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  • Title: Dançando Sobre Vidro
  • Author: Ka Hancock L.C. Lavado
  • ISBN: 9789897541575
  • Page: 351
  • Format: Paperback

  • Dançando Sobre Vidro By Ka Hancock L.C. Lavado Dan ando sobre Vidro ilustra na perfei o o poder do amor uma hist ria de grande intensidade e que nos oferece um olhar ntimo sobre uma rela o bela, repentinamente afetada pela doen a Sendo o retrato cru de um casamento que simultaneamente comum e incomum, ilustra tamb m, na perfei o, o poder do amor e leva nos numa viagem inesquec vel.Lucy Houston e Mickey ChandlDan ando sobre Vidro ilustra na perfei o o poder do amor uma hist ria de grande intensidade e que nos oferece um olhar ntimo sobre uma rela o bela, repentinamente afetada pela doen a Sendo o retrato cru de um casamento que simultaneamente comum e incomum, ilustra tamb m, na perfei o, o poder do amor e leva nos numa viagem inesquec vel.Lucy Houston e Mickey Chandler provavelmente n o se deviam ter apaixonado um pelo outro, muito menos casar Ambos s o atormentados por genes defeituosos ele bipolar e ela tem um historial assolador de cancro da mama na fam lia Mas quando os seus caminhos se cruzam na noite do 21 anivers rio de Lucy n o h como negar a qu mica entre eles Cautelosos a casa passo, est o determinados em fazer com que a rela o resulte e comprometem se num acordo escrito Mickey tomar a medica o Lucy n o o culpar pelo que est para l do seu controlo Ele promete ser honesto Ela promete ser paciente Tal como em cada casamento, h dias bons e dias maus e alguns dias muito maus Ao lidar com os seus desafios nicos ele tomam a dif cil decis o de n o ter filhos, mas quando Lucy vai a uma consulta, perto do 11 anivers rio de casamento, ela surpreendida com algo que mudar tudo De repente, todas as regras s o atiradas pela janela e os dois ter o que redefinir o que realmente o amor.
    Ka Hancock L.C. Lavado
    Ka was born and raised in Utah in the shadow of the most spectacular mountains on earth A lifelong learner with two degrees in nursing, her expertise is in the field of mental health Somewhere between raising her family, going to school, working and getting the laundry done, she managed to write a novel that takes an unvarnished look at imperfect love, loss, and bipolar disorder Her underlying faith in the resiliency of the human spirit shines through in her debut Dancing on Broken Glass Read it.

    Dançando Sobre Vidro By Ka Hancock L.C. Lavado


    Okay, so I finished this novel with tears streaming down my face along with a box of Kleenex by my side This has got to be the saddest, most emotional book that I have EVER read All I can say is WOW How did the author pull this off without crying herselfor maybe she did I really just don t know where she got the heart and sensitivity to write a book like this I guess that s why she s the author and I m the reader So, with that being said, Ms Hancock creates the story of two damaged soulsMichael [...]

    Lived up to my expectation Review to come note, I listened to the audio Very well done with 2 narrators This book was a recommendation to me back in 2012 Oh why did I wait so long This is a love story For me though I felt it was a life story The love story is centered on Lucy and Mickey, who despite the hurdles they face take the leap to love each other, deciding that their love is stronger than anything that may come their way In the end tragedy has its day, but it is the love that is strongest [...]

    Trish Feehan
    A RARE INSIGHT INTO BIPOLAR DISORDER DEEPLY MOVING, SENSITIVE AND SMARTDancing on Broken Glass is life affirming and unapologetically sentimental It s also a raw and realistic portrayal of people coping with life s truly tough challenges It s about mental illness, up close and personal And cancer, up close and personal It s about the genetic luck of the draw It s a story about community, about a tight fabric of people who ve known each other their whole lives and who support and care for each ot [...]

    I have written the first sentence multiple times and I m still struggling how to begin I want to be careful so I don t give spoilers without warning so I might be vague There are so many facets of this book that I loved I ll start with the first thing that comes to my mind.Mickey and Lucy are complex and wonderful people We meet Lucy first as a child as she sees Death for the first time Death is not a verb but a noun Death is female and not frightening She is comforting and peaceful At the time, [...]

    Parts of this book were beautiful and deeply moving, but I felt betrayed by the plot When I realized where it was headed about a third of the way through I stopped, and skimmed the rest This book didn t need tragedy and melodrama to succeed The main characters were well developed and interesting though some of the minor characters were romanticized and unrealistic , and the themes were universal This book would have been so much unique if Lucy and Mickey were challenged to further develop and [...]

    Das Buch ist stellenweise mein ganz pers nlicher Albtraum Weil es so unglaublich realistisch geschrieben ist, sog es mich f rmlich auf, es war teilweise unglaublich anstrengend weiterzulesen, weil in mir viele Gef hle aufeinanderprallten Kurzum Es ist ein sehr gutes Buch Ich habe mich zwischendurch gefragt, warum ich mir dieses Leid und diesen Schmerz antue wahrscheinlich, weil ich vor solchen Dingen irgendwie Angst habe und sie deshalb in gewisser Art durchleben m chte, damit die Angst weggeht [...]

