[PDF] À Unlimited ☆ Again : by Robyn Christina æ #2020

  • Title: Again
  • Author: Robyn Christina
  • ISBN: 9781680305401
  • Page: 145
  • Format: Paperback

  • Again By Robyn Christina Cecilia Braddock s unbearable childhood haunts her every day of her adult life The brightest light she had then was him, but he left with barely a goodbye and no words after.Then he unexpectedly returns.
    Robyn Christina
    Robyn Christina is an aspiring writer and freelance graphic designer from Connecticut She writes about things she knows and things she wishes she knew about, and hopes to build worlds with her words that glitter with a beautiful hope and entice with an interesting amount of danger and suspense She dreams of living a fabulous life of adventure and excess in Paris eventually gaining enough experiences to write several novels about her experiences abroad.

    Again By Robyn Christina


    To say that I m proud of what this book is becoming is an understatment THIS is a book that actually deserves to be published Robyn displays all the emotions so well in her book She makes her characters human, not heartless machines or someone who cries at the drop of a pen Robyn s writing is so intense and wonderful I m so happy she s expanding her crowd This book is an absolute must read Its so enchanting and wonderful It s hard to explain this unusual book, and that s whats so great about it [...]

    Susan Schafer
    This is an amazingly powerful book that handles a very raw subject in a sensitive manner Very few authors are willing to tackle such dark subject matter as they can t write the story the way it should be written This story is neither stereotypical nor over the top drama.There is a lot of downtime between the horror that we are forced to relive as we learn Cilly s story of her childhood and young adult life But we are empowered right along with her as we go through the journey that she must go th [...]

    This book was phenomenal it held tons of emotion and the main characters strength was truly inspiring It is so powerful and the way it is handled and written is simply beautiful You can literally feel the emotion dripping out from the page This is such a brilliantly powerful book and is definitely worth the read Thank you for writing, to say I enjoyed it is an understatement.

    An astonishing must read story that captures you from the first sentence The author knows how to capture her readers and make them feel like they are becoming one with the story and impassioned A truly incredible talent that will continue to bring out phenomenal works in the future.

    Mulan Neupane
    A brilliant read, and one that will get you hooked from the very first line Every single emotion will come out of you and your soul while reading trust me this is a good thing A great literary talent, that will be gracing us with her brilliance for years to come.

    This is the most life changing book i ve ever read You ll feel the character s pain and happiness and every other emption they feel.

    Robyn Christina writes with emotion She draws you in with characters that have depth and intensity that s very apparent in their monologues The book has a premise that somehow, no matter how dark and piercing, you can relate to It s the story of troubled couples and troubled youths Again is romantic and poignant without even trying too hard The author s writing style flows naturally, and this shows a humanity in her characters that you don t see in a lot of books Cecilia may have been placed on [...]

    This book is one of the best books I ve ever read It, and the rest of the series, has kept me hanging on to every word Robyn writes Her characters are so beautifully crafted it s almost mind blowing My only regret is that I found the series before it was all finished because I want to read it right through beginning to end without waiting Robyn s talent is very, very clear once this book is read and I m so happy it s being published so lots of people can get the chance to read of the once in a l [...]

    An amazing, beautifully written book No words can describe the uniqueness and complexity of this book.

    Once in a blue moon there comes along a story that changes you, that completely alters your existence and shakes you to your core Again is such a story that captures the reader from the very beginning and takes them on a whirlwind filled and swirling with emotion, heartache, obstacles triumph, but most importantly an undying love designed and patched together so strongly that it will forever withstand the test of time and pressure The author paints an unparalleled setting that is grounded within [...]

    Okay I get it.Many people would love this one So many emotions, so many angst, tragedyBut I m just confused.I can t decide I liked this one or not.Protagonists were too complicated, unsettled and confused It was madly confusing.I had so many thing to state about this book while reading, but in the end, I was just exhausted Length of this one was not the only reason.Yes, it was addictive Yes, it was intriguing.But I really am not a fan of this kind of ending.It had so many thing to be explained. [...]

    Taylor Hall
    Every once in a while you will come across a book that changes your world in an instant that was this book for me I was astonished by Robyn s impeccable capability to captivate you into the story, she is so detailed in her writing that I felt like I knew these characters and their thoughts I laughed, and cried throughout the entire story It was a beautifully traumatizing story and although it shook me to my core, I have no regrets and I m grateful that I somehow found it I encourage everyone to [...]

    Catherine Calianese
    I absolutely loved this story To say that I couldn t put it down doesn t do this book justice I enjoyed every single second With its unique story structure it will have you interested from start to finish, and the love story one of the most romantic love stories I ve read recently and you ll be completely sold and rooting for them from the start and with what happens, you will not be disappointed So do yourself a favor and buy this book and read it Please read, you won t regret it

    This book is one of the best that I ve read I cant say there is anything clich about it The characters were unique to this book when you read it you can relate to them on a deeper level than you would ever imagibeThe flashbacks are well writtenThe topics that this book deals with were obviously well thought out and extremely relatableAnd it would be a pity if this book does not become a world wide phenomenonSo my complements to the author you deserve it

    Rimsha Siddiqi
    This is an absolutely wonderful read I ve loved this book from start to finish and Cilly s character is one that I can t help but admire Even after all that she s been through, she s still incredibly strong and that s so different from most of the weak willed female characters I ve read about in books Kudos to the author for managing to write a book in such a way that you can actually feel what what the characters are going through as you read on.

    This book is absolutely amazing and it s my favorite book The moment I started reading I couldn t stop, the emotions of the characters in this book was truly shows in such an amazing way One of the best books i ve read in a really long time and everyone should read it Robyn is an amazing writer and you won t be disappointed

    MaElena Abasola
    I kinda like this book but the story keeps on dragging and the main character keeps repeating the same pattern,I mean it s a long book but nothing is really happening it just goes on and on.ally I want to turn this down but I saw a potential in the story I even enjoy those last chapters and then the ending is like a big MEH seriously don t waste your time

    This book has been an emotional roller coaster I can t believe that it is being published You have done so well This book is different from most just for the fact it shows multiple point of views, and you get to see the same situation through someone else Robyn has had every reason to quit but she preserved and it has definitely paid off I am so proud to be apart of this journey with you.

    This book is an amazing read with characters full of depth and a story line that navigates through tough subjects that not many authors are willing to attempt You will be completely hooked once you start and you will be amazed by the growth of the characters and story

    Easily one of my favorite reads Ive recommended this book to my friends personally, even let them borrow my kindle so they could get their hands on it

    DNF 17%

    ok, estoy en conflicto de c mo calificarlo La historia realmente me encant , pero el final me dejo con mas preguntas, uno literalmente queda en el aire, va a ver libro 2 O as se queda

    • [PDF] À Unlimited ☆ Again : by Robyn Christina æ
      145 Robyn Christina
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