[PDF] ☆ Boots on the Ground by Dusk: My Tribute to Pat Tillman | by ☆ Mary Tillman Narda Zacchino #2020

  • Title: Boots on the Ground by Dusk: My Tribute to Pat Tillman
  • Author: Mary Tillman Narda Zacchino
  • ISBN: 9781594868801
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Boots on the Ground by Dusk: My Tribute to Pat Tillman By Mary Tillman Narda Zacchino On April 22, 2004, Lieutenant David Uthlaut received orders from Khost, Afghanistan, that his platoon was to leave the town of Magarah and have boots on the ground before dark in Manah, a small village on the border of Pakistan It was an order the young lieutenant protested vehemently, but the commanders at the Tactical Command Center disregarded his objections UthlaOn April 22, 2004, Lieutenant David Uthlaut received orders from Khost, Afghanistan, that his platoon was to leave the town of Magarah and have boots on the ground before dark in Manah, a small village on the border of Pakistan It was an order the young lieutenant protested vehemently, but the commanders at the Tactical Command Center disregarded his objections Uthlaut split his platoon into two serials, with serial one traveling northwest to Manah and serial two towing a broken Humvee north toward the Khost highway By nightfall, Uthlaut and his radio operator were seriously wounded, and an Afghan militia soldier and a U.S soldier were dead The American soldier was my son, Pat Tillman The Tillman family was originally informed that Pat, who had given up a professional football career to serve his country, had been shot in the head while getting out of a vehicle At his memorial service twelve days later, they were told that he was killed while running up a hill in pursuit of the enemy He was awarded a Silver Star for his courageous actions A month and two days after his death, the family learned that Pat had been shot three times in the head by his own troops in a friendly fire incident Seven months after Pat s death, the Tillmans requested an investigation Boots on the Ground by Dusk is a chronicle of their efforts to ascertain the true circumstances of Pat s death and the reasons why the Army gave the family and the public a false story Woven into the account are valuable and respectful memories of Pat Tillman as a son, brother, husband, friend, and teammate, in the hope that the reader will better comprehend what is really lost when our sons and daughters are killed or maimed in war In the course of three and a half years, there have been six investigations, several inquiries, and two Congressional hearings The Tillmans are still awaiting an outcome.
    Mary Tillman Narda Zacchino
    Mary Tillman Narda Zacchino Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Boots on the Ground by Dusk: My Tribute to Pat Tillman book, this is one of the most wanted Mary Tillman Narda Zacchino author readers around the world.

    Boots on the Ground by Dusk: My Tribute to Pat Tillman By Mary Tillman Narda Zacchino


    Mary Tillman is not a writer by nature, she was a school teacher who gave birth to three glorious sons One who became the Pac 10 Defensiver Player of the Year in 1997 as well as set the Arizona Cardinals record for tackles in a seaon with 224 This incredible athlete was aSafety in the NFL, all of 5 11 and a little over 200 pounds dripping wet He made the ultimate sacrifice to serve our country when he had everything most of us would ever want A beautifuly family and a job that paid him to play a [...]

    I read this book because I had some unanswered questions after reading Jon Krakauer s book Where Men Win Glory The Odyssey of Pat Tillman Most of these questions were of a personal nature, so this book, written by Pat s mother, was the perfect way to answer those questions Yes, she did answer them for me as well as told her side of the story.This book is not a literary piece It is like the journal of a grieving mother bear who has lost her cub in an unjust way and seeks justice for him For most [...]

    Very sad episode in our history both relative to the Tillman family and what it reveals about our military and political leaders in this case Bush, Rumsfeld and crew The material gets a bit dry and repetitive in places, but overall all the military jargon is made very tolerable.An important book in terms of revealing the difference between honest, well meaning patriotism versus the vacuous jingoism we see everyday Can t help but love this family.

    An amazing book Very emotional An excellent example of why no organization especially the US military should be allowed to investigate itself From incompetence to criminal negligence to a cover up conspiracy, this book exposes the moral vacuum that was the Bush administration and its military leadership.Also recommend Jon Krakauer s Where Men Win Glory on the same subject.

    This was a hard audiobook to listen to and tears were falling less than 10 minutes in to this tribute to Pat Tillman, and never stopped I actually had to take a break from it for a while and listen to something a little lighter I will not taint his spirit by talking about the injustice that this family went through and the politics behind his murder, but my heart breaks for the Tillman family and for all the world Pat Tillman was a man who would have made a positive difference and who would have [...]