    Megs ♥
    I won this through Firstreads giveaways, and I would like to thank the author for providing this book for me to read This book seriously impressed me It had something for everyone I was hooked from the first chapter to be honest, and I did not want to put it down This book has beautiful writing, great characters, and an amazing story.The synopsis says that these two should not have fallen in love, let alone gotten married That has been said about so many famous literary couples, but this is a fr [...]

    Dancing on Broken Glass is Ka Hancock s debut That is hard to believe, because its one of the most true to life books I ve read I almost put it down half way through, because it was hard for me to read about Lucy s cancer It is a love story, one that is imperfect, but yet so true It s also about the love of 3 sisters I ve never cried like I did as I finished this, but it was so worth it I will not soon forget this book When Ka Hancock writes her next, I will be the first to buy it If you like st [...]

    Worum geht es Vielleicht h tten Lucy Houston und Mickey Chandler sich nie verlieben d rfen Und erst recht nicht heiraten Denn beide haben ein schweres Schicksal zu tragen Doch die Liebe geht ihre eigenen Wege, und so f hren Lucy und Mickey eine ungew hnliche, aber gl ckliche Ehe Als ihr Leben eine dramatische Wendung nimmt, wird die Kraft ihrer Gef hle einer harten Pr fung unterzogen via Knaur TB Wie hat es mir gefallen In einer anderen Rezension auf schrieb jemand, dass es sehr erleichternd war [...]

    Rhonda Ruff
    I have not read a book in awhile that made me sob like this one i was so invested in the characters and their stories Everything about this story was heartbreakingly beautiful I found myself putting this down to breath and then picking it up to see what happened next I have had this book on my tbr for awhile and just decided to pick it up So glad i did

    4.5 StarsAnd there goes my heart Melting into one big pile of goo This book broke me with its honesty, grief and unfairness The writing was simply gorgeous I had to walk away from it several times, but I always came back because I couldn t give up on these characters I really think everyone should be important enough to just one other person on this freaking planet to be fought for Even me And nobody s fighting for me So I m done.

    Megan • Reading Books Like a Boss (book blog)
    One of the signs of a great book is how it affects you emotionally When I say that, I don t mean that it makes you cry necessarily but rather how invested you are in the characters and their journeys With DANCING ON BROKEN GLASS, I felt everything I rejoiced with Lucy and Mickey in their happiness and cried with them when they went through some of the most terrifying moments of their lives I was totally with Lucy and Mickey the whole way, which also made me ride the tumultuous waves of emotions [...]

    I enjoyed the concept of this book as it is rare to read a love story that involves someone with bipolar disorder Lucy is able to see past the illness and fall in love with the man, even when the realities of the illness rear their undeniable heads I can tell, however, that this book is a first book I feel that this author is talented and hope to read her future works That being said, this book needed about 100 pages trimmed She showed us how people we love can help us to heal from crushing grie [...]

    Based on the brief glimpse at the synopsis, this was a must read Having lived with a spouse with a serious mental illness encouraged me to jump right on board I m SO glad I did I had no idea it would touch the NICU nurse in me, the petrified mother in me, the small town girl, the at odds with her family girl, the everyone in me Yes, it was difficult to read at times and completely flayed my heart in two So has life on a semi regular basis This is a book about pure love through generations and wi [...]

    Adelaide Silva
    5 porque n o posso dar mais Depois, ufa, finalmente terminei N o, n o foi por n o gostar, foi pelas in meras paragens que tive de fazer para respirar Um livro que me fez chorar e n o gosto de chorar Uma hist ria que tem algo de mim e tanto de gente de que eu gosto Uma hist ria cruel sobre amor Sobre o verdadeiro amor O amor entre um homem e uma mulher, o amor pela vida, o amor pela diferen a , o amor por um filho por nascer.

    This book took me by surprise It started out as a solid 3 stars I liked the characters, but the story wasn t really pulling me in I was noticing the writing though This author has the kind of descriptive style I enjoy regarding the characters, setting, and emotional planes The details were rich and they painted a picture with a nice depth I always enjoy that Then the story began to reel me in, even though the plot was predictable and a little on the sappy side However, by this time I was definit [...]

    Alison Armstrong
    Although I don t usually like to read books that are described as tearjerkers, I was drawn to this one because of the subject matter a couple dealing with mental illness and cancer and this book did not disappoint It was very sad, but not depressing I found it very moving and even inspiring in a way.I was married to a good man with severe mental illness for twelve years, and I have to say that so much of this book rang true Lucy, the book s heroine, resigns herself to the day to day uncertainty [...]

