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  • Title: Broken Silence
  • Author: Jennifer Kacey
  • ISBN: 9781613339633
  • Page: 412
  • Format: ebook

  • Broken Silence By Jennifer Kacey More than a decade before, when Paul was nothing but a child, fate dealt him a hand he couldn t win Silenced him forever for speaking out against the former Alpha, stole his destiny, and robbed him of his place in the pack.Presley Ginger, a tiny human female, couldn t have been further from what he expected to walk into the bar and alter his future But he couldn t tell hMore than a decade before, when Paul was nothing but a child, fate dealt him a hand he couldn t win Silenced him forever for speaking out against the former Alpha, stole his destiny, and robbed him of his place in the pack.Presley Ginger, a tiny human female, couldn t have been further from what he expected to walk into the bar and alter his future But he couldn t tell her anything about his wolf or his shift Nothing Bound by a direct order from the enforcer to keep her in the dark, his need for her would never see the light of day Then the moon rose above him in the presence of his mate and changed everything.For years, in the background is where he stayed, unable to find his voice Until his rainbow haired mate showed up in the Black Hills with the answer in her hands.
    Jennifer Kacey
    I am a wife and a mother and a business owner alongside my husband of almost 11 years.We live in east Texas along with our son and our dog and 2 cats We ve got a 5 acre plot of land that we ve lived in since 2000 and absolutely love it OK the 800 summers can be a little harsh but the land is beautiful and you just can t beat Texans We know our neighbors and like them of themd where else can you see a hive of tractors parked on main street and it s actually considered normal.I ve been writing romance since 2008 when I wrote my first novel in 3 months And it was a 100,000 word count Apparently I had a lot to say I ve written four novels to date, several short stories, magazine and newsletter articles and am working on a 7 book series right now I write contemporary erotic romance Mostly hetero, some same sex, menage oh yeah but all of it HOT What started it all was a dream I think a lot of authors say that and I think if people would write their dreams down and turn them into stories the world would be a much interesting place Two dreams compose two of the biggest scenes of Final Promise One where Simon is chasing Karley through the park into the locker room, and the other when she has to confront him in the conference room It s been almost 4 years since I had that dream and I SWEAR I can close my eyes and still see the tears streaking down her face looking out the window My husband always tells me that I have sci fi dreams and on most nights that is so true I could fill pages and pages of paranormal scenes with them but those dreams were HOT with a capital Damn Whatever precipitated those dreams I am so thankful for I LOVE Writing It is something so incredibly fulfilling to put your thoughts and dreams down on paper and have someone else read it and say, WOW But it s something else entirely to have a writer read your work and say, Holy WOW Now if I could just find where I misplaced my editor

    Broken Silence By Jennifer Kacey


    I listened to this on audio and the reader, Simone Gayuma, was pretty meh If there were than two people conversing I would become confused as to who was talking But the story was good.Paul is a mute shifter from a vicious attack by his alpha when he was 12 and PG is a fun loving thoughtful human He s a sweet sexy guy but has low self esteem because of his disfigurement and how it has restricted his interaction with his pack mates She arrives in town to visit an old college friend and meets Paul [...]

    I received an ARC of Broken Silence from Jennifer Kacey, in exchange for an honest review.What an introduction to Jennifer Kacey s writting, Broken Silence was my first book from her WOW Broken Silence is book 42 in the Black Hills Wolves series, I need to read MORE if this series.Presley Ginger, known as PG to everyone has been trying for a while now to catch up with her college friend Saja to visit, when the go ahead on Saja s end arrives, PG is excited to finally see her Upon arriving in Los [...]

    Short book that should be longer This is the first book I ve listened by Jennifer Kacey, but I don t think it s going be the last IDon t believe a person could see someone turn into a wolf and have the reaction PG has Her reaction doesn t ring true, unless it turns out she already knows about shifters It s like this was supposed to be longer but someone came along and cut some out The narration was ok, just a little lackluster.This audiobook was given to me for free at my request from the publis [...]

    Jean Smith
    Breaking than the silence Quiet, unassuming Paul has paid a lifetime over for speaking out of turn as a child The cruelties of a deranged alpha stole his voice and relegated him to a world of silence All his aspirations to advance in the pack were stripped and now he lives as a lowly omega serving the pack That is until the effervescent PG explodes into his life Never again will he be silenced because for the first time he s able to speak For the first time he s using all the ASL he s learned T [...]

    Ingrid Stephanie Jordan
    5 Stars Title Broken Silence Author Jennifer Kacey Reviewer Stephanie Jordan Paranormal WolfShifters At this point Black Hills Wolves has many authors with each author having there own way to write YET, every Black Hills Wolves Book is a phenomenal Must Read book.Paul finally gets his story told He s been in and out of many books But now we get to hear of his disgraceful torture by the wretched Magnum When Paul was 12 years old he found food, Magnum was hiding, yet everyone was starving in the p [...]

    iliana G
    I was given an ARC by the author in exchang for an honest review.Another great addition to the Black Hills Wolves.Let me start here with the most common yet most geniuine thing i can sayIts a Black Hills WOlves book After having said that i have to say that its indeed another great addition.Its the first time we see the author in this world and she has done an outstanding job.More than a decade before, when Paul was nothing but a child, fate dealt him a hand he couldn t win Silenced him forever [...]

    Denise Van plew
    This is a author my first time reading but love this series Each one another piece put in Once I began this one I immediately am riveted to the scene that is before me clenching my teeth with a heavy heart You want it somehow not to be true but it is but then another quick turn and Paul wakes up Things have changed since then but he thought being a Omega made him lesser which he would be having a crash course soon Presley has been invited by her friend to come on to where she lived even though t [...]

    I loved everything about this book from the cover to the last page Paul has been a silent secondary character in this series and I am thrilled that we get to know about him If this book doesn t move you then there is no hope Paul fell victim to Magnums madness at the tender age of 12 while trying to do the right thing It cost him his voice and his future until a feisty rainbow haired human came into The Den and shook up his world What can I say about Presley She is the girl I wanted to be She i [...]

    Treena Beavers
    Broken Silence totally blew me away So much emotion grasped me from the very first chapter From the moment PG realises Paul has no speech and they begin to sign to one another I had goose bumps and floods of happy tears in my eyes, such a sweet romantic story, well done If you haven t read any of the Black Hill Wolf books don t let it stop you from experiencing this wonderful romance It can be easily read as a standalone, it gives enough background to know what has happened in the past and draws [...]

    Debbie Watson
    Another great story from Jennifer Kacey Paul and Presley s love story is one of my favorites.

    Nadine Young
    I was so surprised with how much emotion and storyline this author could pack into a shorter book There is struggle, and redemption, and some hot and heavy love You feel for and root for Paul right away This book also turned me on Jennifer Kacey.I will look for of her books And I just have to mention I know P.G was Presley Ginger s Nick name and it came to mean something else in the end, but I LOVED the irony of P.G since given her studies she was anything but I did receive this audiobook as a [...]

    • DOWNLOAD PDF ✓ Broken Silence - by Jennifer Kacey
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