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  • Title: Robin: Son of Batman, Volume 2: Dawn of the Demons
  • Author: Patrick Gleason Ray Fawkes Mick Grey Ramón F. Bachs
  • ISBN: 9781401264819
  • Page: 438
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Robin: Son of Batman, Volume 2: Dawn of the Demons By Patrick Gleason Ray Fawkes Mick Grey Ramón F. Bachs In these stories Damian faces against his most deadly foe yet the young champion of the Lu un Darga family, Den Darga To stop the evil Darga clan, Damian and his allies must enlist the help of some unexpected recruits, including Talia al Ghul Collecting Robin Son of Batman 7 13
    Patrick Gleason Ray Fawkes Mick Grey Ramón F. Bachs
    Patrick Gleason is a comic book artist Among his credits are the 2005 2006 miniseries Green Lantern Corps Recharge He has also worked on such titles as Aquaman, JLA Welcome to the Working Week, JSA, Noble Causes, H E R O, and X Men Unlimited.He has been the regular penciller on DC s Green Lantern Corps since its debut in 2006.Photo by Luigi Novi.

    Robin: Son of Batman, Volume 2: Dawn of the Demons By Patrick Gleason Ray Fawkes Mick Grey Ramón F. Bachs


    After a bit of an iffy start with a Robin War tie in, Dawn of the Demons quickly picks up with a great farewell issue from recent writer and long time artist, Patrick Gleason The creative team of Ray Fawkes and artist Ramon Bachs then take over the series and give it a Saturday morning cartoon vibe or a watching cartoons from your childhood on Netflix vibe, if you prefer Colourful and eccentric, yet grounded by some sincere moments that continued Damian s journey, it wasn t what I was expecting [...]

    I expected a lot from this book because the first volume was 10 in my top 10 graphic novels last year That book is 99% responsible for making me love Damian Wayne He can be a little, seemingly sociopathic jerk but that book really delved into what makes him a great character His creators never shied away from his past Damian has killed people, stolen sacred items from different communities and he s trying to atone for that He is a redemption story and his biggest struggle is trying to find his [...]

    Unfortunately, Patrick Gleason only draws one issue in the book and then left to start Superman Rebirth Ray Fawkes and Ramon Bachs take over and the book turns to crap Poor writing and art abound for the rest of the book Robin is all of a sudden chasing the anti Robin who s putting all the stuff Robin stole during the Year of Blood back so that his family can destroy the world Somehow, his dad gains power by putting the objects back where they were It s never explained very well Fawkes focuses o [...]

    You can identify with someone and still have to crush them Batman has basically been the worst dad ever and as much as Damien is trying to hold in his hurt about his awful parentage, this volume really shows how impacted he is Damien truly has created his own little family in Goliath, Titus, Pennyworth, Maya, and Batcow yes, Batcow is back He really wants his nuclear family to be a thing but it s clear in the book that it s just not possible The last story is kind of heartbreaking, really.

    Chris Lemmerman
    There s a Robin War tie in issue here which is neither here nor there, but at least DC had the intelligence to put previously pages before and after it, so it makes sense without the surrounding issues Hallelujah, it only took them until the New 52 was almost over before thinking that might be a good idea.Anyway.Patrick Gleason bids farewell to the series after that, with one final issue that ties into the current Batman status quo with Bruce Wayne being all memory loss y and stuff, which is sa [...]

    When written well, Damian is an interesting character The supporting cast they ve opted to surround him with is fun that maybe they should be This whole story arc both of these volumes really makes me wish there was a good version of Damian in the animated universe.

    Dan Jones
    The ending was pretty disappointing It became very cheesy and hokey at the end It felt like, right at the end, it suddenly needed to be written for a preteen audience.

    Daniel Butcher
    Preferred the first volume This one at times is hampered by need to be part of a crossover and reflect other changes like Batman s status.

    Cease publication quickly ,and be forgotten.

