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  • Title: Enterprise Stardust
  • Author: Karl-Herbert Scheer Wendayne Ackerman Walter Ernsting Clark Darlton
  • ISBN: 9784411659705
  • Page: 314
  • Format: Paperback

  • Enterprise Stardust By Karl-Herbert Scheer Wendayne Ackerman Walter Ernsting Clark Darlton Perilous dawn Major Perry Rhodan, commander of the spaceship Stardust , found than anyone had expected might exist on the moon for he became the first man to make contact with another sentient race The Arkonides had come from a distant star, and they possessed a knowledge of science and philosophy that dwarfed mankind s knowledge But these enormously powerfulPerilous dawn Major Perry Rhodan, commander of the spaceship Stardust , found than anyone had expected might exist on the moon for he became the first man to make contact with another sentient race The Arkonides had come from a distant star, and they possessed a knowledge of science and philosophy that dwarfed mankind s knowledge But these enormously powerful alien beings refused to cooperate with the people of Earth unless Perry Rhodan could pass the most difficult test any human being had ever faced Enterprise Stardust is the first novel in the Perry Rhodan series which sold than 70 million copies in Europe and America.
    Karl-Herbert Scheer Wendayne Ackerman Walter Ernsting Clark Darlton
    Karl Herbert Scheer 1928 1991 was a German science fiction writer who mostly published under the pen name K H Scheer.

    Enterprise Stardust By Karl-Herbert Scheer Wendayne Ackerman Walter Ernsting Clark Darlton


    This was one of those books I have heard of and wanted to read for a very long time shame I lost the copy in my collection Anyway there is a lot of history behind the Perry Rhodan series and I wanted to find out what it was all about If you want to find out look for the Wiki page there is a lot there Lets just say that curiosity got the better of me I must say it was a lot better than I was expecting yes its dated now not only in the technology but also in its attitudes and in places language Ho [...]

    1961 erschien das erste Perry Rhodan Heft von K.H Scheer und Clark Darlton und wer h tte geglaubt, dass sich die Reihe bis heute, ber ein halbes Jahrhundert, halten und auf bald 3000 Hefte anwachsen w rde Der Zeitpunkt war allerdings f r solch ein Unternehmen gl cklich, eine junge Generation von Lesern wuchs heran, die verr ckt nach Science Fiction war, auch wenn das nat rlich den anhaltenden Erfolg der Serie nicht erkl rt.Bevor ich ins Perryversum eintauchen konnte, musste ich erstmal noch ein [...]

    Timothy Boyd
    An average SiFi adventure series Quick and easy read very 1960s style The impressive thing about this series in the 1000 issues it ran Even after it died off in American markets it is still going on the Germany Recommended

    I started reading this series when 7 was published in English by Ace When you consider it was translated in 1969 and first came out in 1961 the story might be seen under a slightly different light than some reviewers might review it under After all what do you compare The Time Machine and 2000 Leagues Under the Sea with I am not comparing Enterprise Stardust with either of these, but you must admit that comparing them with today s offerings in fantasy and science fiction for writing style, plot [...]

    The first two volumes in the on going serial adventures of Perry Rhodan Heavy on the telling without showing and because it s the first in a series that s still going on the ending leaves you hanging, but still good campy fun.

    This is the first in one of the longest run space opera series in history I never read a large number of these but they were actually pretty well written in general, I thought Some were better than others.

    This is a fast and fun read written in a pulp fiction magazine style, which is how these stories were originally released The style fits this type of hero story well It s the first glimpse into this phenomenally popular series and sets the scene for the myriad paths that this story is destined to take.I found the plot quite predictable as I expected , but that s by no means a complaint Likewise the characters are a tad shallow, but I suspect that these might be expanded considerably over the fol [...]

    EUROPE GOES GA GA OVER PERRY RHODAN Books Products Fan Clubs O.k so that was 50 years ago when ol Perry first blew onto the scene Howeverif you like old time sci fi, this first of the series was pretty good Started in the 1960 s in Germany as a weekly novella, this still going space opera eventually came to the U.S and was published in a two novellas in one paperback format, originally numbered 1 through about 118 Rhodan fan websites etc offer conflicting information on various aspects of the in [...]

    Daniel Keohane
    Decades ago I picked up a Perry Rhodan book, one of the Ace paperbacks, when I was a teenager Perry Rhodan was a serialized set of science fiction novels that ran forever beginning in the 60 s, first in its native Germany, then finally reaching the US in the early 70 s I d see them in the stores, usually in Pharmacy paperback racks weren t any mega bookstores like now Anyway, I digress They had great covers, and I grabbed the one currently out, somewhere in the middle of the series I didn t quit [...]

    This opening tale of the much hyped Perry Rhodan science fiction series is a great example of pulp era Space Opera Characters present well and are fully developed The writer conveys the sense of uncertainty as Major Rhodan and his crew encounter the highly advanced aliens, the Arkonides.The Earthmen s flight to the Moon is interrupted when their computer controlled landing is interrupted by the Arkonides After determining an outside force interfered with the landing and stranded them, Rhodan and [...]

