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  • Title: Brevisima Relacion de La Destruccion de Las Indias
  • Author: Bartolomé de las Casas
  • ISBN: 9788441415805
  • Page: 307
  • Format: Paperback

  • Brevisima Relacion de La Destruccion de Las Indias By Bartolomé de las Casas The painful and violent testimony of cruelties incurred by the Spanish conquistadors in the new world, concisely depicted by Bartolom de Las Casas in his Brev sima relaci n de la destruyci n de las Indias , is both a terrible accusation and a warning addressed at Prince Phillip of Spain By accumulating descriptions of atrocities, slaughters and tortures, while emphasiziThe painful and violent testimony of cruelties incurred by the Spanish conquistadors in the new world, concisely depicted by Bartolom de Las Casas in his Brev sima relaci n de la destruyci n de las Indias , is both a terrible accusation and a warning addressed at Prince Phillip of Spain By accumulating descriptions of atrocities, slaughters and tortures, while emphasizing the deep contrast between the goodness of the natives and the evil spirit of the conquistadors, the dominic priest prophesizes apocalyptic consequences to fall upon Spain as results of the horrors perpetrated by the colonizers, driven by greed and ambition instead of the desire to evangelize and protect the new souls With his revolutionary writing Las Casas intended to share his indignation facing such unjust and unmerciful behaviours, which he attributed to the encomiendas colonial regime, while advocating for a human and pacific evangelization As he had recently done during the famous Valladolid Controversy, he tried to awaken consciences, reaffirming his humanism and universalism through his relentless mission as defender of the oppressed people Spain s political and religious foes took advantage of this libel, integrating it into what would be known as the Spanish Conquest black legend , so it s author became the victim of criticism and resent by Spaniards, who considered that he had contributed to the discredit of his own fatherland.
    Bartolomé de las Casas
    Bartolom de las Casas, O.P November 1484 18 July 1566 , was a 16th century Spanish historian, social reformer and Dominican friar He became the first resident Bishop of Chiapas, and the first officially appointed Protector of the Indians His extensive writings, the most famous being A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies and Historia de Las Indias, chronicle the first decades of colonization of the West Indies and focus particularly on the atrocities committed by the colonizers against the indigenous peoples.In 1515 he reformed his views, gave up his Indian slaves and encomienda, and advocated, before King Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, on behalf of rights for the natives In his early writings he advocated the use of African slaves instead of Natives in the West Indian colonies consequently, criticisms have been leveled at him as being partly responsible for the beginning of the Transatlantic slave trade Later in life, he retracted those early views as he came to see all forms of slavery as equally wrong In 1522 he attempted to launch a new kind of peaceful colonialism on the coast of Venezuela, but this venture failed causing Las Casas to enter the Dominican Order and become a friar, leaving the public scene for a decade He then traveled to Central America undertaking peaceful evangelization among the Maya of Guatemala and participated in debates among the Mexican churchmen about how best to bring the natives to the Christian faith Traveling back to Spain to recruit missionaries, he continued lobbying for the abolition of the encomienda, gaining an important victory by the passing of the New Laws in 1542 He was appointed Bishop of Chiapas, but served only for a short time before he was forced to return to Spain because of resistance to the New Laws by the encomenderos, and conflicts with Spanish settlers because of his pro Indian policies and activist religious stances The remainder of his life was spent at the Spanish court where he held great influence over Indies related issues In 1550 he participated in the Valladolid debate he argued against Juan Gin s de Sep lveda that the Indians were fully human and that forcefully subjugating them was unjustifiable Sep lveda countered that they were less than human and required Spanish masters in order to become civilized.Bartolom de las Casas spent 50 years of his life actively fighting slavery and the violent colonial abuse of indigenous peoples, especially by trying to convince the Spanish court to adopt a humane policy of colonization His efforts resulted in several improvements in the legal status of the natives, and in an increased colonial focus on the ethics of colonialism Las Casas is often seen as one of the first advocates for universal Human Rights

    Brevisima Relacion de La Destruccion de Las Indias By Bartolomé de las Casas


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    Casas wrote this partly out of a very human concern for the lives of others, and partly from his own convictions and his sense of faith he was convinced that God would punish the Kingdom of Spain for its sins unless something was done.A retelling of wars, atrocities, tortures, exterminations, enslavement, and so forth in the 16th century in Cuba, Hispaniola, Mexico, Colombia With contemporary illustrations The main motives seem to be covered by greed for gold, deception with religion, or just cr [...]

    Maru Kun
    The index entry under torture and death in A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies is as eloquent about the fate of the native people of the Americas on first meeting the Spanish conquistadors as any review I could write beating and floggingbeheadingburningdashing against rocksdisembowelingdismemberingdrowninggenocidehangingimpalingkilling for foodmaimingmassacreoverworkingrapesavaging with dogsstrappadosuicideI disappoint myself at never before having heard of Las Casas, whom tells me [...]

