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  • Title: The Backup: A Montgomery University Novel
  • Author: Kathryn Renard Dom Crossley
  • ISBN: 9781927940600
  • Page: 294
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • The Backup: A Montgomery University Novel By Kathryn Renard Dom Crossley Josie Savage has lived in the shadow of her football star father since he acknowledged paternity After winning an academic scholarship to Montgomery University, she s hoping 3000 miles will be enough to get out from under his controlling thumb But the school s incredibly sexy backup quarterback with a shady background is a distraction she doesn t need Worse yet, his staJosie Savage has lived in the shadow of her football star father since he acknowledged paternity After winning an academic scholarship to Montgomery University, she s hoping 3000 miles will be enough to get out from under his controlling thumb But the school s incredibly sexy backup quarterback with a shady background is a distraction she doesn t need Worse yet, his starting quarterback roommate has his sights set on Josie Can a famously publicity shy California girl manage to navigate the attraction of two sexy star athletes
    Kathryn Renard Dom Crossley
    Kathryn Renard Kathryn Renard is an award winning journalist who has always enjoyed romance novels She felt there was a need for romances that were like real life college years With this in mind, she started writing Her modern heroines and swoon worthy heroes have flaws, but they also have a lot of passion They may kiss the wrong guy, or sleep with the wrong girl, but her couples are worth rooting for.Kathryn enjoys books with great plots and great characters, but also great sex scenes She includes these elements in her books Her characters do not tend to close the bedroom door on the reader.In her real life, Kathryn works for a well known national news organization, and lives in Washington, DC with her husband, twin daughters, and two dogs.

    The Backup: A Montgomery University Novel By Kathryn Renard Dom Crossley


    Arc provided by the publisher, via NetGalley, for an honest review Not as good as The Comeback I liked the characters but all this immersing in the campus life was too much for me, this is not my kind of story even if it is realistic There are some aspects that kept me reading besides liking the characters and I think that has to do with impredictable details or twists that are thrown into the story and that make it appealing the hero s background of poverty, his mother s illness and recovery, t [...]

    Bette Hansen
    I really hate giving bad reviews especially on a book that has so much potential I think a good editor could have really helped form this into an amazing story Both Runner and Josie start out as such interesting characters, bonding immediately over their feelings of abandonment by a parent Their stories are very different but they understand each other Then the story just kind of falls apart and seems to be going in too many directions They are both childish in ways with the silly fights, petty [...]

    ARC generously provided by publisher via Netgalley inexchange for an honest review.DNF at 30% I will admit I have a hang up about not finishing a book, I feel like it is a personal failure, however I had to just put this one down because I knew it was going somewhere I just couldn t handle I don t mind some angst, heck I actually enjoy it when it really ties to the story, but I felt like the angst in this book is the whole book I didn t love the main character, they actually got on my nerves The [...]

    Leslie Penrod
    Provided an ARC via netgally I loved this whole angsty feel of this book huge fan of anything with high angst , romance and drama If you loved whispered truths by Anne mercier or loyalty and lies by La cotton then this is your next angsty romance hope you enjoy it as much as I have

    NiCoLeTa E.
    ARC kindly provided via NetGalley for the exchange of an honest review

    Michel Reinhard (Smut Book Junkie Reviews)
    Josie Savage s story starts right where it left off in The Pre Season.Her arrival at Montgomery University is anything but quiet Once again her father is stealing the limelight as she moves in She wants her peers to see her as an individual rather than Joey Savage s daughter It doesn t help that he bribes her roommates with new computers and threatens the guys outside her Campus Home.Josie slowly begins to settle in She has bonded with her roommates and it looks like freshman year is off to a gr [...]

    ARC kindly provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I really loved this story It was one of the honest portrayals of college romance, in my opinion Do I think it had some problems Of course But overall, this was a book I had a hard time putting down.Warning, things get slightly spoiler y ahead There wasn t a huge basis for why Josie initially picked Runner over Mark since there weren t a lot of conversations involved However, Josie felt of a kinship with Runner [...]

