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  • Title: The Courtship of the Vicar's Daughter
  • Author: Lawana Blackwell
  • ISBN: 9781556619489
  • Page: 155
  • Format: Paperback

  • The Courtship of the Vicar's Daughter By Lawana Blackwell Love is in the air As the wedding of Julia Hollis and Vicar Andrew Phelps approaches, the quaint English village is caught up in a stir of excitement and the promise of an event to remember Andrew s daughter Elizabeth is being courted by a handsome young curate But the man she once loved suddenly appears at her door, wanting to prove he s now worthy of her affection WhLove is in the air As the wedding of Julia Hollis and Vicar Andrew Phelps approaches, the quaint English village is caught up in a stir of excitement and the promise of an event to remember Andrew s daughter Elizabeth is being courted by a handsome young curate But the man she once loved suddenly appears at her door, wanting to prove he s now worthy of her affection Who will win the hand of the vicar s daughter
    Lawana Blackwell
    Lawana Blackwell is a full time writer with 10 published novels, including the bestselling Gresham Chronicles series She and her husband have three grown sons and live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

    The Courtship of the Vicar's Daughter By Lawana Blackwell


    Another delightful visit to the English village of Gresham Lawana Blackwell has captured my attention again with wonderful villagers that I know so well from 1, and introduces some new characters that are just as intriguing and enjoyable Loved the story line of Seth Thomas Langford and Mercy And that Mrs Kingston is a clever, inventive woman that faces no challenge she can t accomplish for herself or any one else who needs her From my original thought at the VERY beginning of 1 that Mrs Kingston [...]

    The Courtship of the Vicar s Daughter reads like a classic BBC series Think Cranford and Lark Rise to Candleford Blackwell shares the idiosyncrasies of village life in Victorian England with such vivid descriptions that I was hard pressed to put this book down A captivating mix of laughter and drama and no shortage of quirky Told from multiple points of view, I was soon engrossed in all the struggles and strife of some engaging characters In fact, the whole village is a character unto itself Lov [...]

    The Courtship of the Vicar s Daughter is the sequel to the charming novel, The Widow of Larkspur Inn Here you ll find the continuation of the stories and characters introduced in the first novel Julia Hollis is engaged to Vicar Andrew Phelps Her three children are Philip, Aleda, and Grace His two children are Elizabeth and Laurel Taking of a central role in this novel are Elizabeth Phelps who is being pursued by two men Paul Treves and Jonathan Raleigh A slightly funnier romance involves Mrs Oc [...]

    I loved reading this book It is a sweet story with lovable characters

    3.5 to 4 starsI liked this Not as much as the first one, but still a lot Watching Andrew and Julie s relationship and the relationships between their almost step siblings five children deepen and grow was really well done I liked those moments Also the side story of Mercy and Seth with the addition of little Thomas was really well done And Mrs Kingston was just as great as always with her handling of her courtship by the Squire I chuckled a few times over their interactions.Okay, so typing this [...]

    Lawana Blackwell has my utter respect Despite the rather large cast of characters in The Courtship of the Vicar s Daughter, each and every one had such a unique personality All the characters even minor ones were well rounded, believable individuals The book itself almost seemed to have several different ongoing plots, though all, for the most part, involving a romance in the small village of Gresham I m really not even sure there was a single main character, but rather many Now, while that may [...]

    I come away from reading this book with the same sense of total satisfaction I experience after devouring a great meal There is much to be treasured in the stories of the good people who populate the village of Gresham We start with Vicar Phelps and his lovely fiance, Julia Hollis You will have met these two good people if you read the first book in the series, The Widow of Larkspur Inn As Julia and Andrew prepare for their marriage they see around them loving couples,many with paths not quite a [...]

    I continue to love all the residents of Gresham but my favorite in this book is the relationship between Mercy Sanders and Seth Langford I did enjoy the growth of Elizabeth and her courtship but Mercy and Seth and Thomas stole the show

    I loved this story almost as much as the first book

    I just finished this book and found myself wishing it wasn t over Such a beautifully written book, and a large but well developed cast of characters.I have to say, the book didn t engage me at first This is the second in the series, and not having read the first, I had trouble keeping track of all the characters Along with that comes my one complaint about the book I really wish there was a list of the characters at the beginning to help the reader know who s related to whom and that sort of thi [...]

    I loved reading this sequal story, following the characters along through all the budding romances and their daily struggles The additional characters introduced were fun and entertaining My small complaint was that the title didn t really suit the book, as the Vicar s daughter, Elizabeth was rarely in the story, nor was any part from her own perspective the story follows many other secondary characters and mainly focuses on Julia and the Vicar s engagement, Mrs Kingston and the Squire s courtsh [...]

