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  • Title: Dragon Blue: A Lie That's True
  • Author: Macy Babineaux
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  • Page: 176
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  • Dragon Blue: A Lie That's True By Macy Babineaux Miranda Betts works as a waitress in a roadside diner in Oklahoma Her life will change when a mysterious female customer leaves an ornate necklace in lieu of paying her check Later, alone in her trailer, she tries on the necklace and is transported to a strange land full of people who can shift into other creatures, including fearsome dragons And everyone thinks she s sMiranda Betts works as a waitress in a roadside diner in Oklahoma Her life will change when a mysterious female customer leaves an ornate necklace in lieu of paying her check Later, alone in her trailer, she tries on the necklace and is transported to a strange land full of people who can shift into other creatures, including fearsome dragons And everyone thinks she s someone she s not Corban Everfrost leads the clan of blue dragons and rules the Icelands after the mysterious disappearance of his father While investigating the appearance of strange interlopers from another world, his sister informs him that he is to be wed to the daughter of the Wildfire clan who has been in exile on Earth since she was an infant Corban wants nothing to do with a new bride or the Wildfires But when he sees the dark, fiery woman brought to his world via a magic necklace, she stirs something within him At first, Miranda thinks Corban is a jerk He thinks she s an outcast from a clan he despises But soon they will learn each other s secrets, and as they learn to love each other their relationship may be the key to saving all of Xandakar from dark forces from another world Dragon Blue is the first book in a planned 5 book series, The Dragonlords of Xandakar It contains lots of fast paced action, VERY steamy love scenes, and a happy ending.
    Macy Babineaux
    I m a forty something romance erotica author living in Southern Louisiana I love the challenge of trying to create believable, engaging characters, fast paced plots, and stories that make people feel good.I m always looking for advance readers of my books, since I m relatively new If you re interested in receiving free copies of upcoming books in exchange for honest reviews, or if you have a comment or question about anything, just drop me a message

    Dragon Blue: A Lie That's True By Macy Babineaux


    3.5 Stars Dragon Blue A Lie That s True is book one in Macy Babineaux s new series entitled The Dragonlords of Xandakar This is a new to me author so I was not really sure what to expect with this book Jumping into a novel from an unknown author is always somewhat of a risk, a crap shoot if you will You never know if you will be pleasantly surprised or find yourself in the land of the abysmally awful I am happy to report that I did enjoy reading this book and being taken into the unique world th [...]

    ❤️ Paulette
    Dragon Blue A Lie That s True The Dragonlords of Xandakar 1by Macy BabineauxThis is a new author new world for me See Xandakar is in another Realm Xandakar which is inhabited by dragons who can transform themselves into humans This is a great introduction to this series Part 1 of 5 books Miranda Betts is in a boring, dead end job as a waitress at truck stop on Earth When Miranda is left a strange necklace as a tip, she just thinks maybe she can sell it make some cash Instead when she puts it on [...]

    Marta Cox
    My first book by this author but I was very interested by the synopsis as dragons are such a cool idea Plus the idea that the two central characters might not instantly click had all manner of possibilities So when I started to read and found Miranda to be well frankly a little down and dirty I was very surprised She s an ordinary waitress in a dead end job just grabbing at any fleeting moments of escape she can Miranda doesn t expect forever and right now sure does float her boat Yet a chance m [...]

    Sadie Forsythe
    WARNING This review has spoilers and swearing.OK, look, I knew when I picked this book up that it wasn t going to be grand literature I knew I was in for a little pulpy, erotic fiction romance But I just can t with this shit I JUST CAN T.The romance to say this.fuck it, it isn t This is in no way a romance The writing isn t bad The editing wasn t abysmal The pacing is rushed, but in this sort of book it often is Just like the fact that the plot is so paper thin I could see through it is not unus [...]

    Once again Macy Babineaux has drawn me into a wonderfully crafted story This book has dragons, strong female characters, and some very steamy love scenes The lead is a shifter, a dragon, and a man He is nothing like I have read before Strong and opinionated and untrusting Just what Miranda needs Corbin Everfrost is on a mission to find his father and when an unexpected woman comes into his life, he is intrigued by her even when he did not want to be I really liked the world that Ms Babineaux cre [...]

    Shari Kay
    not for me review show

    Dragon Blue A Lie That s True The Dragonlords of Xandakar, Book 1 was written by Macy Babineaux It is a science fiction that takes place in Xandakar which is inhabited by dragons who can transform themselves into humans Xandakar has the Wildfire clan red dragons , Moonglow white dragons , Nightshadows black dragons , Tanglevine green dragons and Everfrost blue dragons In the middle of the country is One Tree where the owl mages live Miranda Betts lives in a trailer off Route 48 near Norman, Okla [...]