    To say that I loved this book would be an understatement, that is how much it touched me I finished this one before work and couldn t stop thinking about it the whole time I was there and telling everyone that they needed to read it too I won t go into a synopsis of the story line since plenty others already have, just my opinion on the novel itself This was one of the most heart wrenching yet beautiful stories that I have ever read, I read in another review that it was sad but not depressing, t [...]

    Crysti Perry
    Reread 1 because it will be read multiple times August 5, 2016 August 10, 2016Original read June 7, 2015 June 10, 2015ETA For some reason, my original read and my reread are of two different editions, so they are separate I m linking my reviews of both so I don t have to search for them when I want to see my status updates Yes, I reread my reviews status updates when I m missing Mickey and Lucy It reminds me just how much I loved them See my reread here 5 stars Who cares how many stars I m done [...]

    Deniz Kibar
    Her sayfan bo az mda koca koca d mlerle okudu um bitti inde de deliler gibi a lad m bir kitapt.Bu arada kitap bitti inde tam olarak bu haldeydim.

    Andrea Bolton
    Wow What a book Heartbreaking love story that will stay with me for a long time The writing, the characters were just so engaging I read it in two days And cried a lot.

    Orijinali Kitap Esintisi adresinde.Hi bir kitab n yorumunda u anki gibi hissedip, g zya lar m g r m buland r rken yazmaya ba lamad m Ama imdi yazamazsam bu kitab daha iyi ne zaman anlat r m bilemedim Bu bir dram kitab Ad ndan, konusundan, tipinden, her eyinden belli Benim dram i erikli her eyden ka p, dram n babas n n i ine d mem inan lmaz ironik Ayn Y ld z n Alt nda y da okudum, ama bunun gibi hissetmedi im kesin Evet ona da a lad m, ok z ld m, do ru Ama buradaki hikaye ya ama sevincimin bir k [...]

    This is, for sure, one of the most emotional and heart wrenching books I ve ever read But, I must say, I struggled with this book early on for several chapters, almost giving up too drawn out I m so glad I continued on This is a wonderful story about deep family love, sacrifice, pain, grief, and survival.Breast cancer has wiped out Lucy Houston s maternal line She has faulty genes Mickey Chandler is seriously flawed with bipolar disorder Perhaps their captivating romance bloomed where seeds shou [...]

    I don t write a lot of reviews, and I ve totally spaced keeping my shelf here updated But this book blew me out of the water, so I have to mention it Lyrical, gorgeous writing, with characters that are flawed, deep, and absolutely real I felt like I knew them so well that I d recognize them and want to give them a hug if we ever crossed paths It s the kind of women s fiction I aspire to write myself and it inspired me to keep digging and keep growing as a writer A suggestion, though Don t read t [...]

    Nicole Karlson
    What a book Definitely an all time favorite I must sleep, then I ll try to compose myself and gush my love in a review This one is special I loved it SO MUCH.

    Christine (Shh Moms Reading)
    Wow What an emotionally raw yet beautiful debut Thank you Megan Reading Books Like a Boss for the recommend I don t think I cried like that in a long time Lucy s faith in Mickey never waveredspite his falls, he always climbed back up and she knew in her heart what he was capable of I was nervous because I wasn t as secure in that faith but Mickey proved me wrong I loved the sisters and their relationshipI loved the writing in this book I can t wait to read from this author This journey of Lucy [...]

    Questo romanzo una scheggia.Una piccola ma appuntita scheggia, conficcata in profondit , difficile da tirare via, impossibile da dimenticare Penetra, improvvisa, in un solo fulmineo istante fin nelle profondit pi buie dell animo e, raschiando, tocca il fondo.Questo romanzo simile proprio ad un pezzo di vetro rotto.Non stata una lettura semplice Non stata neppure una lettura confortante, inutile negarlo Non stata un evasione spensierata dalla cruda concretezza della vita quotidiana, semmai un imm [...]

    Dancing on Broken GlassKa HancockOn occasion a novel comes along that shows strong depth of love, a boundless love that in this throwaway society, stands firm The kind of relationship we all long for in our souls, but would be willing to count the cost for it Lucy and Mickey attempt to beat the odds in their lives to pledge their undying love to one another Lucy, whose family lineage is gone from breast cancer and has overcome herself Mickey who is bi polar and has a personality that can go from [...]

    Every now and then I come upon a book that really hits home This book did it for me, I come from a family that has lost many our female relatives to breast cancer, aunts, cousins, my mother had a run in with it a few years ago and it now is cancer free I m one of those people that have to have a mammogram every two years, not only for my piece of mind but also my family s The fear is always in the back of my mind, I have two children and I plan to be around for a very long time, but the fear is [...]

    Crysti Perry
    I honestly can t begin to explain to you what this book has done to my heart ice My reread was filled with just as many emotions as was my initial read I still believe a beautiful story has never and will never be told For every tear I ve cried, I ve also felt my heart fill with so much love This couple, this family, this community was everything I ve said this is one of my top 5 all time favorite books, but it just might be THE oneevery lover of words should have that one book they hold neares [...]

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