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  • Title: The Holy Sinner
  • Author: Thomas Mann
  • ISBN: 9780749386979
  • Page: 215
  • Format: Paperback

  • The Holy Sinner By Thomas Mann THE BOOK An epic arch sinfulness, The Holy Sinner is one of Thomas Mann s great works From the incestuous union of the two beautiful children of the Duke Grimald of Flanders a boy is born Left to die at sea, the child is eventually rescued brought up in holiness on the channel islands Only after marrying his mother does the child come to realise the unwitting aTHE BOOK An epic arch sinfulness, The Holy Sinner is one of Thomas Mann s great works From the incestuous union of the two beautiful children of the Duke Grimald of Flanders a boy is born Left to die at sea, the child is eventually rescued brought up in holiness on the channel islands Only after marrying his mother does the child come to realise the unwitting and witting extent of his crime against nature.
    Thomas Mann
    Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information.Thomas Mann was a German novelist, short story writer, social critic, philanthropist, essayist, and 1929 Nobel Prize laureate, known for his series of highly symbolic and ironic epic novels and novellas, noted for their insight into the psychology of the artist and the intellectual His analysis and critique of the European and German soul used modernized German and Biblical stories, as well as the ideas of Goethe, Nietzsche, and Schopenhauer His older brother was the radical writer Heinrich Mann, and three of his six children, Erika Mann, Klaus Mann and Golo Mann, also became important German writers When Hitler came to power in 1933, Mann fled to Switzerland When World War II broke out in 1939, he emigrated to the United States, from where he returned to Switzerland in 1952 Thomas Mann is one of the best known exponents of the so called Exilliteratur.

    The Holy Sinner By Thomas Mann


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    Razvan Zamfirescu
    Unul dintre motivele pentru care mi a dori s tiu german este s pot citi marii scriitori germani n limba lor natal.Este un deliciu s te nfrup i din proza lui Thomas Mann Or, chiar dac m ncarea este re nc lzit , Corneliu Papadopol profit la maximum de calitatea ingredientelor i a re etei secrete care i a adus autorului Premiul Nobel pentru Literatur i ne serve te, cu ajutorul editurii Humanitas, o traducere a unui roman foarte pl cut.Alesul lui Thomas Mann este o reintepretare, ca s zic a a, epope [...]

    Kim Jones
    Magical narration of a story that has no duplicate.Thomas Mann must have had one of the most amazing story telling abilities of all times He knows exactly how to keep the reader in insane excitement, constantly feeding them with new, challenging conflict, alternating your emotions between the wish to discover the resolution, and awe of its unexpected revelation.From the cover, I had never suspected the books placement in time, but I was pleasantly surprised I must say, this novel had fell into m [...]

    I m not sure exactly what Mann was going for here, at least beyond the obvious I m going to avoid talking about the story, because I just don t think I can do it and avoid spoilers, but I will say there is an overwhelming catholic atmosphere to the book and anyone who is opposed to religious themed books will probably want to avoid this I don t mind religion in my books it s an integral part of life, one way or the other but if it holds center stage, I d like at least to be challenged Some of th [...]

    Lange vor Rufus Beck und CO war Gert Westphal der K nig der Vorleser Er hat die meisten Klassiker gelesen und gab genau wie Rufus Beck jeder Person eine eigene distinkte Stimme.Den Erw hlten zu lesen w re nicht so mein Ding gewesen, aber gelesen von Gert Westphal ist dieses Buch einfach wunderbar Eine dipusgeschichte von Thomas Mann, spannend erz hlt und tiefgr ndig.Absolut empfehlenswert, wenn man mal Klassiker nachholen will Gert Westphal ist immer eine gute Wahl Schade, dass er schon tot ist. [...]

    Paul Johnston
    This is a really surprising book and it seems to rather divide people I have read it a number of times and have always seen it as an extremely arch joke Mann who is both incredibly sophisticated and incredibly modern takes on the persona of a prudish and credulous medieval monk and with that strange voice and in a jumbled up mix of high and low language or languages tells the most ludicrous tale imaginable It is outrageous a constant stream of knowing jokes at the expense of these medieval chara [...]

    L Eletto la rielaborazione della leggenda medievale di papa Gregorio che convola a nozze e genera prole con una donna che non sa essere sua madre una vicenda che tratta il concetto di diversit , colpa e espiazione rese meno drammatiche dall elegante, piacevolissima ironia di Mann Cos da ci che orribile e nefando pu nascere ci che perfetto, come pur debbo riconoscere in questa mia claustrale maledizione In verit , a rappresentarsi le coniugali gioie di Gregorio l anima mia riesce solo per una spe [...]

