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  • Title: Finding Orlando
  • Author: LucyHawkins
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 474
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Finding Orlando By LucyHawkins Sometimes, finding the right person changes everything You helped me find what I d forgotten I wanted Different worlds Ethan Parker has his whole life planned out for him and it s a life he doesn t want But saying no to his family is too hard, so he buries his dreams and goes through the motions Being on the swim team at Dalton University is his only escape fr Sometimes, finding the right person changes everything You helped me find what I d forgotten I wanted Different worlds Ethan Parker has his whole life planned out for him and it s a life he doesn t want But saying no to his family is too hard, so he buries his dreams and goes through the motions Being on the swim team at Dalton University is his only escape from the constant pressure to be someone he s not Sexy, mysterious Orlando Nolan seems to be Ethan s polar opposite Tall, toned, and tattooed, he looks like a rugged rock star than an Ivy League student but with one of the highest GPA s at Dalton, he s guaranteed a job at one of Silicon Valley s best once he graduates I m not brave like you No matter how much I wish I could be Shared secrets When Ethan needs help studying, Orlando can t resist the chance to spend time with the blond, blue eyed, all American boy from his dorm Neither one expects the bond that forms between them, or how easy they find it to open up to each other Then Ethan spends Thanksgiving with Orlando and his family and their unlikely friendship catches fire He doesn t fix me, he makes me realize that I can fix myself And wrenching choices But family disapproval causes unhealed wounds to surface Orlando doesn t know how long he can wait for someone who s afraid to love him back But can Ethan sacrifice everything for the one person who makes him feel alive Finding Orlando is a steamy stand alone New Adult MM romance novel It depicts a first time gay, friends to lovers relationship resulting in a satisfying HEA and no cliffhanger.
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    Finding Orlando By LucyHawkins


    2.5 3 starsThis book is written in the first person, which isn t my favourite, but it s also in alternative due PoV s which I love It s a bit simplistic and the characters, whilst likeable, are fairly one dimensional, but it s sweet and easy to read The dialogue is a bit cheesy but overall it s an ok effort There are quite a few annoying editing issues dodgy grammar, words missing, wrong words used Also several storylines were just dropped with no resolution , Tag and the poker to name two The e [...]

    Finding Orlando is a book you read when you want to just smile and love life Sure, there was a little drama but for the most part it was butterflies and kittens Orlando is a tattooed and pierced smart guy who is finding himself and attracted to his neighbor Ethan He is fiercely dedicated to his family and finds himself as the provider due to circumstances in his childhood He is the provider for his family and makes certain sacrifices to keep his mother and sister afloat Ethan is from an esteem [...]

    Oh my lord I m discovering that the books I left on my read but have not rated yet shelf are generally books I just didn t like not including books I absolutely adored but have yet to mull over their rating This is NOT one of those books Thank goodness for book notes to remind me in vivid clarity mind you what I didn t like about a book I was unsure of whether to rate this 1 or 2 stars I decided on 1 because this just wasn t for me.If you re reading this I promise you I m not on a 1 3 star strea [...]

    This was a simplistic story line with a just a little angst There were a couple of areas of tension in the story that never really fully developed The characters, Ethan and Orlando were likable, although not really than one dimensional If your looking for a sweet easy read With some cheesy, but could be considered romantic dialogue, I d say this is a good one The sex is well written and I didn t notice a lot of typos so that s always a plus 3 3.5 stars

    Po zapieraj cych dech Penny Wishes Orlando mnie odrobin rozczarowa Ale tylko ciut ciut Jedna gwiazdunia mniej za niedoko czone w tki.

    2.5 Meh That about sums up my feelings Things were just too easy, there was no depth at all.

    Well this didn t suck as much as I thought it would I dare say, it was pretty good Orlando is in college on scholarship and Ethan is old money and in the closet I read this a while ago and forgot to review but I think Ethan didn t even consider himself gay Ethan asks Orlando to help him with one of his classes so they become kind of friends until Ethan gets drunk and kisses him Things progress then Ethan pulls an asshole move Typical Anyways, it was a bit cheesy in parts but overall an easy read [...]

    A very good effort from a brand new author Great characters and a solid story line The story is written in alternating first person point of view and the author manages this very well without falling into that trap of sounding immature which I often find with 1st person pov There are quite a few niggly grammar missing words extra words errors that a good proof reader should have sorted but as a debut author I will forgive Ms Hawkinsis time.

    Dani Hodge
    This is the second book I have read by this author, and I enjoyed it just as much as the first Finding Orlando was sexy, and emotional I loved the chemistry between Orlando and Ethan And the storyline was different and intense It kept me turning the pages The only thing I have to say is that I felt some parts were kinda skipped over, I won t go into detail as this is just my opinion, but I still really enjoyed it If your a M M lover like me I recommend giving it a try

    Denise GremoryKohta
    Well written characters in a very moving story I highly recommend this book Looking forward to reading by this author.

    Ethan is old money and he lives amongst his kind in shared housing at Dalton University He s on the swim and he seems to be well liked He s also deep in the closet and has no plans for coming out anytime soon his father locked that door and threw away the key Living across the hall from him is Orlando Orlando s family is poor and it s thanks to the scholarship he s on that he s rooming in the same house as Ethan To help his mother and sister out, he plays poker after hours and sends them the win [...]

