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  • Title: Magnus at the Fire
  • Author: Jennifer Armstrong Owen Smith
  • ISBN: 9780689839221
  • Page: 277
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Magnus at the Fire By Jennifer Armstrong Owen Smith Magnus lives and works at the Broadway Firehouse He knows that when the fire alarm clangs, he and his partners, Billy and Sparks, are supposed to spring into action Without them the firemen would never be able to move the gigantic steam pumper And without a pumper the crew wouldn t be able to put out fires Then one day the captain drives into the firehouse on a loud,Magnus lives and works at the Broadway Firehouse He knows that when the fire alarm clangs, he and his partners, Billy and Sparks, are supposed to spring into action Without them the firemen would never be able to move the gigantic steam pumper And without a pumper the crew wouldn t be able to put out fires Then one day the captain drives into the firehouse on a loud, newfangled contraption called a motorized fire truck It doesn t need horses to pull it to a fire So just like that, Magnus, Sparks, and Billy are out of a job A little history, a little humor, and a whole lot of heart are artfully blended in this rousing tale of one high spirited horse who can t accept being put out to pasture And thank goodness Because it s this steadfast sense of duty that ultimately saves the day.
    Jennifer Armstrong Owen Smith
    Jennifer Armstrong learned to read and write in Switzerland, in a small school for English speaking children on the shores of Lake Zurich The school library had no librarian and no catalog just shelves of interesting books She selected books on her own, read what she could, and made up the rest It was perfect As a result, she made her career choice to become an author in first grade When she and her family returned to the U.S she discovered that not all children wrote stories and read books, and that not all teachers thought reading real books was important Nevertheless, she was undaunted Within a year of leaving college she was a free lance ghost writer for a popular juvenile book series, and before long published her first trade novel, Steal Away, which won her a Golden Kite Honor for fiction More than fifty additional novels and picture books followed, and before long she also tried her hand at nonfiction, winning an Orbis Pictus Award and a Horn Book Honor for her first nonfiction book, Shipwreck at the Bottom of the World In late 2003 she will travel to the South Pole with the National Science Foundation to do research for a book on ice.

    Magnus at the Fire By Jennifer Armstrong Owen Smith


    Who doesn t love a little history and horses A wonderful story about a fire horse named Magnus who isn t too pleased when he finds himself put out to pasture and replaced by a motorized fire engine.Stunningly beautiful illustrations done with oil paint make this a very visually appealing story Lovely note to the reader at the end about the use of horses in firefighting back in the 1800s.

    This book explores a piece of history that many children will be unfamiliar with Before there were modern firetrucks, the engines were pulled by horses This is the story of a fire horse who is being replaced by an automated truck The illustrations are beautiful and this will be a hit with boys, and all those who are fascinated by firefighters However, since this is a longer picture book I don t think it would work well for storytime.

    Good story Great bold illustrations and beautiful horses

    This book is really a nice piece of work The illustrations are just fantastic, and what a story It is exciting, it s emotional, and it s educational My niece and nephew were so quiet while we read this story that s very rare that you could have heard a pin drop I was really surprised that Magnus at the Fire held their interest so completely, because the story is fairly long for a picture book It s just action packed, and full of ups and downs, and the kids were just glued to it As for me, there [...]

    the paintings wow I picked this up at the library because I thought Miles might enjoy a story involving fire fighting before there were self propelled fire engines He really loved it, the part about fire fighting and the horses Magnus isnt needed to pull the steam powered pump any after the fire station buys a fancy new fire engine But he can t stop him self from responding to the call of duty whenever the fire bell rings I appreciated the writing style as not at all dumbed down, while at the sa [...]

    Kerry Johnson
    My boys aren t really into horses, but this book caught my eye at the library It s a sweet, exciting story, and the artwork is gorgeous Magnus is quite magnificent I loved learning about the fire horses and how they lived at the fire houses, 100 plus years ago, then were eventually fazed out due to the invention of steam locomotives A fascinating look at history and animals for ages 5 10.

    4.25 StarsA really cool story about a fire horse and the transition from Horse Drawn Fire Wagon to Engine.The illustrations are great I also like the authors note in the back.It said NYC Fire department in 1910 that a team of horses cost 660 but an engine cost 85 a year.Interesting story of days gone by

    Lauren Brown
    A beautiful book with magnificent illustrations that make the book what it is A wonderful story about a firehorse who is put out of work due to the upcoming technology of fire trucks and how reliable the horse really is in comparison Again, the illustrations are a must see and the book would be a fantastic introduction to the industrial age.

    My five year old son wanted red books when he went to the library last week, so he picked out this one Holy Cow What a gorgeous book The text was a bit long and advanced for my little boy, but the illustrations were staggeringly gorgeous and majestic We ll have to check this book out again in a year or so.

    Amber Cooper
    The illustrations in this book are incredible Great color and painting Very life like The story was also very adventurous Overall theme of bravery, and the era of new technologies Surely children in elementary will love the story of Magnus at the Broadway Firehouse Text 3rd grade level

    A stirring tale of historical fiction recalling the days when horses pulled the fire engines my father who would have been in his eighties now used to tell me he remembered the day when the horses left the fire station and they brought in the trucks Interesting then, interesting now.

    Great read, horses and history Powerful illustrations.

    Andrea Labonte
    Good Book.

    What an amazing kids book I loved reading it and I think the storyline is very creative I have never seen a book on this subject before.

    A lot of text, but really nice illustrations and I love the history of the horses pulling the fire engine Great for girls that love horses or boys who love fire trucks.

    Claudia Bell
    This is a wonderful horse book about a faithful horse working at a fire house Great book for boys who love horses


    Grade 1 4 SLJ Ages 5 8 BKStory of how horses used to pull fire trucks until the motorized fire truck was invented educational non fiction note at the end Vibrant great illustrations

    Work But really of course the horse will come running when he hears the bell That s what he s been trained to do.

    This was about a fire horse that could not stand retiring Good for talking about making people feel needed and loved.

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