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  • Title: Revival, Vol. 5 : Gathering Of Waters
  • Author: Tim Seeley Mike Norton Mark Englert
  • ISBN: 9781632153791
  • Page: 333
  • Format: Paperback

  • Revival, Vol. 5 : Gathering Of Waters By Tim Seeley Mike Norton Mark Englert For one day in rural central Wisconsin, the dead came back to life Now it s up to Officer Dana Cypress to deal with the media scrutiny, religious zealots, and government quarantine that have come with them As the pregnant Em searches for the missing father of her child, Dana is embroiled in a conspiracy to contain Revivers that ends in fire Collects REVIVAL 24 29.
    Tim Seeley Mike Norton Mark Englert
    Tim Seeley is a comic book artist and writer known for his work on books such as G.I Joe A Real American Hero, The Dark Elf Trilogy, Batman Eternal and Grayson He is also the co creator of the Image Comics titles Hack Slash 1 and Revival, as well as the Dark Horse titles, ExSanguine and Sundowners He lives in Chicago.

    Revival, Vol. 5 : Gathering Of Waters By Tim Seeley Mike Norton Mark Englert


    volume five in which things are still pretty weird in wisconsin.i m pleased that this story is continuing to develop in interesting ways like any good zombie story, it acknowledges that yeah, zombies are bad, but once you have zombies, you have a whole host of other social problems that ripple out from that situation you have people who want to die but can t, you have religious zealots popping up, you have ethical questions around town quarantine and enforced containment of the affected individu [...]

    Melissa ♥ Dog Lover ♥ Martin
    We have cray going on and as always, amazing graphics Mel

    Received from Netgalley for review The previous volume had started to feel like there was too much going on Too many storylines, too many characters, to many subplots and little details and stuff By the end of this volume, there s still a lot going on, but it feels manageable somehow And I m starting to feel secure that Seeley really does know where he s going with this, that he has a definite plan on how to get there, and that things can now start to wind down without expanding any further Ma [...]


    Quentin Wallace
    Even though a lot was going on in this volume, for some reason it really dragged to me It felt like I was struggling to finish it Something about it just seemed a little off, not sure what exactly I still enjoy this series and I m sure I ll be reading the next volume, but this one just seemed weaker than the previous volumes.Update October 2017 On a reread where I m reading the books in order all together, this volume was much stronger than it was to me reading one volume as a time There are som [...]

    Maxine Marsh
    Thanks to Netgalley.There s a lot going on in this Volume of Revival, the dialogue goes on and on, but the plot remains strong There could have been a bit plot action to move the story along but there is a darkness and drama to this series that is indeed satisfying.

    Sooraya Evans
    Martha s pregnant Oh, my The water theory is discussed a lot here as the source of the revival phenomenon.Enemies turned to friends, turned to enemies again I saw that coming from a mile away Blaine is seriously damaged.I didn t quite get that fiery lake scene and what happened to Weimar The identity of John Doe is finally revealed and it seems like someone is pulling his strings But after that, he just disappears

    *~Lan Lan~*
    This was a good addition to the series but I am not starting to get exhausted by the lack of answers I feel like my head is suffering from whiplash while I was reading it since so many crazy things kept happening while the plot jumped around like a kangaroo on speed Each time a flipped a page something else was happening to another character in another location at a different time I just wanted to have some flow in the story for each character so the jumping around started to really frustrate me [...]

    I love this series I m going to use some of the quotes on the back cover because they said it so well already A horror tale but also a small town soap opera of the highest caliber There isn t a single character in the expansive cast who comes across as shallow or underdeveloped they are all full, complex, flawed, engaging people, meaning no matter who we re watching or what the situation is, our full attention is always demanded Comics Should Be Good Writer Matt Derman This far into the run, few [...]

    Michael Church
    Holy crap I can t believe how immediately this pulls me back in every volume There s so much going on in this book and it s all so interesting and crazy Every character is so unique and has such a distinct role to play in this narrative The whole concept and they way they re doing everything is so interesting You start to get close to thinking that one little piece has been figured out, but then a curveball out of no where changes everything The only thing I didn t like was that there were rando [...]

