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  • Title: Turkey Flambé
  • Author: Nancy Fairbanks
  • ISBN: 9780425219041
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Paperback

  • Turkey Flambé By Nancy Fairbanks Food writer Carolyn Blue s book launch goes up in smoke when her turkey flamb results in two flaming birds getting tossed out the window leading to a young woman s death Now it s up to Carolyn to restore her reputation and find out who sabotaged her poultry party And she thought flamb ing was hard
    Nancy Fairbanks
    A pseudonym used by Nancy Herndon.Series A Culinary Mystery with Recipes

    Turkey Flambé By Nancy Fairbanks


    Turkey Flambe Nancy Fairbanks Carolyn Blue is a food writer , she has a gig in New York where her publisher decides to pull a publicity stunt To have her turkey recipe flambe Things go wrong and the turkeys blow up, explode , literally.It sounds funny but it is not, people get hurt during this stunt, one ends up in a coma Soon Carolyn is the number one suspect With her friend and side kick Luz, an ex cop they decide to investigate and clear Carolyn s name Several people have the motive to ruin C [...]

    Georgiann Hennelly
    Carolyn Blue is a forty something wife and mother who has decided to take on her dream job of being a food writer, now her life is filled with travel and exotic foods Now at her first book launch in New York everything has gone up in smoke When she flambe,s the turkeys at her editor,s urging two of the turkeys go up in flames People panic Someone throws the turkeys off the balcony into traffic causing an accident one hits the publisher.Suddenly Carolyn is accused of a terrorist attack on lower M [...]

    Tabby Kat
    Typically I like it when the bodies are human, not fowl, in my mysteries But Nancy Fairbanks provides us with turkey bodies all gussied up for the publish party held for Carolyn Blue s cookbook Eating Out in the Big Easy Pettigrew Publishing had taken its time getting the book out, so throwing the party to celebrate seemed like a good idea Although she wasn t very excited about the publisher s idea to flamb the turkey at the party, Carolyn decides to go along and ignite the two turkeys soaked in [...]

    A thoroughly enjoyable, delightfully silly, series The protagonist is a housewife turned food writer, who started her new career when she went to New Orleans with her husband, a university professor going to a chemistry conference Carolyn becomes a columnist, getting recipes wherever she goes, bringing in food history trivia, making it all entertaining In this book, the last I assume, since there hasn t been a new one in over 5 years , she goes to NYC for the launch of the book started in New Or [...]

    This was a lot better than I expected The story took place in NYC and with Carolyn Blue the recipe and cookbook writer who writes about recipes she finds during her travels This one was set at a book publishing house where she was launching her new cookbook She begins by flambeing her turkeys but they catch fire and burn the tablecloths and the ceiling and are thrown over the balcony into the streets causing accidents and international terrorism She must find out why that happened with the help [...]

    This one was better than many of the past volumes Carolyn didn t whine as much and Luz was enjoyable Also, her husband Jason, wasn t present either for her to whine about Flaming turkeys tossed on unsuspecting Manhattan passers by with resulting chaos and criminal charges.The only thing I can say is I m glad this series is over because Carolyn is the most annoying, uptight prissy main character I ve read in a while and can only think of a few who would compete with her ability to turn off a read [...]

    10 in the Culinary Food Writer series not 11 as shown in the title list Three Course Murder shown as 9, is actually an omnibus of series entries 1 3 At the moment, August 2012, it appears that Turkey Flambe is the final series entry Blood Pudding, shown as 12, has not been published indicates that publication date has not been announced and the author s website says that her torn ankle ligaments 2007 have delayed completion of the book Culinary Food Writer series Food writer Carolyn Blue s book [...]

    I enjoy the writing of these books, and the plots, even if a bit unbelievable It s the recipes which are reallyannoying me A blintz casserole recipe that starts by saying one should get two boxes of frozen blintes is just condescending And since we don t have frozen blintzes here, it s also annoying.The mystery this time takes place at the pre launch party for Carolyn Blue s oft dealyed cookbook, set in the pre Katrina New Orleans She s worried that the delay will cause people to avoid her book [...]

    The first few chapters of this novel were so funny I was laughing out loud The full on belly laughs that make people look strangly at you As for the rest of the novel was so so The story is told from the view points of several main characters changing voices every chapter or so I am not sure if I will seek out in this series or not.

    I love cozy mysteries, especially culinary ones, but this one was rather lacking for me First off, the crime was incredibly far fetched Secondly, the main heroine, Carolyn Blue, was way too ditzy and annoying for me I did like her sidekic, Luz, and she was what saved this for being too over the top.

    Alise HARRIS
    I would like these books a lot if it was just Luz and not Carolyn She is a naive priss Anyone going around saying Language to adults who cuss is someone I don t want to read about I classified this as Thanksgiving because it takes place in Novemeber and is about turkeys, but it doesn t actually take place on Thanksgiving.

    Carolyn can be so clueless about some things and trusting of some of the most unsavory characters you wonder how she manages to not be seriously hurt This doesn t make you dislike her or anything, you just kind of shake your head and keep reading to see what will happen next.

    This was a great, fun read with some fun recipes included While I am not completely enad of Fairbanks style, I really love her plots and her characters Carolyn Blue is outrageous, and yet somehow, very authentic.

    Mary Havlovic
    I liked the book

    a silly little book, a few recipes i wouldn t use

    The first chapter had me giggling out loud LOVE the characters

    Beth (MrsGinTN)
    WBC Read a book with a purple cover

    This book was great


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