    I received a request from new to me author Macy Babineaux to read and review an ARC of this first in her new PNR series about dragons Ughm, yeah I m in At about 140 pages I rate this read a solid four stars, but by the end 5 stars BAMSo let me just say right up front, our heroine Miranda does not enter chapter one on a unicorn, with flowers woven in her hair, reciting 10th century love sonnets whilst contemplating how to save every at risk underloved child one kid at a time Nope Not even close S [...]

    I really don t know what happened At first it was fine, the story had a good pace and it seemed good enough, but then after the 50% it just sucked The irrational insta love, the out of nowhere gay thing like I don t understand the point of it if it wasn t even a love triangle and basically everything about the plot was just rushed and so so sooooo weird It just felt like this book was trying to be something it wasn t Right now I don t know if I ll read the next ones, I wanted to but I don t know [...]

    This was pretty okay I think the author has potential but the insta love set it back The story telling was good, but the whole story seemed rushed and a bit forced The elements were there, but execution was not.

    This is the first book I have read from this author and I have to say that she does a great job of building a world full of magic, dragons and suspense with a little humor thrown in

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    Judi Easley
    My Disclaimer I was provided a complimentary copy of this book I am voluntarily providing an honest review in which all opinions are fully my own I am not being compensated in any way Judi E Easley for Blue Cat ReviewMy Review A bit shallow, but fun, hot sex, sexy women, hot men, dragons, wizards, castles just like in a fairytale Miranda had a pretty sad life, but she hopped on it when something better was offered, even though it was a lie Corbin needed someone to bring him down a peg and make h [...]

    Cali Jewel
    Corban is unapologetically alpha male and so not wanting to do as he is honor bound to do by tradition Miranda is a truck stop waitress looking for a way out of her current situation Oh boy do the sparks fly between these two Lots of great action adventure with this amazing shifter world that is described so clearly you can see it as you read Very entertaining read with lost of action, danger and emotional highs Looking forward to reading about this world of shifters.

    Rosemary Hughes
    Miranda had grown up being self sufficient, as her mother had taken to drink, after her father had left, when she was merely five Since her mother s death, she looked after herself When the well to do woman walked into the diner , and asked if she felt that there was to her life, than she knew, Miranda was to find out soon enough how much there was to lif, all because she placed the necklace left by the women, around her neck and did up the clasp.Corban was still chasing the mystery of his fat [...]

    An OK Quick Paranormal Romance NovellaMs Babineaux is a new to me author and although I found her writing style easy to read, I found the plot and character development less than sophisticated I understand that it is hard to condense the complexity of a full novel into a book of this size and hope that it is a skill that Ms Babineaux can master someday as I thought her premise for this book was good I must be honest and admit that the sex scenes failed to arouse me due to my lack of connection o [...]

    it s okyes i judge book covers but i don t judge the book by the coverd here, I don t like the book covere story setting is OK since I like stories about other worlds such as dragons, mages, vampires and werewolves the main story line was very interesting about how the girl get into the other world but later on the story developed into the type that I don t like to readI thought it was a supernatural light heart romance

    This book was a breath of fresh air, honesty I read a lot of shifter books The traveling through different worlds put a great spin on this wonderful book I absolutely loved the ingenuity of the dragons armour, and the fresh outlook on vampires I will definitely be reading the second book sometime soon.

    Diane Werning
    Dragon Blue A Lie That s TrueA different kind of story than I usually read.It was really good.Keeps you glued to your seat so you do not miss anything.You will find that love comes in many forms and is not to be taken lightly.A great love story and with a little bit of fighting in between.

    Vegetable Princess
    I was starting to think the entire subgenre of dragon shifter books was useless drivel This one actually has plot The sex scenes are less gross, and I was drawn in by the story I might actually read the rest of the series.

    Mandi Morgan
    Not bad Liked the main heroine character development Lots going on that could have been developed into a better story Overall not a bad story.

    Allie Ritch
    This was a fun read Plenty of shape shifting action, magic, and lust I didn t care for the instalove aspect, but it was still a really entertaining book.

    Meghan Delesky
    Interesting story Good enough characters Good action.

    Vanessa Charles
    I like the different approach on dragon that this book had I will definitely read the next book because I want to find out how Miranda handle being a dragon.

    short, sexy and sweetyou have to read this

    Sammy Page
    It was okay for a Nook freebie.


    2.5 stars

    It is a great book to read

    ~*~Princess Nhya~*~
    This one wasn t all that great to be honest The writing style seemed very choppy in some places and half thought out scenarios plot lines, abound here But, the epilogue revealed a lot, and the teaser chapter Chapter 1 for book 2, was a vast improvement on the writing and intrigue It showed, at least for me, that this series may just turn out to be pretty good So I will be back for book 2 definitely.I would recommend this read just so you can get a lay of the land and an introduction to this worl [...]

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