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  • Title: The Peculiar Miracles of Antoinette Martin
  • Author: Stephanie Knipper
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  • Page: 425
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  • The Peculiar Miracles of Antoinette Martin By Stephanie Knipper Sisters Rose and Lily Martin were inseparable when they were kids As adults, they ve been estranged for years, until circumstances force them to come together to protect Rose s daughter Ten year old Antoinette has a severe form of autism that requires constant care and attention She has never spoken a word, but she has a powerful gift that others would give anything toSisters Rose and Lily Martin were inseparable when they were kids As adults, they ve been estranged for years, until circumstances force them to come together to protect Rose s daughter Ten year old Antoinette has a severe form of autism that requires constant care and attention She has never spoken a word, but she has a powerful gift that others would give anything to harness she can heal things with her touch She brings wilted flowers back to life, makes a neighbor s tremors disappear, changes the course of nature on the Kentucky flower farm where she and her mother live.Antoinette s gift, though, puts her own life in danger, as each healing comes with an increasingly deadly price As Rose the center of her daughter s life struggles with her own failing health, and Lily confronts her anguished past, they, and the men who love them, come to realize the sacrifices that must be made to keep this very special child safe.Written with great heart and a deep understanding of what it feels like to be different, The Peculiar Miracles of Antoinette Martin is a novel about the lengths to which people will go to protect the ones they love.
    Stephanie Knipper
    Stephanie Knipper Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Peculiar Miracles of Antoinette Martin book, this is one of the most wanted Stephanie Knipper author readers around the world.

    The Peculiar Miracles of Antoinette Martin By Stephanie Knipper


    Chelsea Humphrey
    Let me just start by saying I cherish my signed copy of this book, so much so that it sits on a special shelf with my most important books I m admitting fully and freely right here that I m probably biased as a reader and reviewer of this book, as the subject is near and dear to my heart, but my hope is that this touching story reaches all the right people who need it as much as I did, and still do Stephanie and I bonded over Facebook while discussing the parenting of special needs children and [...]

    Diane S ☔
    A flower farm in Kentucky, two estranged sisters and a young disabled girl thought to be somewhere on the autistic spectrum, but has this amazing power to heal Love reading books that contain the meaning and beauty of flowers My favorite parts were those that contained Antoinette s thoughts, unable to speak she associates melodies with those she loves.A light, heartfelt read about sisters, families, illness and what we will do for those we love A predictable ending, which can be seen almost from [...]

    Jennifer ~ TarHeelReader
    While I never expected to enjoy magical realism, I fell hard for Sarah Addison Allen s books a few years ago They are book comfort food to me The love, magic, and easy writing in The Peculiar Miracles of Antoinette Martin reminded me of SAA in a wonderful way A dear book friend, Nita, sent me this book, and she has my gratitude I read this in less than 24 hours, and I m sad that it s over I work with kids who have disabilities, so I quickly wanted to get to know Antoinette I enjoy gardening, so [...]

    You may be as different as the sun and the moon, but the same blood flows through both your hearts You need her, as she needs you George R.R MartinStephanie Knipper, an American author, pens her debut contemporary fiction, The Peculiar Miracles of Antoinette Martin the revolves around the story of two estranged sisters and the daughter of the elder sister, who is a special child with peculiar powers to heal the diseases and ailments of humans just by touching them, but this girl s mother is dyin [...]

    Tom Mathews
    Eden Farm is a home for broken people Rose Martin is dying of peripartum congestive heart failure, her sister Lily has an obsessive compulsive disorder, Seth grew up in with child abuse, Will has lung cancer and Antoinette, Rose s daughter, suffers from an unusual form of autism At age 10, she has never spoken and requires constant care She also has a unique ability She can restore life and health to other living thing by touching them and tapping into the music of their life force But this mira [...]

    Life is not a straight line It s a spiderweb that twists and tangles We crawl along our strands until we touch the people who are meant to be in our lives The strands can knot, as mine did with Lily s, but they don t break, and the unexpected paths are often the best ones This book broke my heart in so many ways, some subtle and some not It was never over the top or false, I wanted to jump in and protect every character in this from hurt and harm Even though I couldn t relate to what they were a [...]