    Sean Leas
    Absolutely loved this volume, the last volume felt a little unmanageable and the storyline too loosely drawn together This issue kept me turning the pages waiting for what s going to happen next Well paced and well written This is one of the most memorable graphic novels that I have read as of late.

    Jason Ragle
    Revival continues to be an awesome book Even reading it in trades is difficult to keep the huge cast of characters and subplots straight However, Seeley and Norton have been telling this rural noir which has thoroughly engrossed me since the first book I m in till the end.

    Sarah ~Sehrenity~
    Maybe it s just been awhile since I read the last one, but I felt like I was missing some essential pieces in this one It was confusing.

    Jonathan Roberts
    This series keeps moving right along Started slow in this trade but the final fifteen pages were mind blowing Recommended

    Wayne McCoy
    Revival, Vol 5 Gathering of Waters by Tim Seeley and Mike Norton is the continuation of the complicated zombie story I had heard a lot about it, but this was my first foray into it Revival day has happened in a rural Wisconsin town The dead have come back to life and the town has been quarantined The living are in with the Revivers It s complicated because the revived are recently deceased love ones A police officer is trying to figure out what is going on and a Reviver has found out she s pregn [...]

    Shannon Appelcline
    This comic continues to have interesting characters, and it continues to offer horrific scenes with some regularity But it s just not going anywhere It s a zombie soup opera, where everyone runs in circles without achieving anything Somehow I remain interested in that storyline in The Walking Dead but not here Oh, sure, there s some big events at the end They caught my eye But the five issues before that seemed like so much wheel spinning Which is certainly why I sat on this volume for 9 months [...]

    Brendan Nicholls
    This chapter cranked up the pacing and delivered the best entry yet The mythology was left behind to focus on some of the stories coming to an end The ending leaves this story in a great place and hopefully the series heads somewhere worthwhile.

    Great comic series still going strong.

    Everything changed when the dead rose And everybody changed again when one of them put a bomb in her chest and blew up the mayor.

    This series was pretty great in the beginning I think the story is still holding up rather well It s just not holding my interest enough these days.

    I love Revival and I hate waiting for the latest volumes but unfortunately this was my least favorite Still, 4.5 stars from me.

    This far into the series and still amazing me Really worth reading

    Andrew Garvey
    Another volume of Revival, and I m just starting to get the feeling that Seeley is piling on the weirdness for its own sake, overloading the story with ever incomprehensible layers, subplots, revelations and diversions and that perhaps the quality of the storytelling is starting to suffer as a result.The most overtly religious volume so far in a series replete wth religious imagery and allusions, the success of these six issues hang on three key sequences the reviving powers of the water, and t [...]

    Sam Mowry
    I don t know if it s me just remembering who the characters are better I had a problem with previous volumes, reading them over too long to get big reveals because I kind of forgot what happened , or the actual story being exciting, or both, but this was the best volume yet Consistent intrigue, and a Big Thing that happens in the last issue of this collection DRAMAZ I continue to really dig this series.

    Revival is becoming a tough hang The artwork, by design, is becoming increasingly unpleasant to look at and very few positive things are happening to the characters which is making this of a slog to get through Seeley is still telling a very original story that is very much grounded in its central Wisconsin setting but that isn t always enough to overcome the darkness.

    P D
    I recall this one being the one that gets into some of the religion have to say that I appreciate how much time was spent on the environment There s a tendency in zombie fiction to just wipe out everything, so it s all post apocalyptic new society type stuff Not doing that here has created a whole other dynamic.

    Johnny O'sullivan
    Okay, things really kick off in this one After a bit of a detour in volume 4, this one brings the main story stories, technically back into focus Some excellent moments, and a well deserved cliff hanger at the end.

    Eric Leeson
    Probably my favourite volume to date The selfish exploitation of the Revivers is in full view with many being sacrificed to meet the goals of some truly sick people A great story keeps getting better Sadly I need to wait a little for the next volume, will try to get it soon.

    Steve Cunningham
    Things are really starting to move forward with this volume looks like we might be on the road to getting some answers.

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