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  • Half Moon Girls By Corinne O'Flynn Even paradise has a dark side When Detective Leilani Texeira begins investigating a murder on Kaua i, she s struck by one thing the victim looks like her As Lei battles dark memories stirred up by the likeness, a friend calls, worried that her daughter didn t come home last night Lei soon discovers that the dead girl and the missing girl were friends and last seen toEven paradise has a dark side When Detective Leilani Texeira begins investigating a murder on Kaua i, she s struck by one thing the victim looks like her As Lei battles dark memories stirred up by the likeness, a friend calls, worried that her daughter didn t come home last night Lei soon discovers that the dead girl and the missing girl were friends and last seen together the previous day Can she conquer her demons and capture a killer in time to rescue the captive This is a novella set in Toby Neal s vivid and captivating Lei Crime Series Kindle WorldQA with the Author How did you come to be interested in the Lei Crime Kindle World I ve been a fan of Toby Neal s work since Blood Orchids was first released I felt an instant connection to Lei because she s lived through so much and she s still here, living with a purpose The Kindle Worlds program is very exciting the idea of writing in a world you love with characters created by another author I couldn t resist How does your story meet up with the Lei Crime Series My Lei Crime story, HALF MOON GIRLS is a police procedural that takes place on Kauai, somewhere in the timeline after TORCH GINGER It follows Lei and Jenkins as they work a case involving a girl who washes up on the beach While Lei and Jenkins are part of the series, I created several new characters Lt Tommy Daniels Lei s friend Bonnie Turner, and my favorite Dr Polly Harris, the quirky Medical Examiner from Colorado who jumped at the chance to work on Kauai while the resident ME was away The Lei Crime Series is set in Hawaii, but your Kindle Worlds novella could be set anywhere Where you set your story, and why I chose to set my story on Kauai as though it was a case that Lei and Jenkins would solve over the course of their careers there I ve always wanted to write a police procedural, and the opportunity to jump right in and build a murder case in the existing world seemed perfect Besides, it s a paradise, right What better place to bring murder and mayhem so our favorite Kauai Detective can persevere and take down the bad guys
    Corinne O'Flynn
    Corinne O Flynn is a USA Today bestselling author of fantasy and mystery books She s the author of The Expatriates fantasy adventure series, Witches of Tower Hill paranormal suspense series featuring the award winning Ghosts of Witches Past, the Aumahnee Prophecy urban fantasy series, which she co writes with Lisa Manifold, and the Half Moon Girls murder mystery series She is also a publisher with Wicked Ink Books, whose titles include the award winning TICK TOCK Seven Tales of Time and their latest release, OFF BEAT Nine Spins on Song.Corinne is a native New Yorker living in Colorado who wouldn t trade life in the Rockies for anything She is a self proclaimed scone aficionado, a professional napper, and she has an entire section of her kitchen devoted to tea She serves on the board of Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers as the Chair of the Colorado Gold annual conference When not writing, she can be found hanging with her husband and their four kids, playing board games, knitting, reading, or binge watching some fabulous shows while sipping tea.

    Half Moon Girls By Corinne O'Flynn


    Eden Baylee
    An intense and well written mystery Half Moon Girls flies by like lightning intense and hot Ms O Flynn has written a great story that had me on the edge of my seat from start to finish The subject matter will frighten you and leave you thinking Can this really happen The scary answer is YES An excellent novella that stays true to Toby Neal s Detective Lei Texeira Fans of the Lei Crime novels will not be disappointed.

    The Lei Crime Series Half Moon Girls by Corrine O FlynnDetective Leilani Lei Texeira is investigating a murder on Kaua i It bothers her that the victim looks a lot like her This brings up memories from her past she wishes to forget Then she gets a phone call from a friend Her friends daughter is missing as well Lei is hot on the case Soon her life is in danger as well.A fast paced well written murder mystery Set in beautiful Hawaii, paradise A place where many think people are safe and crime nev [...]

    What an enjoyable book Fast paced mystery murder story with so many twists and turns This book kept me on the edge of my seat wondering what would happen next This book will make you stop and think and is kind of scary thinking about what is happening in the story Corinne Flynn is a amazing story teller She has a well written book that grabs your attention from the very beginning to the very end I hated to see it end.

    Jennifer Haynes
    I really enjoyed this book It was a quick read and grabbed my attention from the first few pages until the end of the book The ME was a favorite character of mine she kept me smiling

    Christine Nolfi
    When Lei Texeira investigates a murder on Kaua, she s stunned to discover she resembles the victim This fast paced story blends exotic depictions of Hawaii with surprising twists that put you right in the action If you enjoy the writing style in Toby Neal s superb Lei Crime series, you ll love Half Moon Girls Highly recommended.

    M.L. Doyle
    There s so much great police work packed into this little novella It s clear Corinne O Flynn knows Toby s world because this really felt like a Lei Crime story and just as engrossing The story kept my interest from the first page to the last exciting finish A sure five star read.