    Erin Clemence
    Not since Love Anthony has a book moved me as much as this novel did Heart wrenching, charming and completely addictive, The Peculiar Miracles of Antoinette Martin by Stephanie Knipper delighted me, surprised me and completely took me under its spell Miracles starts with two estranged sisters, Rose and Lily, who are once again reunited under tragic circumstances Rose s ten year old daughter, Antoinette, is non verbal and has symptoms closely resembling autism, although no doctor is confident eno [...]

    Carole (Carole's Random Life in Books)
    This review can also be found at Carole s Random Life in Books.This was really a great story I wasn t sure what to expect when I started listening to this audiobook but I soon found myself hooked The story touched on so many difficult topics and everything worked together in a way that I wouldn t have expected I really liked that the story was told from multiple points of view and I thought that each perspective really added an important piece to the overall puzzle I really ended up enjoying thi [...]

    If you enjoy light, magical realism, you ll enjoy The Peculiar Miracles of Antoinette Martin For some reason, I tend to read with the seasons and light reads like my food choices and magical realism seem to be the genre of choice for the Summer.This is a sweet story of family, disabilities, love, forgiveness, with a little magic and floral meanings thrown in If you enjoy Sarah Addison Allen, I predict you ll like this one Maybe not quite as well written as SAA, but this was good for a debut nove [...]

    Lizzy (Bent Bookworm)
    Full review notes on The Bent Bookworm Feels The Peculiar Miracles of Antoinette Martin is a sweet, homey book that easily transported me back to my childhood and teen years growing up in Ohio I immediately loved the sisters Rose and Lily and TOTALLY identified with Rose s stubbornness and heartache in not calling her sister years earlier Antoinette is clearly a difficult but lovable child and so many times I just wanted to scoop her up and hug her The slow, off the main plot romance was also sw [...]

    Jason Edwards
    I began this book with a mixture of hope and a little dread See, I happen to know the author and her family, and would never do her the disservice of writing a less than authentic review Not that I expected her writing to be anything but stellar, but because I am by nature a fan of pulp noir and gritty criminal back alley tales unapproved for most audiences Reader discretion advised So, upon reading the synopsis, I wondered whether this particular title would suit my tastes, not having read anyt [...]

    This touching and beautifully written story will certainly bring a tear to your eye Antoinette is a special little girl She has the ability to heal Although autistic and at times difficult she is loved by everyone especially her mother who unfortunately is very ill Knowing that her health is failing Rose calls upon her estranged sister, Lily, to come home in hopes that Lily will get to know Antoinette and take care of her when Rose dies I know this sounds sad but there is so much love and hope i [...]

    I listened to this on audible and I have to say that it was the best narration that I have listened to in 2016 Beautiful heart rendering story full of magic and love

    4.25 5 starsThis was such a delight to read and had the potential to be a five star read for me I loved the representation of KY, sister relationships, and autism I ve had the privilege of working with children on different sides of the spectrum and felt the author s depiction of that was incredibly well done Knipper also writes from experience because her adopted daughter is autistic My only complaints are that I would have liked to have had relationship development and romance with Seth and L [...]

    Susan Peterson
    Take a fascinating story, add complicated but loving characters, set it in a beautiful location, sprinkle in some magic, and you will get this glorious novel Lily has been estranged from her sister, Rose, for 6 years, but when Rose becomes ill, Lily returns home a home full of wonderful memories as well as a painful past Lily also must face her own quirks and insecurities when she sees so much of herself in Antoinette, Rose s unusual daughter At the heart of this story is 10 year old Antoinette, [...]

    Magical realism, the language of flowers, a child on the autism spectrum but seemingly with the power to heal, a wounded family in need of reuniting all the makings of a book to capture my interest, and it did Special kudos to the author for her portrayal of life with a special needs child, both from the child s perspective and from that of those around her My heart went out to Rose, in those early days, when Antoinette s behaviors and meeting of milestones were raising questions It was depicted [...]