    A deeply personal tribute to Pat Tillman, by his mother Mary I am impressed with her courage and unrelenting determination in demanding the truth about her son s death Sadly, it is likely we will never know After reading Krakauer s book Where Men Win Glory and this one, I am much closer to believing Pat Tillman was murdered The contributing circumstances were than simply negligence there are way too many huge inconsistencies complete disregard for regulation, destroyed evidence, altered testimo [...]

    I enjoyed getting to know Pat Tillman through his mom s writing He was someone I would have loved to have a beer with a very interesting and honorable individual He and his family deserved better from our country I hope his family finds solace in that many of us know the government did a great injustice to them and Pat I for one will not forget Pat s sacrifice.

    wow.just wow.i cannot get over this book i couldn t stop crying this book has definitely gotten me to ponder deeply about the government and military you can truly tell this book was written from the heart i applaud pat s family for pursuing not giving up on the government for answers

    Pat Tillman, the former Arizona Cardinals safety who left football to become an Army Ranger, was killed in southeastern Afghanistan Great read for ex or present military members or folks considering a military career Left me feeling anxiousd curious about his motivation.

    Jon Krakauer used this book as a resource for Where men win glory so I wanted to read it There is no greater loss for a mother than of her child, and the circumstances of Pat Tillman s death are so tragic It is just heart breaking as she shares the stories from a childhood that mold a man This book does goes into a conspiracy theory that Pat was killed intentionally, which Krakauer doesn t entertain, and the facts don t support The government s mishandling of the case is well documented though a [...]

    I was intrigued by this story after hear mike talk about him I enjoyed the family history but was very upset that I spent all the time reading it when it has such a sad ending I was also very mad about how he was recognized and was a hero but the government kinda screwed him and his family Those are not the stories about the US that make one proud or happy I feel bad for the family and wonder why the wife was left out I see the mom s perspective but also wonder why the wife did not say muchm mig [...]

    I think everybody should read this book because it is very inspiring It makes me think about the hard decisions than once This book also shows me how well the U.S government really is This book has opened my eyes to see that the people who serve in the army really need to be respected I hope people read this book to find out the real truth of Pat Tillman and the family he left behind Pat had a loving mom who wrote this book because she was determined to find out the truth about her deceased son [...]

    This is one of my favorite books of all time It s a wonderful book about Pat Tillman, one of my favorite people in the world His mother, Mary Tillman, is an excellent writer and her book is very interesting She provides the type of details I d have asked her if I could There are some inside information, which I am grateful for It was nice of her to include an email Pat and Kevin wrote to her on Mother s Day cause it shows that they re very thoughtful, respectful, and articulate There are some wo [...]

    Incredible story of the life and death of Pat Tillman and the ongoing cover up by top government officials about the true cause of his death in Afghanistan.To this day, the Tillman family of San Jose has not gotten a straight answer as to the truth of how his death occurred and the government fabricated stories about his death for the sole purpose of gloriying the war effort.As a matter of fact, Pat Tillman was 100% AGAINST the Iraq war, where he was first deployed Finally he was deployed to Afg [...]

    Robert Parker
    Since I know all the main characters, it was difficult to read Our book club discussion on Saturday will be emotional The first half of the book details Pat s life from childhood to his deathch of which I read through tears The second half is calculatinge documentation, hearings, interviews collected in the attempt to get to the bottom of the Tillman cover up I m afraid the book hits on the broader theme which is that by and large you can t trust your government to tell you the truth.

    Listening to this book was quite powerful as it is narrated by Mary Tillman Her and her family s tenacious efforts to uncover the truth about her son s death and the maddening actions of the U.S government and military in the aftermath are commendable I also appreciate her efforts to highlight the stories of other families facing similar obstacles who don t have the benefit of having a world famous son to spur better results I highly recommend one listen to this in conjunction with reading liste [...]

    This book did a nice job of celebrating Pat s life even going back to his mother s earliest memories of him as a toddler while also examining the controversial, sad and frustrating circumstances surrounding his death I was glad to have read this book so that I learned about Pat Tillman who really was the epitome of a good man and hero Sadly it doesn t seem like justice was ever really served for him as it should have been, but at least the truth is out there as a result of the determination of [...]