    I received this free eARC from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review At first I really liked this novel I liked that Josie was going off on her own and trying to make a name for herself instead of being in the shadow of her famous football star father But it was one of those stories where the main girl is either famous or gorgeous in this case it was both and everyone was falling over their feet trying to snag the girl Which is so eye rolling for me And then the kicker the girl is dragging [...]

    Pratna Imrith
    This review is based on the ARC provided by the publisher via Net Galley I first have to confess that I read the books in this series in the wrong order as I had completed the fourth book The Comeback before I read The Backup which is the first book in the series After reading this book I realised that what I considered a mistake was actually a blessing because I didn t enjoy this book at all and as a result I would have not read the other book in the series which I really loved.When I first sta [...]

    Eileen Robinson
    I recieved an arc of this book from Netgally in exchange for an honest review.I liked the synopsis of this book, Josie has lived all her life in the shadow of her famous QB dad now she s off to college and wants to avoid everything football That is until she meets Runner Rarity He s the backup QB with amazing talent and a girlfriend who is a little crazy.Josie nor Runner deny their attraction to each other nor can they fight it, so Runner does the right thing and breaks up with his G F before ge [...]

    I was ok with this book until about halfway through Silly fights, jealousy and then the nail in the coffin, cheating Definite no no for me as I cannot root for a couple when they have no respect for their partner and the trust is broken I m sorry, if you think it may be cheating, chances are it probably is I really liked Runner in the beginning Yes, he had a horrible girlfriend, but at least he had the common sense to break up with her when he realized he had feelings for Josie His mood swings j [...]

    Mary Strunk
    This is a new author for me and I have to say that the book will start out slow and hard to stay focused but the you read the better it gets The characters in the book will range in different personalities and what they do The main characters Josie Runner have battles that they will face Josie is trying not to have her father interfere with her college life being know as the QB daughter however she has some people who won t let that go She has two best friends that won t let her father overcome [...]

    Carolina Godinho
    thebookisonmytableI was given an ARC in exchange of a honest review.This book started well enough, and sometimes it was really good, but it mostly was meh and in the end was downright outrageous.Josie Savage is the daughter of a football star and when she starts in college she Runner Rarity, the backup QB and they hit it off but he has a girlfriend, a lunatic girlfriend.My first impression of Runner was that he was nice, but I thought he will cheat on his girlfriend, who he thought bad about her [...]

    The kind people of Netgallery provided this ARC in exchange for a honest review First off, sad to say DNF at 20% Wow and not in a good way This book was odd, too odd I liked the idea of daughter trying to leave the shadow of her famous father and make it on her own but right into the arms of football players that she supposedly didn t want anything to do with The name Josie I liked but Runner Rarity WTF mate That is a Thoroughbred Horse s name Okay putting all that aside, why did I not like this [...]

    Received a copy from Netgalley for an Honest ReviewFor as many negative I have for the book there were a few redeeming things about it.I liked that Josie speaks football jargon Even though she came from money, she didn t flaunt it around and try to use it to win people over She also, exercised and study a lot in the book That is one thing that gets missed to much in New Adult books People that are in college need to study and do their homework How can they have these amazing social lives and not [...]

    ARC generously provided by publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.First off, I will not rate this book for the fact that I didn t even get past 35% I truly feel it is unfair of me to rate a book that I couldn t even get half way through.This book seriously dragged The main character Josie is just someone I can t even begin to relate to She is trying to get away from her famous father who when she was a small child wanted nothing to do with her The texting between Josie and her [...]

    Got this book from Netgalley for an honest review A lot of college and teenage angst in this book It was nice to see what a real college relationship might be like even if the lives might be a little different with the whole rich and famous parents They both had to go through their struggles with themselves and their self confidence They had a lot of things going against them and in the end a misunderstanding was the downfall of their relationship It was nice to see how both of them dealt with t [...]