    4 I enjoyed this sugar overload, bit of angst on the road to an even sweeter HEA Just what I felt like reading stars.

    Brad Lane
    I really enjoyed this book The story of two college seniors living across the hall from each other who come from very different worlds Orlando s family is poor and he plays poker to win money to help his mother and sister out Orlando is openly gay, but is so focused on school and his plans to get a good paying job to help his family, that he has no time for relationships Ethan comes from money His homophobic father scared him to deeply bury his early teenage gay feelings that he has himself conv [...]

    Suzanne Ellis
    Ethan Parker had toed the line that his rich and powerful father had laid out for him for his entire life He was in college, on the swim team, and only created his art in secret He was no closer to getting out from under his father s heavy, bigoted, narrow minded thumb than he had ever been, when he meets the reason why that all might change.At first glance, tattooed, pierced and athletic looking Orlandon Nolan does not bring to mind straight A s and good behavior, but in actuality he lived up t [...]

    It didn t take long for me to be charmed by Ethan and Orlando, there s a sweetness in the way they fall for each other that appealed to me That sweetness is tempered by Ethan s frustration with the daunting amount of pressure his father smothers him under and his own efforts to convince himself he fits that mold though His illusions of being straight falter in the face of his growing attraction to Orlando however, especially after a weekend with Orlando s boisterous family gives him a taste of e [...]

    Two and half stars Like so many books I ve read lately, the opening led me to believe that this was going to be quite a lot better than it is But once I got beyond the polished beginning it devolved into m m college romance paint by numbers The writing is simplistic and the dialogue boring and on the nose Most of the time characters simply repeat to each other what they had just thought about in the previous chapter, even going so as to regurgitate events they had just thought about almost verba [...]

    Marguerite Long
    I have now read all three of Lucy Hawkins books They are good, really good They each have a great story The only problem I have is with the story line I m not going to give spoilers away but they each have the same story arc The main reason I read MM instead of FM romance is because the authors don t use the same story arc time line in each of their books I got sick of reading the same story over and over My favorite FM romance author went with the first 20% they meet, next 25% they dance around [...]

    3 starsThis is a young adult novella The characters are likable but there was something missing and even if I like them, I didn t love them.They are from different backgrounds Orlando is poor and Ethan is rich Orlando is out and Ethan is just trying to acknowledge his sexuality They are yin and yang Good sexy times and a cherry popping.The story could have been developed with relevant stuff Orlando s poker playing, for example, didn t go anywhere It served no purpose I felt it was witten for fi [...]

    Robin L
    In several respects this was much better than most mm books you ll find out there The characters are likable, the premise is good, and the writing is engaging And best of all the story has the two main characters spending significant time together We don t usually see that for some reason But despite all that I didn t feel emotionally invested I also felt that the overall plot was sacrificed and tied up into too neat a bow Yes we need to see time spent together, but we still need a story around [...]

    Michele Notaro
    Sweet, adorable and steamy romanceThis was my first read by this author, so it was a great surprising find I really enjoyed this book The characters were sweet and realistic I found myself cheering for them and really feeling their connection Orlando and Ethan were both sweet and adorable, yet different I had no trouble knowing whose perspective I was reading from and that was a joy to read I would recommend this to anyone looking for a sweet m m romance and I will definitely keep an eye out for [...]

    I received an ARC of this book for an honest review I can honestly say that I loved it I have never read anything by this author before but I plan to make her a regular on my must reads list I thought this book was sweet and moving and sometimes made me cry but it was so worth it It was beautify written and I just love Orlando and Ethan This book is a must read I already know that I will be reading this one again.

    Andrea Dalling
    This is one of those books I just couldn t put down Ethan and Orlando come from different worlds but are perfect for each other These expertly drawn characters are weighed down by secrets and family responsibilities, but find freedom and solace in each other Both have been hurt by their fathers and have difficulty learning to trust They ll have to confront their fears to find their happily ever after.

    What an unexpected surprise I m glad I gave this book a chance and I can assure you I ll be reading by the author The story is told in 1st person present from both POVs and is quite angsty, and unfortunately I m not really fond of those things I realize that they are my personal hang ups, so I m sure others will enjoy the book even than I did Also, the last chapter was a little too much for me, meaning everything was tied too neatly in a bow.

    Nice and sweetThis is the first time I have read a book by this author but I really enjoyed it It is a book about love and hope even in the face of criticism Orlando and Ethan have a sweet but passionate relationship I love the face that he stood up to his father and realized that in love and life we have to consider our own happiness first.

    Gay male romance set in college Guy from wealthy background suppressing his sexuality due to family pressure, another out guy from the wrong side of the tracks Enjoyable plot and characters.A few wrongly capitalized words his mom, etc , a few compound words written as two, every day written as one, and too confused with to.

    Misty Wilson
    Lovely and expressive storyI really enjoyed this book because it focused on the emotions between all the characters If you want a journey of the thoughts between first loves and coming out, then this is a great book to read I also liked how the author let story peacefully conclude.

    Did not realize that it was a romance between 2 guys, but I read it anyway It was very well written and very touching, heart warming, sensitive and compassionate, it had a good story line and gave some insight into the prejudice that surrounds gay men, very tastefully written.

    Loved it I loved this story So sweet and inspiring I can t imagine how hard it must be to come out to your family and friends not knowing who will accept you and who won t It s a shame, really Anywho, I loved the book

    Len Evans Jr
    WOW What an awesome love story I couldn t put it down and read it in one sitting The author weaves a beautiful up and down story of love and family those you are born with and those you choose Definitely a must read

    Shirley Manus
    Sweet book.An emotional sweet book about two college guys, Orlando and Ethan College guys are my favorite couples There is some angst between them but true love overcomes all Great support between these two I adored Orlando Thank you

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