    Francesco Fantuzzi
    O felix culpa quae talem ac tantum meruit habere Redemptorem Scelta calzante della germanista Lea Ritter Santini, curatrice dell introduzione al romanzo, quella di anteporre tale epigrafe nel presentare L eletto di Thomas Mann Le parole del preconio della liturgia romana della veglia pasquale alludono alla colpa del padre Adamo e della madre Eva, gravissima in s , ma indispensabile per sperimentare la Grazia e la Misericordia del Padre Attorno a questo concetto chiave si sviluppa tutta la narraz [...]

    THE HOLY SINNER 1951 Thomas MannI have no idea of how many stars this work deserves I have no point of reference According to Mann s postscript, the story is based in the main on the verse epos Gregorius Vom Stein by the Middle High German poet Hartmann von Aue c 1165 1210 who took his legend of chivalry from the French How much of Mann s work is derivative, I don t know I do know that it is unlike anything else that Mann ever wrote The basic story is about the incestuous relationship that devel [...]

    Fırat Koçyiğit
    Thomas Mann stad n belki en g zel eseri zellikle cennet vatan m zda Venedik te l m ya da Buddenbrooklar kadar tan n rl yok ne yaz k ki Sakl bir define gibi kitap larda eski bask lar yla bekleyen bu hacmi k k ama etkisi b y k romanda ger ek bir olaydan yola kan Thomas Mann n o kendisine has lirik din dokusuyla ilmek ilmek i ledi i enfes bir a k ve kader yk s bulacaks n z.

    This is a wonderful book of story telling in lyric, medieval prose I loved it for its enchanting, rhythmic lilt and its redemption theme.

    Vik Berbé
    Een Oedipus story, zo geestig clericaal verhaald dat ik het ondanks dat of dankzij dat graag uitgelezen heb.

    Very well written book that takes you on a wonderful trip that ends up with an epiphany at the end when you realize what the story really is about On my top 20 book list.

    Saide Kurt
    ncelikle hristiyanl kla ilgili elerin oklu u biraz s kt a k as ama hikaye g zeldi kizlerin birbirine a k olmas sonras nda k z olan n hamile kalmas ve yapt klar g nahtan t r o lan n hacca gitmesi ve yolda dayanamay p lmesi ve k z n yani prensesin de sad k silah rlerden birinin atosunda kal p ocu unu do urmas n konu ediniyor tabi devam nda prenses karde inin e inin ld n duyunca kendini manast ra ve ibadete ad yor Bu arada silah r n ak l vermesiyle ocu u kundaklay p sandala koyup denize sal veriyor [...]

    Elena Tamborrino
    Una sorpresa affascinante questo romanzo di Thomas Mann, scritto nel 1951, pochi anni prima della morte dello scrittore premio Nobel per la Letteratura nel 1929 Si tratta di un romanzo che prende origine da una leggenda su Gregorio Magno, che lo vuole figlio e marito allo stesso tempo di una principessa delle Fiandre lo stile richiama la narrazione medievale, il romanzo epico e la saga leggendaria a cui grande contributo d la tradizione di Bruno Arzeni La lettura fluida e coinvolgente, i colpi d [...]

    Est claro que Thomas Mann escribe de una forma nica pero el libro a ratos es muy pesado y lioso No me arrepiento de haberlo le do pero s de que este sea el primer libro suyo que leo, ya que me ha quedado la impresi n de que Thomas Mann escribe de una forma aburrida aunque solo a ratos.

    I didn t know that Thomas Mann wrote a novel based on Hartmann von Aue s medieval verse epic Gregorius His style is amazing as usual and he also had a great sense of humour which shines through all the time.

    ula mak i in ok abalad m bir kitap olmu tu odipus kompleksi, narsisizm bar nd ran soyluluk sevdas , ensest geleri Orta a dekorunda muntazam i lemi Mitolojik bir destana benziyor

    Christoph Dettling
    An incredible text that left a profound mark on me and resulted in a lifelong love of German literature.

