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  • Title: Stone
  • Author: Jayne Blue
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  • Stone By Jayne Blue Stone I was a lone wolf I left my club to keep the heat off of them I disappeared to save them and preserve the freedom I needed like air My freedom depended on the open road, on being away from civilized people, and on avoiding the law But that was impossible now Something has stepped in to pull me out of the ether and into the light The moment I saw the sun reflectStone I was a lone wolf I left my club to keep the heat off of them I disappeared to save them and preserve the freedom I needed like air My freedom depended on the open road, on being away from civilized people, and on avoiding the law But that was impossible now Something has stepped in to pull me out of the ether and into the light The moment I saw the sun reflected in her hair and her ass filling out those little white shorts I knew I was going to have her My fate was connected with hers and so was my body and soul To save her I may have to save a town and end my precious freedom Kara He was nothing like any man I d ever seen I wanted Stone to touch me, take me, make me his Gold Cross was a mecca for bikers but they were posers Stone was different There was a danger about him that lurked beneath the surface He was the real deal He d done and seen things that the posers of Bike Week pretended at I had bigger problems than the way Stone made me feel I was trapped in Gold Cross Trapped by the past and trapped by a debt I struggled to pay Stone made me forget it all with a look, with his strength, and with my fantasies of what it would be like to be his Forgetting it all could get me in a lot of trouble His kiss lighted me on fire I knew I couldn t get enough of Stone I wanted to give him forever but I knew forever wasn t mine to promise My first love could be my last This is a standalone, full length romance novel involving the men of the Great Wolves M.C Each book is interconnected and part of a series, but they can be read in any order and DO NOT contain cliffhangers They DO contain dark themes and elements
    Jayne Blue
    I am a Jayne of all trades I ve worked in media and law I married my high school sweetheart and am mom to three boys and one tornado of a daughter Along with worky work I ve been band mom, theater mom, football mom, and reading room mom I write witty smut and sizzling love stories.Join The Jayne Gang Here s the newsletter with prizes and exclusive content to come formseber form 84 49592

    Stone By Jayne Blue


    ❤️ Paulette
    Stone Great Wolves SeriesBook 7By Jayne Blue Another Great Wolf bad boy biker to the rescue Stone leaving his patch cut behind as his Prez Sawyer help him get out town before the police arrested him for Murder And the last thing Stone wanted was to bring the investigation of the murder of crooked politician on the Great Wolves Club door step Sawyer had set Stone up in small sleepy town off the Florida coast call Gold Cross lucky for Stone it was Biker MonthStone had been on the road from Michiga [...]

    Angie ~aka Reading Machine~
    Stone Calder is a Great Wolf MC member that has to go on the run to protect the club Stone doesn t want to go but doesn t have any choice in the matter either Stone heads towards Gold Coast, Florida Stone running low on cash needs to recharge as well as get his Harley fixed too Stone approaches the bank only to see the most beautiful woman he s ever laid eyes on Kara Ross is trying to keep her head above water She s in debt up to her eyeballs and only needs a little time to make her dreams come [...]

    A MC book where the characters refer to themselves as pirates Wow.This book was just bad I don t think any of the books in this series have been particularly great but this was on its own level of awful The plot is ridiculous A small town is run by a rich banker who has his sights set on the heroine, a woman 15 years his junior, whom he molests in public at any opportunity He employees a loan shark, who goes around to different businesses and beats up old people but gets away with it because he [...]

    Danena Freeman
    It was a great read It had great characters and a interesting story line that will hold your interest Rated very good

    Gucci Girl
    4.5 StardStone is a good story, quick read Its packed with action in and out of the sheets The chemistry between Stone and Kara is off the charts Happy Reading

    They say the memory is the first thing to go, which may be why I don t remember hearing much about Stone in the previous books of this series But he is a member of the Great Wolves MC charter in Michigan, which is the focus location of most of the books in the series Stone is a man on the run Here s the first sentence of the story When I killed it wasn t out of rage, it wasn t out of jealousy, and it wasn t out of a loss of control I killed to wipe an evil motherf er off the face of the earth an [...]

    I received this for a honest review I am so loving this series This makes the 3rd book I have read in this series and it has been so great Do not worry if you have not read any books in this series for it works fine as a standalone Stone was part of the Great Wolves MC He was on the run for murdering a very bad man that the public thinks was a good man This had to be fate stepping in because on this journey he meets the woman of his dreams He would of never crossed Kara Ross path if he would not [...]

    This book kind of takes a departure from the rest in the series In this book Stone is on the run from his charter in Grand City due to taking out a pedophile Noble for sure, but now the guy he killed has a cousin in politics looking to make a name for himself while solving his cousin s murder That sends Stone south to Florida to lie low for a while until his prez Sawyer can handle the situation Once he arrives he s not only taken in by the beauty of the area, but also by a beauty on a boat Kara. [...]

    Stone is devoted to his brothers in the MC When he gets them unwanted attention, he hits the road In a small Florida town, he meets Kara She and her family are struggling financially and he decides to help them out He is attracted to Kara and doesn t want to leave so fast Kara is attracted but scared She has focused on school and a man like Stone is new to her His tough guy appearance doesn t stop her from trusting him She just doesn t know how long it will last.I love MC stories Stone exemplifi [...]

    Sherry Molock
    CuteThis was a cute story and I enjoyed reading it but to date it is ,my least favorite book by the author Not sure why but I had difficulty connecting with the characters and the plot Hunting for buried pirate treasure just felt a little too implausible for me so it was hard for me to feel emotionally connected to the story.I did like Stone and I liked the beginning of the story better, before it focused on Kara trying to see if there was buried treasure on an island she owned I liked the chara [...]

