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  • Title: The Coral Kingdom
  • Author: Douglas Niles
  • ISBN: 9781560763321
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Paperback

  • The Coral Kingdom By Douglas Niles Traveling far beyond the shores of her island kingdom, a high princess battles the vicious undersea race that is holding her father prisoner, a battle that climaxes in the dark depths of the Sea of Moonshae Original.
    Douglas Niles
    Douglas Niles is a fantasy author and game designer Niles was one of the creators of the Dragonlance world and the author of the first three Forgotten Realms novels, and the Top Secret S I espionage role playing game He currently resides in Delavan, Wisconsin with his wife, Christine, and two Bouviets, Reggie and Stella He enjoys playing his guitar, cooking, and visiting with family.

    The Coral Kingdom By Douglas Niles


    So this story wasn t the most amazing of the forgotten realms books However, I will say that I think that Niles really shows improvment from some of his earlier novels Don t get me wrong, he is still following his ususal plot line, with very little deveation, but the writing itself is a bit polished, especially from his first Moonshae series So, while I wasn t captivated, I was still entertained and I m not dreading reading the next book like with the Greenwood novelsrry Ed, but I just had to s [...]

    Ward G
    The series seems to keep rolling along nicely.As usual Using back and forth bursts Manages to keep multiple Characters and plot lines moving.Nice seeing him, keeping track Of the who, what and where for all of them.This one of an undersea adventure.

    Greg Strandberg
    Been a long time since I read this book, way back in middle school I do remember feeling a bit bored by it and not as excited as I had been by other FR titles.Maybe you ll like it, but I ll stay with 2 stars, although not in any overly negative way, I just didn t care for the book is all.

    Steve Ragusin

    Igor Ljubuncic
    I liked this as a kid I can t say I would now.

    • BEST EPUB "✓ The Coral Kingdom" || UNLIMITED (KINDLE) ó
      Douglas Niles