    ARC for publisher for honest review.Ok, so this is a new adult book and to be honest, I havent read one in this genre in awhile That being said, I have mixed feelings about this book While I loved it and thought it had a great story to it, I also felt like there was a lot of immaturity and teen angst to it that kind of took away from how great this story could be We have our main girl, Josie, who is trying to get out from under her dads famous thumb and into the real college world Sure, she goes [...]

    Juletta Gilge
    Copy provided by author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Well That seriously about sums up the entirety of what I thought about this book.I was hoping that the book would slowly get better, and it did, but only marginally.Check out the full review atBookaholic Raves

    This books
    The synopsis of The Backup looked promising and that s what drew me to read it although the storyline had potential I struggled to connect with the characters I loved the idea of Josie breaking away from the shadow of her famous father, but I felt she threw herself straight back into the limelight dating the star quarterback I really liked Runner in the beginning, but he became incredibly moody and possessive over the slightest of things The Backup is full of drama and angst, it would ve been an [...]

    What a fun and sexy story The Backup is a fantastic read The style reminds me a lot of Jojo Moyes stories but with some very sexy scenes and that is a huge bonus The main character Josie is a smart, young and sexy college student I enjoyed that she was unapologetic about her desires and in pursuing the young men around her Josie has tons of charm and it becomes obvious why the two college quarterbacks are interested in her The story follows Josie through her first semester at school and involves [...]

    Michela Walters
    Ugh This book It started out okay, the dialogue and writing were a little amateurish, but I could get over that as the plot seemed interesting, until the pair fell instantly in love and then Runner the hero turned into a complete dick I found no redeeming qualities about him in the end, and I found Josie, the MC, annoying and wishywashy The ending was so rushed and the loose ends tied up so cleanly I wanted to throw the book out the window I didn t enjoy the characters and found their relationsh [...]

    I was given this book from netgalley in exchange for an honest review If you love angsty college drama then this is the book for you Two young adults, in a college setting, both have issues with their parents reading material Runner Rarity is that backupquarterback He is waiting and biding his time to let his star shine Josie, is new to Montgomery a freshman at the University but a celebrity in her own rightanks to her Dad Runner and Josie meet, the chemistry is there the reader just waits to se [...]

    The Suburban Eclectic
    The Back Up is charming, funny, sexy, steamy and real if you re not a fan of underage drinking or sexy times you might want to skip those parts, although not raunchy it is definitely explicit a winner in my book It perfectly showcases the collegiate experience with all the drama, misunderstandings, hookups, and throwdowns, but without all that pesky studying.

    Crystal's Book World ~ Crystal Cordova
    Kathryn Renard produced an amazing start for a series I sat down to read a story focusing on students and the college life Yes it had those factors, but based on a set of characters and love of football The emotional roller coaster ride you go through with Josie and Runner It s a great love story You will love this novel It s got some hot scenes too I highly recommend this book to start off a series Now ready for book two sidelined

    Shaddow Wolf
    This book is based around two main people but also there friend s Josie savage has just started collage and her housemates are Maddy and Elle and they meet Runner Rarity and Mark Bishop the QB s quarter back s for there football team and this is there second year there Runner has a crazy girlfriend Tamara Josie is the daughter to Joey Savage he is a famous QB I would recommend this book it was brilliant and a entertaining read.

    Taz Lozada
    Renard writes a great college romance about discovering who you really are with Runner and Josie Josie is the rich girl who s dad is an NFL QB who can t keep her eyes off of Runner the back up QB at her college I liked that there was college drama between the characters and their roommates, it made the characters believable.

    So i really wanted to like this book, the synopsis sounded great, and i enjoyed the book when it started but i did not feel too connected with the story as i wanted to There was plenty of tension between the two central characters and i enjoyed them together, however my feelings for the characters did not last throughput the book and i became disheartened with how the story went.

    I liked the angst It just reminded me of college complete with the silly fights with friends, making out with guys, and hoping for a happily ever after didn t work for me until much later A quick fun read.

    The first half of this book was good, then I hit the 50% mark and it just dragged After the incident Runner had with Shea, it just went completely down hill from there Josie had some issues but Runner just seemed to be all over the place ARC provided by NetGalley for an honest review

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