    C. John Kerry
    This book is actually the first two novels in the Perry Rhodan series that were published in Germany roughly eight years earlier The novels are basically pure space opera, though at this point with an earth bound storyline As far out in space that we get is the moon The stories basically set up the initial situation and introduce many of the main characters for the future It is also a first contact novel as that it what happens on the moon Still these are enjoyable stories The series is still be [...]

    I d heard about Perry Rhodan just a couple months before it came out The Ackerman s Forry and Wendayne did a great job of preesenting this phenomonally successful German Science Fiction series I do believe 137 of the books were eventually translated into english Still to date the series has had over 2,500 books in print That is an ungodly number for any book series Enterprise Stardust introduces us to perry Rhodan and his sidekick Reginald Bell Also introduced are the aliens led by the beautiful [...]

    Drew Pearce
    A good start to a series which has its ups and downs in terms of quality It certainly has not aged well, there are some cringe worthy lines regarding race and gender in here but if you look past this it explores a lot of different issues, including the chance of eternal life a concept I particularly enjoy It features what I feel to be one of the realistic interpretations of how humanity would react to extra terrestrial first contact I really enjoyed it even though at times the plot can be trans [...]

    Juliane Kunzendorf
    Luke and I read the first Perry Rhodan german science fiction First issue of a pulp booklet series, starting in 1961 called Enterprise Stardust This is an still ongoing series with so far 2791 issues 2792 to come out on the 19.02.2015 Written by many different authors, it takes place in the same universe and the characters re appear or are referred to in later stories.A german science fiction author, Andreas Eschbach said, that in total the series would be equivalent to 560 books of Harry Potter [...]

    Dale Rosso
    An excellent Space Opera translated from German by Wendayne, Forry Ackerman s wife This series fills the craving for a long series and I loved it while it lasted The series is still being published in Germany but I do not read German so I reread the 100 plus books that were translated in the 1970 s and published by Ace Books Thanks to the late Forest J Ackerman for his love of Sci Fi.

    Bob Rust
    5 Introducing Perry Rhodan and His Electric Personality essay by Forrest J Ackerman8 Enterprise Stardust PR Zyklus 1 Die Dritte Macht 1 novella by K H Scheer trans of Unternehmen Stardust 1961 99 The Third Power PR Zyklus 1 Die Dritte Macht 2 novella by Clark Darlton trans of Die dritte Macht 1961 as by Walter Ernsting

    I picked this one up as I was looking for an easy read to brush up on my German I must say that I quite enjoyed this classic sci fi pulp The plot is nothing spectacular but I was drawn in to the story and the cliffhanger at the end probably means I ll read the next one as well.

    Sure it s dated, the characters are one dimensional and the plot is predictable but for what it is a pulp magazine serial sci fi story I enjoyed it and will continue with the series.

    First sci fi book I ve read when I was a little girl Still reading the adventures of Perry Rhodan, still ongoing stories

    Where it all began While this is dated German space opera that serious SF readers looked down upon at the time, it seems intellectual in these days of JJ Abrams movies.

    what a silly book as others have said so incredibly outdated, yes, but ridiculous even in its time the first seven chapters or so is just about astronauts dwiddling around before and after the launch with a lot of yammering about g forces and whatnot could have been an opportunity for character development but no such luck once they land on the moon it almost gets interesting clearly a paid by the word endeavor at best a popcorn read you can dispose of in about an hour at worst badly written and [...]

    Artur Coelho
    Iniciar a leitura das aventuras deste personagem ic nico da FC germ nica apresenta um problema nico Os livros de Perry Rhodan englobam uma s rie continuamente publicada desde os anos 60 num ritmo semanal, o que significa que a lista de t tulos j ultrapassa os quatro mil Talvez um f ferrenho encontre tempo e dedica o para ler tudo E capacidade de leitura em alem o, j que a publica o noutras l nguas mais reduzida Dizem os entendidos que h alguns livros essenciais para entender uma s rie que se act [...]

    Considering that according to a very respectable daily newspaper, the PerryRhodan books are the most successful SciFi book series ever, this was a disappointment to me The plot was than predictable, the protagonists were one dimensional and the writing style was not my piece of cake either, very pseudo technical and boring endless passages in between that imo did not really help the plot.I do acknowledge however that the ideas in that book were probably very creative and new when the book was o [...]

    Langweilig So sehr langweilig Viel zu viele technische Details Es dauerte ein Drittel des Buches, bis sie eigentlich auf dem Mond gelandet sind Und wie kann man Au erirdische so de machen Au erirdische Und auch die Charaktere waren nicht genau sympatisch Deswegen hat es mir so lang gedauert, 100 Seiten zu lesen Ich werde diese Reihe sicherlich nicht fortsetzen.

    Before Star Wars this was Space Opera As I recall, this was the first of than a hundred in the series I ve forgotten everything, and I probably read than ten of these.Only for diehard space opera fans.

    Luke Burrage
    Full review on my podcast, SFBRP episode 264.

    probably read in winter 1970

    larges SF series of all time Ok Read setting dated now

    The first part of this series was great, but it ran out of steam for me.

    Dan Panke
    First Perry Rhoden I ve ever read and I was very disappointed with the story Boring in fact I m not sure if I ll read another.

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      314 Karl-Herbert Scheer Wendayne Ackerman Walter Ernsting Clark Darlton
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