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  • Title: Gadarene
  • Author: Tina Anderson C.B. Potts
  • ISBN: 9780974419527
  • Page: 179
  • Format: Paperback

  • Gadarene By Tina Anderson C.B. Potts In the notorious Five Points slum of 1870 s Manhattan, Galen the Mongoose Driscol steps out of jail and back into the arms of his lover, Wira Boruta When Galen tells Wira that he s tracked down the man who tried to kill them as children, Wira is unwilling to listen, and pleads with Galen to forget the past, and live only for the futureeir future Only Galen doesn tIn the notorious Five Points slum of 1870 s Manhattan, Galen the Mongoose Driscol steps out of jail and back into the arms of his lover, Wira Boruta When Galen tells Wira that he s tracked down the man who tried to kill them as children, Wira is unwilling to listen, and pleads with Galen to forget the past, and live only for the futureeir future Only Galen doesn t forget, nor does he forgive He doesn t give a second thought about exacting justice, but justice has a price, and it s come to collect from the one person Galen loves most
    Tina Anderson C.B. Potts
    Tina Anderson began writing gay comics and women s yaoi, or Boys Love, in 2005 for publishers Class Comics, Yaoi Press, Sin Factory, DramaQueen, and Iris Print Anderson moved on to self producing her work in 2008, through her publishing circle, Gynocrat Ink Anderson ceased writing homoerotic comics in 2010 to develop her science fiction serial, Femitokon, now available on Patreon.

    Gadarene By Tina Anderson C.B. Potts


    Gadarene is a phenomenal book It s rare to find a book in this genre that pulls you into the story Even rare in the fact that this is a historical work Absolutely stunning.Even fascinating is that Wira, our transgendered character, is in no way a chick with a dick character Wira is Wira There is no other way to put it Wira s character is written so well, so perfectly, that even as she is referred to as a girl, as I refer to her as she , never did I feel I was reading a hetero story Not once Wi [...]

    An Intense, captivating, interesting, romantic, gut wrenching story in every sense of the word Characters I will be sure to remember Definitely a keeper one that needs to be read alone at night.

    The Five Points, NYCA mix of Sweeney Todd and Jack the Ripper, maybe even a bit of Edgar Allan Poe s The Tell Tale Heart With the surreal environment of an M Night Shyamalan movie, this story is second to nothing produced by better known, mainstream authors Think Dean Koontz and Stephen King It s that good.The characters, main and secondary, the plot, the setting, all come together to provide an experience not to be missed by fans of horror This is made even better by the gritty but poignantly [...]

    This is such a unique m m book and I am glad that I was sorting through Aly s shelves for a reading challenge thanks Aly or I wouldn t have ever heard of it The author did a great job with the historical component of it, I felt that I was right there in the dirt and grit of old Manhattan.So much of the book was spent in trying to figure out the horrors of the past and if the images that Galen and Wira saw were real or figments of the imagination These horror elements gave the story some intensit [...]

    This book impressed the hell out of me.The scariness of the story is the first thing that impressed me Anderson Potts tell us what happened, what Wira saw, how she felt about it, what she did about it, but they don t explain why any of it s happening the unknown is left in the realm of the unknown, and that s where the scare factor comes in Is any of this really happening Is Wira imagining things Is she psychic or psychotic Little by little, I learned enough to begin to piece together the events [...]

    I had no idea what to expect when I opened this book I knew a little about the authors, but not a lot, and I didn t know that either of them were likely to produce anything in this genre I have to say that it s not an easy book to find No mention of it on C B Potts website and if you do a Google search for Gadarene C B Potts you get one hit which is my comment on a thread on Mrs Giggles blog.I had an email fromTina Anderson when she discovered I was reading it and she explained that the book is [...]

    Gadarene by Tina Anderson and C.B Potts met and exceeded my expectations The story effortlessly merges the genres of horror, paranormal and historical And at the heart of it, Gadarene is also a romance.The setting of the story is established early on when Galen is released from jail, and he takes a leisurely walk back to his mother s house Slum life is painted vividly and it s clear that Galen, and everyone else he knows, does not live a life of luxury Galen s mother is a prostitute, and so is W [...]

    Elisa Rolle
    Well never say never I always said that I would never read an horror and here I m, just finished one, and I have to say a very good one, and being very happy to have read it even if happy is not a word that fit with this genre Late nineteen century in Manhattan, Galen is just out of prison He has spent three years in Ludlow, a boy from Five Points, with no hope for a bright future Son of a woman who is whoring herself to live, he has neither a place to stay if it weren t for Wira Wira is his lov [...]

    A most entertaining original read I ll start with the beginning, which would be the cover Now covers are, for the most part, a source of turn off on most gay novels for me, but certainly not this one It s amazing and scary at the same time, a perfect match for this story Not to mention the children we see on it probably have me scarred That image followed me all the way through the book, really spooky.The story itself is rather unconventional, but I think this is where it gets it s appeal Romanc [...]

    Serena Yates
    This is a hard book for me to evaluate and rate.I liked the basic story and the message of having to deal with your past before you can move on The characters of Galen and Wira were real to me, even though the story is set in the 1870s There is a lot of back story, which is neatly woven into the telling of what happens once Galen is let out of prison.But I found it very hard to deal with the horror elements of it I think it was the detailed descriptions that got to me than the idea of what happ [...]

    Compelling characters, especially Wira and her ways of dealing with being a woman in a man s body at the end of the 19th century Grittily realistic except for some horror elements portrayal of the poorer classes in New York City at the time, while still retaining the beauties of physical attractiveness, friendship, and love.

    Some of the dialogue I found to be rather modern fora 1870s setting but by no means is this jarring to the point of enjoying the story or the characters Unfortunately the story ends just when we re really enjoying the world of our protagonists Wira and Galen The romance between the two is strong as is the chemistry The supernatural element in the end dampens the message of moving on but by no means does this mean the story doesn t end with a solid conclusion.A fun simple and quick read.

    Vfields Don't touch my happy!
    Way, way too dark for lite summer fare I thought the two MCs were fascinating but damn did they suffer I could have used a laugh or cuddle in the end but hey, that s just me.


    4.5 Stars Unexpected, unique, dark, sordid, chilling Galen and Wira s undeniable bond and fierce love shine through this nightmarish story like a beacon

    • [PDF] ¿ Gadarene | BY ☆ Tina Anderson C.B. Potts
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