UNLIMITED BOOK ✓ Seduced by the Alpha Wolf - by Kaycee Kline #2020

  • Title: Seduced by the Alpha Wolf
  • Author: Kaycee Kline
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  • Page: 188
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Seduced by the Alpha Wolf By Kaycee Kline A torrid, Steamy retelling of Beauty and the Beast, Seduced By The Alpha Wolf is the first book in a series sure to hook readers until the very last caress An out of place college student who feels utterly alone in her world, Marie Damascus answers an ad posted online requesting the help of a maid When she discovers her potential employer, Adrian Capitoline, is the manA torrid, Steamy retelling of Beauty and the Beast, Seduced By The Alpha Wolf is the first book in a series sure to hook readers until the very last caress An out of place college student who feels utterly alone in her world, Marie Damascus answers an ad posted online requesting the help of a maid When she discovers her potential employer, Adrian Capitoline, is the man of every woman s dreams charming, wealthy, and genuinely kind she thinks she s encountered a miracle She s quick to become his live in maid, and delighted when a sizzling romance begins to develop between the two of them Until night falls, and Marie must learn that even the gentlest man has a beast and that she might very well like it WARNING This book contains adult content and is meant for 18 readers only tags paranormal shifter romance, werewolf romance, paranormal romance, wolf shifter romance, shifter romance, alpha billionaire romance, werewolf paranormal romance
    Kaycee Kline
    Kaycee Kline Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Seduced by the Alpha Wolf book, this is one of the most wanted Kaycee Kline author readers around the world.

    Seduced by the Alpha Wolf By Kaycee Kline


    Seduced By The Alpha Wolf unfortunately failed to seduce me.The story is as follows a young woman is looking for some employment She finds a job as a live in housekeeper for a lone man who lives in the middle of nowhere in a huge house Not finding anything fishy about this, or by the fact that he offers her the job without any prior experience, she accepts the position I don t actually think she did any cleaning about the house at all, throughout the entire book.The romantic relationship had lit [...]

    Sabrina Parsons
    I just couldn t get past 43% it was just to silly and farfetched for me

    Interestingwritten well very graphic makes me wonder what will happen next needs a little bit drama in it ok

    ~*~Princess Nhya~*~
    Yes I see why this one is free It s RI DAMN DICULOUS and grossNo Thanks MovingOnStopped reading at the 12% mark

    Brienne Dubh
    When Marie Damascus, a broke student, answers an ad posted online requesting the help of a maid, she gets from her new boss than she bargained for.When I saw that this was a retelling of beauty and the beast I was sold I couldn t wait to get into the bath to start reading But once I started it I realised the only similarities to my old favourite was that there was a girl who was beautiful and a man who became a beast The romance between Maria and Adrian started out promising, that was until the [...]

    This is a freebie on I think I originally picked it up because it was supposed to be a take on beauty and the beast I love beauty and the beast retellings and this book fell way way way way short.The story is about a college girl who is lonely and needs a part time so she becomes a maid Well her maid gig turns out to be a live in position The guy who lives there is a billionaire and reclusive, he is also a werewolf The college girl and the werewolf quick and you can guess the rest.This book did [...]

    Roxie's Reviews
    A Job that comes with surprises This book is incredible The Characters are amazing Marie a young college student feels her life is plain and boring She has no family and only a small trust fund that is handled by a lawyer She has tried several classes but can not find her passion Here she is only nineteen and she has no zest for life When summer comes she sees an Job Ad in Craigslist A Reclusive wealthy Business Man looking for a live in housekeeper Marie gets the job even though she has no expe [...]

    Sonja Schultz
    TERRIBLE Don t get me wrong sex was GREAT but I m not into beastieality or old men E I am 23 years old but would never be with someone that old I had a hard time reading this book in some ways it was like beauty in the beast which was why I finished reading it, but I could never recommend this book to anybody Wasn t expecting her to fuck an animal and like it, again YUCK

    Anita Kennedy
    Marie, a college student finds an ad for a housekeeper Upon being hired She meets Adrian, the Man who owns the home He lives secluded in a mansion in the woods A home owned by his Family.Marie feels oddly comfortable and connected to this stranger and things end up moving quite fast She soon discovers another side of Aiden.This book moved so fast I wasn t sure st first I d read it I m slow paced But in the middle the book caught up with itself and I enjoyed it it ended up a good read and I wou [...]