    Talk Supe
    3.5 starsLove this story of sisterhood, familial love, and loyalty mixed with fantastic imagery and talk about flowers, food, even science The tale is emotional but I feel like there was one last barrier that wasn t broken for me to fully latch on to the story Lily and Antoinette didn t shares lot of pivotal moments including the rest of the relationships It felt like a lot of things were taken for granted and no catharsis truly happened On the upside, this wasn t emotionally dramatic.

    An enjoyable audio book that covers some of the same ground as Jason Mott s The Wonder of All Things, though in a lighter manner I was not wild about the choice to use two different narrators with very different accents to portray the sisters but other than that, I found the characters interesting and the story engaging.

    Loved it until the last few pages, didn t love the wrap up but still thoroughly enjoyed the book.

    Victoria (RedsCat)
    Lovely story Make sure you have tissues.

    I percorsi inattesi spesso sono i migliori La bambina che ascoltava i fiori racconta la storia di Lily, una giovane donna che da ormai 10 anni ha rotto ogni rapporto con la sorella e la nipote, l unica famiglia che le rimasta dopo la morte dei genitori Adesso Lily costretta a tornare a casa perch sua sorella Rose malata, non le resta molto tempo da vivere, ed ha bisogno di qualcuno che si prenda cura della figlia Antoinette Antoinette una bambina particolare, nonostante abbia 10 anni non parla e [...]

    Wow Winding through the emotional twists and turns to the end leaves me speechless I m a slow reader, but I read this novel in 3 days compelling story.The author s note at the end is powerful here s an excerpt While writing, I thought about the ways we separate ourselves Race, gender, physical ability, and all the other categories by which we define ourselves mask the fact that we are alike than different We are all broken people living in the shadow of death When life is viewed that way, the t [...]

    I got completely swept away by this story, and I still wish I was in it It was heartwarming, emotional, and magical The characters were so well developed, so realistic, that I felt as though I really knew them.As the parent of a child on the spectrum, as well as an educator of children with special needs including some with autism of this severity , I have high standards for what I want to see when a character has autism Ms Knipper did not disappoint Antoinette Martin was an incredible little gi [...]

    Even though the genre of magical realism is not really my thing I did enjoy this book The themes of death and loss as well as the needs of of a child with disabilities were interesting and well explored.

    Odette Knappers
    This was a bit weirder then I expected But also really predictable So I did not really enjoyed reading this that much It felt like a 3 book, but I did not enjoy it as much as other 3 books, so the result is a 2 rating.

    Sue Sharp
    A happy sad story that revolves around a rift between two sisters caused by but healed by the unusual daughter of one.

    Emily Assarian
    I enjoyed this book a lot I felt like you could actually feel Antoinette s and Lily s emotions the most The end was a little unexpected for me but I think overall the book was well written and had my attention and interest all the way through

    I know I know Women s fiction is not my bag However, The Peculiar Miracles of Antoinette Martin is a perfect example of why I keep reading the genre For every five women s fiction novels I read, there is one that makes me glad to be alive and thrilled to be a reader Stephanie Knipper s novel is one such novel.Are there issues with the book Yes My biggest issue with genre at large is the lack of in depth character development I also struggle with the general speed with which the characters resolv [...]

    Courtney Whisenant
    This was such a beautiful story I adored the southern setting, the language of flowers, and the wonder of Antoinette Martin Although I liked one narrator better than the other for this particular story, I enjoyed the book as a whole from start to finish It was one of those special stories that left me with a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.I received a free copy of this audiobook from Librarything in exchange for an honest review.

    I love magical realism, and this book had the bonus of being set on a flower farm, so I jumped at it Sisters Rose and Lily were very close as girls and teens, but when Rose s unexpected pregnancy while in college led to the birth of a daughter on the autistic spectrum, Lily couldn t deal with it Having OCD with some aspects of autism herself, Antoinette was all her fears in human form unable to speak, difficulty with movements, repetitive behaviors It all reminds Lily of her own problems that ma [...]

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