    Laura Caltea
    Vechi teme mitologice incestul, gemenii, na terea excep ional a eroului , biblice alesul, ngerul vestitor , curtene ti cavalerul lupt nd pentru salvarea inaccesibilei doamne iubite, ritualuri ale corteziei , se amestec n aceast poveste a p c tosului cel bun care pare a fi o bun ilustrare a celebrei butade apar in nd lui Oscar Wilde Orice sf nt are un trecut, orice p c tos are un viitor Un roman despre p cat i m ntuire, despre iubire i vinov ie, despre destin i alegere, un roman despre roman, nu [...]

    kiz karde lerin g nah meyvesi, bir f n n i inde denize b rak l r ocuk g n n birinde annesini babas n aramaya koyulur Ne bilsin ki o Tanr taraf ndan se ilmi tir ve arama s recinde annesiyle ya da halas m desek evlenir ve ocuklar yani karde leri mi yoksa ye enleri mi desek olur Bu b y k g nah affedilir mi Kefareti nas l denir yk ruhu bedenize girmeyi bekliyor Oysa, i inde bu ruhun yeniden do abilece i kadar de erli bir bedenim yok beden, etten ve kemikten yap lma ve t m yle eytan n egemenli i alt [...]

    Thomas Mann s Holy Sinner is the ecclesiastical version of Twain s Prince and the Pauper The fable is loosely historical fiction based on the times of the early popes The pope in this story could be either based on Evaristis or Alexander I because of his contact with the emperor Trajan His use of holy water to bless houses of worship points to Alexander I since he is recorded as the one who introduced this practice.Mann tells the story through the monk, Clemens I like what Mann doese tale has a [...]

    Edward Jawer
    Thomas Mann s extraordinary contribution to great literature has at times been interrupted by the strangest of fairy tales This one is about the making of a great Pope Gregory.In the latter middle ages, a great lord s two children commit incest, and create a child who is then put into a small crib size boat, and put out to sea He survives, grows to become a great warrior, returns to his ancestral home, and without either of them realizing, marries the Queen his Mother When they stumble upon this [...]

    Vasco Ribeiro
    Hist ria de incesto, pecado e reden o na alta idade m dia contada por um monge , Clemente, que conta a hist ria de dois g meos filhos de um duque, que pecam e t m um filho o irm o vai para a terra santa e morre ela fica e promete nunca casar mas 17 anos depois surge um cavaleiro para a salvar de um pretendente, que afinal o seu filho ignorando isso, casam t m duas filhas descobrem o parentesco, ele vai para um penedo, ela funda um albergue para peregrinos 17 anos depois, milagrosamente, dois bon [...]

    Stefano Restelli
    Mi accingo a narrare una storia orribile e nello stesso tempo altamente edificante Cos esordisce Thomas Mann nella sua rielaborazione di una leggenda medievale sulla vita di Gregorio Magno L opera, quasi ironicamente, ruota intorno ad assurdi rapporti incestuosi nella vita di Gregorio, che creano grottesco stupore nel lettore Ci nonostante, come indica appunto lo scrittore nel suo incipit, la figura di Gregorio viene consegnata al pubblico in tutta la sua magnificenza spirituale che si innalza a [...]

    Cevat Sucu
    The book is based on the Medieval legend of Saint Gregory Book is interesting because it reconstructs the legend, and it reveals us that one of the main problematics of the Christianity is held in this legend by folk culture so by Mann Being chosen by the God, like the parody of Jesus The last speech of the narrator puts the problematic very obviously There is very weird common motives with the Ancient legends like Oedipus, and Mann narrates some event in the tragedy technique especially dialogu [...]

    Tom Ireland
    I got my copy of Thomas Mann s The Holy Sinner for 1 when I was in Hay on Wye And, frankly, I wouldn t want to pay any for it The book is well written and undeniably an interesting tale but for me it just fell a little flat It failed to touch anything in me and it won t stay with me I enjoyed it at the time but will soon forget it.Read the rest of my review here readinandritin 2011 05 review holy sinnerml

    La narration est illustr e par le G nie de la Narration, un moine du nom de Cl ment nom du quatri me Pape Celui ci relate, de mani re assez loufoque, l pop e m di vale du destin exceptionnel de Gregors, un enfant impur et incestueux Le r cit incarne avec bouffonnerie et bien peu d orthodoxie, le p ch et le long chemin du pardon.Superbement bien crit, lecture difficile mais passionnante

    Erik Graff
    Being a big fan of Thomas Mann and of well researched historical fiction, exemplified by Mann s Joseph and His Brothers, buying and reading this novel was a no brainer I would have gotten out of it if it had been read after a thorough study of Church history, but even without that it was enjoyable.

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