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  • Title: Jester Leaps In
  • Author: Alan Gordon
  • ISBN: 9780312979003
  • Page: 221
  • Format: Paperback

  • Jester Leaps In By Alan Gordon In 13th century Europe, political turmoil is the order of the day and the Fool s Guild and its agents jesters, jugglers, and knaves to a man works behind the scenes to manipulate events, trying to maintain a balance of power Theophilos, a member of the Guild known by many names, is still recovering from his last mission during which he was severely wounded and nearlyIn 13th century Europe, political turmoil is the order of the day and the Fool s Guild and its agents jesters, jugglers, and knaves to a man works behind the scenes to manipulate events, trying to maintain a balance of power Theophilos, a member of the Guild known by many names, is still recovering from his last mission during which he was severely wounded and nearly lost his life but, in the person of Viola, found himself an apprentice and a wife But there is no rest for the wicked While he is recovering on the Dalmatian coast, the Guild approaches him with another mission A crusade is being launched, with Venice as the staging ground, but some believe that Venice means to turn it to it s own ends At the same time, there is trouble in Byzantine throne a pretender to the throne is gathering European backers And to make matters worse, all of the Guild s agents in Constantinople have gone suddenly and mysteriously missing So now, the newly married Theophilos and Viola must go to Constantinople to gather information, thwart the rivals of the Guild, stop the war, and maybe just maybe stay alive.
    Alan Gordon
    Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information Alan Gordon is the author of the Fools Guild mysteries His short fiction and essays have appeared in Alfred Hitchcock s Mystery Magazine, Ellery Queen s Mystery Magazine, Isaac Asimov s Science Fiction Magazine, The Drood Review of Mystery and the Medieval Academy Newsletter He lives in New York City with his wife, Judy Downer, and son, Robert By day, he is a lawyer with the Legal Aid Society.Series Fools Guild

    Jester Leaps In By Alan Gordon


    3.5 I had forgotten how much I enjoy these Fools Guild mysteries This second one doesn t have a Shakespearean background as do some of the others such as the first one, Thirteenth Night, which uses the play Twelfth Night as a background , and I missed the humor that provided However, the thirteenth century Constantinople setting was excellent.

    3 STARSAn entertaining addition to the series, this time less to do with Shakespeare and in Byzantine politics Feste, now married to Viola, gets sent to Constantinople to discover why all the Fools there had been killed view spoiler Once there, after some shenanigans and information seeking and burrowing into the grace of the emperor, he unravels a plot to kill the deposed emperor I m still not sure what s the point of assassinating the prior emperor is it to cut off all possibility of a factio [...]

    I expected humor and it loses a star for that reason I admire the research and his depiction of Constantinople Not an easily solved mystery but but it never got me involved in the mystery aspect, either I consider it in the action adventure genre rather than, historical fiction or mystery I had a similar idea so, I praise the jester guild concept It just need jest and edge.

    The second book in the Fools Guild mystery series follows Theophilias, also known as Feste, on a trip to Constantinople.It s as well written as the first, with a slightly tight plot and some excellent scenes word play The idea of a conspiratorial group attempting to shape history for the better under the innocuous guise of medieval entertainers is also one that hooked me quite strongly in these books, and the two main characters are imminently likable.

    An excellent historical mystery series focusing on jesters from the Jesters Guild keeping tabs on those in power, and in this case, investigating the deaths of jesters in Constantinople Fast moving, seamless history, great sense of humor I was surprised and gratified Looking forward to reading in the series.

    jean kennedy-hubler
    Added fools to loveThis story held my attention at every moment Well developed story line Can t get better More new chracters to love Great suspence.

    I enjoy the premise of these books based on meager clues of history, Gordon weaves a very plausible tapestry where a jester s guild train together, not only in the witty physicality of being a jester, skills of weaponry and self defense, but also in observing, cultivating contacts, and interpreting political movements with the goal of indirectly influencing the outcome, as only an invisible court jester might do hmmmm and then Gordon explores two very different historical sites and intrigues to [...]

    JESTER LEAPS IN Hist Mys Theophilos Europe 1202 G Gordon, Alan 2nd in seriesSt Martin s Minotaur, 2000, US Hardcover ISBN 0312241178First sentence The sun rose through the gap in the eastern ridge where the river cuts through.Theophilos Feste is a member of the Fool s Guild, recovering from a wound and newly married to Viola Claudius, now apprentice to Feste He receives word of his newest mission He and Viola are to go to Constantinople A new crusade is being launched from Venice to Constantinop [...]

