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  • Title: Nyssa Glass and the Juliet Dilemma
  • Author: H.L. Burke
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 191
  • Format: Paperback

  • Nyssa Glass and the Juliet Dilemma By H.L. Burke Being framed for murder and forced to flee the country sort of takes the fun out of vacations Reformed cat burglar, Nyssa Glass, wants to lead an honest life as an electrician s apprentice Instead, she s on the run with her new friend, Ellis, implicated in a crime she didn t commit The pair ends up stowing away on a zeppelin and meeting Renard and Amara, two teens runniBeing framed for murder and forced to flee the country sort of takes the fun out of vacations Reformed cat burglar, Nyssa Glass, wants to lead an honest life as an electrician s apprentice Instead, she s on the run with her new friend, Ellis, implicated in a crime she didn t commit The pair ends up stowing away on a zeppelin and meeting Renard and Amara, two teens running away to be married But the mysterious couple is hiding something and it might get Nyssa and Ellis killed.
    H.L. Burke
    Born in a small town in north central Oregon, H L Burke spent most of her childhood around trees and farm animals and was always accompanied by a book Growing up with epic heroes from Middle Earth and Narnia keeping her company, she also became an incurable romantic An addictive personality, she jumped from one fandom to another, being at times completely obsessed with various books, movies, or television series Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and Star Trek all took their turns , but she has grown to be what she considers a well rounded connoisseur of geek culture Married to her high school crush who is now a US Marine, she has moved multiple times in her adult life but believes that home is wherever her husband, two daughters, and pets are She is the author of a four part fantasy romance series entitled The Dragon and the Scholar, the Award Winning 2016 Realm Award for Young Adult Fiction Nyssa Glass Steampunk series, and MG Fantasy Cora and the Nurse Dragon, among others Sign up for her monthly newsletter at hlburkeauthor H L Burke e B

    Nyssa Glass and the Juliet Dilemma By H.L. Burke


    Len Evans Jr
    I really liked this story the whole airship part was awesome plus though I disliked Rennard and Amara at first they definitely grew on me All in all an awesome story Really love Ellis he is so astoundingly awesome too bad he s straight LOL

    Kellyn Roth
    This one was just as good as the first I really enjoyed it It was good to see Ellis he s really a stellar character And, of course, Nyssa is always appreciated The biggest problem was Renard and Amara I swear, they are the two most hateful, annoying people ever I m sorry, I just can t sympathize with those idiots growup andstopbeingmeantomyNyssaThe world building was amazing in this book Got to see a lot about the country, etc.Overall, a great continuation of the series Not my favorite, but e [...]

    Intisar Khanani
    I really enjoyed Book 1 NG the House of Mirrors and jumped at the chance to receive an ARC of The Juliet Dilemma While you could potentially read these books out of sequence, trust me, you really don t want to You ll get a full sense of Nyssa s history, and have a chance to fall in love with both her and Ellis, in Book 1 Book 2 assumes you already know them pretty well, which works just fine for it, but means you ll have fun reading this series in sequence The Juliet Dilemma is quite the caper [...]

    Sarah Briel
    I loved the first Nyssa Glass and was incredibly excited to see that this was coming out And this, the sequel, did not disappoint In this thrilling adventure, Nyssa and Ellis are escaping the country by way of a drumroll please Zeppelin Seriously, can anyone think of anything cooler and steampunky than a Zeppelin Their plans go awray when they run into an Interesting couple and of course everything goes downhill from there Wow This was fabulous Can I just say characters Burke creates these amazi [...]

    E. Writes
    Excitement Adventure Dashing escapades and daring risk taking dastardly villains and uniquely refreshing protagonists make Nyssa Glass and the Juliet Dilemma just as much of a fun fest thrill ride as the first book Steampunk deliciousness done very, very right I d highly recommend this for any fans of Steampunk, 40 s style wide open adventure and a light dash of heart string pulling romance A clear five out of five stars, and a great read all the way around You won t be disappointed I received a [...]

    Having read book 1 of Nyssa s adventures, I looked forward to continuing her story This one is a non stop tale of suspense, cool gadgets, mysterious antagonists, and I loved the continuing interaction between Nyssa and Ellis It s fun to journey with two smart, quirky young people I alternate between gasping over their peril and smiling at their budding love I recommend this series for anyone who likes urban fantasy steampunk, adventure, suspense, and romance Waiting for 3

    Kind of a let down after the first book, but still decent I felt like there wasn t as big of a climax and that the story fell short of my expectations In all reality, it was like a short story placeholder between the next big thinganted I haven t read book 3 yet, so this is just an assumption.Still, it is a cute story that I feel good about letting my teens read.For my clean readers Minor language, minor violence, theft, and kissing.

