[AZW] ☆ Yule: A Celebration of Light and Warmth | BY Þ Dorothy Morrison Kate Thomsson #2020

  • Title: Yule: A Celebration of Light and Warmth
  • Author: Dorothy Morrison Kate Thomsson
  • ISBN: 9781567184969
  • Page: 382
  • Format: Paperback

  • Yule: A Celebration of Light and Warmth By Dorothy Morrison Kate Thomsson There s just something magical about the Yuletide season, no matter where you live or who you are As bright candlelight mingles with the smells of pine and warm cookies and we perform our yearly rituals of song and family gatherings, the spirit of peace and goodwill seems to reach the heart of even the most cynical Scrooge In the pages of Yule, Dorothy Morrison presentsThere s just something magical about the Yuletide season, no matter where you live or who you are As bright candlelight mingles with the smells of pine and warm cookies and we perform our yearly rituals of song and family gatherings, the spirit of peace and goodwill seems to reach the heart of even the most cynical Scrooge In the pages of Yule, Dorothy Morrison presents a wonderful potpourri of holiday lore from around the world and throughout history, along with fun crafts, delicious recipe seven a calendar of celebrations for every day in December Learn where the traditions of the season originated for instance, did you know that the ringing of bells was meant to drive away the demons who inhabited the darkest days of the year That leaving cookies for Santa mirrors the old tradition of leaving a loaf of bread on the table overnight to bring prosperity in the new year That the Yule log can be traced back to the ancient Greeks Need a recipe for wassail or plum pudding Tips for your holiday party Want to make the season special by making your own decorative crafts and gifts That s just a sampling of what s inside Best of all, Yule shows that the spirit of the season is universal and, however we chose to celebrate and worship, we can all join together in the spirit of peace, love, and harmony at this special time of year.
    Dorothy Morrison Kate Thomsson
    While some of you may know me as the author of Lucinda s Web, Everyday Magic, The Craft, Utterly Wicked and many other books, you probably don t know much else about me And a good number of you probably have no earthly idea who I am at all So, why not read a little further and let me introduce myself A native Texan, I now live in Virginia with my husband, Mark I m a Third Degree Wiccan High Priestess of the Georgian Tradition, founded the Coven of the Crystal Garden in 1986, and spent many years teaching the Craft to students in eight states and in Australia Since I m the eternal student, though who isn t I m currently ensconced in studies of the RavenMyst Circle Tradition, and enjoy membership in the Coven of the Raven.But that s just the stuff pertinent to the Craft Outside of my religious practices and spiritual beliefs, I m a pretty well rounded person as well I ve worked as an accounts payable clerk, a legal secretary, an administrative assistant, an office manager, a commissioned sales person, a personnel consultant, and in the City of Houston s Civil Service and Housing Code Dangerous Buildings departments I ve also held positions as a hospital ward clerk, an animal shelter administrator and am a licensed nail tech So, the truth of the matter is that I really am a jack of all trades although whether I m a master of any is still up for debate Chuckle Photograph courtesy of K.A Varner Photography, Norfolk, VA babyOf course, all of those experiences some absolutely delightful and others, just downright awful helped to shape the person I am today But they didn t do it alone They had help And while I won t bore you with all the details, I thought you might enjoy a brief journey through my life Soab a cup of coffee, relax, and let me tell you a storyIt all begin centuries ago with my ancestors I m a direct descendant of William the Conqueror King of England , Robert the Bruce of Scotland, and various doctors, lawyers, ministers, and patriots, as well as the fourth Governor of Kentucky, the first Poet Laureate of Texas, and a charter member of the Texas Rangers all of whom were spunky, opinionated, and tenacious So when I m accused of being sassy an accusation that seems to be spouted on a regular basis I can t help but grin I do, after all, come by it honestly.I was born on May 6, 1955 in a small Texas town to a deputy sheriff who later became Chief of Police and his wife My mother wanted to name me Penelope, but my father nixed the idea It wasn t that there was anything wrong with the name Not at all It was just that his criteria for naming anything cats, dogs, horses, or children was that he had to be able to remember it when he was mad And sadly, Penelope just didn t fit the bill That being the case, he opted for something he could remember and named me after his little sister.Much to my father s delight, I was quite the tomboy in fact, he put me on a horse before I could walk This guaranteed my first real photo op with Western Horseman magazine when I was only two years old It seems that I was the youngest rider in the Texas Trail Ride Association who could truly handle her own horse even though that horse was sixteen hands high But good equestrian skills were just the beginning of his lessons He instilled in me a love for all animals both domestic and wild and in doing so, taught me about the balance of Nature and animal conservation He taught me to fish looking back, I m sure all those driveway casting lessons really tested his patience, but he stuck with it anyway and it s something I still love to do today He even taught me how to swing a hammer But, perhaps, the most important thing he ever taught me was how to spin a good tale a lesson I ve been putting into practice for most of my life.Mama, however, had her own set of lessons to teach A master gardener, she taught me the joys of digging in the dirt an

    Yule: A Celebration of Light and Warmth By Dorothy Morrison Kate Thomsson


    Unfortunately, this book made me feel less than jolly.It quickly became apparent to me that Ms Morrison uses the words Yule and Christmas interchangeably, which is absolutely not the same holiday at all While they may have been originated from the same tradition originally they are not the same holiday now When reading Yule trivia, I don t expect to read about Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.In the very first paragraph, Dorothy takes the reader through a quick lesson in the history of the evoluti [...]