    I read this book after reading the Tillman book by Krakauer it makes a great companionbut I found it to be a bit confusing timelines run together and there are a million military personnel names It was touching to hear about Pat and the way he was, but it was almost too personal The part where his mom describes seeing his corpse in the morgue was almost too much But what this book drives home is this The Tillman family is a family of badasses and free thinkers that are not to be messed with Read [...]

    Jamie Fodale
    It was a good book I saw the documentary on Pat Tillman and wanted to know I love how his family isn t afraid or intimidated to say and do what they wanted and what they think Pat would have wanted It s a sad tragic story His family was relentless in finding the truth What is worse is no one was punished for this crime There are so many names it s sometimes hard to keep them straight It would have been helpful to see the map of the area where Pat was killed earlier in the book Overall I would r [...]

    Brad Woodlee
    Pat Tillman has always been an inspiration to me live life to its fullest, and always challenge yourself, get outside of your comfort zone.His mother Mary Tillman called Dannie by her loved ones , is my new hero She writes about her pain of losing Pat, and how the rest of the family Pat s wife, his father, two brothers, etc and it hurt to read read, I cried like a baby Please look into reading this, and know that to leave your mark, you need to love life, and give it your all

    Maybe 2.5 stars This was a hard book to read, and a hard book to rate Pain, anger, and bitterness permeate this story, and it s understandable Years of lies, and absolutely no resolution in the end I can t imagine going through that as a mother It was interesting and informative, but it was very repetitive, one sided, unforgiving, and borderline conspiracy theory in some regards Again, it s understandable given what they went through, but hard to read.

    This was a good read that I won t ever read again I learned about a great American that gave up money to serve his country I liked this book as it portrayed Pat Tillman for who he was What disturbed me most is that the tone of the book was justifiably so written as a grieving, bitter mother It also seemed to not give an ending other than they still don t know the complete truth of how Pat was killed and why the Army covered up and bungled the investigations.

    I picked this book up at the library thinking that I owed it to Mary Tillman to read her book for the sacrifice that her son gave I will overlook her complaints against Bush Cheney Rumsfield but her gripe with the US Army is wholly legitimate and deserving of a meaningful response Some portion of the US Army clearly intended to deceive the American people about Pat s death and it does not appear that those individuals were held accountable for their efforts to cover up the truth.

    This is a really intense look at a mother s love for her son She would stop at nothing to find out the truth about what happened to him I kept having to put it down and go for walks between chapters because it upset me so much, and it s not like I didn t go into it already knowing how the story ends It inspired me to sign up for and run in Pat s Run in Tempe for the past two years and I think I ll keep going every year for the rest of my life.

    Really informative book on the Tillman family s trials in trying to get an answer from the government about Pat Tillman s death It gave several flashbacks into Pat s childhood and how he developed into the man he became This book is written with a Mother s bias and a Mother should be biased However, I think the author poured her heart into this book as a way to tell Pat s story, and to expose the military coverup.It was well written and I enjoyed it immensely.

    Jonathan Lu
    Had to pick this one up after getting captivated by Jon Krakauer s Where Men Win Glory This tribute by Pat Tillman s mother was not nearly as well written as Krakauer s, but naturally filled with the pain of his loss, it serves a wholly different purpose There s not much you will pick up about Tillman s great life from reading this novel, but certainly I have to say worth it in celebration and remembrance.

    Michael McLean
    Just finished this today A wrenching tale by Pat Tillman s mother Pat comes across as a guy you d like to meet with brains than his considerable brawn If you re a fan of George Bush you won t be after reading this Bush and his minions put patriotic propaganda before soldiers lives and the peace of their families There is no happy ending.

    I read Jon Krakauer s book about Pat Tillman, in which he often refers to this book by Pat s mom Even though the subject matter is the same, it is not a waste of time to read both books, since they are seen from a different perspective This account is, of course, personal and emotional Since a lot is written in the form of flashbacks, the story often skips from one topic to another.

    I read Jon Krakauer s book Where Men Win Glory first It may have been a clearer narrative but Ms Tillman s book brings home the confusion continued grief from the lies cover up It s baffling that her son was killed after reading her story This book makes me very uncomfortable about these wars everything that goes along with them.

    West Hartford Public Library
    Incredibly intimate account given by mother of a son killed in dubious circumstances and her quest to find the truth about his death Integrity and dedication are manifest in every page of this beautiful and haunting biography Hours, days, weeks, months and years of research form the basis of her presentation along with poignant memories Its effect goes beyond words.

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