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  • Title: The Love Thieves
  • Author: Malapropian
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  • Page: 251
  • Format: ebook

  • The Love Thieves By Malapropian Steter Fanfic Love is not a bandage for dirty sores But that doesn t mean they won t try their hardest to make it so.Unable to leave the guilt of his possession behind him, Stiles finally agrees to try Peter s unorthodox suggestion.Words 15418 completeArt by Fckyeahsteter
    I read a lot of fantasy novels I write a lot of fanfiction Okay, I read a lot of fanfiction, too.I like daddy kink and making Stiles cry Usually on dicks If something is terrible and or morally reprehensible, then I probably want to write about it.I still think it s weird that people review my fic here, but it s also kind of cool If I do anything with fanfiction, then I will probably review and not rate unless I know the author is comfortable with the star system That seems fair You can find me here.

    The Love Thieves By Malapropian


    I ve stopped reviewing fics for the most part because they get deleted and it s not worth my time or effort, and frankly, it hurts Apparently, I really liked this one because I wrote than a 7 word synopsis in my notes READ in May Not tagging a date because it will screw up my yearly numbers if it gets deleted Heartfelt power exchange Stiles needs absolution and Peter delivers Less about sex and about the emotional aspects Beautiful There was some nice humor peppered through it to keep the read [...]

    Optimist ♰King's Wench♰ & MANTIES Champion
    I started this and immediately thought it was going to be too many FEELS You know how I feel about too many FEELS.There are feels, mostly squishy good ones.Peter encourages Stiles to enter into a love spell with him Every week Stiles shows up for their sessions with a spelled heart that s to make it seem as though they re in love until the session ends.Stiles doesn t trust or like Peter but he s beset by nightmares, shame and guilt subsequent to his possession by the nacho demon The bargain is m [...]

    disclaimer you can thank me that there s a chapter two, because i told mala i would cry if it was too sadis fic is upsetting i don t like it when i have the twisty, achey sensation in my chest I DONT LIKE FEELING THINGS GODDAMNIT it made me feel things a lotsically, stiles and peter get into a consensual love spell arrangement though it s RACK than SSC lots of quality BDSM takes place and then, of course, things take a southwards turn with the love spell there s not a whole lot of smut, but i w [...]

    ♣ Irish Smurfétté ♣
    I love this I love this Peter I love this Stiles I even love this Sheriff, even if he s a bit too ideal.My first highlight The boy smirks up at him, posing like a king on a throne a throne that Peter willingly offers to him.Little did I know this was the tip of the iceberg These two have loads to work out and I love watching and experiencing their attempts.Smug satisfaction and love aren t mutually exclusive.This line feels like it was made for this story and this Peter n Stiles Brilliant, reall [...]

    A well written fic in which Stiles plays sub to Peter as the result of a love spell A bit muddled at times but enjoyable for all that Though he s blindfolded and immobilized breathtaking in his vulnerability according to his body language, he s completely relaxed in the presence of the man he once helped to murder None of that is his concern right now.

    4.5, rounded upLoved it

    I read this a while back but must have forgotten to write a review It is a unique idea and I liked the way it played out Stiles is so vulnerable yet also thorny And Peter is so sweet yet also in control I don t remember the specifics but I remember liking it.aka WritersAreLiars on Ao3

    Stiles Peter hmmm I m not a bit fan of the pairing, though I love both characters, so I might be biased I found the story a bit confusing, in particular because of the back and forward time shifts in the beginning I also can t really believe the Sheriff would be so calmly accepting about their relationship and in particular because of the bdsm aspect big age difference and let s not mention Peter being a bit than unstable.

    Valerie ❈M/M Romance Junkie❈
    Read 8 4 2015Reread 8 24 2016

    3.5 yummy steter with Peter POV, what s not to love.

    Due to a mishap, the new url is archiveofourown works 1167 I made some slight revisions to the text for flow and internal consistency I m also back to my original AO3 name.

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