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    Porque no le dieron un cofre lleno de oro, los indios que les pidi este cruel capit n, env o gente a hacer guerra, donde mataron infinitas nimas y cortaron manos, narices a mujeres y a hombres, y a otros echaron a perros bravos que los com an y despedazaban Todo por el af n de poder y la codicia del oro, mataron a un pueblo inocente.

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    Alexander Santiago
    This book is something of a controversy amongst us caribbean latinos some see it as a living testament to the atrocities and cruelties our Spanish ancestors inflicted on the natives in the Spanish quest and greed for gold in the New World others have viewed it as pure propaganda, biased accounts and outright lies I haven t really taken a position on this, but I can say that this had to have been the most disturbing book I have read Told from the account of a Spanish colonizer who went to Hispani [...]

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    Branko Jovanovski
    Does anybody here remember Vera Lynn I wonder if the Ukrainian Famine, the Holocaust, the Armenian Genocide, the Rwandan Genocide, the Southwest African Genocide, the Macedonian Genocide in Greece, the Palestinian Genocide, and so many other atrocities of the 20th century will be in 500 years forgotten and labelled necessary as the biggest genocide in the world has remained to be forgotten the one of the uncounted tens of millions of Native Americans killed and tortures, their descendants still [...]

    Ahmed Gohary

    As historians and critics we try always to interpret documents in the context of the times out of which they were produced We recognise that dominant ideologies in other cultures and other times were very different from our own But then a rare and very different voice speaks to us, demonstrating that the dominant opinions were not the only ones, that there were a few rare minds interpreting their own times in ways we recognise Such a voice is that of de Las Casas He was a Spanish colonist operat [...]

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    Ahmed Almawali

    I had to read this for World Literature wasn t very interesting Basically, the Spanish go everywhere in the Indies and do unspeakable things to the natives Except we re not really sure if they DID do what Las Casas claims, because he was prone to exaggerate to help sway the Spanish King So, all we can really take from this narrative is The Spanish probablyyyy weren t very nice.

    Hanen Jeddi

    Man, white people have done some really awful shit.

    Ibrahim Saad

    فتحي سرور
    1542 Brev sima relaci n de la destrucci n de las Indias a short account of the destruction of the indies 1542 1550 1551 .

    Douglas Dalrymple
    How do you give a star rating to something like this As a book it has its limits as an historical record, it s invaluable It documents in gory and excruciating detail the long series of mass murders, tortures, and enslavements that along with the introduction of European diseases unmentioned by the author eventually reduced the native population of the Americas by as much as 90 95% It is a very painful read But talk about a complicated, fateful figure Las Casas settled on Hispaniola in 1502 and [...]

    Mehmet Kır
    Kitab n zeti spanyollar n K z lderililere yapt katliam hatta bir soyk r m Yazar o d nemde s ylenmesi zor eyleri s ylemi olsa gerek Kitap olduk a ak c bir dile sahip ve yazar n kitapta Amerika k tas ndaki b lgeleri ayr ayr a klamas bir yerde gezi yaz s gibi bir etki yaratm.

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    Czarny Pies
    This short document should be read by all those studying history as undergraduates and by anyone even moderately interested in the colonisation of the New World A Spaniard and a Dominican friar, Las Casas was horrified by the atrocities that he saw being committed by his countrymen against the local Indian populations in the countries that they were seeking to colonize and economically exploit.Las Casas spend over forty years pleading for changes to the methods used by the Spaniards which were r [...]

    Ayman Alrefai

    Sarah Shahid
    1402 1518 1542 1502 1542 .

    Eba Martin
    Quiz al inicio se hace duro por la prosa espartana y el l xico de anta o, pero el estilo y los hechos son lo suficientemente potentes para que quieras continuar con la historia y enterarte de todas las atrocidades que se cometieron contra los nativos en nombre del Imperio Espa ol y de Dios Su autor, un fraile franciscano, tuvo los santos cojones de escribirla sin pseud nimo ni nada un h roe.

    Bartolom de las Casas was such an interesting figure While he advocated indigenous rights, he did so within the culture and context of colonial Spain so his views were inadvertently racist when viewed through the lens of the modern day We don t really seem to touch on views which don t fit our current narrative While discussions on de las Casas s political motives and intentions might derail us from the topic of indigenous rights, it is always good to remember that issues such as indigenous righ [...]

    Pretty than most horror movies, in that it is instructive not just grisly Of course, you can read it on the visceral level alone For fans of purely the grotesque and the gruesome this is certainly a slay ride The Conquest of the Indies is harrowing reading.But it also provokes some thoughtful dilemmas What kind of species are we, really And you really gotta wonder about these Spaniards How could they carry out this genocide in the name of Holiness and then in the next century carry out t [...]

    I had never read an account of what the Spanish really did while they were exploring the New World This was eye opening Not everything in this book is an eyewitness account, and some events are not believed to be fully accurate But if even half of it is true, the atrocities committed by the Spaniards against the native american populations are astounding, perhaps even unsurpassed in human history.I didn t give the book any stars because I didn t like it Reading about people torturing and killing [...]

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