    If my main goals in celebrating Yule were to make crafts bake, I d have adored this book AY dored We d have run off to Hawaii, vacationed together and then made friendship bracelets while drinking fruity drinks with umbrellas.Except the problem was, I was looking for a book to guide me serve as a backbone inspiration for celebrating my first Yule and this wasn t it.The only section I really felt I learned anything from was a few pages about cleaning rituals and small incantations blessings to us [...]

    Unfortunately, I didn t read the reviews until after ordering the book, but at least I was able to verify firsthand the generalizations, misconceptions, and made up information for myself It s a strange book, and I can t figure out exactly who the target audience is Maybe it s to help wicca celebrate Christmas if they feel guilty about being too nontraditional I just found it sad and depressing that a Wiccan High Priestess and founder of a coven would talk so much about Christmas and leave out s [...]

    Roslyn Ross
    Nice book but the research is inaccurate Overly simplified history of the holidays Then the rest is about how she has tried to make Yule meaningful for her family Some okay celebration ideas and lots of silly chants.

    Wendy S.
    Not the best, not the worst I have other books on Yule that I find much better written and informative.

    This book goes over many Yule Christmas festival of lights winter customs and origins The information may or may not be accurate D , but it s interesting to glance at the topic Much of the book is devoted to crafts decorations, gifts, etc which was quite a bit fluff I liked the idea of making bird baths from three sizes of upside down terra cotta pots and a saucer on the top, using silicone sealer to connect them Also, for my homeschool kids holiday party, the apple roll race sounds entertaining [...]

    It was not as indepth as some of the other holiday books were, so I was a bit disapointed in that However, it did have some interesting tidbits and lots of decor ideas.

    I m pretty sure I could have written this myself, based off of research conducted online.

    Great book on the lore, recipes, and rituals of this time of year.

    Juli Anna
    I love that this book is 90% activities and recipes and only about 10% pagan folklore Some of the recipes and crafts are quite dated and corny, though.

    I enjoyed some of the history that Dorothy Morrison provided, and the folklore behind the celebration of Yule, but I have to give it a low rating because of I cannot give credence to many of the items she touts as facts As a librarian, it is a huge offense to publish a nonfiction book with no regard for backing up your resources When I went to find additional information about several of the items in this book, I found NO other references to them anywhere Considering I have some idea of how to f [...]

    Julie Decker
    Yuletide is one of the three Pagan festivals along with Ostara and Samhain that correspond with widely celebrated secular and religious holidays Like Christmas, Yule incorporates the evergreen, the decorated trees, the colors, some of the traditions, and this book puts them into a Pagan context for those who celebrate the Solstice While I liked the recipes, symbolic decorations, and suggestions, I did feel that the historical factoids were disconnected and sometimes misleading Don t use it as a [...]

    Patricia Gulley
    I liked this book for all the explanations of all the things we use to celebrate Winter Equinox holidays, as well as all the other holidays that are celebrated at this time Yule was very interesting, and how all religions borrowed from each other so as not to overwhelm the converted It has short descriptions of celebrations by country too Well worth having as a reference and entertainment for kids, but adults should find it worth their time too.

    Amanda Goldben
    Has a great review of the history of the season, some of the particular traditions for different locations Also include great mini rituals, decor ideas, LOTS of DIY ideas for gifts and decor Overall VERY pleased with this book and will be utilizing pieces of it into our Yule preparations and traditions Not to mention my BOS Definitely a good buy being newer to the craft and looking to expand my personal library Oh and Llewellyn has ENTIRE series of these for entire wheel of the year.

    Morrison wraps the greenery around the myth, legend, lore, and spells of the winter solstice Then she hangs her holly on the recipes, decorations, and meanings behind some of the most overlooked aspects of what is now the commercialized season of getting It will warm your cocoa, stuff your tree with joy, and lift your holiday spirits as the meaning she gives the season takes shape on each page.

    I enjoyed this history of the holidays in the beginning of this book and the different days of celebration at the end of the book While I liked the recipes and crafts in the book, I thought they were not unique enough I feel like I could find these anywhere online.All in all, I give it a three star rating.

    I was very disappointed by this book The historical information is vague and a lot of it weirdly christian oriented and the crafts are nearly all things I could see fashioned by 1st or 2nd graders.

    C.J. Prince
    A seasonal reference book celebrating the return of the sun.The holidays some call them Christmas or Hanukkah, others know them as Las Posadas or Ta Chiu Still others celebrate Winter Solstice or Yule Holiday lore, recipes, crafts, rituals and .

    I thought it was a neat book and discussed many different aspects of the holiday and gave you a lot of options

    It was just really uninspiring I did find some things I could put to use in this book, but that s it I am glad I checked it out from the library instead of buying it.

    I read this just about every year to enhance the holiday mood.

    Dana Wright
    Great book to learn about the holiday of Yule.

    Dwayna Paplow
    Very artsy crafty I would ve rather had history and less projects.

    I went to the library during December and got a few books on the holidays This one I checked out twice Good book to help plan out the holiday with a touch of pagan

    Very informative.Content presented nicely but with typos.

    • [AZW] ☆ Yule: A Celebration of Light and Warmth | BY Þ Dorothy Morrison Kate Thomsson
      Dorothy Morrison Kate Thomsson