    Tim Hicks
    This one s hard to rate for me, because I think I d already read all the others But I felt only a little confusion about who s who and where we are in time Every book in this series is a painless history lesson This time it s Constantinople c.1200 AD You just have to accept the premise that this world is our own except that it is really easy for a fool to get access to people of power The plot requires that, so I guess it s OK This one does seem to assume that you remember the first book at leas [...]

    An entertaining read I had a little trouble believing that Theo could miss something so obvious as blood no blood on the floor, or that Thalia was so competent yet so incompetent, or that seven very capable jesters eight if you count Mr Z could be eliminated without apparent casualties on the other side, or that Theo could state that he didn t trust Thalia and then thoughtlessly hand her vital information and no, it wasn t part of a clever plan, he just talked without thinking just little things [...]

    People think of the 13th century as a time when people were just beginning the process of becoming human They think of stories of jesters as people who were silly ignorant fools This story will change your thinking Theophilus is a jester and upstanding member of the Fool s Guild in the early 1200 s He is sent to Constantinople when six jesters suddenly disappear He takes along his new bride, Viola, who is disguised as a male to keep her safe They find a modern city and soon catch the eye of the [...]

    I ve found a new favorite medieval mystery series previously held by the Catherine LeVendeur series I loved the witty banter between Theophilos and Viola as they navigated the corrupt Byzantine court in Constantinople in their roles as fools to the Emperor The descriptions of Constantinople and the court added to the atmosphere of decadence and intrigue Viola Claudia is a strong, resourceful and gutsy character that I loved almost immediately I will certainly be looking for the other books in th [...]

    I believe this is the second book in the series from the sequence of events I could be diligent and look it up, but hey Mysteries set in medieval Constantinople should naturally have a certain Byzantine quality to them, and this is no exception Good historical details, good intrigue, and quite satisfying I will be sad when I finish reading this series, which should be soon at the rate I m zipping through these.

    Dayna Smith
    The second book in A Fools Guild Mystery series Six fools have gone missing in Constantinople and Theo and his wife must travel to the fabled city and find out what has happened to them This series is packed with traitors, spies, assassins, and thoroughly enjoyable ploy twists and humor Mystery lovers will not be able to put this down This is a Reader s Corner highly recommended series It is full of fun and surprises.

    Interesting book, set in Medieval Constantinople, a crossroads for crusaders, merchants and traders from all over Europe and Asia Very interesting and believable concept of a secret society of Jesters whose mission it is to exert influence upon the powerful courts they reside in Who else but a Jester could appear out of no where without any credentials and immediately have the emperor s ear Series of books Will read .

    Genre Medieval MysteryEnjoyable mystery set in 12th century Byzantium The main character is a fool by trade and so the story swings though both the upper echelons of society and the seamy underside of society Some of the character s back stories seemed a bit fantastical to me, but their interactions were compelling Mostly, a fun romp.

    Sally Smith
    This is an excellent medieval mystery, and I ve read lots of them The sleuth is a jester who is a member of the Fool s Guild, who do spying under the cover of their trade Fascinating plot and setting as well as interesting characters.

    Caidyn (BW Book Reviews; he/him/his)
    I just I love these books I m never disappointed because the humor s great, the mystery is intriguing, and the characters are amazing So, never disappointed at all by them And, I honestly have nothing else to say about the series.

    Good but not on a par with 1 I wanted of the workings of the Guild personal focus on Feste Co and a little less of the history of Byzantium Constantinople Still a series that I will continue at some point.

    Alice Newkirk
    Constantinople in the Middle Ages Great plot, great characters, well written A worthy successor to Thirteenth Night, the excellent first book in the Fools Guild series.

    These are delightful books A cunning mystery, the almost ninja skills of a trained fool, all seeped in well researched history that takes you back as if by time machine.

    Good addition to this author s historical mystery seres

    I ve tried twice, b c i loved the 1st book, to read this oneI cannot get through it because of the woman Marriage between the characters ruins too many series P

    Ned Leffingwell
    This was a quick read and an enjoyable historical mystery The idea of a Jesters Guild was interesting and the setting of 13th century Constantinople was intriguing.

    Stephen Kibler
    I like this sort of thing Mysteries set in ye olde times.

    Another interesting mystery with a dab of history and lots of clever repartee

    Julie Hulten
    interesting concept a medieval Guild of Fools secretly spying and manipulating international events

    Have only recently discovered this series and am enjoying reading my way through it The characters are funny and charming and I m enjoying them

    I do enjoy the Jester series Well told stories The facts are in sync This story was especially enjoyable in that it returned me to a place originally introduced by The Walking Drum.

    Feste the Fool in Constantinople Decent plot and historical action.

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