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  • Title: 7 Ate 9
  • Author: Tara Lazar Ross Macdonald
  • ISBN: 9781484717790
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Hardcover

  • 7 Ate 9 By Tara Lazar Ross Macdonald 6 has a problem.Everyone knows that 7 is always after him Word on the street is that 7 ate 9 If that s true, 6 s days are numbered Lucky for him, Private I is on the case But the facts just don t add up.It s odd.Will Private I put two and two together and solve the problem or is 6 next in line to be subtracted
    Tara Lazar Ross Macdonald
    Street magic performer Award winning ice sculptor Hog calling champion These are all things Tara Lazar has never been Instead, she prefers baking with her daughters, creating jewelry, and writing stories for children THE MONSTORE is her first book, inspired by her pesky little brother who is no longer so pesky Tara has several picture books to be published in the coming years I THOUGHT THIS WAS A BEAR BOOK and LITTLE RED GLIDING HOOD were both released in Fall 2015 NORMAL NORMAN came on the scene in 2016 WAY PAST BEDTIME and 7 ATE 9 THE UNTOLD STORY in bookstores Spring 2017.

    7 Ate 9 By Tara Lazar Ross Macdonald


    Fun play on words and a little math humor too Cute set up as a detective story that seeks to solve the mystery of the age old question Why is 6 afraid of 7

    Even though my nephew called 7 Ate 9 the math book , he still had fun Word on the street is that 7 ate 9 And now he s after me, said 6 Well, technically, he s always after you, I said There s 5, then 6, then 7 7 ate 9 is a fun play on words with a hard nosed, old school detective voice and mystery The case of the missing number nine has Detective I giggles hitting the streets asking numbers and letters what they know and what they ve seen.Did 7 really eat 9 Are 6 s days numbered Jump in and solv [...]

    Deb (Readerbuzz) Nance
    Private eye I yes, that s his name must solve the mystery of the missing 9 This is a book to read slowly, chuckle, and then read again Anyone who loves wildly delightful word play and number play, if there is such a thing needs to read this one.

    Chock full of puns by Tara Lazar and clever illustrations by Ross McDonald, this book turns the age old joke of Why was 6 afraid of 7 Because 7 ate 9 into a mystery that needs to be solved by Private I Not sure why we needed any other letters in this book about numbers though.

    As good as Tough Cookie by David Wisniewski Hard boiled detective fiction for the picture book crowd, featuring letters, numbers, and loads of puns.

    Brenda Kahn
    Read this punny mystery with your best Just the facts ma am voice Younger kids might not get much of the humor but middle school kids will.

    I won this book in a drawing.A wonderful children s book that is a parody of a PI novel The illustrations are great as well.

    D'Iberville Library
    A puntastic book of numbers Every page has mathematical puns sure to entertain kids as well as adults This story follows a Private Detective shaped like an I named Al F Bet as he tries to solve the mystery of what happened to 9 In a very detective noir plot, 6 rushed into the office upset because 7 was after him This plot develops unexpectedly but Al is not irrational See what I did there he knows that there is going on than meets the eye.Highly recommended

    This was a creative play on the numbers as a murder mystery No numbers were harmed in this story.

    Mathematical PI mystery, complete with LOTS of math jokes and puns This would go over best as a read aloud for elementary students who are familiar with concepts like odd and even numbers, multiplication division, etc Also a great gift for any math lover.

    This book is just too cute It practically forces you to pick it up and read it no matter your age.We ve all heard that timeless joke, Why was 6 afraid of 7 Because 7 ate 9 This book takes the opportunity to turn the question into a mystery that needs to be solved by Private I Full of all kinds of puns for words and numbers, this is sure to entertain the adult as well as the child they re probably reading it too.Highly recommend.

    Brooke Beeson-king
    So very clever with lots of word play and puns.

    A great punny twist on a classic children s joke that will amuse little ones and parents alike.

    Loved this witty picture book featuring a Private I detective and a zany cast of numbers So many fun puns

    What a fun and clever picture book this is Written in the style of an old time detective story, the number 6 comes to the office of a private investigator to get help 6 was sure that 7 was out to get him, since 7 ate 9, and he was always after 6 This sets off a whole mystery filled with number puns The illustrations are also drawn with old style city scenes This will get lots of laughs and giggles from young readers

    This is a book that is cute and clever, but may be trying too hard to be too many things If a parent is reading this book to a child, the parent and child will laugh at different things in the story Too many letter and number jokes will go over the heads of younger children, and the noir detective setting is a little odd in this case, which initially appears to involve violent cannibalism among numbers.Of course, that s based on a traditionally awful joke, so you re not supposed to take it serio [...]

    Kristina Jean Lareau
    Omg So Many Math puns.

    Maria Marshall
    This book is packed full of puns and math jokes Ross MacDonald played along with Tara Lazar and added many gags into the illustrations For instance, a slice of pi, for the price of 3.14 And the private detective s name painted on the door Inspector Al F Bet Even the end papers are a masterful series of puns 7 is the prime suspect Tara also managed to cram the story full of sayings related to the numbers seventh heaven nine lives This books begs for multiple reads, just to catch all the jokes in [...]