    I am enjoying this series much than I expected These books have been around for years and Blackwell s writing reminds me a bit of another favorite author, Michael Phillips, because she does than tell a story She disciples her reader in their Christian faith The plot is good though unsurprising, the English setting and time period are interesting, but the characters thoughts as Christians are what I like the best because they call me to a deeper walk with Christ and force me to reflect on my ow [...]

    The second book in the series The story continues in the small town of Gresham, where the widow continues to run the bordering house, sees one of her borders go off to be married, sees her eldest son go off to boarding school, where he will deal with the older boys bullying A couple new characters are introduced and their journey into each others lives is quite funny Another endearing book.

    Marji Strasner
    Just wonderful.Woven together so lovely My favorite of this series I would recommend it to anyone The characters in this book draw you in,especially the thread of Mercy Sanders.

    Marilyn Agbanlog
    Excellent, interesting series Looking forward to reading next book in this series.

    Yes, I was aware, as I read, of some historical inaccuracies, the Americanness of a novel set in England, excessive goodness of too many characters despite their minor flaws , too drastic and or rapid changes in the natures of some who were not so good, and lack of a significant conflict arc But Lawana Blackwell has such mastery of community building, and the relationships of her characters have a strength uncommon in modern literature People who have never experienced small town life might see [...]

    Lorna Gundaker
    Courting the Vicars Daughter This is the second book in the saga of the Hollis family and the family of Vicar Phelps in the English village of Gresham I don t usually read Christian novels because I don t consider them generally well written However, I bought this series not realizing it s Christian theme and have been happily surprised y the storytelling and the correct, unpreachy use of God and scripture I recommend this series as great love stories, daily glimpses of life in a small village a [...]

    Jamie Gripp segreto
    Another winner I so enjoyed this second book in the Gresham series As with the first book the characters are so complete that you come to care deeply for them Watching them learn, grow and discover things about themselves and the people in their lives is rewarding I also appreciate how real these stories feel No crazy events, just the true day to day of the fabric of people s lives Just as the Jewel sisters create their lace so does the author create the stories of this large cast of characters [...]

    Belinda Kroll
    Charming, slower paced taleAnother charming book by Blackwell It s been a while since I read the first book, so I struggled to remember some of the details obviously required to jump straight into this story If you re a fan of the Cranwell PBS mini series inspired by Elizabeth Gaskell s book, you ll enjoy this series There s a fair amount of scripture quoted, appropriate for the era and for the characters, especially since one of the main characters is a vicar These books are heartfelt and move [...]

    ALL FOUR BOOKS IN THIS SERIES ARE REVIEWED HERE FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE THE WIDOW OF LARKSPUR INN, The Gresham Chronicles Book 1Lawana Blackwell o THESE PEOPLE BECAME FAMILY o Book one of The Gresham Chronicles is set in England 1860s Julia Hollis has 3 children, servants and a grand home, and everything she needs until her husband suddenly passes away She finds herself very suddenly deep in debt She has days before the bank will throw her out and take everything The only thing they allow her to k [...]

    Two for oneElizabeth Phelps, the Vicar s daughter may be the title of the story, but we have easily another, perhaps two other courtships involved in the plot Mrs Kingston, finally gets her squire and Mercy Sanders her own family, even if she has to do the courting with Mrs Kingston s guidance and encouragement.

    Love this series The author does such a good job of creating the characters leading them in and out of situations continuing the lives of the characters thoughout the series and keeping you interested from the cover to the ending.

    Sue Fellows
    This was the final book in a 3 book series It was a very pleasant, if not predictable book of various romances in each book that take you on their journey I enjoyed the series of light reading and recommend it.

    Second books in a series are always tricky when the first book was so well loved, but the author did an even better job with this book than the first in the series There were many moments of laugh out loud funny the overall story was very sweet, which made for a very pleasant read.

    Tracy Stackhouse
    A little deceptiveWhile the Vicar s daughter was courted, Back to different man , the main event was the Vicar courting and marrying himself Enjoying this series very much I find I liked books that are well plotted and don t need detailed sex scenes to hold interest.

    Read this book for book club genre Christian fiction Enjoyed it to my surprise Sweet story, read like a Hallmark Hall of Fame my secret indulgence Many characters to keep track of.

    Regina Reighard
    Another great book.I just enjoyed living in Gresham as Mrs Hollis and the Vicar lives became one So looking forward to follow each new adventure of the families of Gresham.

    Hard to put downThis second book in the series doesn t let you down The ache of hope for hearts seeking love and peace is felt as you read and become part of the story.

    i am really enjoying this book set characters are clever and endearing on to book 3

    Second read.

    • [PDF] ☆ The Courtship of the Vicar's Daughter | by ↠ Lawana Blackwell
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