    Wing Kee
    Had it s moments but not enough.World The art is okay, it s not Gleason art so it is a step back and I found the characters and the art overall a bit jaggy which I did not fancy The world building builds upon the last arc, which was a bit muddled and all over the place with the mystic magic stuff So Damian is suppose to put those pieces back, but now he doesn t want to put those pieces backwhat Yeah it was a bit choppy in the world building department.Story The story was choppy and all action me [...]

    Ian Massey
    I told a friend that I wasn t going to review items from my comic collection on here and was only recording them because recognises them as books and it would help me achieve a much higher challenge total than previous years and help me remember which I had read.However, this one was so bad, I just couldn t help myself When DC launched the New 52 universe, I finally ditched my habit of buying individual issues and went totally TPB, eventually managing to buy every volume that was released during [...]

    A threadbare script revolving around magic artifacts that can somehow it is never explained bring about the end of all life on Earth when thrown into a volcano This kind of dopey story is best relegated to a part of the DC Universe where realism is neither expected nor wanted It would make for a pretty decent extended episode of Teen Titans Go on Cartoon Network.There is an attempt to show Damian s growth as a character, which works in places The author struggles to find the proper tone for the [...]

    While I didn t love the Robin War tie in at the start, the rest was great I am really enjoying this series It has a bit of heart and a great supporting cast that seems to be growing Artwork seems to be pretty consistently good, with a few that take a little dive Story is good I m glad to see Year of Blood in it A year is a long time, so I m sure it ll tie in through out the series I m really looking forward to .

    Me encantan todos los personajes y la historia es bastante buena, pero siento como si el ritmo fuera a trompicones y me faltara informaci n por el medio primero batman no recuerda que es batman y dos cap tulos m s tarde ya est el la Watchtower Hablando de eso, est es la reuni n padre hijo despu s de la recuperaci n de los recuerdos de Bruce En serio Eso si me encantar a leer una serie sobre estos tres j venes h roes, HACEN UN EQUIPO GENIAL.

    Sean Goh
    This two book series has a lot of heart, as it follows Damian and new friends Plus it has Goliath And a poor guy who keeps losing his teeth.The closing scene has a v cheesy but heartwarming vibe to it, like a teen titans splash page or similar.

    Public library copy.

    5 starsNice to see Damian again Also nice to see Bruce and Talia Hope to see his next adventure.Can t wait to read Batman and Bat family comics

    I really liked this Damian is one of my very favourite characters and I m seriously looking forward to this story continuing and his appearances in Teen Titans and Super Sons both of which look absolutely awesome This story was a tad confusing, I think I needed the background of Robin War, Grayson 4 , 5 one of the two I haven t read yet, and maybe some Batman but the final four issues were well put together and a really very fun adventure.

    Amanda [Novel Addiction]
    I like seeing how this fits in with everything else going on right now, with Robin War and Mecha Batman or whatever you want to call it I love Damian He s such a little butthead sometimes, but I love him He s probably my favorite Robin but by that, I mean while he is actually Robin I love Jason, but as Red Hood, rather than his run as the Bat s side kick Same with Nightwing.

    Adam Fisher
    This Volume and overall title run was alright Nothing crazy special Damien, fresh from saving Nobody, tracks down a thief who is stealing back the artifacts he got during his Year of Blood Batman and Talia appear here, but only help to distract from the story Overall, recommend, if you really love Damien Otherwise, skip.

    If it wasn t for the brilliant artwork, I would say skip over this series in its entirety But the artwork really is THAT good As a self contained sidekick side story, it s functional enough And in this volume it was nice to see Damian reflect a little on recent events that occurred between him and his father But truly, only the artwork is special with this series.3 5

    • READ PDF ↠ Robin: Son of Batman, Volume 2: Dawn of the Demons - by Patrick Gleason Ray Fawkes Mick Grey Ramón F. Bachs
      Patrick Gleason Ray Fawkes Mick Grey Ramón F. Bachs