    I have read all of Ms Blue s books and I love the Great Wolves MC books and I couldn t wait to read Stone s book Ms Blue is one of the few One Click authors for me Though this is a stand alone, I highly recommend reading all the books in order, in order to get a true feel for the characters and the back stories I think it helps to have that knowledge so you are fully engaged with the characters and story lines However, you can read this without the other books, I still recommend reading all her [...]

    I loved Torrid signed up Jayne Blue s website and I was lucky to receive free ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I got straight into this book and couldn t put it down The book mentions Sawyer, Ryder some other characters from previous books it also talks about the club going legit through the GW new businesses Stone Calder has to leave his Charter of the GW and hit the road to save himself from a murder charge He hits the open road and ends up in the small town of Gold Cross [...]

    Received this book from the Author for a honest review This is book 7 in this series which you do not have to read in order but the main character are in a few of the books.This one is about Stone and how he met Kara.Stone had to go on the run because he put a low life out of his misery and he did not what the law coming down on his bikers family.Stone stop in a town called Gold Cross because his bike needed some repairs this is were this story really starts.The first time Stone saw Kara was in [...]

    Treena Beavers
    Stone is now my new favourite Great Wolf.Stone Calder is on the run, Sometimes doing the right thing gets you in trouble with the Law His biker Great Wolves family have his back and have set him up with money and a boat to hideaway until the dust settles back home The plan is to keep a low profile, stay out of trouble and avoid being noticed Not easy to do for a hulk of a man covered in tattoo s That all changes the moment Stone rides into Gold Cross, it captures him It would have been easy enou [...]

    I received this ARC from the author in exchange for a honest review STONE Great Wolves Motorcycle Club 7 by Jayne BlueWow another awesome read I loved the storyline, it was exciting and enjoyable It was full of drama, suspense, and action and kept me glued to the pages Stone and Kara are great characters Stone is rough around the edges sexy and really sweet, practically a perfect guy Kara is young but she s strong and fiery really lovely I love the Great Wolves guys, they are so awesome and it w [...]

    Another Great Wolf bad boy biker to the rescue Stone Calder is running from Grand City, Michigan after their covert takedown of the Russian mob and a sex trafficking ring Suspicions surround him and he runs to Florida But in true Great Wolf fashion trouble finds Stone Trouble of the female persuasion and trouble of a criminal element Add in hot sex, sandy beaches and a very high end boat Jayne Blue blows this storyline out of the water Oh did I mention a map and possible buried pirate treasure A [...]

    I received this ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.Stone Falter is on the run to protect his MC, and he ends up in the small town of Gold Cross, Florida He sees Kara Ross while in the bank being groped by the bank manager, and not enjoying experience Stone knows he needs to move on as soon as his bike is repaired, but finds himself protecting Kara and her family from a corrupt banker Kara doesn t know much about men, but she does know that she is drawn to Stone and wants to let [...]

    Stone is on the run, leaving The Wolves Den MC he heads to Florida to lie low for a while, only to meet Kara an innocent twenty one year old trying to hang on to what is hers, only to become embroiled in this small towns woes I absolutely loved the story line, it was exciting, sexy and mysterious Stone and Kara were great characters full of depth and feeling I felt some of the sex scenes were a little rushed but all in all I enjoyed it a lot and would highly recommend.I received this ARC free fr [...]

    I have loved Jayne s books and in particular this series Unfortunately this one just didn t do it and I was left quite out of sorts after having expectations from the previous books Jayne I m not sure who your proofreader is, but I think you may need to look for another or a stern talking to with this one There were too many places where words were missing, words than necessary almost like it hadn t been decided which context you were going with and it simply made it hard for the story to flow. [...]

    What a great read I was a new reader to Jayne Blue when I started this series When I started the first book I couldn t put it down until I was done I then promptly purchased the next book in the series until I was caught up with the rest of Jaynes books I was definitely not disappointed I can t wait to read the next book in this series A definite must read Happy Reading

    He Will Do Anything For His ClubAn ARC was given to me for an honest review Stone is a man who does what s necessary to right a wrong He is a man on the run until his club can take care of everything Kara is a down to earth young woman with her head in the clouds like her daddy This story has violence, intimidation, destruction along with a hot love story Enjoy I did.

    Bronney Keenahan
    I really liked the story line but I was really frustrated by the poor editing of this book There were so many mistakes through out the whole book Words written twice, lines written than once and even a single letter H just randomly on the page.

    Got this as an arc in exchange for an honest review Loved Kara Stone s story Wow It got really intense at times, where I had a hard time putting the book down Love the lone alpha wolf Awesome author

    I think that the books about the Grand Rapids Wolves are edited or proofread or whatever by someone else because this book about Stone had the same type of grammar and wrong words than Sawyer It was a cute story which was different from the rest.

    Just Bad1 star sorry Jane I just couldn t finish this book I ve loved every book in this series but, I just couldn t get into this one And I ve NEVER not finished a book I started This one is the FIRST.

    Tye H
    I loved it I thought the series couldn t get any better, but guess what It did Drama, love, bullies, and much Sooo cannot wait for the next one Thanks for your awesome talent Jayne.

    Love the Great Wolves

    Kara was insufferable I really liked Stone which is why I m being generous with 3 stars.

    Audrey Krippendorf
    review R17RTR9

    QueenQuan McKinney
    Each wolf makes me love them then the last

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