    I was dozing in his office when 6 came in looking for help 7 was after him There was a rumor going around that 7 ate 9 and now he was coming for 6 So I went out to figure out what was going on Following a series of clues after talking with letters and numbers, I deduced that 9 had disappeared but that 7 could not have eaten him since 7 was on vacation Suddenly, I figured it all out and realized exactly what was going on in this topsy turvy mystery.Filled with puns and jokes, this picture book is [...]

    Christina Carter
    You might think you know why 6 was always afraid of 7 but I am here to tell you that you only know a fraction of the story 9 goes missing and it is believed that 7 ate 9but did he really When 6 fears he may be next, he seeks out the help of Private I who quickly dives into the investigation Join Private I and 6 in the untold story of 7 Ate 9 and get the 4 1 1 on what really happened.Please note that Private I usually works exclusively with letters but he s made an exception for 6 in this case, w [...]

    Kristin Guay
    This comical story takes the Halloween joke Why is six afraid of seven, because seven ate nine to a whole new level Al F Bet , the private I is needed to help 6 in his concern that 7 is after him The reader follows I in his attempt to solve this problem, all the while extolling puns with numbers and math Comments like numbers are always stuck in problems , get to the root of this , and days are numbered , coupled with a slice of pi that costs 3.14, and even 10 being perfect all appeal to an olde [...]

    Sharon Coffey
    Mystery Numbers Puns 7 ATE 9, THE UNTOLD STORYWho doesn t love a good mystery This one is sure to satisfy your craving Complete with a good old fashioned private eye detective, an intriguing problem, and a cast of numerous characters, both odd and even The mathematical play on words, the true old time detective vernacular and puns add to the fun and laughter 6 has a problem Did 7eat 9 Is 7 after 6 No worries because Detective I is on the case Detective I says, But I knew about this 7 fella He wa [...]

    Mundie Moms & Mundie Kids
    One of my favorite picture books of the year A hilarious really fun read with a great who done it mystery for all ages Detective I is on the case of the missing number Did 7 eat 9 If so, who s next Could it be 6 6 is really worried 7 is out to get him next Or could another number be responsible for 9 s sudden and suspicious disappearance With Detective I hard on the case, readers will enjoy trying to solve the mystery as letters and numbers are question over 9 s disappearance Just be warned, not [...]

    Mark Daniels
    Author Tara Lazar and illustrator Ross MacDonald play off of the well know kid s joke Why is 6 afraid of 7 Because 7 ate 9 to create a truly fun, smart and original math based picture book Written with a heavy nod to classic detective crime fiction most adults will appreciate, the number six enlists the help of a Private I to uncover the root of a mystery Will Private I put two and two together and solve the case Full of word play, this is definitely one of the puniest children s books I ve ever [...]

    Capital I the private eye takes a case from scared number 6 7 is missing and so is 9 Word on the street is that 7 ate 9, and the worry is that 6 will be the next victim What follows is full of numerical puns and wordplay the waitress had the scoop the 8 hangs out on the corner of 2nd Ave 4th Street finally I put two and two together which will be fun for the savvy young reader and his or her adult story time companion I walks the city streets meeting 8, B, 11, and 5, and the mystery is solved wi [...]

    Maria Cubilla
    Summary6 barges into Private I s office exclaiming that 7 ate 9 and now 7 is after 6 It is at that moment that Private I decides to begin an investigation on 7 s whereabouts Private I asks all the numbers and letters in town, but no one spills the beans It wasn t until I spotted 6, that he put two and two together It was 9 all along 9 decided to frame 7 because 7 gets all the attention that he craves Soon enough 7 shows up, but there are no hard feelings.Activity Separate the students into 4 sma [...]

    Kristi Bernard
    The letter I is an Investigator or Private I He was visited in his office by the number 6, who was in a panic He claimed 7 was coming to get him because 7 ate 9 Of course, it was up to I to get to the bottom of things He started asking questions to 8, B, 11, 5 and didn t seem to be getting anywhere But, when he saw 6 crossing the street he d come to an interesting conclusion What do you think it was Author Tara Lazar is known for using exceptional word play in her stories and this one is no diff [...]

    Jamie Wenzl
    1 Why was 6 afraid of 7 Because 7 ate 8 9 Most everyone knows this classic joke, but what s the real story Private I the letter I is on the case to find out after 6 comes to his office claiming that 7 is after him.Can Private I crack the case Find out in this adorable, punny book 2 First, we would spend some time discussing the story itself After we would move on to our activity We would become private i s ourselves and follow the clues to solve the mystery the mystery itself may not be the same [...]

    Carrie Charley Brown
    If you haven t heard the word on the street about Seven Eight Ate Nine , you ll get an earful in this punny spin off story of the popular children s joke Author Tara Lazar manages to capture the signature narration style from classic whodunit films and movies Our main character narrator Private I , infuses humor and math puns as he takes on the case of a worried 6 Coupled with Ross MacDonald s 19th century printing press number characters, the timeless feel is stamped on every page As with all t [...]

    3.5 starsPuns, jokes, number fun in a film noir hard boiled detective tale While younger kids will like the initial joke 7 ate 9 , they won t get it all and it will need to be explained a bit But there is much fun with the number jokes numbers, always stuck in a problem 8 was at the corner of 2nd and 4th cafe serving pi for 3.14 and few letter ones as well our narrator is Private I, Al F Bet We even get some sayings thrown into the mix as we discover why 9 is jealous of 7.Illustrations have a re [...]

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