    Sarah White
    Having loved Nyssa Glass and the House of Mirrors, I jumped at a chance to read the sequel Nyssa Glass and the Juliet Dilemma picks up right where the first novella left off and follows Nyssa and Ellis as they seek a new life away from their dismal pasts.The heart of the story is the characters relationships and inner journeys Nyssa is a clever young woman whose past has left her with a lot of baggage, and it is heart wrenching and beautiful to watch her come to grips with friendship and love El [...]

    Jennifer Kibble
    I received a digital copy for an honest review If you enjoy a steampunk filled adventure, this book is for you High above the air, this book is filled with action, and adventure, with a dab of romance Usually I m not one for romance in my literature, but this wasn t in your face and it is hard to put down a book that involves Nyssa She is a well rounded character with her own set of flaws Ellis knows of his own flaw and how people perceive him, yet that does not stop his positive attitude Her an [...]

    Kristen Kooistra
    Another great story in the Nyssa Glass series I didn t enjoy it quite as much as I did the first one, but I still loved it It wasn t as sad or creepy as book 1, and I enjoyed that I loved having another mystery to solve, though this was completely different The other couple was soooo annoying, but it helped me to relate to Nyssa because she felt the same way In fact, most every thought she had about them was how I responded And I liked how at the end she was talking with Ellis about her insecur [...]

    N.W. Moors
    Nyssa Glass continues her adventures in this charming YA steampunk novel She and Ellis must escape out of the country due to Nyssa being framed for murder in the previous book, Nyssa Glass and the House of Mirrors Unfortunately, almost at once, they run into trouble when they are robbed of their airship tickets and passports.They manage to sneak onto the airship anyway and confront the duo who perpetrated the crime against them Nyssa is drawn into an escapade involving a runaway couple, a stolen [...]

    Lisa Rector
    I ve never read steam punk before, but this novel didn t disappoint.Cute Immediately engaging A fun and spunky adventure that ends with a bang A clean YA read.Did I mention I love the name Nyssa This novel may be enjoyed without reading the first one Great for teens and adventure lovers.I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

    Denae Christine
    Reader thoughts No steampunk series is complete without an airship named Juliet well, maybe Nyssa is afraid of heights, which makes this interesting She and Ellis are held at gunpoint, robbed, kidnapped, cheated, and lied to They have to wear disguises and escape explosions.Some of the technology is a bit fantastic in the series, and so is the plot for this book It emphasizes fun runaway, star crossed lovers on a quest with stolen jewels rather than practicality I liked it.Writer thoughts My bi [...]

    audiobook Nyssa and Ellis are onto the next chapter of their lives In a mostly stand alone book the arc of her alleged participation of her employer s murder from Book 1 is still unresolved Nyssa and Ellis both grow independently, as a couple, and branch out to find newer friends and foe Steampunk travel accelerates in this book and is taken to new heights It s a very light and delightful read for YA and adult audiences The first book had deeper and descriptive world building this one included [...]

    Kimberly Sparks
    Very good storyAnother very good story I like the two main characters And the storyline is very good too Looks like it s on to the next book.

    Brittany Goodman
    Another great story How one person can find so much trouble, and not just trouble, but life threatening trouble, us beyond me But Nyssa does and yet, she finds her way out too Ellis and Nyssa are just as neat as the first book and aside from saving themselves and the day they are figuring each other out as well as their relationship It was good and clean I look forward to reading .I received this book free from one of the book subscription emails.

    Janeen Ippolito
    The second book in the Nyssa Glass series of novellas that H.L Burke is cranking out Nyssa Glass and the House of Mirrors hooked me so much I blew past my bedtime Thus, I went into this second novella with high hopes and this novella delivers While lacking the crisp, creepy originality of the the first book, Nyssa Glass and the Juliet Dilemma is a thoroughly enjoyable second book that features a pair of characters you truly want to root for and a plot that moves briskly to a satisfying conclusio [...]

    The further adventures of Ellis and Nyssa as they attempt to leave the country after Nyssa is falsely accused of the murder of her boss and mentor Ellis brilliant plan to escape the country on board the luxury zeppelin Juliet goes awry while action, danger, and intrigue abound, not to mention their budding relationship I highly recommend this second installment in this unique, steampunk series.

    K.M. Carroll
    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.I enjoyed the first Nyssa book, and jumped at the chance to read this one A better title might have been The airship caper , because it s very much a caper book Plot twists, a stolen ruby, and questionable motives abound Nyssa is fun, and Ellis continues to be adorable I d never thought I d be crushing on a handicapped guy, but Ellis is just so loveable.The book is a quick, fun read.

    Yay for disabled love interests It s refreshing to see a person like me be an object of a n awesomely badass main character s affection My only complaint is the length of the story or lack thereof I hope the next installment is longer

    It lacked the imagination and mystery of the first tale in the series, but I enjoyed the continued development of these characters Looking forward to 3.

    Short StoryExcellent short story Good job carrying characters over from one book to another without leaving gaps I would recommend it to friends and family.

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