    Hottt diggyy This book had some ups and downs for me i enjoyed the realtionship between the two i just wish it wasnt rushed and the 2 slept together pretty fast The smut was great i enjoyed the wolf with her Can t wait to read the 2nd book

    Wow This book was hot with a capital H or maybe I m just a freak Lol Seriously though I couldn t put it down Extremely erotic without to much of the dominance a lot of dominant submissive genre include.

    Thinly veiled erotic nonsense.

    Maria Banales
    Hot Well that was a different spin on the werewolf storyAnd really sexy and sweet I m hooked for sure I can t wait to read the next book in this series

    eeeeww gross There was so much about this storyline that I thought was gross first was it bestiality I ve read shifter stories before and the characters have never had sex while one was a human and the other was an animal so disgusting the second thing I didn t like was the way she was spoken to there was that I didnt like but I m trying to forget the book even as I write this review.I honestly don t understand how people gave this story 4 and 5 stars and how some wrote that there was twists an [...]

    DNF 20%Ugh I prefer less of an age gap between the H h, but the premise piqued my interest so I thought I d give it a shot Story was rushed and intimacy was juvenile No connection to characters whatsoever Some grammatical errors Do none of the authors today have editors Haven t had a DNF in a while, but it was too cringeworthy to force myself to continue Won t be bothering with this author again.

    A. Cook
    This was definitely had my eyebrows almost permanent stuck hairline Really liked the voice the author gave Marie the heroine and how this retelling of Beauty and the Beast progressed But there are definitely some portions I had to adjust to to complete this read I found that the characters are likable and that the male leads even though they are the same character are intriguing Overall 3.5

    Maria York
    This book is a quick read that moves at a quick pace, but gives you the exciting ride your looking for I am all for paranormal erotica and this book delivered Maria is a loner who is in college, but feels that getting a job will help her come out of her shell What she didn t expect is the twist and turn of the world she was about to enter or of the way she really end up coming out of her shell

    Lea Dimovski
    Wow, this was so not my thing I m surprised it didn t get flagged for beastiality I did read the book from start to finish and my eww level was raised on several occasions I read a lot, across multiple genres but with this title I found my human wolf hard limit.If it s your thing power to you but I won t be reading of this series.

    Short quick readA little pervy and kinda like a train wreck you can t look away Different from other shifter stories, this holds true to a werewolf and his relationship to a human She learns to deal with both sides of his nature and works through whether to accept him both ways.

    I liked this At first I was like, wow, they re moving fast but in the end that didn t really matter I was also really shocked with all the bow chicka wow with the wolf I didn t like him the wolf at first but he grew on me It was a short read but good Differentbut good Oh and also, the next two books How do you read them They re not on sooo

    One of the best erotica novels I have read Not great for people who are unsure about light BDSM and pet play Otherwise, it was a fun, quick read that kept me on the edge of my seat Adrian and the wolf are well written and charming, but I do want to learn about our main character Hopefully, we will learn about Marie in the next book.

    I wanted something to read because I was out of books on my kindle, so I went to to download something free I didn t had any expectations for free books, but I was sure that it will easy and quick to read.Yes I do know it was an erotic book, I was ok with it problem was withe the bestiality part That I didn t read in the details of the book.

    Deann S
    InterestingThis was a really fast paced book, maybe too fast paced One minute she was looking to making extra money as a made the next she was screwing him sure they had a connection but it should have been slowed down some.

    Absolutely loved it In my top 10 books I lovers this book with twist and turns it shows you that you can love someone that has two side to them And ow to love them equally You must read it.

    Goldie Thibodeaux
    Great book with a bdsm twistThank you Kaylee kline in looking forward to reading the follow up to Seduced By The Alfalfa, I tried the link at the ebbs of the book but it didn t with for me

    Neat twist and hotThis book was so hot I might also add kinky but so worth when you stick with it to the end Some of the language was cruder than I like but I liked the story and how the author portrayed the wolf s softer side.

    Icesis m frisbey
    Forms of all sorts I gave this book five stars because out showing no matter what form love can be showed no matter what What I didn t like about this book is that you have to buy the rest of the series in it.

    Jenny Comalander
    Simply amazingI would love to see a bit into Marie s past as well as the future of her and Adrian I would think it d be hard to control a beast, even so when the beast is forced upon someone.

    Iris (Paranormal Cravings Book Reviews)
    Werewolf More beauty and the beast romance Werewolf More beauty and the beast romance.Don t know It doesn t steen the toe main characters have anything in common More a soort doc jeckal mr Hide thingy

    Jamie Stephenson
    this was a very interesting take on the beauty and the beast theme I really enjoyed it super steamy and wicked I totally recommend this one.

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