    This was another great read in the Lei Crime Series Written by O Flynn, it was just as intriguing and well written as the others I really enjoyed the story, the characters, and as always, Lei.

    Matthew McCoy
    Lightning In A NovelFull disclosure I have been fortunate enough to preview drafts of both of Mrs O Flynn s published novels to date, and was provided an advance copy of Half Moon Girls That said, I went out and purchased the book right after it was available It s that good.I was not familiar with The Lei Crime Series until I read Half Moon Girls, so I don t have the full context for all the characters After reading this novella, I found that doesn t really matter The lightning fast action of th [...]

    This is my book I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it Part 2 and 3 coming soon

    Laurie Hanan
    This is one of the best Lei Crime Kindle Worlds Novellas I ve read Told from Lei s point of view, it s very well written and edited, and reads authentically like pages out of the original Lei Crime Series The only thing I questioned was the seagulls flying around the marina I grew up in Hawaii and have always heard there are no seagulls here, other than a few around Sea Life Park They cannot breed here It disturbed me enough that I tried to research whether there might actually be seagulls on Ka [...]

    If you love Toby Neal s Lei Crime Series LCS , you ll definitely like this novella from the KW bunch One of the best I ve read so far Shows some good research into Kaua i and Neal s writing True to the LCS characters and genre Loved the funky ME filling in.

    In her time with the South Hilo Police Department in Hawaii, Detective Leilani Texeira has seen any and all manner of evil crimes perpetrated against the innocent Despite Hawaii having a justified reputation with the tourists for being an idyllic island paradise, Lei often finds herself astounded that even paradise can hide such a dark side As a matter of fact, Lei s present case is turning out to be just that sort of inexplicable crime.Lei is called in to investigate a murder on Kaua i The body [...]

    Donna Thompson
    Half Moon Girls by Corinne O Flynn is one of the entries in the Lei Crime series, set in the world created by Toby Neal I have not yet read the original novels these spin off novellas are based on, but I thought that might give me a unique perspective since my first experience with this world is through another author s intrepretation of Neal s work.I have to say I was thoroughly impressed by Corinne O Flynn s entry Based on this novella alone, I definitely want to check out the rest of the nove [...]

    This is a police procedural novella so engrossing you will jump at some of the twists and turns Author Corinne O Flynn did her homework and painted vivid Hawaiian scenery and real day police action with interesting characters around a current world wide crime epidemic I particularly liked Lei, fighting her own childhood demons as she works to solve the crime, and the medical examiner, a quirky but warm hearted doctor temporarily filling in I don t want to give away any of story, so you can enjoy [...]

    Georgiann Hennelly
    I received a copy for free in exchange for an honest review.Detective Leilani Lei Texcira is investigating a murder on a kaua l the victim looks like her.It bothers Lei It brings up past memories that she wants to forget Then a friend calls her Her Daughter is missing Lei soon finds out the dead girl and the missing girl were friends they were last seen the previous day together Lei is hot on the case Her life is also soon in danger Can she beat her demons in time to save the captive girl A very [...]

    Lei Texeira, of the Lei Crime Series, is truly in her element as a detective If you follow the series you know this story fits in with the earliest books, pre Michael and baby days She s working on a murder case that allows her to work her magic I can appreciate the skill it took for O Flynn to take on Lei s character, her attitude and her past easily blend in with how Neal developed Det Texeira I have to say I would love to follow the temporary coroner, she is a wonderfully interesting characte [...]

    Sharon Scott
    Loved this novella It draws you into the story immediately and keeps your interest all the way through I have read all of Toby Neal s Lei crime series and was skeptical in reading the novellas of other authors using her characters But Corinne carries on with the characters so well that you forget it wasn t written by Toby Neal Her writing is very descriptive and you can visually picture Kauai and her characters like you were there If I could think of any drawback, it was that it ended way to soo [...]

    Half Moon Girls is a well written fast paced novella true to the Toby Neal s original Lei Crime series The story is set in the crucial first 48 hours after one girl is found dead and another girl turns up missing Ms O Flynn has done a good job capturing Lei s act first think later qualities And, I hope to see of Dr Polly Harris I can t wait to read the sequel, Tell The Truth

    Sue T
    Another entry in the Lei Crime Series This story finds Lei investigating the murder of a young woman with than a slight resemblance to the detective Extremely well written with excellent character development Definitely worth the read.

    I thoroughly enjoyed Half Moon Girls, as well as the others in the Lei Crime Series I am anxious to read works by Corinne O Flynn.

    Murder, mystery, fancy setting what s not to like Well crafted Neat characters.

    Dania Ramos
    Engaging main character and intriguing plot Nicely paced Novella length is perfect for a plane ride or a beach read.

    I enjoyed this novella A good mystery with some twists and turns It touches a subject that is is sadly an issue that is happening all over the world I highly recommend this book.

    Kristine Vigil
    Im sad its overI wish the story would have kept going I enjoyed the tempo of the story and its plot I love the Lei crime series

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