide variety of readers Quill Quire When his DNA unlocked a cure for werewolves, Connor Lewis never imagined that would be the least of his concerns Now he s caught between two sides born werewolves who want to preserve their way of life and bitten humans who want to save others from suffering their same fate In the midst of a high stakes trial, werewolf hunters come calling, forcing Connor to make the decision of his life and figure out on which side of history he wants to stand.
    Kat Kruger
    Kat Kruger is a freelance writer with over ten years experience in the entertainment and gaming industries She has been a guest author at Hal Con Sci Fi, Fantasy Comic Convention , Animaritime, The Word on the Street Toronto and Halifax , and Eden Mills Writers Festival, and has held writing workshops at numerous libraries and schools In her spare time she enjoys playing online dungeon crawlers as well as tabletop and role playing games.

    The Night Has Claws By Kat Kruger


    Andrea (Cozy Up With A Good Read)
    This review and others can be found on Cozy Up With A Good ReadTHE NIGHT HAS CLAWS starts up right where we ended in THE NIGHT HAS TEETH, with a huge reversal in lives, we now see Connor as a werewolf and Arden has now become human I can say happily that this book does not fall into the second book problem that many trilogies have of information dumping and just lagging a little bit behind the other books because the story needs a bit of a segue Kat definitely keeps the surprises coming with thi [...]

    No sopho book problems No merely a bridge problems often found in the middle book of a trilogy The writing compelling and delightful, as is the story Another winner

    Won on First Reads, thank you very much.Mythology and mystery, and werewolves Review to come

    Originally reviewed on September 14, 2013 at canlitforlittlecanadianssWhen Kat Kruger ended her award winning first book in The Madgeburg Trilogy, The Night Has Teeth reviewed here on January 13, 2013 , it was bloody mayhem Really Seventeen year old Connor Lewis had learned that he is a pure werewolf whose nature was only revealed after born werewolf Amara had accidentally bitten him His special nature had drawn the attention of Henri Boguet, one of the bitten monsters , whose biotech company ha [...]

    After loving the first book in the Magdeburg Trilogy, The Night has Teeth, I had high hopes for the second book I m delighted to tell you that The Night has Claws did not disappoint Incorporating the characters I had adored with of Kruger s delightful writing and incredible take on werewolves, this book is even better than I was hoping.Conner and Arden have both been bitten recently only with entirely different outcomes Conner is still trying to navigate his new life as one of the fanged and fu [...]

    Anna (Enchanted by YA)
    I received the eBook free as a review copy from the author in exchange for an honest review The Night has Claws definitely does not fall for the middle book curse where the novelty of the writing and or plot gradually wears off and it s simply filler until the final book s conclusion It was just as original as the first book in The Magdeburg Trilogy and just as interesting.There was of course the occasional lull, which I expected since a lot of the mystery was revealed in the first book, yet Kat [...]

    Jennifer Rayment
    The Good Stuff Truly unique take on the werewolves genre, it actually felt very real and believable that this could be happening in our world Likeable characters that are flawed and so human and werewolf of course They feel like real people not characters Plenty of dark humour used in just the right places Really liked how the story is set in Paris and Germany, makes it believable setting with all the ancient gothic architecture and wild landscapes Love, love, love the cover Enjoyed the scenes [...]

    Liberty Gilmore
    The second instalment of the Magdeburg trilogy picks up exactly where it s predecessor left off With the mythology established and the characters already in a whole heap of mess, this makes for an exciting beginning of quite far reaching consequences.It s funny, because I accidentally read the first few chapters of this before reading The Night Has Teeth I forgot which one came first and I was utterly confused and overwhelmed Reading it now, having been on the journey of the first book, it s cle [...]

    Originally posted at Escape Through the Pages with the same rating.The Night has Claws by Kat Kruger follows immediately behind book number one, The Night has Teeth It continues Connor s story wonderfully and even allows us a deeper look at Madison through alternating points of view.Beginning during the final scenes of the first book, I admit to being slightly confused especially since the first part is in Madison s point of view I would definitely recommend doing a quick re read of the end of T [...]

    Paper Droids
    The second book in Kat Kruger s Magdeburg trilogy manages to avoid the sopho slump right from the first page The story, which left off with newly bitten Connor Lewis and the science fiction turned political intrigue of werewolf society, opens again in media res, hot on the heels of a battle, in a graveyard Kruger balances the themes of science fiction and werewolf politics, which in less skilled hands might seem cold or dry, with beautifully imagistic prose, recalling the traditional Gothic stor [...]

    Carol Moreira
    Kat Kruger skillfully continues the unique story she started in The Night Has Teeth In the second in the trilogy, the reader is treated to of her original take on the werewolf genre some werewolves are born, some bitten The story is full of captivating weird science Kruger s writing is humorous and intelligent and the Paris Germany locations add to the excitement.

    Another one I forgot to update GUH College is kicking my butt Kat has a way of pulling you into her books and making it feel like a conversation instead of reading Both books in this series feel like a friend is sitting back telling you some shit that really just went down.I love it werewolves ya readthisshit

    Angela Misri
    Great follow up and I m loving how this sub community of werewolves is developing, it s both fascinating and a little chilling which I think is Kruger s goal I didn t like Madison until this book, but you ve turned me around, I am liking her and her voice much Nice work, can t wait till book 3

    Natalie Joan
    I should have reread book 1 before I started because it took a few chapters to get into this one, I was too busy trying to remember who was who, who I liked trusted and who I didn t An excellent follow up, and great set up for the third and final chapter soon to come

    I really enjoyed this book it was fast paced, lots of action, but intelligent too I really liked Connor, and felt for him as he battled both his inner and outer demons Read the full review blogatbookyoulike bi

    My one complaint errors in the French spelling and grammar Note if you re going to have a story set in Paris with French speaking characters AND you re going to actually have French in the book please get a first language French speaker to proof it.

    For all the fans who want to know about Madison and the wolves history Great second installment.

    Awesome read

    • UNLIMITED BOOK ☆ The Night Has Claws - by Kat Kruger
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